I had just completed NIaT & NEB-F and was back home for the week before I left for my first semester at Pleasant Point. I had arrived back after spending the long drive home finally convincing myself that the time was right to tell my parents that their only child was gay. I had made a plan. I'd walk in say hello and then just get it over with right there and then - fast and painless, the band-aid way, except that... it was now my very last day at home and it was getting late and they still didn't know!

After I had arrived mom and dad had been so happy to see me that I had thought to myself 'well, maybe in the morning' which then became 'I'll tell them at lunch' which eventually became 'no, tomorrow would be better'; but now there was no more tomorrows left.

I unlocked the front door.

"Mom, dad can you both come into in the living room please, I have to tell you something important." I drew in a deep breath.

My parents perched themselves together on the edge of the sofa and looked just about as nervous as I felt. My mom held my dad's hand. I drew in a deep breath.

"This is going to be the last night I'll be in my bedroom," I spoke quickly knowing that if I paused I'd probably stop. "You see I'd like to spend it with someone very special to me and, the thing is..., he's waiting outside."

Mom and dad turned to look at one other, dad inhaled deeply and as he began to stand I backed away. He spoke loudly.

"Well thank god for that!"

I was understandably confused, but mom was smiling broadly as she and dad stepped across the large rug and hugged me.

"You had us so worried son, the way you've been acting all week your mother and I thought that the Navy had found-out and thrown you to the curb!"

"Since you were six," my mom added while kissing my cheek, "all you ever wanted to do was fly from a carrier, you worked so very hard for it, we didn't know what we would do if now you couldn't even get through the front gate."

I had hardly realized that dad had headed for the front door and when I did my anxiety returned four-fold. My dad pulled the door to and without even looking through the opening said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Tomas Skaas Andersen get yourself in here!"

"I'm sorry son, but its like your mother just said, it's not the parents' job to out their kids. It's just not how this whole thing works."

Tommy and I were sitting together on the sofa, with his muscled arm curved around my lean back and his hand gently laying on my skinny hip. As my mom and dad spoke we both could hardly believe what they were saying!

"I'm only an accountant," my dad said, "so I had to wait until our summer vacation in Hawaii to find out my son's a queer. That beach was full of bikini clad girls and all you wanted to do was get the tanned local high school boys to teach you to surf!"

"So?" I asked.

"So, I came in to ask if you wanted breakfast; but our package deal didn't cover the three naked surfer-dudes sharing your hotel room bed!"

"Slut." Tommy jokingly whispered beside me.

"And mom?" I asked felling the blood rushing to my cheeks.

"You do realize your mother isn't a highly decorated police detective for nothing?" My dad said while grinning. "She's known your a butt banger for years longer than me!"

"Dad!" I had no idea how my father knew to put the words 'butt' and 'banger' together!

"We always laughed too," my mom added, "when you thought you had snuck Tomas there in and back out without us knowing. What? You didn't think we would notice some big naked white boy darting between your bedroom and the bathroom in the middle of the night? And you two were never quite quiet enough anyway!"

Now my parents were loudly laughing!

"We would spend our breakfast together deliberately goading you - and you never seemed to click to it. After you had left for school, oh how your father and I would laugh!"

"Mom! Dad!" I said with a mixture of disbelief and embarrassment.

Tommy hugged me.

Tommy was taking shorter and shorter breaths as my kisses slowly descended over his stunning young body. My lips skimmed down his long neck and onto his rising chest, my tongue gently circled his hard nipples and finally Tommy gasped as I playfully bit him!

We roamed across each other. Even with Tommy's help in the school gym my boyfriend's massively muscled white body was still a strong contrast to my own now a little bit less of a lean dark frame. Tommy quickly rolled me over, I was giggling and squirming atop my messed bed as he cruelly tickled me.

"Shit, you are so very sexy. My very own super hot little black fuck-nerd!"

I reached down between my legs and taking hold of my semi-filled brown prick I slapped it's bulk up against his tight round ass.

