As long as sex had played a role in his young life Kerry had been a thoroughbred slut. Even at high school his aim was to seduce as much homosexual boys as possible, at least the ones who had the courage to come out. In the process he found out that many others also had a crunch on boys, but kept it a closely guarded secret. Kerry always shut up about it: nobody was to find out the truth about some secret lover from him.

Kerry was the perfect seducer. He was slender, almost slight and he had a pleasant and roguish face, bordered by shoulder long black, light curly hair. He had a smooth way of moving, even his walking was almost dance-like. His main weapons of seduction were his deep brown twinkling eyes, which were able to cast a melting, questioning glance and the prominent bump in his tight faded jeans, which put his buttocks under an onlooker’s attention as well. And if the jeans dropped to the ground the future lover might find an infinitesimally small pair of drawers, which showed bump and buttocks even more prominent and seducing. It might well be that there were no drawers at all. All things needed were there then, in full view and ready to grab. At this age sex doesn’t need tenderness, only lust!

It had started in a modest way. It gave him a kick to look at a hard dick. Actually: it gave him a hard one too. The next step was a shy touching and stroking. But Kerry developed his skills in a fast way. He started to lick and suck such a beautiful toy and really enjoyed it if the boy in question wasn’t able to keep it in any longer and started to squirt all his young sperm in his mouth. The kick was physical, but it gave him a mental boost as well. It provided the feeling he wanted: to be desired. Exactly that was his weak spot. His whole early childhood had been spent in foster homes and boy boarding schools, causing a profound feeling that his parents had got rid of him, like he was refuse. These years were survived against the right of the strongest, by mouth or by fist. Most of the time he was able to fight his way out with the mouth. But as soon as it came to the fist, he mostly had to succumb. These were hard and especially lonely years. Each physical contact with a gay boy gave him the feeling he was important to at least someone, no matter how short the time this importance continued. It became an obsession, almost an addiction. It gave him a reputation at school, at least with the “wrong” boys: he was a slut and if you wanted a good suck you could take him into the bushes anytime to get it.

His biggest “victory” was Peter, the sweetheart of all the girls at school and in deep secrecy his sweetheart as well. He considered Peter the untouchable idol. The boy was as straight as they came, it was a macho and a real sportsman. He had the body of a sportsman: muscled, broad shoulders and breast, delicious cute little ass, blond curly hair and blue eyes. And while showering and changing after the gymnastics lesson Kerry had seen that Peter had something he didn’t posses himself: a real six pack! Besides that: there was a very cute, desirable bump in his drawers as well. However: Peter was nice to dream and fantasize about but it would end right there. So, he was extremely surprised when exactly this Peter came to him after school, looked into his eyes with a piercing glance and shamelessly grabbed him in his crotch. With a nod of his head the boy made very clear which way he wanted Kerry to go: to the bushes!

Once there he ordered Kerry to unpack his member and told him to suck it. All of a sudden he got Kerry back up on his feet, turned him around, put his javelin between the buttocks and took him in one sudden deliberate move, without any consideration whatsoever. Kerry felt the pain of his first penetration but loved the feeling. In a short span of time Peter’s hot fluids speeded into him. Kerry hadn’t experienced something that lovely before: his great untouchable idol had actually seen him and had wanted him. In his flush of happiness it eluded his attention that Peter put his trousers back on, turned around and walked away without saying a single word.

When he had finished high school he started a study in another town. His reputation went with him. It had nothing to do with the fact that the whole population of this new town already knew him. It was more that he took his addiction for attention and confirmation with him, so in a very short time he was behaving the same way and started playing the great seducer in the local gay scene. Again he became the little slut, available for everyone for everything. Kerry didn’t discriminate: he had no qualms about who wanted to use him, his own age, a little older or a lot older. As long as he was able to keep the feeling that someone lusted for him, that he was wanted for even a short period of time.

As with all addictions he wanted more and more and even more and more often. He started to experiment with SM, was whipped by some, was chained to crosses to be tortured, humiliated to the bone and just ended up as a birthday gift of some master for his friend, just as a giveaway play thing for the night. No packing required, just a red and golden knot around his rod.

Then it became clear to him he was doing the completely wrong thing.

