Once, a few years ago, I went to an adult theater near Tampa. It had several things going for it. It was an adult bookstore, it had a movie theater and it had individual viewing booths with no doors but with a turn inside the booth so no one walking by could see without actually coming into the booth.

I used the booths a little, even watched a blowjob with two guys. But soon I decided to go to the theater. There were a couple of guys up in front watching straight porn. The usual stuff, babes sucking cock, getting fucked and eating each other's pussy. As the movie ended they got up and left. I was alone in the theater for a moment, but soon the next movie started and another guy came in and had a seat. 

He sat about four rows away from me and was watching the movie. About ten minutes into the movie a single woman came in and had a seat in the back row. 

I was in a position to glance her way and watched as she started reaching under her skirt. She was obviously masturbating. Soon she’d lifted her skirt completely and pulled a dildo out of her purse. 

As I watch she lubed it up and slid it into her hot juicy pussy. I was staring intently by then but the other guy in the theater was not looking at her at all. 

I moved over close to her and boldly watched her fuck her pussy with the toy. 

I noticed the other guy had now also turned his attention to her and me. 

She looked pleased and asked if one of us had a condom and if we did she would fuck us. I pulled one out of my pocket and she took it and pulled my cock out. It was nice and hard and she made it feel great as she rolled the condom onto it.  

She spread her legs as she leaned back in the seat and I wasted no time in sliding my cock deep into her. 

She started moaning, “Uuuuuuugh.”

The other guy was now close by us and staring at her pussy as I fucked her.

It wasn't long before she shuddered and cummed.

And it also wasn't long before I shot my load into the condom.

As my cock started to shrink I pulled out. 

As I was removing the condom she told the other guy to fuck her too. 

He said he had no condom and she told him to go ahead, fuck me and fill me up. 

He quickly pulled his hard cock out and slammed it deep into her. 

I moved very close to them both. Even in the dim light I could see her swollen lips covered with her cum and his pre-cum. 

I tentatively reached over and helped his cock slide in and out. 

He smiled and kept fucking her. She moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” a little more and cummed at least two more times. 

When he shot his load into her pussy it overflowed a little and when he pulled out, it absolutely gushed cum. For an average size cock he sure had a big load.
She laid back, smiled and fingered some cum out of herself and then licked her fingers clean. 

The other man quickly zipped up and left.

The lady smiled at me and asked me, "Well, can you help me clean up this mess?" 

When I replied, "Yes ma’am," she reached over, put her hand on the back of my head and shoved my face into her cum soaked pussy.

I resisted a little at first but went down until my body was situated between her wide open legs and my face was level with her hairy pussy. I breathed in deeply and savored the heady smell of sweat, female love juice and my fresh thick cum. 

I stared at her pussy as it gaped wide open from the fucking we had just given her. Her lips were swollen and puffy and stretched apart revealing the wet pinkness of her juicy flesh within. Her bushy pubic hair was matted with wetness and leaking cum. As she opened her legs even wider a trickle of my white cum appeared at the outer lips of her pussy.

"Lick it all up cum sucker, before it leaks out and makes a mess all over the seat," she said assertively to me.

I don't mind it but I certainly wasn't expecting it. After a few licks she told me, “Don’t to worry, the cum is clean. That was my husband who fucked me. We enjoy this theater a lot and come her every now and then. You’re one of the few guys who didn't hesitate to lick his cum from me."

I did exactly as I was told, I kept on eating her pussy with the reassurance he was clean. 

I moved forward and poked my tongue out to lick her slippery wet slit. As my tongue made contact with the wet folds of her sensitive flesh she let out a low, “Uuuuuuuuuum.” As I probed inside her pussy with my tongue she squeezed her pussy muscles and forced a large glob of my sticky goo into my waiting mouth. I eagerly gulped the mixture of their juices down feeling the hot gooey mixture coating my tongue and the back of my throat.

"Eat it all cumslut," she murmured and moaned, “Oh shit,” as my tongue brushed the sensitive area round her clit. 

"Suck it all out of me and then make me cum my lovely little cum eater."

I licked her pussy alternating between circling my tongue round the sensitive little bud of her clit and licking deep inside her sticky hole. Each lick inside her brought more of the salty, slightly bitter cummy mixture into my mouth, which I then eagerly swallowed. 

I circled her clit with my tongue with increasing pressure and as she moaned, “Oh yes,” in appreciation I brought her off with my gentle nibbles on her clit.

"God, oh, yes,” she uttered again as her orgasm ripped through her and her body shuddered. I carried on licking her wet pussy as she calmed down. 

When I finally stood up I saw we had another group of guys watching the show. 

My cock was hard again from eating her pussy full of her hubby's cum and as I stood up it was sticking straight out in front of me. She smiled and gave me a card with her number on it as she was leaving, “Call me sometime and we can all have some fun.”

I started to put my cock away when one of the guys said, "Let me have a taste of that."   

Without waiting for an answer, he leaned down and started licking the head of my cock, sticking his hot little tongue in the piss-hole.   “Mmmmmmm,” you’ve got a big one, with nice thick veins, he said as he went to his knees.    

He paused to run a finger down a pulsing vein and then suddenly he opened his mouth wide and swallowed half my cock. His mouth was so hot and wet that it felt like a pussy.    

He started bobbing his head, moving his mouth up and down my shaft. It felt so wonderful and seemed like such an unbelievable piece of good luck that I couldn’t move. He slid farther down my shaft with each swallow. I felt my cock crashing into the back of his throat and he seemed to be thrilled by it as much as me.  
He kept banging me harder and harder with her mouth. The thrill was too much for me to handle and almost from the start, I felt an extraordinarily delicious tension in my balls. I just couldn’t believe how good it felt. I had never experienced such perfection in a blowjob. This guy was talented.
I was soon emptied my balls down his throat. 

The other guys actually clapped. 

As I walked up the aisle to leave I passed two other guys also sucking cock as they stood there. 

On the way out I stopped in the lobby and asked the clerk if there was a problem with what was going on. He told me it happens sometimes and if no one complains it's just ignored.
I've been back to the area a couple times since then and haven't run into another movie theater like that. But if I do I'll let you all read about it here!

The end…



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