Back in the early 90s I went to university in a city in the north of England. I was young, inexperienced, a bit shy – and I had a big secret – I liked cock. I'd wanked off a mate a few times back at home, but that was the extent of my sexual adventures. I'd never had a girlfriend, but knew that straight sex just didn't appeal to me. I knew I was gay, but I wasn't ready to share that knowledge with anyone, and most of the time I hated it and wished I could change.

In my first year I lived in a 'village' of blocks of student flats. Tiny cubicles for living in, and a shared kitchen upstairs and bathroom with two private showers. Twelve other lads shared one block, and many of them became great friends. My best friends though lived a few doors away in another block, two guys on my course called Bill and Ben. We were into indie music and a bit geeky, while most of the lads in my house were into football.

One day a few weeks into term I woke and stumbled into the bathroom to have a shower – only to find it was blocked, with water pouring across the floor. Then the other one blocked. And pretty soon university workmen were running around the block and drains were being investigated. Then by evening, we'd all been issued with notices. Three houses, containing about 30 students in total, had a problem with drains. Lots of digging needed to be done, and we would have no water for up to a week. The toilets would be fine in the evenings as they were on a separate system but no showers or sinks.

There were two options – take a room in a hotel the university would book some miles away, or stay put and have a rent reduction as compensation. I was skint, so plumped for the rent rebate. Bill took the hotel option but Ben decided to stay. We had access to the showers used for the nearby football pitches but I thought it would be ok and I'd just have a bit of a smelly week.

Quickly I realised how difficult it is surviving without water. Four days in I was sat with Ben in the university canteen moaning about the situation. We were fed up with eating junk food and starting to stink. Ben's floppy brown hair looked greasy, his stubble was grown into almost a beard.

“Last night I was really stupid” said Ben. “I was really drunk and I forgot all about it, I pissed into the sink in the room and now I can't do anything about the smell. It's like ten times worse than a public toilet in my room.”

“You fucking idiot” I replied. “I know what you mean though, I'm sure some girls moved away from me in the lecture today. I am really starting to smell now.”

“Yeah tell me about it. Bill went on and on about me smelling earlier – you know what he's like, he really exaggerated it and made me look a right twat in front of the whole course.”

I groaned. Being humilated by Bill would not be a great experience. “But can't you go and use the shower at his hotel?”

“I guess I could but he'll just want something for it. It's not really worth it.”

“Well... I guess maybe we should just go and use the sports showers.”

“I dunno... if I'm honest I'm a bit scared of the whole thing... it's gonna be like school isn't it?”

“What, like open showers? I spose it might be”. I hadn't really thought about it, I'd sort of hoped not to have to go over to the strange foreign world of the sports changing rooms.

“You know that guy John… ginger hair, does Economics?”

“Yeah I think so” I replied. John was a really nerdy guy with bright red hair. “Kerry told me some guys dragged him out of those showers and dumped him in the student union bar.”

“Fucking hell” I said. “That's mean. Poor guy”. I wondered if his pubes were as ginger as his head.

Ben held his head in his hands. “I've not done the communal showers thing for years. It'll all be sporty types fooling around. I don't wanna end up starkers in the bar.”

“Well maybe not if you go earlyish. They don't do the sports stuff till later on do they? I reckon it'll be busier in the afternoon.”

“I guess. I do reek…”

“Look, er, don't take this the wrong way, but we could go together… safer maybe?”

I felt my heart beating faster as I said the words. A flash of Ben naked would give me something to wank about for months.

“Maybe. I'm just... just a bit hung up on being naked. It's stupid really.”

If I was honest I was too. Communal showering both hugely attracted me and terrified me. The image of Kevin Curtis, one of my school friends, stepping out of the communal shower, his purplish  dick swinging, flashed into my mind. I'd been transfixed: at that moment I knew more than ever that I wanted to touch it, that I wanted boys, not girls. His cock seemed oversized, much too big for his skinny teenage body. But my staring was noticed – not by Kevin, but by  another class member, Matthew Connor, who mercilessly taunted me that I was checking out cocks every single PE lesson from that moment forward.

