It was my first day at uni I was looking forward to a new beginning, new friends, hopefully as much sex as possible with as many guys as possible. Yeah I’m a whore and out for a good time. Within a matter of seconds my life and my hopes were shattered. My roomie turned up he was a loser a country pumpkin a redneck. Fuck has this dude got a brain big enough to be here.

"My names Tom." I said, and reached over to shake his hand. He looked at it ignored it then looked at me. "I’m David," he said. "Pleased to meet you Dave," I said. "No my name is David, that’s the name I was given, that’s the name I’m known by." "Oh right." I thrust my hand out again and said, "Ok David." He ignored my hand again. When he spoke he had a deep southern drawl. Fuck just my luck to share a room with a country boy.

The days went by and I got to know David more. It was like meeting someone that had just stepped off the Mayflower, his ways and attitude where old fashion to say the least.

One thing about David was he kept himself to himself. It was only when I walked in on him unexpectedly one time when he had just showered (he was always careful to shower and stuff when I was not about) He was completely naked and looking for his pants. I never saw a guy turn such a beetroot color before. He made a mad dash for his towel, picked up his clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. Appearing later fully dressed.

What I noticed was he had a hot body just a little out of shape. Just a little bit of a work out at the gym would soon tone his body.

"David you want to come to the gym with me." "NO," he said. It was like that with everything. NO was his favorite word. He was such a negative guy. David was ideal material to be picked on. 2 guys in particular, Harry and James, set out to make David’s life a misery on campus. It was painful to watch. Everything that David did to counteract them only made him look more of a wimp. All I could do was watch how they wore him down. Come on David tell them to fuck off man, take a swipe at them. That’s all they understand. I thought.

I could see David was miserable. He was his own worst enemy. He was too introverted. One day I was getting ready to go to the Gym for a work out. "Can I come with you Tom." Wow when he said that it nearly knocked me over. "Sure," I said. You got some shorts and a T-shirt. "No," he said. I grabbed a spare pair of my shorts and T-shirt. Take them I said. I expected him to throw them back at me, he didn’t.

After a little hesitation David got changed. Wow fuck he looked hot. He started to pile the weights on to lift. "No man," I said. Start with lightweights and work up. As time went by David progressed to heavier weights, he was showing good definition. He started to lose his inhibitions. Fuck wasn’t I glad he did. Now I could watch him shower his toned glistening body. He came swimming with me, after a time he swam several lengths non-stop.

He asked me if I had done any boxing? I told him "yeah some at school." "Can we do some," he asked. We did some sparring and punch bag work. He had no idea how to use his fist. I had my suspicions why he needed to know how to use his fist. "Use your shoulder when you punch, gives the punch more of an impact," I said. I held the punch bag so David could practice his punches. "Come on man use those shoulders. Imagine you are punching Harry." He hit the bag with such force that it knocked me back. I had my answer. Fuck look out Harry.

For some reason I felt I needed to tell David I was gay. "Gay! You gay never," he said. "Gays are fem sissy and girly you’re kidding me, you’re straight?" "No I’m gay," I said. I wasn’t too clear how David had taken it; he never was an easy guy to read.

It was a few days later, I heard shouting and a thud noise in the hallway. Shit that’s David I thought. I opened the door to take a look. David must have heard me opening the door, he turned looked at me and smiled. Wow Harry was on the floor blood pouring from his nose and looking up at David with a scared look on his face. David turned pointed at Harry on the ground. "Now you take your fucking ass out of here." Wow I had never heard David curse before. Several others had witnessed what had happened, it soon spread around campus.

David strode down the corridor and pushed by me and sat on his bed. He started to cry. I closed the door. "What is it man, you gave him what he asked for," I said. "I didn’t want to have to do that," said David. David was mentally drained but now physically strong. He never had any more problems.

"Man I owe you," he said. "Owe me," I said. "Yeah," he said. He stood up and stripped in front of me. I could see his big flaccid cock swinging from side to side as he flung his clothes to one side. He sat back in the chair. "Man you had the courage to tell me you were gay when you did not know how I would react. You showed me how to weight train, improve my swimming and how to use my fist. I always thought gays were sissy, girly boys. Man you’re not. You taught me self-respect. Man you are my best buddy." Wow I was so moved by all he said.