“Am I crazy? Am I losing my mind?” was a thought that repeatedly came up in his mind. Slowly he discovered what he was looking for when chasing short term limited duration confirmation and happiness: he was looking for the real happiness! But he had no idea what so ever how to achieve it. An even bigger problem would be that he needed the short term satisfaction for his addiction before he was able to achieve the real thing he wanted. Besides: he had a reputation of being a slut. Yes, he had done everything possible to earn it, but how to get rid of it? No person in his right mind wants to start an affair with the slut of the town!

Change was coming. The beginning of that change happened without him noticing it. On a Friday night he sat down at the terrace of a gay club in town and looked around. To put it blunt: he was chasing for his kick.

Being a very pleasant summer evening the terrace was very full. He knew most men he saw, some of them in an undressed mode as well. But he didn’t know the boy who stood in front of him abruptly.

“Hi,” the boy said, “May I join you? All tables are fully occupied and there is some space over here!”

Kerry nodded absent-mindedly, while he took a good look at the boy. He appeared a little older than himself, he was large with a muscled wiry body. He had kind of a rough face, but Kerry noted immediately that it contained a pair of very friendly eyes of a colour he couldn’t determine right away. The eyes told him that this boy was a very kind person. He had dark blond upstanding hair and was dressed in a tight t-shirt, a baggy jeans and sport shoes.

“I’m Frank” the boy introduced himself.

“I’m Kerry” was the curt answer.

“I know”, Frank answered quietly, accompanying it with a blending smile, “Everybody seems to know you at this place”

Kerry kind of turned on his pre-programmed behavior. He had one…and it could have been a lot worse for this evening. He put on his most seducing looks and whispered:

“Mmmmmyessssss…most of them know me without clothes. Would you like to learn about me without clothes?”

“Why are you doing that?” Frank asked with a kind smile.

“Do what?” Kerry asked sharply. He didn’t like it. It went in a way he didn’t fancy very much and certainly had not planned.

“Play the slut!” Frank answered. Laconically he took a package of cigarettes, lighted one and shoved the package over the table to Kerry, who took one. After he had lightened it he answered:

“None of your business I think! Who are you anyway? The new reverend?”

“No, although I do study theology”

“Oh Jezus”, Kerry thought, “What do I have now? A holy lover on Friday night?”

But Frank didn’t let go:

“Do you have that little self-esteem that you do this to yourself? Do you really think that there is nobody in the whole world who might care for you without having to let your body to be abused to gain a spot in the world for a short span of time?”

That hit Kerry like a left direct!

“Come on, don’t start with the God-thing!” Kerry snarled.

“Actually, I didn’t have him in mind. I was more thinking about myself!”

OK, a right direct hit followed immediately on the left direct and Kerry started to have the feeling he was going knock out.

“Yes”, Frank continued, “I have been studying you for weeks now and I like what I see. I see a very sweet, but also very uncertain and fragile boy. So I fell in love with you. I just had to wait for an opportunity to approach you and this opportunity only came this evening”.

Kerry looked at him with wide eyes. It felt as if a hurricane was raging in his mind and he reacted the only way he could think of at this moment: he fled. He raised and without even looking at Frank again he wanted to walk away, but Frank stopped him.

“Wait a second”, he said, “Just in case you change your mind!”

Kerry felt vaguely how something was pushed in his hand but he had no time to look at it. He just wanted to get away from here! So he pushed whatever it was in his trouser’s pocket and walked away, totally upset. He just wanted to go home!

The following days were extremely difficult. He lost the courage to go back to the gay club, fearing that he might meet Frank again. It almost gave him withdrawal symptoms. He craved for some attention, to some physical love, to sex! It hurt him that Frank had put his finger on exactly the problem that had bothered him for some time. Yes, he was going the wrong way. Nobody needed to tell him that. But it is a totally different thing if someone else tells you that in a confronting and direct way. Even worse: he had to be very translucent if a total stranger on a Friday night just penetrated his protection shield and found his soft and searching side in record time!

It dawned on him that he had pushed something in his trouser pocket when he left. So he took last week’s jeans out of the laundry basket and started to search the pockets. He found a crumbled piece of paper. When he had straightened it he saw there was a phone number on it.

“Shall I give him a call?” he asked himself out loud.

