The day I made my Employee Mine

I owned my own Moving Service Company, Men with Muscles Movers Inc.

It was located in the suburbs of Vancouver BC.

I have learned over the years to treat people right, respect their property, and things will go well for you. We succeeded in doing this and referrals were pouring in so much that I could almost not keep up.

I was lucky to have working for me an eager energetic man of about thirty two or so. He is very conscientious in what he does, and took to the job without a problem. He always has a cheery smile on his face, and nothing seemed to get him down. And the best part was that he was a real piece of eye candy. He was a real head turner. He was perfect in almost every way, from his deep masculine baritone voice to his sunny disposition and his incredibly radiant piercing blue eyes. When he looked at you he almost hypnotised you and you immediately liked him and felt like you would do anything for him.

I noticed the way he often watched me out of the corner of his eye.

I really wasn't quite sure if he was checking me out and maybe just maybe he was open to doing more with me than just working together. I tried not to get my hopes up.

We were just finishing off the move we were working on, Darian, that was his name, had climbed into the back of the truck and I handed him the tarps to place in the forward part of the truck bed.

Darian was wearing a tight form fitting tank top showing off his powerful masculine chest, abs and pecs. He was a perfect specimen of a man. He had on a pair of cut off 501 button denim shorts that hugged his plush full butt. I had never seen him nude but he also sported a huge basket, he didn't wear underwear or he must wear boxer shorts because his cock always hung down the right side of his leg. He must have a good sized rod in his package as it always hung down at least four inches.

To make matters worse he would often wait until I was behind him and then he would find some reason to causally bend over at the waist and place something down on the floor or pick something up. His ass would be stuck up in the air and it seemed to me that he was doing his best to show it to me.

Damn he really had me getting hot and horny and I had to try extremely hard not to get a boner. All I wanted to do was run up behind him grab him around the waist and rip off his shorts, bend him over and ram my gargantuan eight and a half inch cock deep inside his hot ass. Taking him and making him my fuck toy.

But for now all I could do was drool and lick my lips.

Darian stood up and turned around to look at me. I barely had time to pull my tongue back into my mouth and look quickly away or pretend I was doing something.

He stretched his arms up high over his head flexing his hot body, exposing his firm eight Pac, yes I said eight Pac. He had the perfect set and they just bulged in front of me. He had a slight trail of hair running up his chest and between his pecs. Damn I could hardly control myself. I just wanted to bury my face in his chest and lick him all over.

He had a smirk on his face as he said, "Another good job Boss. We really know how to get it done right. We make a damn good team."

It was late Friday afternoon and we were done for the day. I thought for a moment and then decided to bite the bullet; maybe I could get this stud into some fun for the weekend.

"Darian" I inquired, "You got anything planned for the weekend? I was thinking on heading up to my cottage and spending a relaxing time just boating and swimming and whatever." I figured I would throw the word whatever in just to leave things open. Maybe I could entice Darian up to my cottage and then I could have my way with him.

Darin dropped his hand to his head and scratched it thinking and then answered me in an that excited cocksure manly baritone voice of his, "Well boss I don't have anything really planned, I think I am open to some pleasureful time with my Boss at the cottage. I think it will be fun. Just so long as there is no work to do." He cracked a big smile at me and his baby blue eyes were just sparkling.

Fuck I decided then and there I was going to have this stud anyway I could get him. Besides it sounded like he in a roundabout sort of way was coming on to me. Maybe this would be a great weekend after all.

"Stupendous" I purred, "Then it is settled, it's just you and me for the weekend, boy's time out. I really look forward to this."

Darian strode toward me and jumped down out of the back of the truck, put his arm around my shoulder and drawled out, "Yup, it's gonna be a weekend to remember."

We got into the front cab of the truck and I drove Darian home. He said he needed about half an hour to get ready and he would meet me at back at my place at six PM.

I went home with all kinds of lustful erotic thoughts flowing through my head. My cock was getting hard just with anticipation of things to come.

Promptly at six there was a knock on the door and there was Darian with a duffle bag full of his gear. God he was just so fucking hot looking, a man to die for.