Once, he bent over in the changing rooms in front of me and pulled open his cheeks, revealing a very hairy arsehole. “This is what you want, ain't it Mark, take a good look you perve. Bet he's getting a woody!”. I angrily denied all his accusations, but he was right – I was hard as a rock. Thankfully I'd already pulled on my trousers before he put on the show. But communal showers were a place of temptation and potential embarrassment.

Despite my misgivings, I tried to put Ben at ease. “Yeah I know what you mean. I fucking hated it at school, but we're not going to take the piss out of each other are we? Anyway we can take it in turns if you want.”

Ben looked a bit more relaxed. “That would probably be a bit daft. I need to just get over it. We're both blokes, we've both got cocks, so what? I reckon I can do it.”

“OK let's do it tomorrow. 9am outside the changing rooms. We can both confront our phobias.”

The next morning, trudging across the football field, I began to regret my bravado. I was nervous about getting naked in front of Ben. I'm a grower, not a shower, and sometimes my dick shrivels up to a tiny flaccid worm. And then on the other hand one look at Ben's arse and I might get hard. Shit, what had I let myself in for...

Ben came running across the field after me. “Didn't think you'd be here. Look, we don't have to do this you know.”

“No, we're here now, let's do it...”

We made it past a caretaker and into the changing rooms that were thankfully quiet. There were a couple of rows of benches and lockers on the wall, and a white tiled opening at the end of the room.

“I guess they're round there... let's have a look” said Ben, stepping gingerly around the corner.

There was basically a tiled corridor, shower heads along the wall, about 8 in total. No privacy, as we'd expected.

We both started to strip off uncomfortably, first shoes and socks, then t-shirts, then jeans. Then we were both stood in our underwear – he in boxers, me in briefs. Ben was skinny and pale from spending too much time inside smoking dope, a bit like me – but he was much hairier. His chest was thick with dark hair, swirling around his puffy nipples. His legs also were matted with fur. And he smelled sweaty and well, really fucking male. My dick had shrunk away in fear but I felt a rush of blood. I hoped I'd be able to keep it under control.

“Shit… well, here goes” mumbled Ben, pulling down his boxers. It was his bush I saw first, thick, wiry black hair, almost hiding his cock, which was surprisingly small. It seemed to be all foreskin, shrivelled away with fear.

I looked away quickly, not wanting to freak him out and pulled down my own pants. I glanced down – I was hanging a little longer than Ben but the embarrassment factor meant my cock was pretty much at its smallest. Ben kinda looked relieved, which pissed me off momentarily, but at least we were reasonably matched in the cock department.

Just then the door opened and a tall, athletic guy walked in with a sports bag. We both wrapped towels around our waists, and headed for the showers.

“I guess this isn't so hard” said Ben, selecting a shower in the middle. I stood a couple of jets away from him, for politeness like in a urinal.

“No, it's not that hard” I said, pointedly looking at his cock. Perhaps it had grown slightly, but was still a wrinked worm within a forest of pubes.

“You perve! It's shrunk away cos it's terrified! Yours is hardly any bigger.”

Ben took his cock in his hand and shook it a few times. “It's returning to normal a bit now”

His cock had definitely lengthened a bit. “I know, it's funny how they can shrink away to nothing or grow into a monster depending on the situation!” I said, giving my own cock a quick tug.

We carried on chatting and showered, sharing his shower gel. I felt a bit weird soaping up my cock and pulling back the foreskin in front of Ben but it really had to be done, my cock had got really cheesy. And seeing him soap up his arse, rubbing right into the cleft started to get me chubbing up.

Suddenly there was a voice. “Is there hot water today guys?”. It was the other guy who'd come in after us, stood in the entrance naked. Wow. He was tall, tanned, athletically built. Dark hair, Italian-looking features, smooth toned chest. But my eyes just went straight to his cock – it looked about five inches long, swinging between his thighs. It looked like he had a semi.

I looked up. “Yeah, lovely and warm.”

“Brilliant – it  was fucking freezing yesterday.”

He had a southern, maybe London accent. He strode in and took the shower opposite us. His arse was smooth and pert, so different from Ben's hairy rear. The thought of getting my tongue up there came unwanted into my mind. I looked away, staring at the wall, willing myself not to get an erection.