What could have been against it? If it turned out all right he might find what he was looking for: someone who accepted and loved him as he was. Worst case was that it was just another guy who wanted a fresh boy’s cunt or wanted to give reign to some sadistic fetish, all of this under the cover of “love”. Which would give him exactly what he had been looking for as well: another short term kick!

He took the horn in his hand, in real doubt if he would make the call: do it or don’t?

“What the fuck!” he thought and dialed the number.

“Frank” a voice on the other end said.

“Hi, Kerry here. You know: last Friday night’s slut!”

The night of the agreed date Kerry rang the door bell. It had been a very hot day and the evening hadn’t brought any relief of the high temperatures.

Frank opened, dressed only in a very skimpy swimming short.

“Come on in!” he exclaimed with a broad smile.

They had a drink for starters and chatted some small talk. It gave Kerry the opportunity to study the other guy. He had been impressed already the week before, but a closer examination confirmed his good impression. He really liked the broad muscled shoulders and breast and especially the gorgeous six pack that Frank showed. Not to mention the attractive bump in the small swimming short.

With a soft pat on the couch Frank invited Kerry to join him there. When they sat besides one another the two heads tilted in each other’s direction and just when Frank wanted to kiss the other boy, Kerry said:

“Stop! There is something I want to know first!”

“What?” Frank asked with a surprised look in his eyes.

“How did you manage to get through to me that fast? I mean: every gay in town knows me as a slut, to be used by everyone for everything! But you mentioned that you fell in love with me. I don’t get it! Do you know what you are starting?”

Frank just nodded:

“Yeah, I know that! I fell in love with a sweet and very vulnerable boy, who made the choice to let harm done to him almost continuously”

“But how can you know that I am sweet and vulnerable. I could as well be a mean bitch!”.

Frank just shook his head and said softly:

“Because of your eyes, sweety!”

Kerry looked at him questioningly, not understanding what Frank meant.

“Your eyes…the eyes are the mirror of your soul. They made me see that there was a lot more to discover than just a boy who jumps into bed with each and every gay guy”

“But why didn’t the others see it then?” Kerry asked, still unconvinced.

“Maybe because they didn’t want to see it. Or because they are so totally controlled by their dickheads that their normal observational capabilities are disconnected”

Kerry just nodded, but somehow he was unable to fully comprehend what Frank said.

“My love”, Frank said, “I freely admit that I want your body but most of all I want your heart.”

Having said that he tenderly and passionately kissed Kerry. He rose, took Kerry by the hand and led him to the bed room.

Entering the bed room made Kerry on his guard. He looked around inquisitively but his eyes found nothing that caused suspicion. There were just two large cabinets and a double bed.

“What are you looking for?” Frank asked with a smile.

“Well…I was looking around for indications if I have to expect SM”

Frank broke into roaring laughter:

“Well, if you are looking for that you came to the wrong address. SM in the bed room? I always thought these types had their own private playing dungeons in the cellar”

“No way, you can’t imagine what I have seen around this town. In the bedrooms! Crosses with heavy chains, torture tables, even some installation to hang the slave by his ankles on his head from the ceiling. Too much to mention, actually”

“Jezus,” Frank muttered upset, “Anyway, you don’t have to fear that when you’re with me”

He took Kerry in his arms and the kissing started all over again. Frank then started to undress Kerry very slowly until the boy stood naked in front of him. The sight was overwhelmingly beautiful and took his breath away.

Gently he pushed Kerry on his back on the bed. Then he dropped the swimming short to the ground. A medium sized totally shaven member stampeded into a much wanted freedom. Kerry was unable to suppress his reaction and sensually his tongue licked his lips.

“You want it, honey?” Frank moaned.

Kerry could only nod emphatically and craving for it.

Lying on bed like that naked besides one another ignited the actual game. Kerry felt overwhelmed. After all those tens of past stallions he finally experienced what tenderness, affection and respect was. From experience he waited for the moment, that his legs would be stuck up in the air and that the other’s indomitable urges would result in a lance being stuck in his tight ass and would take him the hard and rough way. But that moment didn’t come. It stayed away for so long, that Kerry started to have suspicions that he was doing something the wrong way for the first time in his “career”.

