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Through high school I had always pretty much assumed I was straight, I had a girlfriend for a few months, nothing too serious but I had never really questioned my sexuality.  As my senior year rolls around I start to notice that my eyes being draw to hot guys in gym class and the feeling I get isn't "normal"; well not for someone who's straight anyways.


This all starts my freshman year of college, ended up going to a state school about an hour from home.  My roommate was a good friend of mine from high school but not one I've ever had any attraction to.  I made the club soccer team and one the first week of practice I realized I wasn't going to be able to tell myself I'm straight any longer...

I continued to walk through the gym complex, totally lost looking for the soccer locker rooms, when I finally see another person.  "Hey do you know where the locker rooms are for soccer?" I asked, as I look up at him I realize how cute he was, he must've been a freshman too because he looked just as lost as I was. "uhh no I've been looking for the past 10 minutes too bro, I'm Kevin by the way." still distracted by his looks I just said "oh nice to meet you" he smiles at me and laughs "and your name is..." snapping back into reality I smile back and stick out my hand to shake " Hey my name's Andrew".

We started talking with each other as we searched for the locker room together.  Turns out he's from Texas and is also a freshman.  I couldn't  seem to stop staring at his body, it was hard to tell since he had his sweatshirt on but I had the feeling he had a slim toned body underneath it.  a few minutes of walking and we finally found our way to the locker room and met the rest of the freshman.  Immediately the coach told us to get changed and partner up, we were going for a run.  

I'm about 5'11" and 150 pounds, I'm slim and toned but I've been trying to gain muscle for the past couple years, I hated always being the skinny kid.  As me and Kevin started unpacking our things I put my shorts on and then took off my sweatshirt and put on my practice jersey.  As I pulled the jersey over my head I caught Kevin staring at my chest but as soon as I made eye contact he turned away immediately, didn't think much of it, pretty normal locker room behavior I guess.  As I was lacing up my shoes Kevin was across from me stripping down, since we got lost on the way here we were the only two left changing.  I couldn't help but stare as he stripped all the way down to his boxer briefs, as my eyes scanned up his body I caught eye contact.  I had just checked out his body for a solid 10 seconds and he knew it.  Still staring I opened my mouth to muster up some excuse and he just laughs and says "take a picture it'll last longer" smiles and then pulls his jersey on.  "Sorry man just kinda zoned out" I said finally explaining myself.  "No worries, you ready for a run?" he jokingly said as he pulled his shorts up.  I nodded back and we headed outside to the field.  

I was expecting to be doing laps around the track but as soon as we made it outside coach told us both that we would be running a 5 mile trail and pointed us down a dirt path.  

As we ran we talked some more, turns out Kevin's father is military so he used to move around every year or so and he never really made many friends because of it, but was happy to be at college finally.  I saw my opportunity here and asked if he wanted to hang out later tonight, being the first weekend of college I definitely didn't want to spend it alone in my dorm.  He happily agreed and we found a stump to take a quick break.

I grabbed a drink of my water and as I did kevin turns about halfway away facing off the trail, pulls down his shorts and pulls his dick out.  Caught off guard I awkwardly said "uhh what are you doing?"

"I'm taking a leak... unless you see a bathroom somewhere in the woods"  I felt like an idiot, still caught off guard I didn't know what else to do so I went about 5 feet down the trail and did the same.  I made sure to look straight ahead and not make the situation any more awkward than it was.  As I started to pulled up my shorts I turned towards Kevin and saw him turn his head away quickly as I did.  

Now I know that I'm gay or at least curious, so I can explain my own awkward looks at him but this was the second time I caught him looking, and as much as I hoped he might be gay or curious he just seemed really straight.

"You ready to keep going?" he asked.  "Yeah lets hit it" and we finished off the last couple miles of the run.  For the last few miles he took the lead and the way back I was just looking at his ass, in the tight soccer shorts I couldn't help myslef from getting hard and had to look away.  We didn't say much till we got back, at this point we were already out of breath anyways.

