Hello I'm Kris. I'm a senior at St George's Christian School. It's a prestigious private school in my town. Im on my school wrestling team. Besides school, I work as a personal tutor. I'm a nerd at heart. However,people are surprised that I'm at all smart. I guess I do not look like the kind. I'm a black 18 year old, 6'2, with a sculpted body from previous years of wrestling. One thing that I am proud of is my 9 inch dick. I have sex pretty often but lately, I have been looking at gay porn. I found out that I have a butt fetish. It's to the point in which I get hard during class and have to eventually excuse myself to the bathroom and jack one off. But that changed after I met Caleb.

Caleb is on the wrestling team. He asked for my help with math. So the coach asked me to tutor him. I said yes for only one reason: Caleb has a HUGE bubble butt. Caleb was 5'10 and was muscular. He has dark hair and a cute smile. He likes to wear skinny jeans and pants that hug his butt. I try to take photos of it for jack off material (I know, creepy...)

So the first day we met up at his house. Now, I love my house and were not poor, but his house put my house to shame. His dad was some kind of surgeon and his mom was a realtor. So he was loaded. I drove to his house. Right after I rang the doorbell, he came to the door in a pair of Abercrombie cotton cutoffs that looked like daisy dukes for men and a sexy tank top. I felt my dick getting hard as soon as the image of this meat marinated in my mind.

Caleb exclaimed, "Hey dude, you can come up to my room."

I replied with an ok, but he didn't want to know what I wanted to say... and do. We walked up to his room where he brought a chair for me while he sat on his bed. We worked on the lessons that he is learning. I made up dome difficult problems for math for him to try. We went over every problem til he understood how the problem worked. He asked "Hey, wanna go in the pool?"

I said "Sure, but I didn't bring anything to wear to swim..."

"Don't worry! Go in my day's closet and pick yourself a pair. I'm going to change real quick."

So I raided his dad's closet for a pair of swim trunks. I kept my pair of compression shorts because I didn't want my boner to show while I'm with Caleb in the pool. So I went out in the backyard into the pool. I cannon balled in it and as soon as I surfaced, I saw Caleb coming out of the house. His tan body showed developed pecs and abs. He was wearing a sexy pair of speedos, which was being eaten by his butthole. He looked SO sexy. He jumped in the pool and we fooled around, splashing in the water, wrestling in the pool and all that stuff. Then, I went to the edge and just relaxed. Caleb came beside me and he got close, REAL close.

" Thanks for the tutoring today. It really means a lot to me."

"No problem!" I replied. "Awesome crib you live in. Have many parties?"

"Not really. Just with four or five friends," he said as he rose from the pool. At this point, the back of his speedo disappeared between his cheeks. I was so turned on and followed him inside. When we got inside I crashed on his couch because I was tired. Then, he came in the living room and sat right next to me.

"Dude, I bet I can make you hard, he challenged, a weird game wrestlers usually do in order to embarrass each other. To me, this was an oppurtunity to grab a handful of his luscious booty meat that was attractively protruding from his small pair of speedos.

I said, "I bet you can't!"

So he took on the challenge. He seductively got on top of me. He wrapped his arms around my neck and started grinding on my dick. I already lost, but I didn't care. I grabbed both of his thick cheeks and groped them firmly. Caleb looked surprised at first, but ck tinted grinding. Then, he got up and sat right next to me.

"Do you know why I asked for you?" He questioned. "No," I replied, getting flustered.

"I like you, like to the point whenever I see you, I just want to fuck you senseless." When he said this, he closed in to kiss me. We made out forever, while groping each other. He started giving a handjob through the swim shorts. My boner was so hard, it was sticking up, wanting Caleb's juicy mouth slobbering on it.

"What a nice dick," he said stroking it, "How about we let it out?" He pulled down my pants and started giving me the best oral I've ever had in my sexual life. He licked the head and then deep throated my whole cock. I was in paralyzing pleasure. I was enjoying this. He sucked my dick tip I blew 3 loads in his mouth. He still wasn't finished.

"Let's go up to my room." He grabbed my arm and pulled me to his room upstairs. When we got to his room, i pushed him to the wall and started making out with him some more. He sat me down on a chair and started sucking my dick more. Then, he said, "Rim my asshole." I didn't hesitate. He got on the bed and I pulled down his speedo. I see what was taking him so long. He was shaving for me. His hole was pornstar smooth, with no hair in the hole or on the butt meat. When the butt was presented, I dug in. I used my tongue like it was a pussy. I dug in his hole, playing with it and I can tell, he was enjoying it. I also sucked his 6 inches while I was back there, sucking on his balls til he blew his load. Caleb was prepared for that night. He had condoms and lube. Caleb put the condom in his mouth and suck my dick while putting the condom on. That's skill. I fingered his butthole with lube while he did this. Then, I lubed up my dick and told him to turn around. He arched his beautiful bronze ass just for me. I inserted my head into him and he sighed in pleasure. I inserted more, inch after inch, until I bottomed out. I waited for him to get used to it. Then, he started bucking his butt to my dick. GOD, it felt so good. We were fucking doggy style, my favorite position. I grabbed his hips and just started plowing the shit out of him. He was screaming from all the pleasure and pain that he was feeling. He lifted himself and wrapped his arm around my neck and kissed me while I was fucking him doggy style. After a while, Caleb brought me closer and whispered in my ear, "Lay down." I took my dick out and I did what he said. Caleb got on top of me. He laid his ass on my dick. Then, he grabbed my dick and inserted it in his tight hole. Then, he popped it out of his asshole. He did this for a couple of minutes. After that, he started riding my dick. I was jerking him off while he was hopping up and down my dick. Then Caleb exclaimed, "I'm going to cum!" and he blew 4 loads. Then, he dislodged my cock from his tight hole and started sucking me off til I came a huge load in his mouth.

"Whoa, dude," he said, "that was a huge load!" as he was licking my long cock free of my cum.

Then, we went upstairs to his bathroom and we took a shower, in which I paid special attention to his golden globes. I was eating him out while the water was still running, only to realize that the doors just slammed shut downstairs. Caleb stood me up and exclaimed, "My parents are here!"

Part 2 coming soon...


Kris T


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