David sat there legs apart his hairy balls and flaccid cock hanging between his hairy legs. He had a swimmers toned body. Fuck he was making me feel so horny. My cock was tenting in my pants. "Am I doing that to you," he asked as he looked at my bulge. "I can’t get a hard for a guy, I’m more into girls even though I have not fucked a girl," he said.

"If you want to touch me and play with my cock, you can. Sorry I don’t have a hard for you." I got on my knees took his flaccid cock in my hand, it felt warm and heavy. I pulled back the foreskin, exposing the glans of his cock. I licked under his cock head and down the shaft. His legs twitched I detected a slight swelling of his cock. I licked the pee slit, he gave out a moan, and his legs were shuddering. Even better his cock was growing in my hand. Fuck that feels so good. I sucked on his cock and played my tongue around his pee slit and glans. I was sucking looking up at him and frantically tearing my clothes off. Fuck I had waited long enough for this I was not going to let it pass by.

I stroked his trembling hairy thighs." Man I have never had this feeling," he said. His whole body was contorting. I felt his hand stroking my hair. I could taste his precum. I climbed up and sat on his lap. His stiff 8" virgin cock stood up at an angle. I pulled it back and let it slide up and down along the crack of my ass. David just lay there enjoying the erotic stimulation. I reached back with my hand between my legs and rubbed his mushroom head over the rim of my hole.

I held the shaft of his cock, as I pressed down. The head stretched my hole as it slipped in making me take a deep breath. David gave out a long sigh. My sphincter resisted until I pressed down harder. Half his cock suddenly slipped in, making me yelp and David moan. I slowly eased down on his cock feeling the mushroom head stretch my inside. I felt his pubic hairs rubbing on the cheeks of my ass. Fuck that feels so good. "My cock feels so good inside your ass. I never had my cock in a girl or guy," said David. I tensed the muscles in my ass and squeezed his cock. "Fuck that feels so good. Now to fuck you," he said. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up and carried me impaled on his cock to his bed.

Still with his cock in me he lay me with my back on his bed. It only took 3 or 4 thrust for his cock to start throbbing and shooting his load in me. I could see the whites of his eyes as he convulsed and moaned. The whole of his body went into spasmodic shudders as he emitted his load into me. He was exhaling and inhaling rapidly. He looked down at me. "I could not hold it any longer I just at to let it shoot," he said. I put my arms around him and hugged him. "That was good," I said. "Never thought you would get me hard," he said

"Lay back, I will lick you clean," I said. He spread his legs apart and placed his hands behind his head and watched me lick his cock. It started to grow again. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. His cock was growing, I knew I was going to get another load of his cum juices.

"How you like me to fuck you," he asked. "Doggie," I said. I got on my hands and knees. He mounted me like a dog on a bitch. I could feel his cock pressing on my man pussy, he leaned in opening my hole and sliding in making me moan with delight. He was breathing heavily and had started to sweat. He pounded me for a longer time, moaning and groaning as he filled my ass with his juices. He fucked me on a regular basis until one day he said he wanted to bring a girl back and fuck her in his bed. He told me I did not need to be out.

He brought the girl back I lay there listening to them fucking. Thinking the days of him fucking me, where maybe coming to an end. Then she said," Are you going to lay there or join us." I looked at David, he was now Dave (yeah he said I could call him Dave) the girl said, "You can fuck me only if you have a condom on." Dave had a condom on too. We rolled about fucking for some time filling up several condoms. When she left Dave told me to lay back. He straddled my chest. "I’m going to feed you all the cum juices out the condoms, she gets fucked you get fed." He said. It was a surreal moment lying there and Dave feeding me out the condoms.

Dave had changed completely. He was more open. He loved fucking girls and fucking me. He asked me which guys I liked, which I would like to see naked, which I would like to taste. Dave was now a hot jock. What was he planning for me…………………….