“Hey, do you mind if I borrow your shower gel?” asked the guy. I turned to face him – Jesus, his cock was even longer, definitely half hard. I felt my own cock starting to harden as I passed him the gel. Ben was shampooing his hair, facing away from us.

“No problem” I said, passing him the gel. He carried on talking, asking me what course I was doing., and my name. He was called Alex, a business studies student, and he'd just been to the gym. I was mesmerised by his cheeky grin and great physique. There was a swagger about him, he dominated the space and oozed confidence. It seemed rude to face away while we talked, so I watched as he soaped up his chest, then his legs, then his cock and balls.

As we chatted, he slowly massaged his cock, pulling the foreskin right back. He was now almost completely hard, but pointing his cock down to not make it obvious. My own cock was filling out rapidly. There was a charged sexual tension in the air. I wondered if Ben could feel it or had noticed. Shit, I didn't want to freak him out.

It seemed as though Alex noticed my discomfort.

“Look, sorry guys, showers always make me horny, I don't know why” he said, letting go of his cock so it stuck straight out. It was bigger than mine, at least 7-8 inches long with an upwards curve.

Ben turned around “Bloody hell. You'll have someone's eye out.”

I laughed. “Only if you bend over, which I don't reckon is a good idea in a shower.”

“I'm not gonna bum you, honest” said Alex. “Anyway I'm not the only one with a hard on am I?”

He was right, my cock was now at pretty much full mast, though still covered with foreskin. “Sorry,  I get the same thing with showers. It's cos I usually have a wank.”

“Me too” said Alex, holding his cock and giving it a few tugs. He lent back against the wall between the shower heads and began to wank properly. “Sorry, I'm a bit of a horny bastard.”

I grinned and started to wank myself too. Glancing at Ben he was also half hard. “You dirty sods… what if someone walks in?” he asked.

“I can cum pretty quick” said Alex, speeding up his rhythm. “Last one to cum owes me a pint”.

Ben's cock was stiff now too. Still slightly shorter than mine, but really fat and veiny. “I can't believe I'm doing this...” he muttered as he began to wank. He'd got such a long foreskin he didn't seem to need to pull it back at all.

“When yo gotta cum, yo gotta cum” said Alex, in a kind of mockney accent, pumping away smiling, his abs taut and flexing as he jerked his dick. Facing each other wanking, I suddenly realised we were having a circle jerk, something I'd read about and fantasised about for years. I wondered if this happened all the time with sporty lads. Lucky fuckers.

Thirty seconds later there was a noise outside. Was that the door to the changing rooms opening. We all stopped still, listening. Ben let go of his cock and shook his head. “Shit. Too risky. I'm out...” he whispered, turning off his shower and walking over to where the towels were hung up. He quickly wrapped himself in the towel and left the shower area. Alex leaned back an started wanking again. I looked over at him, and involuntarily licked my lips. Then a moment of panic hit me and I went to leave.

Alex grabbed my arm. “Don't go yet” he whispered, pulling me back. Then he reached down and grabbed my cock. I made a lame attempt to push him off, but he held on tight, so I let him stroke me, really surprised that this stunning guy was interested in my cock.

I reached over and touched his too. Soft, velvety yet strong as iron it pulsed in my hand. He smiled. “Wanna suck it?” he whispered. I did. I knelt down and opened my mouth, let him enter. I tried to take as much as I could but quickly gagged. The curve of his cock made it hard to take much of him into my mouth, his bulbous bellend poked the top of my throat. I draw back, licking the end. Pre cum dribbled from the end of his cock, it seemed the sweetest taste and I licked around his helmet gently. “That's nice… oh yeah… keep doing that...” encouraged Alex, thrusting gently into my mouth.

There was another noise outside, someone talking. Quickly I pulled away and stood up. “This is too risky!” I whispered. Alex pulled me back, pleading, “I'm gonna cum, just thirty seconds more”. He wanked himself furiously with his right hand, and reached behind me with his left and pulled me closer. I was wanking myself and knew I'd cum any minute. Alex caressed my buttocks then suddenly his fingers were in my crack, on my arsehole. No-one had ever touched me there. I almost lost my balance and he smiled. “You'd love my cock up your arse, wouldn't you?” he whispered into my ear.

