It was one hell of an evening last night. I got picked up by a hot marine, who was in his uniform. I had prepared myself earlier. I had on my tight Tank Top, with my hard nipples showing. My button fly 501 Blue Jeans, Cowboy boots and Cowboy hat.

I had reached the gay village and began to stroll up and down the street. For at least half an hour I didn't see anyone that I really wanted to pick up. There were a lot of hot guys standing around cruising and some just walking. But I had something special in mind. They were all in regular clothes; I was looking for someone in a uniform, Cowboy gear, Fireman, Cop, even Leather. But so far there was no one to be seen. Then as I rounded a bend in the street, there just in front of me was this Hot Marine in a uniform, I saw some bars on his shoulder and realized that he was also a Sargent. Bonus. Anyways, I looked him up and down admiring his body and paused at his crotch, shit he had a big bulge. He must be hung like a horse. Then I brought my gaze to his gorgeous deep blue eyes. He was also checking me out. Then he looked me straight in the eyes and raising his hand gestured for me to turn around for him.

I obeyed and immediately started to turn, when I had my butt facing towards him I paused so he could examine it, pushing it out for better effect. Then I finished my turn and looked deep into his eyes. He was nodding approval and licking his lips.

I approached him and stuck out my hand to shake his. He reached out to me and clasped my hand in a firm masculine grip and shook it warmly. I stuttered in a shaky voice, "Pleased to meet you. My name is Dex, Dex Wolverine. But you can call me Wolverine." He replied, "Duke, Sargent Duke Ramon. But you can call me Sarge! Pleased to meet you as well. How would you like to come back to my place for a beer or a drink?" Whole hardily I answered in a much more calm voice than before. "I would be happy to oblige, such a hot stud as you." He dropped his hand and reached out and slapped my butt saying, "You got one hell of a nice butt there man. By the way that you displayed it to me; I know that you want me to use it." "You got that right, Sarge Sir. And I think you just might be the one to do it." We both laughed and he gave my ass another affectionate slap.

He told me he didn't live far from here just about a block away. So side by side we walked to his apartment. It only took five minutes and during that time we just idly chatted. We got to his building and he unlocked it with a pass card and led me to the elevator. Pushed the up button and we waited for the next lift to come. The doors opened and we stepped in. Then he pressed his pass card against the keypad for the penthouse floor button. Wow impressive, I thought. He must have some apartment. The doors to the elevator closed and he turned to me put his arms around me and pulled me into his embrace. He then leaned forward and planted such a hot kiss on me. He parted my lips with his tongue and pushed it into my mouth. God was I turned on.

He dropped his hand to my butt and slapped it again, not too hard, just the right strength. We continued to tongue wrestle all the way to the penthouse floor.

The doors opened. We were in his apartment; apparently he had the whole floor to himself. Wow, this guy must be well off. I thought to myself. He ushered me in and led me to the living room. Took me over to the couch and pushed me gently down into it. Then he asked me what my pleasure was to drink. I said, "Well Sarge, I have a hankering for a good strong Vodka and ginger ale." He nodded his head and went over to the bar. Took down a couple of glasses and proceeded to pour some Vodka into both of them, he must have put at least three shots into each one. Added some ice and topped it off with Ginger ale. He turned around and sauntered back over to me with a hot manly stride. He handed me one and stated in that deep sexy baritone voice of his, "Here you go Wolverine. Cheers." He then clinked his glass to mine and took a big swig of his drink. I matched him. Then he sat beside, reached into the drawer in the End table beside us. He pulled out a little box and opened it. It had some marijuana joints in it. He took out a fat one and asked if I liked to indulge. I nodded my head. He sparked it up and took a big drag off of it then handed it to me. I took a big drag as well. Held it in for a minute then exhaled out. Man this was good stuff. We finished off the joint and my head was getting high. Finished our drinks and then Sarge said to me in his masculine voice, "How's about we go into my bedroom and get down to business?" He stood up and reached down to my hand and pulled me up off the couch into his embrace. Then with his arm around me he led me to his bedroom.

We went through the door and it was grand. There was a big king size bed, A dresser against the wall with a big screen TV on top of it. And a few pictures of hot men posing tacked up on the wall. I looked all around the room admiring it. Glancing up I noticed four rings in the ceiling. I looked back at him quizzically. He laughed and said, "That's for the sling that I have in the closet." He nodded over to the wall to wall mirrored closet. "We will be using it tonight, my recruit." He then told me to strip. I quickly did so. Then he went to the closet and opened it up. Reached in and took out one of his spare uniforms. It didn't have the bars on its shoulders so it must have been from when he was a private. He tossed it to me and ordered me to put it on. I gasped out loud; wow this stud was going to give me one hell of a fantasy.

I slowly pulled on the marine pants and they fit me perfectly. Showing my physical attributes, my cock and my ass. I noticed that they had a fly in the back of them. Interesting I thought. Put on the white dress shirt and pulled on the privates jacket. Put on the marine cap. I could see my reflection in the mirror behind him. Damn I looked hot, I was turning myself on. I had never been in a uniform before. Sarge looked at me and then in a husky authoritative voice, drawled out, "Damn, you sure look fine in that Uniform Wolverine, but for the rest of the night you will be called Private. Do you understand PRIVATE???" "YES SIR SARGE SIR." I answered back in an obedient voice.