I was out to some at uni that needed to know. There were others that had found out about me, then there were those that thought are you, could he be. We had the usual mix at uni straight, bi curious, gay and just not interested. I had no problem with my sexuality. Only a few others had a problem with it. I’m bi-sexual, I like girls, I just like guys more. I’m straight acting and can take care of myself.

Dave carried on with his weight training and stuff. He became more skilful with his fist. His shoulders got broader and stronger. He didn’t now know his own strength, when sparring with me he would knock me to the ground on occasions, he never really hurt me. (We wore head guards). He never went looking for trouble, if any came looking for him, he now knew how to deal with it.

He had changed from a redneck country boy loser into a jock/stud. He let his hair grow longer he had well toned muscles on his legs, arms and torso. 6’(1.83cm), 210 lbs. (95Kg), of solid muscle. He didn’t mind flaunting it either. He bought and wore clothes that were skintight on his body. He had no problems getting girls.

I’d lay there watching and listening to him fucking a girl thinking yeah babe I know how that cock feels inside you, and I’m going to get to eat the cum juice out the condom he is wearing to fuck you. Dave became very popular with both sexes. Our room became very popular not only for sex orgies but other social activities too. Most straight/bi guys offered the opportunity to fuck a girl did, and lots of girls wanted to be fucked.

Dave would bring a girl back to our room. He would make it clear to her that it was sex. He just wanted to fuck her, no girlfriend relationship shit. Oh and if my roomie wants, he can fuck you too. Some girls did turn him down. That fitted in with me being bi. Fucking a girl and Dave being there same time. Fuck it was so exhilarating. We always used a condom.

We would look for a girl that we both liked the look of. Dave would then work on her. If his manly charms worked he would bring the girl to our room. We would fuck her and play with her body for about 2 hours. Saving the used condoms. When she left Dave would mix the cum juices. Get me to drink some then use the remainder to lubricate his cock and my man pussy. Dave would fuck me at least once a day. His lust for sex that had been building up for years, now he could indulge is desires.

When it came to picking guys Dave left that to me. He was always curious to know what it was about certain guys that made me horny. He would look at a guy then look at me," yeah you like him don’t you I can tell by your eyes," he said. I said the problem with me is I like having hot sex with straight guys. That’s why it’s hot having sex with you.

"So tell me which of these guys would you want to fuck with," he asked. "Man most, I told you I’m a whore, most look hot," I said. "Pick out three," he said. I picked out my top three guys. I could feel my cock stirring just looking at them. My legs were trembling just sitting there with a straight guy picking out guys I would love to fuck me. "Ok," he said. I looked at him quizzically, what was he planning I wondered.

A few days later Dave asked if I was doing anything that evening. "No," I said. "Good I plan on bringing a girl back tonight so four of us can fuck her. Join in if you want," he said. Fuck would I miss anything like that. It was early that evening when I heard voices on the other side of the door it was Dave the girl and some guys.

I recognised the girl straight the way. I would think every guy on campus had fucked her. Dave had got one of the guys I’d like to fuck with, turn up too. Dave stripped the girl (Dave had no inhibitions anymore) I could see his boner tenting in his pants. He stripped off, unrolled a condom onto his hard cock. Finger fucked her to get her fanny wet. He leaned into her and started the marathon fucking session. One by one we fucked her with condoms. Dave put a glass jar near and told them to throw their used condom in it.

Watching and listening to these guys fuck her and fill their condoms with cum juice made me smile. Pulling their cocks out and seeing the amount of sperm laden juice in the condom for future use. Dave saw me looking and smiled. Five guys onto one girl. If we all fucked her twice that would be ten helpings at least MMmmmmmm!

The guys were all hotties and fitiies. Smoothies and hairiness. Love for them all to fuck me. There was a smell of sweat and cum in the air. They had that tired sexually satisfied look in their eyes. The session went on for a few hours then one by one they drifted off. That left Dave, myself, and strangely the guy I had picked out that I liked.

