Adam Parsons took a deep breath before knocking at Father Tarrant's door.

'Come in,' came the curt response from within.

The young man grasped the handle and stepped inside, to find that the leader of the Seminary was seated in front of the fire.

'Brother Adam,' Tarrant began in recognition, pointing to a chair opposite him. 'Sit down.'

'Thank you, Father,' the student replied, following his instruction.

'Tell me, Adam. How long have you been with us now?'

'Ten months, Father.'

'Ten months,' the seventy-odd year old man repeated thoughtfully. 'And in those ten months has it ever occurred to you that maybe God might be calling you in different ways to the way you thought he was calling you when you first arrived here at St. Luke's?'

Adam knew exactly what was being implied but he chose to feign ignorance. 'I'm sorry, Father. I don't quite understand ...'

Tarrant paused, eyeing the fellow up and down and perhaps noting once again just how physically appealing the youngster was. Tall and lithe, Adam (at the age of twenty-three) was now the epitome of manhood at its prime. His eyes were dark and full of sparkle, his lightly tanned skin the picture of health. Above all, the fellow oozed pure sensuality - an aura of sex and carnality. A characteristic that had admittedly not endeared him to his superiors at the Seminary, most of whom (like Tarrant himself) would privately have done anything to have shafted the guy given half the chance.

'One of the most important vows we make as priests is that of chastity, Adam. The pledge of self-denial. Given your time here so far, I think you're going to find that promise hard to fulfil.'

'But Father, I never mean to let the Seminary down.'

'I know, Adam. I know you try very hard.'

'It's just my cock seems to have a life of its own, Father!'

Tarrant blushed. Partly from the embarrassment of Adam's choice of words, but mainly from the sudden reminder of that beautiful cock that he knew nestled in the young man's crotch. A cock that he himself had accidentally witnessed that very morning when he had entered the student's room unannounced to find Adam jerking himself off on his bed. Stretched out in all his male glory, spewing the contents of his tight balls across his muscular chest and sweet firm belly.

The leader cleared his throat as if to clear his mind. 'A priest must learn to control his body, Adam. He cannot allow himself to be ruled by bodily desires.'

'I understand that. I really do.'

'I mean we understand that you are young. We know what it's like to be - well, frisky.'

'I promise to try harder, Father. I promise to try and resist the temptation to beat off all the time and chase after cock. I don't mean it, Father - honest I don't. It's just I find myself thinking of other hot guys, and before I know it I've got my cock in my hand and I'm -'

Tarrant was sweating like a pig. 'Enough, please! I think I get the idea.'

'Please don't send me away, Father. Please don't expel me from the Seminary.'

'Adam, you have to remember that God calls us all in different ways. Some of us are called to be priests like myself. Whilst others, such as yourself perhaps, are called to explore different avenues.'

'But where am I going to go? My place is here at St. Luke's ...'

'You have to understand that this is for the best. You must go where your cock - I mean where God leads you!'

Tarrant blushed crimson once again, aware that his Freudian slip had revealed too much. Gees, he wanted that cock of Adam's real bad. So much so that he thought he might actually cum in his Y-fronts just thinking about it!

'Your time here has not been wasted,' he finally continued. 'You must remember that, Adam.'

The young guy was still determined, however. 'Maybe if I wore a chastity device, Father. Maybe that would help curb these desires of mine ...'

'A chastity device would not stop your thoughts.'

'But -'

'Indeed if anything it might even make you worse. Thinking of hard cock and pert ass all the time yet unable to gain any relief! You would soon become like a caged beast!'

Adam gave a weak smile of recognition. 'Father,' he began, 'can you tell me something?'

Tarrant nodded his head.

'How do you overcome your desires?'

The older fellow sighed, trying hard to hide the bulge in his groin. 'I think pure thoughts,' he explained. 'I take myself above base human instinct and concentrate on spiritual matters alone.'

'I have tried that, Father. But somehow it always seems beyond me.'

'That is why I have decided that you must leave us, Adam. You might think that what I am doing is unkind, but believe me when I tell you that there is nothing worse in this life than to exist in continual sexual torment. To crave and desire carnality each and every moment of your existence and to know that you can gain no relief. To long for wanton fornication when all the time there is no chance of ever gaining such fulfilment!'