"It's not the fuckn' little things about me that you like - bitchboi."

Tommy bent himself over me and then kissed me before leaning past my shoulder and whispering into my ear he said.

"You know me so well."

I couldn't resist wrapping my arms around him and pulling him down. His heavy body crushed against me as I wrapped my long brown legs around his tiny pink waist and pulled him closer still. His full body contact was such a big fucking turn-on!

We kissed like two young boys were never supposed to.

Tommy's thick cock tasted as good as it always had. His tight veined shaft gagged me, my spit flowing down it's splendid gentle curve. Tommy moaned deeply and raised his arms above his head, his hands taking a tight hold at the upper edge of my headboard. The thin strands of blonde hair that filled his armpits lay flattened with his sweat against his deep skin. Instantly I was back atop him with my face buried into that wet and fragrant yellow silk!

Soon enough I took the right corner of my bottom lip between my teeth, slid my ass back down Tommy's cobblestone abdominal muscles and slowly closed my eyes as I felt him penetrate my ring, felt him once again entering me, stretching me, I felt his bare ball sacks against my flat ass! I lent quietly back and began slowly riding him, grinding his wonderfully wide dick in and out of me.

My boyhood bed began to rhythmically squeak and so did Tommy Andersen.

"Fuck yeah! Drill my sweet little ass you fucking gorgeous Norwegian god."

I was up on my knees as Tommy threw his hips up and down beneath me. I slapped him across his wonderful sharply angled face.

"Smile at me you bitch, smile damn you!" I yelled as my long hard pole bounced against his stomach. I slapped him again, grabbed my tingling cock and as I stared at that magical grin I unloaded my clear spunk right across his neck, chin, left ear and eventually the wallpaper behind his head!

"Keep fucking me; argh, keep fucking me. Shit yeah! Yeah! Don't stop." I was being far far too loud. "Oh yeah, come-on fuck me faster damn you, come on bitch faster, damn it fuck me hard! Hard! Fuck me hard!" I howled at the ceiling!

"Shit, fuckn' shit!" Tommy screamed! He stopped pounding me.

"Argh... shit!" he said quietly, sweetly.

"Ooh yeah; good god I love that cock." I whispered.

I fell down across him. Our chests heaving against one another as we fought to breathe, each breath of air seemingly burning at our lungs. I rolled off him and once again got to enjoy the remarkable feeling of Tommy Andersen's bare bloated dick slipping out of me. We lay close together; all our sweat and spunk matched by our lust and glee.

"You are such a fucking hunk!" I said after slapping his mountainous chest.

Tommy held the top of my black cock and through the gap in my foreskin he polished my exposed wet slit with his thumb, playfully lifting his digit and watching intently as he drew out a thread of my oil.

"Yeah, I guess your at best an alright sorta fuck...," he said after quickly shrugging.

"Kinda needy though." He added while grinning.

I jumped up and straddled his tiny waist landing my flat palms hard across his small pink nipples as my sticky limp genitals rolled across the ridged deep furrows he called 'abs'.

I called him a bastard butt-slut and slapped at his nipples a second time before falling forward and wrapping his head between my forearms, linking my fingers through his blonde hair and looking deep into his sapphire-like eyes I once again started kissing my huge white fuck-boy. It was just before two in the morning and just after the seventh time we had fucked that night.

"So. You wanna go at it again?" Tommy asked while happily smiling.

"Fuck yeah!" I reached over behind my ass and cupped Tommy's hairless balls, holding them tightly as I extended my index finger and played with his willing hole.

"Oh for heaven's sake will the two of you just go to sleep already!" My dad's raised voice echoed all the way from my parents bedroom and right down the hall!

It felt more than slightly uncomfortable; me kissing Tommy in front of my mom and dad. I looked over his huge left shoulder and watched their constantly shifting stares as the two of them nervously wondered what they were supposed to be looking at. Perhaps the point at which the ceiling meets the wall, or that small gap between the floorboards at the edge of the sofa - now that was an interesting spot! Ooh look, there's that painting we've had hanging on a wall since nineteen sixty-six. Eventually my gaze caught my father's eye and then dad smiled at me.

