I am and older, single, retired gentleman. Yes, I am gay, but I know why. I do not need any so called experts analyzing me. I like the feeling of the taboo moments. The excitement that at anytime you may be caught and ridiculed. I love the thrill of another mans excitement as we explore. Let me explain. My first sexual encounter, was with my younger nephew. We explored each others bodys thoroughly over several years. We did many sleepovers and always slept together. He made the first move. I caught him playing with me while I was asleep. From there we discovered everything about male to male sex. My greatest night ever occured after several years of mutual love making. My nephew said he had a surprise for me when I arrived for one of our sleepovers. We were by then fully developed physically. After the parents left. He got up, went down the hall towards the bedrooms and made me promise to stay in the living room. I promised and puzzled over his behavior. As he left the room, he lit a candle and turned off all the lights. I already had a massive hard on anticipating our sleepover. I just sat, my swollen dick throbbing, wondering what was going to happen. He stayed back in the bedrooms for what seemed like and eternity. I stared down the hall in anticipation. Finally, I saw the bedroom light under the bedroom door go off. I heard the door open and saw a figure coming down the hall. At first, in the low light, I jumped. There stood, what appeared to be, this gorgeous young lady in garter, hose, panties, high heels, bra, with curly blond hair. It took me a few seconds to realize, it was my nephew. All I could say was,'Wow.' He asked me if I liked how he was dressed. Indeed, I was very turned on. I said,'hold on, one thing should be changed.' I walked over to him and removed the panties. I told him,'please do not hide that magnigicent dick.' He had shave every hair off of his body. His legs were magnificent. Smooth, silky, and perfectly shaped. I am a leg man and nothing turns me on like a great pair of legs. I took his hand and led him to the couch. We started kissing passionately. Of course, our hands started wandering and I bega n fondling his genitals very gently, cupping his balls in my hand, ever so gently squeezing them. Then I would move up and stroke his very large dick, gently squeezing it also. I had never seen him so excited. The clothing seemed to have changed his nature. He was usually aggressive as a lover. But now, he seemed almost helpless and very feminine. He had surrendered himself to me and was acting like a girl allowing me to make all the moves. This was very exciting. I started fingering his man pussy and he hunched against each probe. I slowly moved down his torso kissing and caressing all the way. I intentionally bypassed he genitals. I moved dow to those legs kissing the soft flesh of his upper thighs. This got him moaning. He was oozing tons of precum at this point. I gently unsnapped each hose from the garter and slid them off. His legs, as I said before, were shaved and creamy smooth. I got between his legs and place each one on top of my shoulders. I then started kissing and licking up and down each leg. I loved his legs. I did this for quite awhile. I again started playing with his dick and balls. He was in heaven. He was actually squeeling like a girl at my every touch. I just kept touching him and kissing him in different ways to bring on more squeels and moans. I slowly worked my way up to his thighs and started kissing all around his dick and balls. Intentionally avoiding them. Then on one of the up swings, I took his now covered in pre cum dick in my mouth. He literally screamed with joy. I slid him in and out very slowly. I told him he was gorgeous and I never wanted to stop making love to him. He pulled my face up to his and layed back and pulled my on top of him. He was kissing my very passionately. We began hunching against each others dicks, it felt wonderful. He then said,' I want you to fuck me, hard, harder than you ever have.' We did not need any lube, both of us were covered with pre cum. I just ran my dick up and down his slit a couple of times and I slid right in. I pushed his legs up over my shoulders and got to work. I came in just a few seconds. He had this concerned look on his face, like it was over. I said' it ain't over yet babe.' I just layed there inside him. We started kissing and slowly began hunching. I went soft for a little while, but my dick came roaring back. All I had to do was caress his legs and in no time I was at it again. I fucked the shit out of him. I turned him around and got him on all fours. I kept fuckng that sweet hole and I reached between his legs and started stroking his big dick. He expolded with cum and a few minutes later I came again. Wow!!!! What a night. That is why I prefer feminine men. You know when he cums. There are no fake orgasms only sperm fountains. We were great together. Wish I could find someone that exciting again. Hope you enjoy this story. It is a true story by the way.



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