I had changed into my cut off wranglers with no underwear so that my huge uncut cock hung down the side of my leg. I was quite well endowed. Five inches soft and when I got hard, well let's just say I had a real pleasure tool worth having. I was in quite good shape for my forty five year old body. I kept fit and exercised regularly. I also had on a tight form fitting jet black tank top. Displaying my well-shaped upper body.

As I led him towards my jeep I glanced in the side mirror on the door. Wow was he checking me out? Was there really a chance that I would get this stud where I wanted him? Maybe this would turn out to be one of the best weekends ever.

It didn't take long to throw the gear in the back, climb into my jeep and then we were off to the cottage.

My cottage was about three hours north of the city on a small island in a lake. There was only one other cottage on the island beside mine and the owner hardly ever used it so I mostly had the island to myself. I had it stocked with all sorts of supplies and we would want for nothing. There was a portable generator that ran the electricity for the place. It had all the comforts of home.

Darian was really impressed with it. "Wow Boss" He blurted out in an almost jealous voice, "You have every fucking thing that a guy would want. I wish that I had something like this."

Well if things went the right way and I succeeded in seducing this stallion, he would have something like this. I was willing to share.

We went up the porch and I unlocked the cabin door. Putting my arm around Darian I ushered into my parlour.

"Well, come in, come in." I said as I opened the door wider for him. He stepped past me through the doorway. I noticed him glance down at my crotch. I smiled inwardly to myself.

Darian's jaw dropped as he looked around. "Wow," He exclaimed, "This is fucking amazing dude!!"

The place was nothing really spectacular but it was homey. It was about 40' by 40'. Had a small open kitchen, washroom off to the side and a big fireplace that engulfed the at least half of one of the walls. There was a small table with chairs in the breakfast nook and a comfy couch and chair in front of the fireplace. Off to the side was a door leading to my bedroom with a huge queen-sized bed in it.

I turned to Darian and said, "I hope you don`t mind, but I am afraid that I only have one bedroom and we will have to sleep together. Or if you want the couch is a pull out bed and you could sleep there."

I really hoped he would say he would sleep with me and it turned out I was in luck.

``Hey Man" He laughed, ``I'm not shy. I wouldn't mind shacking up with you. You don't bite do you?"

I chuckled back at him, "Well at least not hard, but just know I am really a vampire and plan on making you one of my minions." I opened my lips and gritted my teeth and made playful growls at him.

We had a good laugh at that. So it was settled. We would sleep together. I showed him into my bedroom and we unpacked and got ready for our stay.

When we were done, Darian threw one of his arms around me and we walked back into the main room. It felt so good to have his arm around me. Damn it sent tingles up and down my spine.

We walked toward the kitchen. "How would you like to start off the weekend with a few good stiff drinks? How about it? I have some over proof rum from Jamaica. Hey it's our special weekend. No holds barred, anything goes. Let's get blitzed." I looked deeply into his beautiful baby blues and hoped he took the hint.

Darian laughed and said, "Shit Ya, No holds barred let's get blitzed together. Get to know each other really well. all the way."

He came towards me and leaned forward put his hands behind my head and then placed his forehead against mine and just starred deeply into my eyes. We stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity. Then out of the blue Darian closed his eyes, turned his head to the side and leaned closer to me. He placed his lips against mine and eagerly parted them and stuck his tongue into my mouth. I let out a gasp. Was he really doing this to me? We embraced for a long few minutes, just relishing in each other's clasp. My head was spinning, I felt so good, so at ease.

We parted a moment later and then Darian looked me full in the face and smiled a deep wonderful smile saying, "Ya know Boss I have been trying to get up enough courage to do that for a long time. You are a truly amazing handsome man. I have lusted for you since I started working for you, but the occasion never arose for me to make a move on you. I think I have read the signs and you also lust for me. I am going to show you the weekend of your life. Please say you feel the same way."

I replied in a stuttering voice, "Oh Darian, I thought this would never happen, yes I want you, I need you. Let us explore each other's bodies this weekend. Become a pair."

