The last two weeks before I entered in my inevitable servitude went quickly. The house was up for sale and my Master’s solicitors were handling it all leaving me free to enter servitude with my Master. Slight touch of irony with that set up. My lunch time visits to service my Master at his place of work were highlights of my day. I ran to service him and I walked back to work glorying in his satiated pleasure. Now my last day at work ended and I went to an empty home to get out of my work clothes and get ready to go to my Master’s place of residence. He had declared he had a surprise for me and was looking forward to using me hard this weekend. I left my house and travelled to my Master heart in mouth excitement and trepidation running cartwheels in my stomach. I walked up to the door and saw it was ajar. I walked in and closed the door behind me. I put my bag down, stripped and knelt down as a sign of humbleness. The door down the hall creaked open and I heard the booted steps of my Master approach me. HIs boots stopped under my mouth and I kissed each one and waited for my commands.

“Welcome ‘meat’ now we can really begin this journey together. Assume second position and accept my first gift.”

Once I was in position he went behind me and fitted a collar round my neck and padlocked it in place.

“Now let’s walk down to the cellar where I can show you my next surprise.”
We went down and I saw he had got a bunk into the cage for me to sleep on and above the cage were two hangers with items of clothing on. One was a maid’s outfit and one looked very raunchy like a whore might wear. I wondered what he had in mind for me now.

“You have lost a lot of weight and the exercise has trimmed you up nicely saw that last weekend I got your sizes and this idea came to me. I told you I wanted you for myself but occasionally friends might visit and you would entertain them as well. There is also a club I go to. The idea is this when my friend’s visit you will wear the maid outfit and when we go to the club you will wear the whore’s outfit, there is cheap strong smelling perfume to go with both and you will be done up with wig and make up as well. At the club you will service whoever pays me the most money for whatever they want to use you for. I will be present though at all times to watch you perform and if you do not please I will punish you severely when we get home. The rules have changed now you are here and you will stay silent at all times.”

With that he fitted a gag to keep me quiet. Again he told me in this way that meant no argument and even though it was not what I thought would happen he had decided on something different and I had no choice in the matter. Yet I thrilled at the idea.

“Now go and shower and get cleaned up and remove any excess hair. You have an hour to get ready. Oh and get dressed up I have a few friends coming over to see my new piece of meat, I will apply the perfume once you are dressed. It’s a pity I haven’t time to fuck you right now but my hunger is not as great since the lunch time blowjobs. Oh hell they can wait.”

He led me to the chair bent me over it and undid his fly and shoved it hard into my arse. He fucked me hard fast and very deep.

One hour later I was washed cleaned of hair and dressed up like a maid and the perfume was very heady. No knickers and available for all. It was obvious I was no woman but it was a very revealing and suggestive outfit with its intentions for wearing it quite clear. The high heels were hard to walk in but I managed. The doorbell rang and he looked at me with a grim smile.

“Now these are my friends but they have paid for the privilege to use you tonight. They will use your mouth and arse. They have been cleared to use you without protection. Now go and let them in. They are all big men and you will see what I mean when they come down here.”

I went upstairs and opened the door the men came in. My heart pounded and fear rose in my throat as they kept coming in. Hell there was twenty of them and I was on their menu for tonight. I suddenly remembered saying something in an email about a gang bang but I didn’t think it would happen. I almost wanted to run out the door but the last man turned round and closed it for me and gave me a cruel wink.

“You better hustle on down those stairs we are all impatient to get started.”