His pale blue eyes were like moons now, staring out into the distance. Whilst Adam - suddenly noting the mound in Tarrant's black pants - began to realise the exact truth behind the fellow's words. For the older man was speaking not of his young protege but of himself. He it was who had lived a life of pure frustration and who now regretted every single moment of it. And he it was who was now desperately trying to save another young, horny soul from suffering the same terrible fate.

'Now Adam,' Tarrant finally sighed, bringing himself back to reality, 'you must say goodbye to the others and be on your way.'

'Yes, Father.'

'It's for the best. You might not think that now, but always remember that God gave you a cock between your legs. Perhaps now is the time for you to try and find out why he gave you one!'

Adam could hardly believe his ears: Father Tarrant giving him instruction to go forth into the world to lay his seed! 'But Father -' he began to protest.

The leader of the seminary stared him out. 'Adam Parsons,' he scolded. 'Your hard cock is a gift, and as a young man it's only right that you should want to use it. Don't feel guilty for that, boy. Don't think that you are somehow evil for having these urges. Your desires are part of you and it's only healthy and proper that you act upon them. Otherwise - well, who knows? One day you might find yourself sat in front of a fire telling a young man that he should grasp life to the full before it's too late. Sat full of regret, wishing that you could live your life over again and do things differently ...'

The young man leaned forward, filled as he was with strange pity for his companion. 'Father,' he began, 'I'd understand it if you wanted to unzip yourself ...'

Tarrant glanced back at him with horror.

'After all,' he continued, 'by the looks of things it's not too late even for you to enjoy yourself just for a few minutes ...'

The priest tried his best to keep his composure, nervously clearing his throat again as he did so. 'My young man,' he protested, 'I have dedicated my entire life to self-restraint. I am not about to abandon myself to the temptations of the devil after all this time!'

'But Father, you said yourself. Our desires are part of us, and it's only right that we act upon them. And judging from the tent in your pants I'd say you're dying to act on them right this minute!'

Tarrant stared back at the young fellow with a mix of abhorrence and fascination, as his fingers trembled at the head of his zip. 'I must resist ...' he stuttered, but without conviction.

'Come on, Father. Let it out. You know you'll only regret it if you don't.'

'You're trying to lure me into sin, aren't you? I know you're game, Brother Adam. I've known it from the very beginning, when you first walked into this seminary. With your movie-star looks and your tight little ass. Your handsome swagger and most of all your long, thick cock! Yes, I've had your cards marked from the very start, and like it or not I'm going to resist. I'm going to remain faithful to the vows that I took fifty years ago. Vows of chastity. Vows of abstinence. Vows I have upheld for the whole of my life!'

Adam sighed. 'I'm sorry if I have caused you trouble, Father,' he began. 'I never meant it.'

'I'm sure you didn't.'

'It's just I kinda get the feeling you regret things ...'

Tarrant looked indignant. 'Regret things? I don't know what gives you that idea!'

The youngster gave an almost devilish grin. 'Father, I understand now why you think I ought to leave the Seminary, and although I would prefer to stay here I am prepared to carry out your wishes. But I can't stand the thought that you're gonna be sat here all upset and frustrated when I go. Doing that's just not in my nature, Father.'

'That's very kind of you, Brother Adam ...'

The student rose to his feet. 'As such,' he explained, pulling at the belt of his slacks, 'I'd like to show you something before I go. Something that might help ease your present frustration ...'

The older man's heart began to pound as he watched Adam turn his back to him. 'I really don't think this is a good idea ...' he spluttered - not meaning a single word he said!

Fortunately his young companion ignored him completely. Slipping out of his pants Adam promptly thrust his one leg over the arm of the chair he'd been sitting on. Then eased himself forwards so that his bubble butt was thrust in Tarrant's direction. His low-hanging balls swinging in full view.

'Just imagine, Father,' he whispered, glancing over his shoulder whilst running a hand over his ass. 'Your hard cock slipping through my sweet young ring. Pushing between my cheeks. Filling me like I've never been filled before ...'

The leader of the Seminary was completely lost for what to say. 'Please, Brother,' he exclaimed finally. 'Please, this is quite unacceptable. You must understand that I don't want to see this. You hear me? I don't want to see any more!'

But the expanse of wood in the old man's crotch told a very different story and Adam was alert enough to the problem. So he simply tormented the fellow even more. Pulling his butt cheeks apart and exposing the tight little ring of which he spoke. Before easing a probing finger in the direction of the target.

'Come on, Father,' he teased. 'Do what you've been aching to do every since I arrived here. Get that old cock of yours out and give it one last good slapping before you die. Otherwise, like you say, you're just gonna feel upset and frustrated and that's not gonna do you any good at all ...'