Clearing his throat he slowly spoke out in that hot baritone voice of his. "I didn't realize how built you are. You don't usually wear such tight fitting clothes. The loose work clothes hide your fine body."

"OK," he shrugged changing the subject. "What about that Rum. I sure could use a stiff drink right about now." He said in a shy embarrassed voice.

I turned towards the pantry and grabbed the bottle of rum. Got out a pitcher, poured in about five or so shots of rum, put in some ice and then topped it off with some coke. Since the rum was ovenproof what I had really put in would be the equivalent of about twenty shots. This was one potent pitcher of a cocktail. Then I reached for two frosted glass mugs from the freezer and filled them to the brim with the cocktail. I handed one to Darian and we toasted and then took a big swig of the brew. We both immediately started to cough. Damn that was harsh stuff. But it slowly mellowed to a good taste and we took another sip. This was more controlled and this time we didn't cough.

We took a few more swigs and then Darian said, "Damn that is good stuff Boss, I am already starting to get a buzz.

I smiled and then took another sip, watching him take a drink, and then as one our eyes brightened as we stared at each other and then as one we quickly downed the whole rest of our mugs. Shit that was good, it burned but it was damn good.

"SSSHHHHIIIIIITTTT" Darian bellowed out. "FUUUUCCCKKKDDDDAAAMMMMMNNNN that was wicked." As he shook his head back and forth.

I picked up the pitcher and refilled our glasses.

He stared at me for a moment, "This is pretty powerful. I probably shouldn't. I really don't know what I will do. I don't want to get too crazy on you. But, it tastes really good. And you did say let's get blitzed."

We clinked our glasses together and a bit slower drained them again. The buzz began to set in.

Then I couldn't control myself any longer. I grabbed a hold of Darian in a power hug and squeezed him tightly. I walked him backward to the bedroom and kicked open the door with my foot. I planted my mouth against his and sucked some of the rum juices out of him. We ground our lips together.

As we kissed deeply we struggled to take off each other's clothes we parted lips and ripped our tanks off over our heads. Our chests were dripping and glistening with sweat. Then we just bent down and tugged off our shorts. We were stark naked. We stood a moment taking in each other's bodies. We were so hot looking, a perfect pair of Stud Stallions. We were in full heat for each other.

I moaned as he reached forward with his hand and gently began stroking my hardening cock.

I looked into his eyes and immediately fell into lust at that moment. I licked my finger getting it lubed and then I reached out and grabbed him, pulling him to me. With my mouth open, my tongue forced its way past his lips, forcing his mouth open. I explored every inch of his hot mouth with my tongue over the top of his and deep into the recesses of the back of his throat, making him moan in pleasure.

My hands slid around down his back, pulling him into me. I then slid one down to his tight puckering crack.

I could feel him submitting to my dominance. Our cocks were rubbing against each other and then I found the entrance to his hole with my finger. He moaned out loudly as I touched his hole.

His hands were roaming up and down my sides and back. He started to whimper as I probed further into his opening. He pulled his face back to get a breath, looking up at the ceiling with a look of pure rapture on his face.

"Oh, fuck, Ya." He moaned, "Take my ass, make it your possession, please take my ass, I give it freely to you it is yours."

And take it I did, pushing my finger all the way into his hole. He spread his legs out a little more, giving me better access.

Slowly he started to back towards the bed pulling me with him. He fell out of my arms onto the bed and moved to the edge of the bed; he lay back, lifting his legs up into the air and grasped then with his hands.

"I want you inside of me." He begged in a servile voice.

Well I could nothing but obey his order. I dropped to my knees in front of his melon cheeks and then spread then wide with my hands. His hole puckered at me, he used his butt muscles and made it wink at me. Oh ya, he was gonna get a good work over. I leaned eagerly forward and plunged my tongue into his hole. He let out a moan of pleasure.

Damn he tasted so good; apparently he had anticipated things to happen like this and had cleaned himself out before we had left for the cottage. He was so clean I could practically eat dinner out of him. I chewed and licked his pleasure channel and made him quiver in total rapture.