I felt myself reddening, embarrassed. I had barely come to terms with being gay, and anal sex seemed something taboo, to be ashamed of. Alex persisted “Fucking lovely tight hole...” and his soapy fingers entered me, explored inside. That was too much, I was cumming. I held onto Alex's smooth body, falling into him as my cock pulsed shot after shot of spunk, Alex's fingers jammed up my arse. I tried not to groan, the pleasure was incredibly intense. Suddenly Alex's fingers left my hole and he was pushing me down, directing my mouth onto his cock. As he slipped into my mouth I realised he was cumming, and my mouth filled up with hot salty spunk.

“Oh yeah” he said, holding my head. “Fuck yeah...”

I pulled off his cock and swallowed, savouring the taste. Another rope of cum hit me in the face, stinging my eyes.

“Nice one!” he whispered, rinsing himself off. I felt in a bit of a daze. I walked over and grabbed my towel and went into the changing room. Ben was still there, nearly fully dressed, and two guys were changing into sports gear. “Finished up then?” Ben enquired, not really looking me in the eye. “Yeah” I muttered, “All done.”

I started drying myself off, hardly stepping outside of the towel as my erection hadn't fully subsided.

Ben got his shoes and left the changing room. I quickly dried off and got dressed and joined him in the reception area outside. Alex still hadn't left the shower, which was annoying, as I'd wanted to get his details. Later I realised he probably hadn't wanted to give them to me.

We let the building and walked across the playing field back to the student houses. I wasn't sure what to say. “That was a bit intense” said Ben.

“Yeah… unexpected...” I offered, not sure how Ben felt about it.

“That is like about the most freakiest thing that has happened to me all year.”

“Yeah, me too” I mumbled.

“So did you cum then? Who came first?”

“I came first. Loads. Can't believe I did that really...” I said, not meeting Ben's eyes.

“I can't believe you did it either. I can't believe I joined in… I dunno, it was horny… you're braver than me though.”

“I was gonna leave, but...”. I didn't finish. I couldn't tell Ben that Alex had pulled me back and touched my cock. “I've always been a bit competitive” I said, unconvincingly.

“Well you won! Though he beat us both with that massive cock. Like a baby's arm!”

Then he stopped dead, peering at me. “Shit! Mark! You've got spunk in your hair!”

I moved my hand up to my hair. True enough, gelatinous spunk was sprayed along the right side of my head. The last couple of pumps after I stopped sucking Alex's cock.

“Fuck. Must have got it over my hand and then wiped my head”. I rubbed at my head with the arm of my jumper. “Have I got it all?”

“Yeah, I think so” Mark said, checking out my head all over. There was a strange look in his eye, and he went quiet as though he was thinking of what to say.

“Look… Do you think though… do you think he might have been gay? I mean… you know, I've wanked with mates when I was younger but… in a public shower?”

“Some people are exhibitionists aren't they” I said. “Perhaps he liked showing off. I don't reckon he was gay...”

“Well it was all a bit gay if you ask me…”

“I'm not gay, if that's what you're thinking” I snapped, “Anyway you joined in too!”

“OK, yeah you're right. Sorry. It was just a bit weird… At least we got clean I spose”.

We walked in silence for a couple of minutes. My heart was beating, I was horrified at what I'd done. Almost exposed my true self to Ben.

“I'm sorry I've pissed you off” he said suddenly, stopping. “It's me that's a dick, always too worried about what people will think. I shouldn't have left...”

“No, I shouldn't have stayed. It was stupid. I mean, if we'd got caught...”

“Nightmare!” Ben said, laughing. “Probably get chucked out of uni. Anyway, look, next time you fancy a wanking competition, let's do it in my room.”

“That's a deal” I said, smiling. Was he for real?

We trudged on.

“Thanks for helping me over my phobia anyway mate… Jesus, twenty minutes ago I was scared of getting my kit off then I'm stood wanking in the nuddy with two blokes…”

“You'd definitely got nothing to be ashamed of mate”

“You neither. Same time tomorrow?”

“Cool” I said. “No wanking though.”

Ben laughed. “No wanking. Maybe after though?”

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