Tarrant's fingers tugged almost unconsciously at his zipper. 'I really shouldn't,' he groaned to himself. His tired eyes transfixed on the incomparable sight of Adam's smooth butt. Noting the dark wisps of hair around the crack and imaging just how good it would feel to slip his throbbing shaft into its heavenly recess. 'I took a vow of total chastity when I was a young man and I have never once broken that promise. Despite all the gorgeous studs that have entered this Seminary.'

'Please Father,' Adam urged, fluttering his dark eyes. 'I can't bear to think of you dying unfulfilled. Please, just get your cock out now and work your tight hand up and down its length. You remember how to, don't you? Of course you do - it's all you've thought of for fifty years, I bet! All that talk about praying and fasting and living a pious life, but really all you've been thinking of is hard cocks and hungry mouths and tight butts dribbling with cum ...'

The spiritual leader could take no more. 'Oh fuck!' he rashly exclaimed, grabbing hold of his cock and pulling it out into the open. 'Gees, you're one hot fucking whore!' he proclaimed, running his clenched fist up and down its length.

'That's it, Father,' Adam encouraged, continuing to run a finger around his butt-hole. 'Give that cock of yours a good workout. Fuck, I bet you've not been that hard since you were nineteen, have you? That's it, imagine what it'd be like if you could get up from your chair and take me from behind. What it'd be like to thrust that rod of yours into my open crack. Fuck, I bet you'd shoot your load the moment you pushed inside me, wouldn't you Father?'

'Of course I would!' the priest retorted, frantically thumping his meat. For all thoughts of purity and saintliness were now consigned to distant memory. All he could think about was dirty, filthy man-sex - nothing more and nothing less! What's more, he wouldn't be able to escape from such depravities until the mounting pressure inside his balls was finally relieved by a good old fashioned blow-out. The like of which he had not experienced since before his calling to the priesthood.

'I shouldn't be doing this,' Tarrant groaned - but showing no signs of pulling his hand from his swollen cock.

'Why not?' Adam scoffed. 'It's only natural like you said. It's how God made us, after all!'

'But it's a sin!'

'Maybe, maybe not. But it sure as fuck beats singing hymns, don't you think Father?'

Tarrant could hardly speak in reply. In his heart he knew that what he was doing went against everything he had lived for these past five decades or more. But his hard, drooling cock was telling him something else entirely. Indeed, given the way his fist was banging the old bishop right now it was difficult to believe that the priest was being entirely truthful in his assertion of chastity. Fact is he looked a staunch professional at the art, which certainly didn't escape young Adam's attention.

'Father,' the lad began, stretching his finger so that it now rested on the very rim of his crack, 'can I just say how easily you seem to have remembered how to jack off ...'

'Some things a man never forgets,' Tarrant groaned. 'Like riding a bicycle!'

'Yes, Father. But even so, no-one would ever guess that it's been all those years since you last held your cock in your hand like that ...'

'I'm telling you, some things you just never forget!'

Adam gave an impish grin. 'Please tell me the truth, Father,' he begged, fluttering his eyes. 'If you do, I'll show you how easily my finger can slip inside this hungry butt-hole of mine.'

The old man's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the mere suggestion. 'Gees that'd be good ...' he sighed, easing himself forward in his chair as if to take a closer look.

'Tell me the truth then ...'

'You promise to let me see you push your finger inside?'

'Of course.'

Tarrant was becoming almost feverish. Not surprising really given his almost unnatural display of energy. 'God,' he moaned, appearing to be reaching a climax, 'I really want to see that finger of yours slip inside. Please, Brother Adam. Please, do it for me. Now, please ...'

'Not until you've told me the truth, Father. Not until you've made your confession ...'

'Confession? I have no need of a confession!'

Adam smiled. His finger still hanging on the very edge of ecstasy. 'Oh but Father,' he encouraged, 'I think you have. All this time you've been telling your young charges about the sins of the flesh and about how you yourself have abstained from such desires. But in reality nothing could've been further from the truth. Because all you've ever thought about is this, isn't it Father? Young guys like me with their hard cocks and their heavy balls and their tight, eager butts.'

With that he promptly licked his finger, then finally pushed the end of his digit into his hole. 'Shame you'll never know how really good this makes a young guy feel,' he teased.

