I was over at Ed’s one Saturday night and he had severalfriends over for a party.  Though we wereall just under 21, we proceeded to get drunk and Ed and I put on a show forthose in attendance.  He was blindfoldedwith his hands restrained behind his back. As he lay on the carpet, I started to run my hands along the length ofhis legs and torso.  His cock respondedby standing at attention waiting and reacting to my every move.  I didn’t keep the audience waiting long as Isucked his beautiful uncut shaft until he let loose a massive load down mythroat.  The horny details of this nightare yet to come.

At the urging of the spectators, I rolled him over, spreadhis legs and grabbed some lubricant. Someone handed me a starter vibrator and I penetrated his ass with it toloosen him up.  I followed that bysliding my own manhood into his man-pussy and the crowd cheered as I took himdown with a shuddering orgasm.  I camebuckets as I shouted, “God, you have a tight ass.  I love filling you while everyone watches us getoff.  You are such a needy femboy whenI’ve got my cock in your ass.  All youwant is to be filled with my seed.”  Thegrimacing smile and grunts deep in his throat as I came in his ass showed the peoplein the room everything I just said was true.

This was far from the first time Ed and I had put on thiskind of show for his friends.  I wasalways the top having never wanted to be a bottom.  I also wanted to get cleaned up afterward, soI headed off to the bathroom for a quick shower.  I found I needed to get rid of some beers anddinner, so I used the commode as the water warmed up in the shower next tome.  I stepped into a rush of steamingwater and got myself wet all over.  Itook the opportunity to clean my ass having just gone.  I then heard the shower door open.  I had my eyes shut from the water, but Iguessed it was Ed joining me.  It wasn’t.

A deep, rich voice I didn’t know said, “Fuck!  You turned me on out there.  You are one sexy twink and I’m going to takeyou right here in the shower.”  I felthis erect manhood rub against me as he reached around and grabbed my buttcheeks.  I said aloud that I’d gladlysuck him off, but I was a top, not a bottom. He said, “All that changes right now!”

With that, he roughly turned me around and I grabbed thewall as the water poured onto my face.  Ifelt a slippery hand greasing up my backside just before I felt the head of thisman‘s penis searching for the bulls eye of my ass.  I tried to get away, but because I wasleaning so far forward, I couldn’t move without falling to the ground andprobably hurting myself.  I resignedmyself to the fact that this man was going to fuck me.  As he started to slip his cock inside of me,I realized that my having just used that portal was making the experience a lotless painful than I had imagined.  Whilethis stud was not to be denied, he was surprisingly gentle enough.  I savored the feeling of his steely erectionimpaling me where no one had gone before. I imagined what the scene must have looked like from overhead as thisstallion’s cock started to slide in and out of my newly discovered man-pussy,officially making me his bitch.  I founda feminine desire inside of me that I hadn’t known existed.  I began to understand what Ed enjoyed aboutbeing a bottom.  Bringing great pleasureto this man by breeding his cock inside my ass was satisfying a need I didn’tknow was there.

I was truly helpless to stop this man from having his waywith me, but now I was encouraging him making whimpering noises that reflectedhow sexy it felt to have him take me. With each stroke of that gorgeous shaft going balls-deep, I became more feminized.  I felt sexy as hell satisfying his needs as awoman would instead of with my mouth.  Irelished the feeling of him desperately clutching my hips as his pelvisrepeatedly smashed up against my butt cheeks. I could feel his massive balls swinging underneath and slapping againstmy crotch with every forceful stroke. God, I had never felt this sexy before. I felt his movements become frantic signaling that the moment hadarrived.  He screamed,“You…sexy…bitch…boy…feel what you do to me. You like having my big cock inside you. Well here it comes.  You get itall.  Every bit of me is making you whatyou really are.  My prissy, sexy boybitch!”

And with that he let loose a stream of cum in my ass that Isoon felt bubbling out as it slid down the inside of my legs.  I desperately grabbed my own cock and struggledto maintain my balance against the shower wall. I stroked myself sharing in the man’s moment of pleasure shooting my ownload against the tile.

As his movements slowed, I began to take in all that had justhappened.  I had been fucked by thisstud…and I liked it.  I had alwaysthought of myself as a top but this man had feminized me with one very convincingbitch session.  I now knew that I preferredto be dominated.  I felt like his cock hadpounded my masculinity into submission. I had enjoyed every stroke of his shaft penetrating my innersanctum.  I wanted to be his “bitch boy”and I was already hoping he’d fuck me again.

I started to feel shame as I wondered if I was nothing morethan this man’s cum bucket, but a part of me didn’t care.  If I liked being fucked by real men, and theyliked me, then whatever society thought didn’t matter.  I started wondering if anything else hadchanged in me after discovering this new need.

I knew this could be a dramatic lifestyle change.  I wondered how I would look in lingerie andmake up.  The moment I began to envisionthat, my cock reacted and I shuddered with both pleasure and shame I realized Iwas a prissy fag in the making.  I couldalready see myself riding other men as a sexy woman in a short skirt lettingtheir cocks impale me like the fucking cum whore I am.  God help me, I love cock!


Somewhat Straight


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