I arrived home after work after being horny all day. The wife was out of town so I ran to the bedroom, stripped my clothes off and put on my black corset with garter, black thigh highs and red crotchless thongs. I didn't have a chastity device so I improvised using some orange string I had and wrapped it around my ball sack then separated my balls with string and finally my cock in a way that I wouldn't be able to get hard so I wouldn't play with myself until I was ready. I grabbed my 8 inch realistic dildo with balls, the large pink anal plug from my stash and some lube then headed to my computer to for some play time.

Opening my secure folder with all my porn, I went straight for the tranny/cd folder. Highlighting all the crossdressing porn I had and pressing play. I quickly found myself in a trance watching a very sexy cd being face fucked by a dirty old man. Wanting to take my time I lubed my anal plug and slid it in my ass to the base. After I was plugged, I opened a browser and logged into my favorite chat site looking for some phone sex.

Nearly an hour later and I got nothing but some flakes who didn't want to phone but I was still watching my porn while playing with the plug I inserted. Although this wasn't really enough, I needed a real cock. I jumped on Craigslist and the other adult sex sites I had accounts on trying to find someone. Still no luck I decided to pull the plug and ride my big friend.

No sooner than I was about to remove the plug someone knocked on the door. I put some pants, a t-shirt on and muted the porn that was playing then answered the door. My neighbor, Mike had come over to borrow my car jack and stands. Mike was a 57 year old widow who had lived in the neighborhood for some time and was working on an old car he just purchased.

I invited him in not thinking about the dildo I had on the table in the living room and headed into the garage. Hoping he didn't notice I opened the door to the garage but as I bent over to grab the car jack the plug was making its way out.

"What's this" Mike said as he put his hand on the end and pushed.

I felt mortified, I had been with men before but this is my neighbor and he just pushed the plug back in me. I stood up real quick and covered my ass with my hands.

"Um, that's nothing Mike, here's the jack and stands."

I thought that would be the end as he grabbed them and followed me back through the house setting the items down as we walked through the house to the front door.

"Jesse, where's the wife? I haven't seen her in a few days"

"She left for her parents last weekend." I replied.

"When is she coming back?" Mike said.

"Well, I am picking her up at the airport tomorrow night"

With that Mike smiled, well more of a wicked smile. He told me that he had seen me through the curtains a few times dressed up in lingerie and was wondering what I had on now.

I tried ignoring him but he grew very impatient and grabbed my pants yanking them down.

"Holy shit, you really go all out. Take off your shirt too so I can see the rest of your outfit."

Hesitantly I removed my shirt exposing the rest of my slutty clothing. Standing there dressed like a slut with my cock tied up I see him glance over his shoulder and know he has seen my toy and the porn playing on my computer. He walks over to the computer and unmutes the volume, grabs the dildo and motions for me to join him.

I slowly walk over to him when he takes the dildo and slaps my face.

"This is a pretty big toy you have slut, can you take every inch to the base?"

I reply, "Yes Mike, I can take it all."

"I see you enjoy crossdresser porn and toys that are meant for women, do you like being treated like a woman too?"

I stare at him blankly not wanting to answer but nodding instead of a verbal answer. He takes his cue from my nod and orders me to remove his clothing. I pull the shirt over his head, then take his shoes and socks off and finally unbuckling his belt and lowering his pants. He was wearing a blue pair of boxer briefs and his huge cock was down the leg with the head peeking out. I gasped in awe of his magnificent tool and must have drooled a little too seeing this monster.

Mike wiped my mouth and stuck two fingers in my open mouth.

"Like what you see?"

I nodded with a yes while he moved his fingers in and out of my mouth.

"I'm almost 7" soft but grow to 11" hard, do you think you can take a cock like mine slut?"

As he pulled his fingers from my mouth I let a moan escape me.

"I've never had anything that big Mike, you might split me in two." I replied.

I was nervous that he was going to try and make his cock fit inside my tight hole but extremely excited too, which was obvious by the wet mark in my panties. Mike reached down and grabbed my tied up cock.

"What's this? The little slut likes being submissive huh." He said. Gripping my cock even tighter leaking even more pre-cum. He released his grip from my cock, or as he called it a clit and ordered me to bend over the chair. From this view he pulled the crotchless panties apart and removed the plug, pouring what seemed to be the whole bottle of lube in my pussy and then I felt it. The head of my dildo as he slid it all the way to the balls.

He could tell I was enjoying it way to much as I moaned like a total bitch as he worked the toy in and out while slapping my ass. I reached down with a hand to squeeze my pathetic clit when he slapped it away, "You don't play with your clit unless I say so, do you understand?"

I replied, "Yes Mike" and removed my hand.

"From this point on you will call me Daddy"

"Yes Daddy, I am your little girl to do with whatever you want." I added.

With that he pushed the dildo all the way in and pulled the panties over the base keeping it in. Grabbing my hips he pulled me up then pushed me to my knees. I caught on and reach for the waist band of his underwear and started removing them. His cock sprang out and hit me in the chin. I wasn't until that moment that I could tell but it seemed Daddy was out working all day in the heat because I could smell the sweat from his crotch and it was intoxicating. I dove right in taking his massive meat in my mouth as deep as I could then gagging when I couldn't go any further. Pulling his cock from my hungry mouth, daddy placed it on my forehead as I took his bull sized balls one at a time sucking and licking them.