'Okay, okay!' Tarrant exclaimed. 'I admit it! I'm a sham! A fraud! All this time I've been pretending to be a bastion of godliness, but in truth I'm just as deviant as the rest of you. Tossing myself off every night thinking about hot sex with horny studs! But can you blame me? Gees, just seeing you there makes me realise just how fucking sexy you really are! And if I was just ten years younger I'd be straight up from this chair and screwing you like a wanton hussy! God, I just wish that I could get over to you and thrust my cock inside you! I'd give anything to be able to do that, anything at all. Just to be able to feel your tightness round my hard shaft - fuck, that'd be so good ...'

Adam's finger was probing ever deeper by this point, but the priest had reached such a climatic frenzy that his attention was now totally strained. All he could think about was the feeling of unadulterated pleasure that was swirling through his veins. The wave of frothy excitement that was burgeoning at the base of his own hard shaft. As such, Adam himself had strangely become something of a nonentity to Tarrant just for the moment - even though the young man was the real reason why he was beating off with such rampant fury. For all the older chap appeared truly aware of was that his balls were about to burst any second. That his cock was about to unleash another load of sticky cum.

'Oh fuck!' he exclaimed. 'Fuck, I'm gonna cum! Gees ...'

Being a young man, Adam would never have imagined that someone of Father Tarrant's age could've even managed an erection never mind reached an orgasm. But all those awful years of frustration had clearly taken their toll on the ageing leader, and it was with almost unbelievable fury that the priest promptly began to spew the contents of his wrinkled balls high into the air. So vigorously in fact that one might almost have thought Tarrant to have been a whole lot younger than he actually was. Seeing Adam in all his glory had clearly had a very inspiring effect!

Finally spent, Tarrant collapsed breathlessly into his chair, whilst the object of his desires promptly made himself decent once again.

'Well Father,' Adam sighed, noting the heavy semen stains that were cast liberally across Tarrant's black frock, 'I guess I'd better make a move. Seeing as you've made your decision ...'

'I think it's probably for the best for everyone,' the priest muttered. His face painted with embarrassment at the sudden realisation of what he had just done.

'Yes, Father. But if I could just say -'

Tarrant would never know what Adam was about to say, however. For the young fellow's words were suddenly cut short by the unannounced interruption of Father George Wragg, Tarrant's deputy at the Seminary. A tall, spindly fellow in his mid-forties, who by habit only momentarily tapped the door before bursting into the room.

'Father,' he began, 'I was just wondering whether -'

The guy stopped in his tracks, realising that something was seriously amiss here. 'Father,' he spluttered, noting Tarrant's now flaccid cock and the pools of spent cum around it, 'what's going on? What is the meaning of this ...?'

Wragg immediately turned his attention to Adam. 'Is this your doing?' he demanded.

'I was just saying goodbye to Father,' the youngster explained, as Tarrant himself tried to make himself respectable again. 'That was all. I didn't mean anything ...'

Father George flashed with anger. 'For over fifty years Father Tarrant has been the very picture of purity. He has served as an example to all of us here at St. Luke's. An example of how sinful souls can overcome the temptations of the flesh.'

'But -'

'Then you arrive, Adam Parsons, with all your deviant perversions. Perversions that even seem to include pulling this poor old man's private parts out of his cassock and then masturbating over him! Lord, you're one very sick young man, did you know that? I just hope that God can somehow find it in himself to forgive you, Parsons, because in my opinion your beyond redemption! Completely and utterly beyond the hope of salvation!'

'But Father George, it isn't what you think. It was Father Tarrant who did that, not me!'

'Do I look like a complete idiot, Parsons? Why an old man like Father George is so pure-minded that he couldn't even hope to get an erection, let alone do this! No, it's glaringly obvious to anyone that there's only one guilty party here - and that's you, Adam Parsons!'

The young student sighed in recognition of his apparent damnation, as Wragg turned his attention to Father Tarrant. 'Come on, Father,' the younger priest encouraged, shunning Adam completely, 'we'll soon have you cleaned up and you can forget all about this terrible, terrible incident. Why, that Parsons is lucky I don't have the cops called out on him for this. It's a disgraceful thing to do to a poor old man. The degenerate ought to be flogged to within an inch of his miserable life!'