"Now private, you will obey me explicitly? I am in charge, you are my private apprentice. Do you understand PRIVATE????" He ordered me. Again I spoke out loudly, "YES SIR, SARGE SIR." I stood at attention. Then he said, "At ease private. We are ready to start your training."

Wow, I was thinking, this is really hot; it was almost like one of the fantasies that I write. I would have to document this when I get home. I want to remember every detail.

He turned back and reached into the closet again, got out the sling and attached it to the rings in the ceiling. Then he strode over to me and looked down into my eyes. He was about 2 inches taller than me. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle of poppers, handed them to me and I opened them and took a few big sniffs. He penetrated me with his eyes and then ordered me in his hot authoritative voice, "Drop and give me 20 private."

I immediately dropped to the floor and started to do push ups. He leaned down and grabbed my coat by the back and pulled me up to my knees. Then said, "I meant thrusts on my cock, PRIVATE. Open my fly pull out my rod and worship it." I reached up my hands and undid his fly, pulled out his man meat and balls. He was hung like a horse. It was still soft but it hung 8 inches soft. I looked up into his eyes and then I leaned forward and engulfed his rod. The poppers were making my head spin as I worshipped his cock. He put his hands behind my head and started to thrust and pump my mouth and throat. In a loud masculine voice he bellowed, "One, Two, Three, four, five right up to twenty." As he counted he pulled me down on his cock, slamming his balls against my chin with each thrust. At 20 he pulled me off his cock and made me stand up before him. His cock had hardened to its full length of 10 inches and at least two inches thick. "Good, you know how to please a Sargent. Now into the sling with you. I am going to see how good your ass is!!" he grabbed me by the lapel and led me to the sling.

He helped me climb into it and placed my feet into the stirrups half way up the chains. Then he gave my butt a slap and undid the zipper on the back of the pants. Humm, I thought, so that was what that was for. I could keep on the uniform and he could still fuck my ass. He also undid my fly and pulled out my cock and balls.

There was a drawer in the dresser, he opened and I glanced over. There were a number of things in it. Various Dildos, Lubricant and more poppers. He also pulled out a pair of tit clamps. He reached forward and undid my coat and shirt exposing my hard nipples and chest. Then he put the tit clamps onto my tits. Damn that felt good my cock was springing to its hard length of 8 ½ inches. He told me to sniff some more poppers. While I did that he grabbed the lubricant from the drawer and smeared some on his fingers. Then he placed them against me eager hole. First inserted one and twirled it around, then two and as I loosened up three and four. He inserted them about two inches into my ass and started to twirl them and spread them, opening up my ass. I was groaning in pure pleasure. He continued to work my ass and then with the other hand reached into the drawer again and took out a good sized dildo. He showed it to me and I cried out, "YES SIR SARGE SIR. Fuck me with that dildo."

He pulled out his fingers and used the lube on them to moisten the dildo and then placed it against my open hole. He started to insert it and it slid smoothly in, He was amazed at how easy that I took it. As he pushed it in deeper he slapped my ass with his other hand. When it was all the way in. he started to twist it about, bringing me pure pleasure. I was moaning and groaning, as he worked me. He fucked me with the dildo for a good 20 minutes, making my hole open up.

Then he pulled out the tool and looking me deep into my eyes, placed the head of his now very hard and big cock against my entrance.

"Tell Sarge what you want private. Tell him how much you want him to possess you." He ordered me.

"Please Sarge; please fuck your private's ass. Take it and make it yours." I pleaded

I took another couple of sniffs of poppers and with one mighty thrust he was all the way to the hilt, deep inside my ass. It hurt a bit at first because he was so long and thick. But the pain eased and pleasure set in. He started to pound me, Ram Ram Ram. Over and over again. All the while he was looking deep into my eyes with his sexy dark blue ones. It was like he was penetrating my brain. I was in total ecstasy.

He pulled all the way out and then rammed back in. He kept it up for almost an hour. Continuously using my butt to the fullest. My ass clenched around his pole and massaged it as he thrust into me. Then He started to moan out loud and growled out in that hot voice of his, "Yowsa, I am gonna cum!!!" he increased the speed of his thrusts and with one final plunge blew his man load into my depths.

He shuttered as he orgasimed. I felt my load shooting too and it gushed out.

He collapsed onto me panting and sweating like crazy.

After a while he pushed himself up and smiling at me said compassionately, "Damn you have one fine hot ass. What do you say you come over every Friday night and we can do it again?" Then with a smirk on his face he continued and said, "That Ok with you, PRIVATE??"

I laughed out loud and replied, YES SIR, YES SIR SARGE SIR."

He helped me out of the sling kissed me and slapped my ass again. Then he told me to take off the uniform and put my clothes back on. We were done and it was time for me to go home. He walked me to the elevator and pulled me in for one last kiss and hug. Then he handed me his a piece of paper with his phone number on it. Then he said lovingly, "Wolverine, you call me anytime to chat. And I will see you next Friday night. Maybe we can do dinner and then have sexual desert after." He gave me one final kiss and a pat on the butt. I entered the elevator pushed the ground floor button as the doors closed he blew me a kiss.

Well that was my night last night and I think that I have a new fuck buddy. Not only is he hot and hung, but he is a great fucker. My ass is still feeling good today. I can hardly wait until next Friday. But I may surprise him and show up in the Cop uniform that I got at a costume store. I wonder if he has ever fucked a Cop before. LOL.

This almost sounds like one of my fantasy stories; it's hard to believe that it really happened and that it will continue.

The End for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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