"Hey babe," I open my eyes, to see him arched over me. I smile, and place my hand on his chest, playing with the wavy dark hairs between his pecs. "Good morning blue eyes." I say good morning, and a yawn escapes. He kisses me passionately, and takes my breath away. Today we have appointments to look at a few properties. Joe's been off duty for a few weeks now. His first night back was amazing. We didn't even make it to Pastis for dinner. He had made love to me 3 times after our shower. I don't think we even dressed until checkout.

The first location is a large 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, in the Financial District. I'm absolutely in love. Chandaliers, woodgrain appliances, granite foyer, and amazing views from every window. We ask the manager if we can walk through alone for a few minutes to talk. She walks out, into the hall, her Louboutins reflecting off the polished floor. "Babe, this is quite the place, but $5k a month is a big price tag." I nod and look out the window, overlooking the beautiful city. "I do like the location, but I don't want this to be a stress for either of us." I know we could do it, but my shopping would be limited, and so would the going out and entertainment. I know Joe wants babies, and he was just hired as an engineer at a major publishing company. The travel was light, and he was rarely on call. I was working as an office manager for a PR office downtown, and we were making more than enough to take care of a household. "I don't know if we should upgrade this steep, just yet." He was pressing close to me, and directly looking into my eyes. We currently lived in a studio in TriBeCa. I had made the most of the space, but the only things I loved about it, were the vaulted ceilings, spacious walk in, and bathroom. It paled in comparison to this apartment. I knew we had other apartments to look at, and I was fine if we didn't live here for now. Joe was still pressed against me, and I could feel him getting hard. The manager hadn't returned yet, and I felt him breathing on my neck. He lightly kisses me at the base, which is my spot and he knows it...I fall loosely against him and let him take charge. He pins me against the full length window, and works his lips around my neck. I lift myself on the counter, and slip off my Jimmy Choo loafers. They thud to the tiled floor, which echoes through the apartment. He pulls my tweed joggers down, and lifts my legs.

He's quickly undoing his Cavalli trousers, and lubing my ass with his tongue at the same time. I try not to moan, and focus on the full length mirror in the hall, to watch for the door. I'm opening up quickly for Joe, as he stands up, and presses his dick head against me, slowly easing it in. He thrusts quickly, and powerfully, and I feel his short breaths against my neck. He grabs my face with his right hand and turns me to him, pressing his lips against mine. He moans lowly and raspy whine escapes his lips as I feel him cum inside me. He stops his thrusting, and just presses all the way against me. His pubes brush softly against my ass, and his hands caress my thighs softly. I feel his dick calm, and the throbbing and pulsing subside.

"Damn you get me hot boy." He quickly pulls up his briefs and trousers, and I'm pulling up my joggers and finding my other shoe, when we hear the front door open. We walk out and greet the manager. "We definitely love this place, but we'll need time to think." She adjusts her Kate Spade tote over her shoulder, while she explains how many showings she has scheduled today. I know it'll be gone by the weekend, but we need to be reasonable. I follow Joe through the marble lobby, and as we wait for the valet, he pats my ass. I smirk and nudge his side. I'm amazed by this man.

We look at a few more apartments, and even a townhouse in Brooklyn. I give him head in a walk in closet, he rims me and we have a quickie in a bedroom, and he give me a hand job while finger fucking me in a kitchen. I didn't realize he was so voyeuristic. We kept talking about the first apartment. I ultimately put the decision in Joe's hand. He's more financially responsible than I, and a few years older.

We go to a movie, and on the way home, he keeps my hand in his. As soon as we make it through the door, he's pulling me toward the bed. Our clothes are off in seconds, and I'm lying on my back, with Joe on top of me. My thighs are spread, and he's resting his dick against mine. He gets hard fast, but he focuses all his energy on the kissing and touching. His hand run up and down my sides. I move my legs up, and hold him at the sides with my feet curled around his waist. I feel him breathing heavily, and his lips are all over my neck, chest, and face. He works his way down, and I brace myself against the leather headboard. He takes me in his mouth, and works the shaft up and down quickly. I'm so sensitive at this point, that after just 5 minutes I'm ready to blow. I try to tell him, but I start shaking, and blow my load in his mouth. He doesn't stop sucking, he just keepss going until I'm completely spent. I just lay there, while he works his mouth down to my balls, and to my ass.

He pushes me at the waist, so I'm on my side. He tongue fucks me from an angle and I start to feel my arousal peak again. I'm opening up quickly for him. He lubes me up with his saliva, and quickly slides his dick inside. He's now laying behind me, with his left hand on my side, and his right hand over mine, on the headboard. He's softly fucking me, breathing against the back of my neck. I feel his stomach hair against my back, as his abs expand and retract. His chest is heaving against my spine, and the softness of his chest hair against my skin, relaxes me. He wraps his left leg over my waist, and starts to go deeper inside of me, quickening his pace. He moans in my ear, "I love putting my cum in you...Have a baby with me." He starts grunting and I feel that familiar throbbing of his dick, as he cums. I clench tight while he thrusts deep. He keeps inside me while I clench and retract myself over him. He moans softly in my ear, kissing my neck. We stay in this position for a few minutes, breathing in sync. He's still rock hard as he starts to pull out, I feel him gasp in air, and fall against me, as his dick throbs and pulses again. "Oh fuck, I came again...shit" He's holding tightly to me, his dick spasming inside me, and I loosen my grip on him. He calms, and I feel him start to soften. He slowly pulls out, and turns me back on my back.

He rests on top of me, head on my chest, while I play with his hair. It's grown out a bit in the past few weeks. I wrap my legs around him and hold him close. He starts to kiss my chest, and stomach, running his hand around my naval. He gets up, and I stare at his glistening body. "Let's go shower," as he leads me up, off the bed. The smell of our sex is thick in the studio, and I feel the familiar wetness inside me, and around my ass...



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