As Greg said goodbye to his parents for the weekend, he thought to himself that they'd never know about the party he was going to throw. They drove off and he ran into the house to get te ball rolling.

Meanwhile across the street Mr. H, greg's 45 year old bachelor neighbor watched his parents pull away with equal excitement. He thought to himself how he'd stay home tonight and gather the evidence of the party to be the key to his plan.....he'd been watching greg for awhile. Watching the way the water glistened off his perfectly sculpted thighs, watching the way his speedo clung to his trim, tight bottom, and tonight was his chance.

As the party wound down Greg stumbled to his room, his young girlfriend in tow, ' at least there were no cops' he thought.

As the party wound down, Mr. H shut off the las of the video cameras. He had captured young Greg in all sorts of mischief. 'I have him now' he thought

The next day mr. H approached Greg as he was cleaning up. 'I'm going to cut right to the chase Greg.' I have your entire party on tape and unless we make a deal right now, I'm going to tell your parents and you can forget about that college swim team'

'please don't tell them mr.H...what do you want me to do?'

'go to my house right now' mr. H said, he could barely restrain himself.

Greg walked into the dark house and so a pair of bikini briefs, and a pair of hand cuffs.

'I don't trust you Greg so I need you to be in cuffs when you're in my house'

'ok' Greg said nervously....' I'm sorry about the party mr. H'

'too late for that boy' he said as he Secured Greg's firm 18 year old arms behind H was surprised how smooth his skin was..

' you either take my punishment or i tell your parents'

' I guess I'll take your punishment mr.'H'he said, more than a little nervous and curious.

'you will call me sir from now on boy'

' yes sir', Greg said with a new found sense of respect for mr. H'

The older man, realizing he had his prize almost ready to take, picked greg up and layed him across the arm of the sofa. His face on the couch his bottom up in the air.

'I don't allow these shorts you're wearing in my house. You will wear these' he picked up the bikini briefs and put them in his teeth as he began to violently undo Greg's belt and yank his shorts he could see now Greg had on some tighty whites that barely covered up his butt cheeks.....the old man admired the young bottom briefly and then pulled his undies down to his ankles. Greg was confused but stayed quiet out of fear that this neighbor would blackmail him.

Mr. H examined greg's naked butt very closely. He'd seen it many times while watching him change but never up was as round and firm and tight as he H slid the bikini briefs up gregs legs and smiled at the fact that they were way to tight. Greg let out a little whimper as mr. H finished putting the bikinis on Greg.

'what are you going to do with me sir?' Greg asked as the backside of the bikinis rode way up his butt. 'I'm going to train you properly

Greg,so that you do what you're told and realize what a young man's role is'

'what is a young man's job sir?'

As he looked at this young, tight, blonde, swim champion bent over with a pair of tiny panties riding up his ass and his hands in

cuffs. He thought about how long he'd been

waiting for this boy, making fake

Conversation with his parents just dying for a chance to feel his warm body restrained and helpless underneath him ' a young man's job is supposed to please an older, stronger man, so that the young man

can learn his place'....he ran his arms up greg's bottom and down his legs.

'so I have to please you, and you won't tell

my parents?'

'yes , everyday until you leave for college.

' that's not fair' Greg said, and before it left his mouth the 45 year old brought his right hand down square on the 18 yr old's right butt cheek.....he let out a moan, which led

mr h. To cover the boy's mouth. He pulled him from the couch and walked him to a chair. Mr h sat down and layed Greg across his lap...he

covered greg's mouth and gave the hardest spankings he could manage.

To gregs credit he took them like a champ. Despite the red hand prints on his round H on the other hand had worked himself into a frenzy and decided to rip greg's panties off then immediately shoved his tongue as far as he could directly up greg's young round butt hole. Greg let out a yelp that soon gave way to heavy breathing and moaning. Mr. H., meanwhile, had two full hands of 18 year old swim team ass cheeks and he was not being gentle. As Greg tossed and turned and moaned and slid, mr. H slowly moved one of his hands from greg's bottom around to his shaven, smooth cock. It was completely hair free and suprisingly stiff.

Mr. H fondled and pulled and rubbed and licked greg's whole body all the while forgetting Greg was

Still in cuffs. Greg moaned and groaned and eventually his body seizes up he let out a yell and H was kind enough to clean Greg up and put clothes back on him before he sent him home....but on the way out mr. H made sure to give greg's bottom an extra hard squeeze and remind him about their appointment the next day. Greg was still too loopy from cumming so hard to respond....after he locked the door, mr. H laid an outfit out for tomorrow.....not for work....but a bright speedo that he was already dying to pull off of greg's bubblebutt..



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