My name is Eben, Eben from Ebenvlle, and I am a nudist and sexual pervert living is an old farm house. I am always naked, a nudist, and love to show off my nine inch thick cock and big balls. I am tall, dark hair, hazel eyes, semi hairy, muscular, masculine, so say hello if you see me. Today I decided to wear a swim suit. Many people in the park didin't like my nudity.

I felt that today was going to be a day to see some spectacular sights. I often roamed the area near the pond in Ebenville where many men flocked to do their thing. I usually wore only a tight swim suit. I hid in the tall grasses below, looked up at a cliff, and noticed a hot stud with curly hair, muscular body, tanned, and he seemed to be looking around. A scent of man sweat filled the air as he pulled down his shorts, no underware, and released the biggest cock I had ever seen. It wobbled in the the air, hard as a rock, and I waited in anticipation as to what he was going to do next. piss or cum, piss or cum, and suddenly a burst of piss sprayed into the air. There were two sprayers, right and left, and gold liquid sprayed through his huge piss hole. It fell upon me like a huge garden hose. It was so invigorating, the manly piss, and he had no idea I was crouching directly below him. I opened my mouth to receive his gift, and it kept coming and coming, so much piss and I felt like I was going to drown. I enjoyed the salty taste, the golden liquid, and it dripped down my chin and face. His cock was long. thick, huge veins, and he had an enormous mushroom head. The piss hole looked like another mouth smiling at me. The last droplets dribbled from it. I was soaked from head to toe; dripping shoulders, chest, stomach, and legs. He pulled up his shorts and walked away. I removed my swim suit, rung out the piss, and sucked up the rest of it. I was a piss pig and knew it. I wondered where he came from or where he lived. I put my soaked piss swim suit back on

in order to smell the stench and to keep it with me as I walked along the pond.

I ventured across the terrain and heard a grunting noise. Something stirred in the woods. It was a stunning looking man, buff, muscular, hairy, and he was asleeep.. sunbathing. His dick was erect, huge bouncing balls, and it looked like a rocket ship. A light breeze brushed across it as it wobbled from side to side. It was fun to watch. Pre-cum oozed down it like melting wax.

I hid in the brush. Something stirred above, another person, and he could not see me or the naked guy. I could see them both. It was quite a sight. The guy above was very horny and removed his shorts. A thick ten inch monster with low hanging balls was released. I thought he was hard, he wasn't, and his manhood enlarged, thicker, bigger, and longer. He chanted, "Hsil cock, adore cock, love my cock," and it was the same chants as the temple. And out shot at least ten squirts of cum onto the man below. It was hilarious. The sleeping man had no idea what was going on. The man above looked like a biker, husky, tattooed, and hairy all over. He pulled up his shorts over his enlarged phallus and it looked like a tent. He wasn't done. He chanted more and his cock was even bigger, more massive, and again he released globs of cum. It looked like the man below was brushed with white wash.

The biker above took something out of his pocket,

a small bottle of poppers, and spat out another ten to twelve squits. His cock was amazing. The guy was finally done and walked away.

I couldnlt resist. I had to release my juices. I removed my swim suit and shot a big load of cum all over the sleeping man. He grunted. I felt horrible, so evil, so conniving, and shot my load on a man who had no clue as to what was going on or just happened. I hid in embarrassment. Suddenly I heard a loud grunting noise, saw the man tighten up, and a blast of cum shot through his piss hole. The rocket ship had taken off. It looked like he was pissing as globs of cum shot into the air, a fountain, a fireworks extravaganza, and then it stopped and dribbled. The sleeping man awoke amazed by all of the sticky goo. I thought he would be angered, but instead he scooped up the jism and licked it up like an ice cream sundae. He didn't have a clue that the biker and I had just spurt all over him. He went into the pond to clean up. He dressed in his clothes. I followed him and he led me to the Temple of Ebenville. I peeked through key hole in the barred back door and saw the pisser, the biker, and the sleeping man. It was at this point that I thought I should join this temple.

This is only the start of the "Temple of Ebenville." Let me know what you think, rate me, respond, and let me know that you want more.



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