After about fifteen minutes of relishing in his musky chute, I pulled my face off of him and then licking my finger placed it against his hole again, pushing it inside of him, I leaned forward towards his neck and started to nibble on his neck and then ear. He was moaning as my finger was going in and out of him, and then I slowly put in a second finger. He groaned even louder. His ass was so moist.

I called out to him, "Darian, have you ever done this before. Had your hole played with by guys' fingers and then fucked by his cock?"

"No" he yelled out, "But I want you. I want you to take me."

As I nibbled on his ear I whispered into it, "I know of a way to make it a bit easier for you. I have some 5% xilocaine ointment, it's the stuff that Dentists use to freeze your mouth but instead of liquid form it is in cream form. People use it to help ease the pain of their hemorrhoids. Let me smear some it on your asshole and it will deaden the pain somewhat so you will be able to take my cock easily. Also I have some stuff called Poppers, You sniff some and it makes your head spin with pleasure and let down your inhibitions. Have you ever tried some before?"

Darian looked deeply into my eyes and nodded his head no and then answered me in a trustful voice. "I want you so badly; I will do anything you ask. I trust you impeccably. All you have to do is ask and I will obey. Please teach me, I want to learn."

With my free hand I reached in to the end table drawer and took out the tube of Xilocaine.

I slowly pulled my fingers out of his now quivering ass and applied a good ΒΌ tube of the cream to my fingers. Then I reached back between his legs and inserted them again, massaging and spreading the cream throughout and deep inside his hole. Darian was moaning out loudly ass I worked his ass getting it ready for my monster cock.

He hadn't seen the size of my cock yet. Not when it was fully hard. My fingers went in past the knuckles.

I spread them wide inside of him stretching his hole and he was rocking his head from side to side and moaning out in sheer pleasure. He really loved it. And his ass was so hot and moist.

"I think we should wait." I murmured into his ear. "After all, you may change your mind when you see how big my cock really gets when it is hard."

It was already getting harder by the minute.

"No, fuck no. I love it." He breathed heavily. "Give me your cock. Put it in me, please. You can't be much bigger than your fingers and I can take that. And I can feel my ass loosening up, that cream is really working. "

Darian hunched up on his elbow and looked down at my now rock hard monster cock. His mouth dropped open and he let out a small gasp.

"Holy Crap," He spoke out, "That is huge. It must be nine inches long and it is as thick as a coke can. Now I definitely want it. I want you to take me and make me yours, all the way. I know it will be a bit difficult, but I really do want it. Please be careful though."

Using my free hand again, I reached into the drawer again and took out the bottle of poppers and I handed them to him.

"You need to hold one of your nostrils closed with your finger and take a few deep sniffs through the other one. Then switch nostrils. In a few second you will begin to get very high and your head will start spinning with pleasure. You will feel like you have the power to do anything, take anything. Let me know when you are ready for my cock."

I had taken my fingers out of his hole and had placed the pulsating tip of my cock at his ready entrance.

He took the poppers from me, unstopped the bottle cap on them and then placed them against his left nostril, plugging his other one with his finger. He took two or three deep sniffs, then put the bottle to the other nostril and repeated his action.

Slowly a big smile came over his face, he laughed out loud and cried out in pure erotic happiness,"Fuck I feel fucken ggggreaaattttt, I feel like I am flying. My ass is twitching, please don't make me wait. Take me, Take me PPPLLLLLEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE." He whined like a puppy.

I moved forward pushing slowly up and in. It slowly broke through his cherry opening, his head fell back and he cried out, "OOOOOHHHHHHHH GGGGOOOOOOOODDD!" he screamed out.

I had just taken his virginity, I waited a minute to let him adjust to me being inside, then as I felt his ass muscles relax. I pushed some more of my girth into him, and then he started to moan in rapture.

"Is it OK?" I softly inquired of him. "Do you want me to pull out."

"No don't you dare stop. Give me all the rest of it." He pleaded with his teeth tightly clenched, "I want it all. Don't stop. Please don't fucken stop? I want to be taken completely by you. I know I can take it."

Even though I thought I was hurting him, I obliged. I slowly penetrated him further, inch by inch. His gates parted for me, accepted me, and invited me in. My cock was going where it needed and wanted to be.