"Ok, you two get friendly," said Dave. WHAT! Before I could do or say anything else the guy had wrapped his arms around me. His name was Sam. "I’ve been curious for awhile to know what it was like to be with a guy, when Dave said do you want to join in fucking a girl and then a guy, I jumped at it. When I knew the guy was you. I was even more so," he said. Dave apparently didn’t waste words or time. He explained to all three guys separately what was to take place. Sam was the only guy that was interested.

Sam was a similar build to myself. Light skin Hispanic. He knelt in front of me I was on my hands and knees sucking his delicious cock. Dave counted the used condoms. "13," he said. "Two guys only fucked her twice," I said. "Yeah us two, we kept some back for you," said Dave. He handed a used condom to Sam "Make him beg for it," laughed Dave. Sam teased me with it until he eventually told me to open my mouth. He emptied the contents of the condom down my throat. It was still warm, thick and salty. No idea who’s it could be, could be my own. Dave and Sam fed me some more. Dave scooped some up on his fingers and finger fucked me. Sam looked on and laughed.

Dave got my douche filled it with cum juice. Got Sam to stretch my man pussy open with his fingers. Dave squirted the mixed juices into my gut, for them to fuck me on. I had my own and four guys cum juice in my ass. "You want to fuck him first Sam," asked Dave. Sam had a massive hard. He had a beautiful thick long cock. Dave squirted some cum juice along the shaft of Sam’s cock out of the douche. "How do you want him to be for you to fuck?" asked Dave. "On his back, I want to see his face as I fuck him," said Sam.

I lay on my back, Sam lifted my legs up onto his shoulders. "I seen guys fuck like this on porno films," said Sam. His cock was dripping cum juice off the shaft on to my belly. Sam leaned into me I felt his cock pressing against my man pussy. One final thrust and most of his cock slipped in, making me take a deep breath. "You like that," he asked. As he pushed all the way to the base.

I could feel his cock stretching the inside of my gut, as he fucked me aggressively. It felt good to have him atop of me. I stroked his back down to his firm hairy butt. Sam had sexy hairy legs. He moaned out loud and his body contorted. I felt his cock throbbing as it shot loads of cum juice into my gut. He was panting and sweating. I watched him pull his cum dripping cock out of my man pussy. "Hold is legs up," said Dave.

Dave stood over me holding his hard cock. Sam held my legs, spreading them apart as Dave knelt down leaned into me and penetrated my pussy. While he was fucking me he said, "this is fucking hot, fucking a girl then a guy, tomorrow you can pick out some more guys. I’ll pick some girls." 

Sam gripped my ankles firmly and held my legs apart, while Dave rammed his cock all the way to the base into me, then pulled all the way out. For several long enjoyable moments he did that, it felt like exquisite torture. He pressed into me, he moaned out loudly, his body went into spasmodic shudders, I could feel the strong jets of cum juice squirting into my gut. Being held down by one guy and fucked by the other. Awesome! Just so fucking awesome.

I looked up between Sam’s hairy legs as he knelt over me. His delicious cock was hard and sticking up. Having control over me. Watching Dave thrust his cock in and out of me, then seeing Dave convulsing as he shot his load into me. Excited Sam and made his cock spring up and down.

Dave looked towards Sam and said, "I see your ready." "Yeah all this action is making me horny," he said. Dave pulled out; "he’s all yours." Sam got up and lay on his back on my bed. "Yeah come here bitch, you like if I name call you. Like they do on porno?" "Yeah I like dirty talk and name calling, big turn on" I said. " Ok you fucking bitch impale yourself on my cock so I can watch you self-fuck, I’ve seen guys do that on porno," said Sam.

I straddled Sam and lowered my ass onto his hard cock. Come on sissy boy, I want to feel my cock in you," said Sam. I stretched my hole open, as I did some of Dave’s and Sam’s  juices spilled out onto the head of Sam’s cock. "Fuck look at that Dave,  cum juices running down my cock, your pussy doesn’t need any lubricating does it bitch? Said Sam. I slid down slowly on Sam’s hard cock until I felt his pubic hairs rubbing my ass cheeks. "Fuck feels like my cocks in a warm wet females fanny," laughed Sam. He ran his hands down my chest and over my thighs. "You even feel like a girl, your skin is so soft," he said. Feeling him touch me made my whole body tremble.