Since we were the last to start we were also the last to finish, we checked in with our coach at his office and he said it was just the run today but staring Monday we would have full practice every day.  Relieved we were getting out already we headed to the lockers and grabbed our stuff for the showers.

Now at my high school we always showered after practice but there were Individual stalls so it wasn't really any different from showering at home, but as we walked back with our towels and gear I realized this was one big open one with a few different heads.  As soon as I noticed this I stopped, there was no way I was gonna be able to shower right next to this kid without being rock hard the whole time.

  Kevin took his shirt off and then turned around when he noticed I had stopped.  Confused he asked "what's wrong man you look like you just saw a ghost" instead of looking him in the eye I looked at his abs which were glistening with sweat. "uhm I guess I'm just not used to the whole communal shower thing" he smiles to me as he took his shorts and briefs off in one motion "it's not that bad you'll get used to it, besides it not like you have any reason to be self conscious" he said as he turns away and turns the showers head on.  

I stood there for another minute watching the water roll down his body, his ass was now starring me in the face.  With no real alternative I stripped down and went the the head that furthest away, only about 10 feet.  I did my best to keep from looking at him and as I turned to sneak a quick look there he was standing buck naked 2 feet away from me.  He must've seen he startled me because he put his hand on my arm "didn't mean to scare you, but can I grab your shampoo, I totally forgot mine?" as soon as he touched my arm I felt my cock start to swell up "uh yeah I ju-" I started to say.  "bro you're bleeding! Kevin says and points down to my leg, he suddenly kneels down and grabs my leg "yeah you've got a thorn stuck, I'm gonna pull it out" at this point his head is right in front of my crotch as he pulls a thorn out of my calf. "got it!" as he stands up my cock slides across his arm.  I can't think of anything to say other than thanks, the last thing I was expecting was to have his face inches from my cock when I got in the shower. "No problem" he smiles at me and grabs my shampoo, instead of walking back to the head he was at before, he turns in the one right next to me and starts to wash his short blond hair.  He's got a military cut, short on top and buzzed on the sides.

  I can't keep my silence any longer "so do you have a girlfriend back home?" "No I've never actually had one" he said.  "really, you're honestly really hot I feel like you'd get girls really easily" I finally showed that I at least think he's attractive.He looks over at me, notices I'm rock hard and looks up at me almost disgusted and says "like I said I never stayed at a school for more than a year, it's not that I don't want one." Right after he said that he turned off his shower and grabbed his towel and headed out of the stall.

Disgusted with how I handled that, I rinsed off and headed back to the lockers.  There I saw Kevin already half dressed, we silently got dressed next to each other and headed out."so which dorm do you live in?" I asked him."I'm in Baptist hall, still haven't met my roommate yet" "No way I'm in there too room 206, which are you?""Oh cool I'm 314" he replied"So you still want to hang out tonight?" I asked.  He looked a bit confused "yeah of course, why wouldn't I?" he said as we got the dorm building."No reason I guess, I'm gonna lay down and rest for like an hour if you wanna come down to my room then?  my roommate is out for the weekend."     "ok sounds good!" he said as he smiled and walked up the stairs to his room.

When I got to my room I sat on my bed and slid my sweatpants down, my cock springing up, still hard from the shower.  I don't want to loose this kid as a friend just because I want to fuck a straight guy.  I start to jerk off hoping it will stop me from getting hard around him tonight again.  Just the thought of Kevin's wet body in the shower is enough I was just about to cum when I heard a knock on my door.  "hold on-" I start to shout as the door opens up and kevin walks in with a bottle of vodka.  The smile on his face immediately vanished as he sees me cock in hand on my bed. I just look at him speechless, my hand still grabbing my hard cocky."Shit sorry bro!" he says as he walks in and closes and locks the door (something I apparently forgot to do)."I guess this is why you wanted an hour haha" he says half smiling Still sitting literally with my pants down all I can muster is an "uh-huh..."

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