Adam knew full well, of course, that Father George never had the slightest intention of involving the law. The Seminary was a closed and secret society; and the fact that the young man now realised the full extent of its sanctimony merely confirmed his suspicion that Wragg's protestations were purely for show. Further more, what he had witnessed in the past few minutes had left the young man in a decidedly changed frame of mind. Having stepped into the room with a sense of fear and dread at what lay beyond the walls of the college, he left it in the sure knowledge that his departure was most definitely for the good. True, he had no idea what he would do in the outside world, but remaining at St. Luke's was now something he would not have wanted even if it had been an option. Besides, he would rather be condemned for sins of the flesh than for the even graver sin of hypocrisy.

He could hardly run back to his room quick enough. Could hardly wait to pack his belongings and leave this heartless school. As such, it was with almost blinding haste that he bolted into the room. His only thought being to escape the confines of this prison before it contaminated him even more than it had already done so.

But his hurry had already attracted the attention of his fellow students. Not least of all Tom Harrison, who promptly followed Adam into his room.

'Hey,' Harrison exclaimed in surprise, seeing the young guy grab a bag from under his bed, 'what the hell's up? Anyone would think the damn place was on fire!'

Adam made no response, however. Instead he proceeded to step over to his small wardrobe, out of which he grabbed some of his clothes and pushed them into his hold-all.

Tom - who was a couple of years older than his friend, with short blond hair and handsome blue eyes - looked increasingly concerned. 'Please, Adam,' he insisted, 'tell me what's going on. Did Tarrant say something about what happened this morning? Gees, take no notice of him! We all jack off from time to time, even he knows that.'

Adam finally turned to look directly at the fellow. 'He's told me I've gotta leave.'

'What? Leave the Seminary?'

'Yep. He says I'm a bad influence.'

'But he can't! You're gonna be a priest, Adam. He can't just -'

'Was gonna be a priest, Tom. Was. Anyhow, he can and he has. I've gotta leave straightaway.'

'But - but where are you gonna go?'

'I don't know. Anywhere. Maybe I'll head out west, who can say?'

Tom stepped up closer. 'No, Adam,' he protested, 'I'm not gotta let you go. No way!'

The younger fellow continued to pack his bag. 'It's not up to you,' he explained. 'Tarrant's made his decision and that's that. Not that I'd want to stay now anyway.'

'Please - you can't go! I'm not gonna let it happen.'

Adam smiled. 'Gees, Tom, what's got into you? Anyone would think -'

Tom grabbed him by both arms, forcing Adam to look him straight in the eye. 'I've never told you this before,' he went on, 'but - but ...'

'But what?'

'I love you.'

Adam pulled himself away, turning attention back to his packing. 'You've never said before.'

'I've never had the courage before.'

'I'll break your heart.'

'I'm willing to take that risk.'

'I've only got a two inch cock!'

Tom laughed. 'Now I know for sure that ain't true!'

Adam broke from his packing. 'Tom,' he sighed, 'I really like you. You know that already. But I wouldn't be being honest with you if I said that I could give you what you wanted. You're a one man guy. You're looking for commitment and I can't give you that. I'm sorry but that's the truth. I wish for your sake that it wasn't, but it is.'

'But -'

'I'm a slag, Tom. I've always known it deep down. It wouldn't be fair on you if I pretended otherwise ...'

There was a moment's pause before Tom spoke again. 'Why did you put yourself forward for the priesthood, Adam? Knowing all this ...'

'At this precise moment of time I couldn't tell you. Guess I liked the idea of men in frocks!'

Tom stepped back again, his eyes beginning to water. 'Gees Adam,' he sighed, 'I'm really gonna fuckin' miss you. You know that?'

For a few seconds it looked as if Adam might reply, but in the end he simply crossed over to his friend and kissed him straight on the lips. 'I wanna say goodbye properly,' he whispered.

'Properly ...?'

Before Tom realised it, Adam was down on his knees. Flicking away the belt before unzipping his pants. Then finally exposing the older lad's quickly-swelling cock in all its regal glory.

Indeed, there was no denying the fact that Tom's hard shaft provided more than ample meat for anyone to enjoy. Even Adam, whose taste for such rampant beauty was pretty much unassailable. So it was little surprise that the young fellow was soon slurping away on the length of that glorious rod. Exposing the pulsing head by pulling back Tom's foreskin, before consuming the pole in his mouth.

Tom himself gave a somewhat surprised groan at such sudden consummation, almost falling backwards at the realisation that the gorgeous Adam was finally blowing him off. Ten months he had waited for this day. Ten months of beating himself off with such vengeance that he was in danger of developing a strain injury in his wrist. Yet the acknowledgement that a miracle had finally occurred was tempered by the understanding that this was gonna be a one-off event, and that a few minutes from now Parsons would be walking out of his life for good. That said, Tom was clearly determined to make the most of the occasion, and folding his hands around the back of Adam's head began to gently thrust his young admirer even closer to his crotch. Forcing the talented whore into deep-throat action.