He held me firmly with both his hands on my waist. I slowly moved my ass up and down on his cock. "Come on faster than that bitch," he said. I moved up and down faster, as I did he would force me down hard on his cock using his hands, arching his ass up at the same time and forcing his cock hard into my man pussy. Dave came and stood in front of me with his legs spread apart and straddling Sam. Dave snaked his hard cock down my throat. "Fuck what I’m seeing is blowing my mind," said Sam.

Both my throat and my man pussy were taking a pounding from two hard cocks. We were all sweating profusely. Sweat was dripping off Dave onto my chest. I was spitting up saliva as Dave deep throated me. Sam was moaning his body was shuddering. I could feel his cock throbbing as he shot his load. Warm cum juice splattered out my pussy onto Sam’s Pubes. After awhile he inhaled deeply and threw back his arms. "Man that was so fucking awesome." He looked on as Dave held my head firm, pressed my face firmly into his belly and shot his juice down my throat. I pulled away and took a deep breath. His cock squirted over my face and chest.

Eventually Sam had a shower, got dressed and left. Dave was soon asleep on his bed. I lay there feeling well and truly fucked. Fucked hard by two guys, filled with the juice cum of four guys plus my own. Covered in and smelling of cum juice. I lay there feeling the juices in my ass trying to squirt out. No way was I going to let that happen. I found my ass plug and plugged my hole. I had a delicious taste of cum in my mouth. I looked over to Dave who was fast asleep. Smiled and thought thanks buddy.

The following day we had a walk around looking at the girls and mainly for me the guys too. We met the two guys that had fucked the girl in the session the previous night, two straight jocks. They had no idea what had gone on when they left. I’d been fed there cum juices out of their used condoms, and had my ass filled with their sperm laden cum juices. Dave knew what I was thinking when I grinned at him.

It was a few days later when Sam came up with the idea of going to a gay nightclub. He was curious to see what one would be like. I was all for it. Dave took a little persuading; eventually he agreed to come along. I knew one in the next town that was good on a Friday night. We decided we would take a look. When we got there, there were two muscular security guys on the door. One of them put his hand up to Dave. "You know this is a gay club man?" He pointing at me, and said, "yeah that’s why I came with my boyfriend." I looked at the security guy; we exchanged a look of recognition. Wow I bet he gets to pick and fuck all the pretty boys he wants. Maybe I will come alone one day.

The place was packed, all ages, all types. Flashing lights and loud throbbing music. Fucking awesome atmosphere. Guys practically naked, flaunting their bodies. Lot of groping going on. Sweat was pouring off some of the guys. We did some group dancing. Fantastic freedom to be able to stare and touch, and loads of bulges to stroke.

It was then I caught sight of a guy I thought I knew. Our eyes met and instantly he came over. "Hey man nice to see you here, my names Ruben. I’m at the same uni as you," he said. "Yeah I know I’m Tom," I said. "You gay?" He asked. "I always say bi," I smiled. "And you?" I asked. "Same bi, always top," he said with a grin. He was a black student I’d seen on campus. He was a little taken aback when he saw I was with Dave and Sam. "You two gay too," he asked. "Curiosity, we came with Tom," said Sam. "You with anyone," I asked. "No," he said.

He wore tight fitting leather pants and a small open leather waistcoat. He was about 6’4"(1.93m) 240 lbs. (109kg) of solid muscle, tattooed well-developed arms. He had a light covering of hair on his chest. Later when we were dancing his waistcoat-flapped open and I could see his nipples were pierced. Dave could see I was interested in Ruben. "You like Ruben?" Asked Dave. "Fuck yeah, he’s a stud and you know I’m a whore." "You want we tell him about our sessions?" asked Dave. "Only if you want to," I said. "Ok I will check with Sam first," Sam was all for it.