The weight of his cock was heavy on my head. He would pick it up and slap me with it then drop it back down before finally backing up from me. I whimper as he moved away and started crawling for more of his wonderful meat when he stopped me and said he needed to pee. I followed him to the bathroom and held him as he began pissing. Finally finished I turned and started heading back to the other room when he grabbed my arm pulling me back.

"On your knees and clean me up before we go back slut."

Needing no more encouragement I dropped and greedily lapped up his cock cleaning every inch and relishing in his piss hole. The musk of his scent still overwhelming I couldn't stop myself from sucking his cock until he pulled it from me and slapped my face again and again.

He took my hand and placed it on his cock the led me back into the other room. He sat on the chair and I kneeled between his legs begging for more of his cock. As I was ready to take him again he told me to sit back and ride the dildo a little to open me up as he was going to be fucking my pussy soon. As I rode up and down on the dildo daddy continued stroking his cock.

I noticed some pre-cum glistening from the tip of his oversized mushroom head and without thinking slammed the dildo deep in me and jumped to catch the drop of nectar from his member. After eating the cum from his head I returned to riding the dildo only this time with my back facing him and spreading my cheeks so he had a better look. I looked over my shoulder and begged.

"Daddy, please fuck me. I need your cock so bad."

Daddy rose from the chair grabbed my arm pulling me to the chair and bent me over. Removing the dildo he shoved it in my mouth and laid his massive cock between my cheeks. Moving up and down teasing my wet gaping pussy with the head as it passed over. I wiggled my ass a little trying to coax his cock in but without success. Daddy held his cock in his hand and started spanking my ass and my gaped hole with his cock then popped the head in.

I screamed and moaned as the head passed the entrance so much bigger than the dildo. Daddy laughed and slowly started inching his cock deeper and deeper until he was finally buried balls deep with his huge bull balls resting against my taint. As painful as it was I also found a bit of pleasure and pride knowing I took an 11" monster cock to the hilt. Daddy kept his cock buried in me then reached down to discover my own clit leaking sissy cream. He scooped some up and fed it to me having me lick every last savory drop of my own cum off his fingers.

He then withdrew his cock until only the head was in and shoved it back in. I screamed out in pain as he continued to fuck me. After a while the pain finally subsided and left nothing but pleasure. I moaned and begged for his cock to fuck me harder and faster when he stopped. I looked over my shoulder and pleaded for daddy to continue fucking me but he just shook his head no then pulled out completely.

I took this as my cue and dropped to my knees tasting his dirty cock covered in my own pussy juices and lube. Once clean I moved to his balls and again was lost in the euphoric smell of his musk. With his cock on my face again I relished in the moment of being his total whore. Daddy pulled away from me and went in the kitchen coming back with a solo cup. He ordered me back on the couch, this time on my back.

Once on the couch I lifted my legs and spread my cheeks inviting him in. Daddy handed the cup to me and lined his cock up then with one stroke slammed deep in my cunt. He pounded my now worn pussy for only a few minutes but long enough to cause a puddle of sissy cream in my panties and then pulled back out. Daddy removed my panties and had me bend back over the chair telling me to hold the cup under my clit.

I did as told and assumed the position. He swatted my ass a couple of times with his hand then spread my cheeks and continued fucking me furiously. My clit reacted by pouring cum into the cup. I must have had several orgasms but for some reason I needed more. He kept up the pace for what seemed like forever until the spasms of my cunt on his cock was too much. I felt his cock swell even more and shot after shot he unloaded in my pussy.

He left his cock in me until he was mostly soft and pulled away immediately telling me to hold the cup under my pussy to catch all his delicious cum. I could feel wave after wave of his thick spunk oozing out of my well fucked cunt. I held the cup in place and proceeded to kneel again in front of this specimen of a real cock to clean him once again. The flow of cum kept up for several minutes while I cleaned daddy's cock. Once he was satisfied with my work he handed me the plug and told me to save some for later.

Later, I thought, what was he talking about? I plugged myself up as I was told and was about to untie my clit when he stopped me and did it himself. He unwrapped the string binding my clit then re-wrapped it around my swollen ball sack and the base of my clit causing me to achieve a full 6" hard on. Again he laughed, took his cock and tapped it on mine then pulled the string wrapped around my clit.

After a few minutes Daddy got dressed, wrapped the rest of the string around my now flaccid clit and pulled it between my legs and tying it off so I really couldn't get hard again. Before he left I drank the solo cup filled with the mixture of his cum and mine.

"I'll be back later so make sure your pussy is ready." And he grabbed the jack and stands then left. As soon as he left I jumped back on the chat site while watching my porn and finally got some replies from men who wanted to phone when I told my story of being used. Several phone sessions later I found myself frustrated that I could achieve an orgasm and thought Daddy wouldn't be back as it was already a little after 10pm. I closed everything and headed to bed in hopes he would come over the next day.

As I was on my way to bed I heard a knock at the door. Thinking he was finally back I ran to the door and opened it finding Daddy standing there with a few friends.

To be continued...



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