The feel of Tom's long hard shaft in his mouth was more than enough to encourage Adam even further, as he reached up and fondled the pair of low-hangers before him. Caressing them in his hand and in the process imagining the copious quantity of cum that he knew lay inside. Whilst the end of Tom's cock continued to thrust ever deeper, ever harder. Until it was literally banging away at the very back of Adam's throat, almost threatening to gag the handsome youngster in the process.

By now, however, Adam's interest was already beginning to turn to his own expectant butt-hole, which was now pulsing in anticipation of being stretched to capacity. As such, he promptly pulled away from Tom and started to strip. Throwing himself backwards onto the bed, then raising his legs up to full expose that tender slit that he had so wantonly displayed to Tarrant just minutes before.

Tom himself rushed forward, but his initial interest was as much with Adam's cock and balls as anything else. Grabbing hold of that solid uncut eight incher and working it with his clenched hand, whilst simultaneously nuzzling his face into Adam's cum-sac. Smelling the heavy scent of spunky sweat that nestled there, before tea-bagging each oversized orb into his mouth in turn.

'Oh fuck that feels good,' Adam sighed, privately noting that his present physical pleasure was as enjoyable as anything he'd ever experienced at the Seminary before. What's more, the sensation became even more intense when Tom decided to return the previous favour. Taking Adam's throbbing shaft in his mouth and rolling his tight lips up and down the entire of its length.

Glancing down, Adam reached out and ran his fingers through Tom's blond hair. Noting perhaps just for a moment how gorgeous his fellow student actually was. But his mind was already made up whether Tom Harrison liked it or not. This long-anticipated union would be their one and only time together; and as Tom finally lifted himself up to stake his claim, Adam now opened his legs out for the guy for the first and last occasion.

'You want me to wear a rubber ...?' Tom whispered in his ear.

He shook his head. 'No, it feels better without.'

'But -'

'Just push that cock of yours inside me. Please, Tom, I wanna feel your hardness.'

Adam's lover needed no further persuasion. Within just a few moments he was easing his lubed cock into that tight but ever-hungry hole. Thrusting himself forwards with such wanton enthusiasm that Adam's crack had little choice but to accommodate its visitor. Opening up like a flower and swallowing the entire length of Tom's cock before Adam even knew what had happened.

Just having Tom inside him was almost enough to bring Adam to a sticky climax, and it was little wonder that his own cock was now pulsing out in front of him. Throbbing like it had never throbbed before. As such the youngster reached down and started to provide himself with the long and heavy strokes of his hand, whilst Tom humped away like some sort of animal. Pounding Adam's butt with almost merciless fury so that his balls were soon slapping angrily against his lover's rump.

There was too much desperation on both sides for this to be a long fuck, but the looks on both their young sweaty faces confirmed that it was a good one. All too soon the consummation of all their pent-up desires was reaching its climax, with each guy soon transfixed by the surging weight of cum at the base of their cocks. A nagging swirl of spew that they had to expel if their balls were not to literally burst from frustration. A frenzied wave of ecstasy that just had to be released ...

'Oh Christ!' Adam exclaimed breathlessly. 'Christ, I'm fuckin' cumming!'

'Me too!' gasped Tom in reply. 'Jesus fuckin' Christ! Me too!'

With that Adam began to squirt his first creamy wad across his belly. Quickly followed by another much fiercer bolt that spurted right over his smooth chest. Whilst Tom started to rupture deep inside Adam's pert butt. Emptying his balls so deep inside his friend that it would probably be days before the said spunk saw the light of day again. Eventually oozing from Adam's crack long after the young man had left the Seminary for the outside world. A frothy but spent reminder of their passion, and the sort of image that overexcited Father Tarrant's fantasies on a regular basis.

For a few moments they lay together in silence. Perhaps refusing to acknowledge the true significance of their cumming together. Eventually, however, Adam made his move. Jumping back into his clothes and collecting his final belongings together.

'I wish I could come with you ...' Tom sighed soulfully, watching the fellow drift away.

Adam smiled. 'You already have,' he teased. 'You already have.'

And with that Adam Parsons left the Seminary forever.


Marc Oranje


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