He wasn’t kidding they were all stripping off in the living room and they were all standing proud. I didn’t see one average sized dick amongst them. I had my work cut out for me tonight. I went down stairs and as I went into the door I was seized by two men and rushed over to the punishment bench and strapped down to prevent movement. One man approached my head and grabbed it. I had to open my mouth and let him in. I needed to avoid punishment at all costs. Then I felt someone at my arse and shoving hard. He was lubricated and slid in easily. They started pumping away at my holes and all I could do was breathe and endure. It became a blur and my arse was aching my jaw ached with the constant state of being wide open. I lost count as by the time they had all used one of my holes once, the earlier men were ready for another go again. Gradually I sensed they grew tired of using me and they must have drifted away. Eventually the pounding stopped and I lay on the bench used and abused. I was spent. Then something was inserted into my arsehole and water was pumped into it. Master was giving me a massive enema. The straps were released but I still lay still. The tube was removed and Master waited.  The enema worked and I rushed to the toilet and gave a sigh as it all came out in a rush down the toilet. I hadn’t been gagged since the gang bang but i was completely drained and I suppose shagged out.

“Well how was your first gangbang? It looks as if you have been drained. Better get tougher as that was very productive to me and I want you ready for use upstairs in five minutes. That was a mild gang bang to get you in the way of things. 20 men that’s nothing my club has over hundred that would be interested in you, not all big men but they would pay me well for the privilege.  So get stripped off, wash and freshen up and come upstairs. I will be waiting for you.”

With that he left and I struggled to get my wits about me and get ready for use. This was a hard lesson for my first night of servitude. I hadn’t expected to be my Master’s whore and rented out like this. On the way upstairs I saw a clock it was three in the morning. I had been gangbanged for over four hours. Now I was to service my Master. I got into the room and he grabbed me and pushed me over to the rimming chair.

“Lie down and get in position to rim me.”

I did as I was told. He had the chair ready and once I was fixed into position he sat down and wriggled into position onto my mouth. I started to rim him.

“I was going to get you to do an IBS session but a friend of mine said that it is a harmful activity especially if done too often. So you are getting off lightly with a rimming task. Pity I quite enjoy humiliating you in that way. I suppose it will have to just me that does it to you on occasions. You are not being freed of the job completely.”

All this time I had been tonguing and probing his arse. The bland matter of fact discussion of my performing such degrading acts while I rimmed him was quite esoteric and summed up my new lifestyle. After some time he stood up with me mid lick and turned around and released me from my position.

“Now bend over this chair and open up for me.”

I did and reached back and pulled my cheeks apart and waited for the inevitable fuck. He had lubricated himself this time which was a relief. The entry was still forceful and deeply penetrating. Then he stood behind me and proceeded to ride me hard and fast even though he exploded in me I got the feeling he didn’t get the same satisfaction as he usually did.

“Get down stairs and go to your cage I won’t lock it tonight. Now go!”

This wasn’t the first night I had expected or hoped for. Now I wondered if Master was regretting something maybe even taking me in. I went downstairs and crawled into my cage and onto the bunk. Sleep came quickly it had been quite a night. I felt as if I had hardly gone to sleep when the cellar door opened and Master came in.

“Out now and get over by the pulleys.”

I did and he fixed me to the pulleys in figure X position. He gagged me and went over to the whips and picked the Bullwhip.

“ I need to break your free will so far I have done things that matched your email expectations and until last night I enjoyed doing it. Now though I am going to break you and make you mine. I need to punish you for trying to control me and it is going to be severe.”

The whip cracked as he flexed the whip then it struck with blow and excruciating pain. It was too mind numbing and I lost count and passed out held up by the chains. Cold water was thrown over me which woke me up. He held me in his arms and dragged me onto the punishment bench lying on my stomach. He wriggled his prick into my crack and eased it into my hole then very slowly he slid it in and out for the full length of his prick. He was still standing as he did this as I was just at the right height for all this. He rode slowly and almost gently until he finally climaxed inside of me.

“You have a few welts on your back that need tending and might leave a few scars but they will heal and it will remind you never to expect what you asked for and only expect to satisfy me how and when I want to use you. How that will be will be entirely based on what I enjoy doing to you. Now I am going to birch you just for the hell of it and get you ready for a real hard fucking.”

 He then got up to get the birch as he turned round he swung the birch through the air and I heard it swish.

“Oh by the way welcome to my house you piece of ‘meat’ now you really are mine and I am going to use you well and truly.”

The first blow landed on my arse with a painful explosion. The first of many that day.




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