Frank gave no reasons for that thought. With closed eyes he thoroughly enjoyed himself by licking Kerry’s aroused dickhead, licking each small drop of precum cautiously, savouring it, swallowing it and then starting on the next drop. His finger tips tenderly stroke the insides of Kerry’s thighs, so every now and then making a small excursion to the soft skin of his belly.

After having spent a while like that Frank’s dark grey eyes looked directly into Kerry’s deep brown ones.

“Turn around, honey” he whispered barely audible.

Out of habit Kerry obliged. As soon as he lay on his stomach he felt the soft finger tips stroking the naked soft skin of his buttocks. The next experience was totally new for him. He felt lips on his buttocks, which passionately kissed every square inch of their surface. The next development came: it surprised Kerry, but it also brought him in a rage of pink clouds. He totally surrendered when the tip of a tongue licked him softly over the ass. It was followed by a couple of fingers which cautiously separated the buttocks, enabling the tongue to push in deeper where it started to lick his little hole in a slightly tickling way.

“OOohhhhhhhh….” was the only thing Kerry could utter. It became totally clear to him what he had been looking for all these years: it was exactly this! Sex fed by love, not by lowly lust!

New experiences almost tumbled over one another. Although his hole had been rammed open quiet often by over-aroused dicks, something happened now that he couldn’t remember happening before: stimulated by the soft, warm tongue it seemed as if his hole opened up by itself like a flower in the morning sun. The tongue took the challenge greedily and fumbled into the now slightly wider opening in an attempt to also lick and stimulate his inner reaches. Kerry just flipped out of his mind from joy.

Frank put his head on Kerry’s shoulder, his lips against the ear and whispered in an almost begging way:

“May I go inside you, honey?”

Kerry was not capable of answering. After having overcoming the surprise that someone asked him permission to do that he just nodded.

Frank laid himself on top of him. His lips caressed the shoulder and neck of the other boy and Kerry felt the body warmth radiating between their skins. Frank cautiously pushed his eager sword between the buttocks and stroke the little rose bud in between with its tip. Gently and with immense respect he then entered Kerry’s opened temple of joy.

With care he started thrusting in the narrow space. He felt how Kerry squirmed and wriggled and it encouraged him to go deeper. Until the moment came that he was no longer able to contain his bottled-up desires and squirted the hard, warm blots of semen into the boy. With affection he sucked the naked skin of Kerry’s shoulder, while his limping member trembled in the little sanctuary.

Kerry wasn’t exactly what could be called a new boy on the block in the experience of sperm in his intestines. But what happened now was something completely different from all his previous encounters with exploding dicks. It seemed to him that the fluid entering and spreading in him radiated genuine warmth, real affection and a lot of respect. He felt it with tears in his eyes.

Frank rolled from him, landing on his back. With a worried face he looked at Kerry and asked:

“Why are you crying?”

Sobbing Kerry shrugged and said:

“Don’t know exactly. I guess these are tears of happiness”.

He snugged up against Frank’s body and put his head on his breast. Then he looked into his eyes with an almost desperately begging look and asked:

“Can I stay with you?”

Frank smiled and in a soft, quiet voice he replied:

“If you ever want to go, I won’t stop you. But as far as I am concerned: I will never let you go in my whole life!”

“But…” Kerry resisted mildly, “I’ve got a past and an evil reputation. You want to start a relationship with the slut of the town?”

Frank stroked through is black hair and just said:

“From now on the first one who considers you to be a slut will have a huge problem. I’ll hit the teeth out of his mouth”

Kerry was surprised by the reaction. It was the last thing he would have expected from this gentle boy. Partly meant as joke, partly from not understanding, he giggled:

“Sounds like a solution not covered by theology”

Frank laughed.

“Nope, but apart from studying I also do sports, you know?”

Kerry looked at him questioningly.

“Boxing”, Frank said with a broad smile.

Kerry broke into laughter. Again he laid his head on Frank’s chest and tremendously enjoyed the strokes over his spine and shoulders. He felt perfectly happy and the sound and feeling of Frank’s heart made him totally relaxed and easy.

The frightened, insecure boy that had transformed into s slut in his desperate quest for some attention, love and a short term place in the big world had vanished and started to transform into a man with clear purpose in life. At least the change had begun this evening. It would take a while to complete the metamorphosis, but the two of them together would master that challenge.

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