Finally I had completely filled him with my total thickness and length.

He whimpered, as I slowly started to pull back out, then plunge it back in. He knew I had taken him. I had possessed his very sole. He was mine totally and unconditionally.

"Like it?" I asked, as I power drove him with my gargantuan tool. His ass had completely opened up and accepted every thick inch of my rod.

"Oh, fuck, yes. I crave it I need it. I don't know how I lived without it up to now. I want it in me till the end of time." He whimpered out as I brutally used his hot eager butt. I thrust in as hard as I could; my balls were making loud slapping noises against his butt cheeks. The headboard was banging hard against the wall behind it. Every once in a while I would slap his ass with the palm of my hand. Not hard but in a loving lustful way. I knew it was bringing untold pleasure to him.

"I want to be with you always, please fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me." He was chanting as he pleaded to me.

He was so turning me on so much with his lustful chanting talk, and the way his ass muscles hugged my cock. Each time he chanted Fuck me I rammed into the hilt. I built up speed and power, my body was a blur. I almost felt like I could put my whole body into his depths.

"Oh Boss, I want you to Fucken cum in me. I want to feel you shoot deep inside me. Fuck YA, YA. Oh, Boss, fuck me," He continued to beg of me.

I was losing control rapidly; he was making me plunge into him like a jackhammer.

"Oh Yes, harder, harder. Pound my Fucken ass, your fucken ass." he moaned uncontrollably as he submitted to my power. I had become his God. His Apollo.

He was quivering and shaking, I knew I was hitting his prostate, his love button. His ass had opened up so much for me that I could pull all the way out of him and his hole would stay wide open I didn't even have to hold my cock with my hand to steer it into him. There seemed to be a suction coming from deep within him. My cock just plunged forward and found the opening. Like a strong vacuum my cock was sucked right in. I continued to take my cock completely out and then ram back in. Darian was thrashing his head from side to side as he dried out in pleasureful whimpering sounds.

I was sweating in droves and was dripping all over his stud stallion body.

From deep inside him a loud moaning howling animalistic roar sounded and built up to a huge credenda, as I pounded his/now my butt, over and over again.

"Oh, Boss man, my Boss man, I can taste you, I feel it in my throat. Fuck man you're gonna make me CCCCUUUUMMMMM..." He Howl bellowed at the top of his voice.

I felt his ass clench my cock tightly as it began to pulsate and his body shook. I was taken to heights that were unbelievable. Then I lost control, my body shuttered spasmodically. I was moving at the speed of light but it was almost like slow motion. Then as one we erupted. My hot lava like jism started to fill his depths. His equally hot load began to gush over our chests and faces. His sperm shot high into the air, at least eight feet, it almost touched the ceiling. Then it rained down all over us covering us in a rain of his hot fluids. We had become one, completely together. We were in throws of pure and utter ecstasy. I kept ramming deep into him, as I filled him with the last of my load.

Then as one we collapsed. We were panting and shaking like leaves in a high wind, so much so that we passed out in each other's arms.

Hours later I came to, I was lying on top of Darian and my cock was still deep inside his butt. It felt so right, so at home. It truly belonged there.

With my stirring, Darian's eyes slowly opened.

He smiled at once and reached up to cradle my head. There was pure want and full adulation in his baby blue eyes. They were glistening and glowing. He was radiant. I felt so much love for him.

I slowly pulled my semi hard cock out of his ass with a loud sucking sound and fell to the bed beside him.

He snuggled into my chest and whispered in a content satisfying voice, "OH God, Boss, what have you done to me? I have never in my life felt this way before. I love you more than life itself. My ass feels so empty without you inside of it. I wish to be joined with you forever. You are my everything."

He tilted his head up and his eyes penetrated mine, it seemed he was looking dreamily into my very sole.

I reached down to him and cradled his head in my hand and said emotionally. "Darian, OH my Darian. I love you too. So much that it hurts. Never leave me. I could not bear to lose you. Please say that you will be mine, forever."

"Yes, My Boss, Yes, Forever. Forever."



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