Dave told Ruben about five of us fucking the girl, wearing condoms. Then when there were just the three of us left, him, Sam and me, they fed me the juices out the condoms then squirted the remainder up my ass. Then Sam and him had fucked me. Rubens looked on with his mouth open, and in amazement. His eyes staring at me then back at Dave. He looked at me and said, "You had all those guys cum down your throat and up your ass. You dirty bitch." When he said that it made my legs start to tremble

Rubens told us that he came to the gay club when he was in the mood and need to feed and breed a white boy. I know when the white boy takes a ride with me that I’m going to get what I want, and he knows that he will get what he wants. I know white boy likes big black cock and caramel juice. I find one I like, then I take him for a ride somewhere nice and quite and isolated, so no one can hear him should he scream out. Some like it gentle and some like it as if it’s rape. They soon make me know which way they want it.

I asked Ruben if he had found a guy. "Yes, I have found what I want," he said. I felt a little disappointed when he said that. He looked at me and smiled, then swung his arms around me and pulled me into him, taking hold of my hand he rubbed my hand over his bulge. "That’s for you if you want it," he said. He had a big rock hard cock in his leather pants. Dave and Sam were standing watching and listening. "Fuck be great to watch you fuck him with your big black cock," said Sam.

It was decided that I would ride with Ruben. Dave and Sam would follow in Sam’s car. We would end up at the place where he takes his prey to fuck. It was a fantastic feeling to think that Ruben was taking me out into the wilds to fuck me like a dog on a bitch. As we drove along I stroked his arms and hairy chest, my cock was rock hard and straining to get out my pants. Rubens told me to unzip his zipper and take his cock out and play with it. I had not seen his cock yet. My hands were trembling as I unzip his zipper. Fuck he was commando. It was a full moon that night, with the light from the moon and headlights of the cars coming in the opposite direction, I only got flashes of his open pants. It looked like he had a big black snake trapped in his pants. The thickness of it and the length made it difficult for me to pull it free. When I succeeded it sprang up and hit the side of my face. On coming lights of a car lit it up. The size of it made my eyes water.

Eventually we turned off onto a dirt track. We traveled some distance then Rubens stopped the car. He told me to get out. "Strip, and get down on your hands and knees bitch," he said. He told Sam and Dave to strip. Rubens stripped off his leathers. "Let’s do this skin," he said. The full moon gave a good light. Ruben had an enormous cock. "Fuck man that’s going to stretch his ass," said Sam. "I need you boy’s to fuck him first so he is well lubricated," said Ruben. I was shuddering and shaking even my jaw was trembling looking up at these guys. "I’ve never seen a white guy fuck a white guy for real," said Ruben.

Rubens knelt down in front of me and made me suck his cock while Dave and Sam fucked my ass. Stroked my back and arms with both his hands. After they fucked me Rubens finger fucked me." I like seeing there juice dripping from your ass. Fuck him again white boys," said Rubens. He stood over them while they fucked me. "Never had three white boys here same time," he said. He scared Sam when he stroked his butt as Sam fucked me. "Nice ass boy let me know if your curious enough to know what I big black cock feels like in your white ass." Rubens said to Sam.

After they fucked me a second time, Ruben got behind me and straddled my ass. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, he leaned into me. I could feel the head of his cock pressing and stretching my man pussy, It slipped in on Dave and Sam’s juices. I gave out a loud scream as he slowly penetrated me deep with his big black cock. I spread my legs further apart to absorb more black cock. Dave and Sam stood watching Rubens black cock disappearing up my Lilly white ass.

Rubens had his hands on my shoulders and fucked me deep and slow. I could feel the whole length of his cock sliding up and down inside me as I arched my back. We were both moaning and breathing heavily. I could tell by how he was holding me firmly, and the way his body was shuddering that he was about to shoot his load. His cock felt as if it swelled more as his juices traveled along his tubes, squirting his load into me. He knelt over me with his cock still in me. I tensed the muscles in my ass and squeezed the last drops of juice out of his cock. "That feels nice," he said. I thought, could I wish for more. YES!!!! 

I went to pull away as I felt his cock shrinking inside me. He held me firmly and said, "Hold still bitch I not finished wid you yet, I got more breeding to do."  Yeah he did have, he fucked me agen. When he felt like fucking he would take me for a ride out in the desert when he had no other white boy to fuck. 



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