"Hey, I better get underway." Each word was interspersed by another kiss.

"Yep; love 'em and leave 'em that's what you flyboys always do!" Tommy proclaimed using a quick fist to my chest just to emphasize his comic intent.

We stood together in that small tiled entranceway, the very place that I had first kissed another boy - hell this boy, our arms loosely holding each other about the waist as Tommy and I said our silent final good-bye. He smiled that smile and I never wanted to let go of him.

"I'm opening the front door;" dad announced in an effort to finally get me to actually attempt leaving Tommy's embrace.

My mom moved too taking hold of my father's hand and squeezing it tightly against her navel trying to elevate the knot she had felt in her stomach since she awoke. She took off her glasses and with them held between the fingers of her free hand she used her crooked index finger to drag the tears out of the corners of her up-welling eyes.

Tommy had moved off to the side of the hall by the stairs, he knew his time to say good-bye to me had ended. He was a totally remarkable hunk and very sweet kid.

"Come on Gladys let the boy leave." My dad was levering me out of my mother's arms.

Sometimes my mother can be, well... very black! I kissed her wet cheek.

"I'm very proud of you boy, don't you ever forget that."

Dad's open left hand rested on my shoulder as his tight grip held my right hand still. It was my dad's equally emotional version of the wailing black woman. Dad unexpectedly pulled me closer. He whispered...

"You make fucking sure you get yourself so deep into that closet that they'll find your Aunt June's awful wedding present before they even suspect you like fucking boys."

It was the first time in my life that I'd heard my dad swear, and he had just done it twice!

"I will dad, I promise." I spoke softly too.

"Well good-bye everybody," I announced standing in the open doorway, "I'll see you sometime... ; bye Tommy."

Sitting on the second step Tommy Andersen raised his thick left arm and smiled that magical Andersen mens' smile. So I closed the door before I just couldn't leave him.

I ended up being more true to my word than I had anticipated. It was over two and a half years later, in fact after my first operational deployment, that I again set a foot into my parents' home (all be it a new one up-north on the shores of Pyramid Lake) and it was only then, sitting on that same sofa under that same painting, that I got to learn how this story had actually ended.

I closed the door and Tommy instantly weaved between my parents, he listened as I slammed my truck door and he fell against our thick front one. The old V8 engine started slowly and his fingers clawed into the wood, he heard me drive away and Tommy Andersen fell sobbing onto my parents floor.

"Tomas?" My mother asked.

"Son?" My father had asked at exactly the same time.

"I couldn't do it to him, not to him." Tommy spoke in fragments as the tears ran off his cheeks and he wiped at the mucus forming below his nose. "He said he'd stay if I asked; go with me to college..., but I couldn't!"

It was hard to believe that literally moments before he was as seemingly un-emotive and un-phased by just another lover leaving him as he was now a total wreck.

"Not him," he added quietly, "He's just too beautiful; oh... he's so beautiful!" Tommy's face was pressed hard up against the inside of my parent's front door.

"I loved him, loved him... so much. Oh, Mister and Misers James I think I was in love with your son from the second I saw him; and for these past couple of years I could never have told him that, I couldn't have even shown it to him. Oh; I couldn't do that to him, not him..., not that pretty boy."

Tommy was pleading!

"Tomas; come over here, darling."

Through his blurry tear-eyed vision Tommy Andersen saw my mother's open arms, she was being very black again. She held his huge limp and shaking young white muscled body tightly whilst they both wept. My dad's hand smoothed comfortingly across Tommy's triangular back as he held his wife's head to his chest.

"Yes; we love him too," my dad had repeated over and over.

Apparently Tommy had spent the next three days before he headed off to Berkley in my bedroom.

November 2009.


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