I fucked a guy named Asher once. He worked at a kosher meat processing company, and he was a sexy motherfucker. He had long lashes, he stood over me at least 5 inches. Tallest Jewish guy I've ever met, and hung like a fuckin horse. I mean, you could see his thickness through the dickies jeans he wore for work. I met him one time on the F train. Don't ask how the hell we started talkin. I was on my way to an appintment, and he was on his way home. He kept looking at me up and down like, and I knew he knew he wanted a piece of my ass. 

I worked my way down to him, and waited for the broad to get up next to him, so I could have a seat. A few minutes later I'm practically in his lap, and he's asking about my life. I met him later for beverages, and we fucked in the alley behind the joint. He fucked me so good, I came first, and I didn't even touch myself. He fucked me so good, I called him the next day. He came over to the apartment, and had on some jean shorts and a loose tank top. His build was decent, and he wasn't too hairy. He had on a trucker cap and some aviators, which I took off immediately, to look up into his gorgeous brown eyes. Thick lips, and a lighter complexion. I swear to fuck, I would've had his babies if it were physically possible. And not in a fuckin sissy shit kinda way. I wanted this man for the rest of my life, and I didn't even know it. 

He followed me upstairs, and we went to my room. I pulled off my top blanket, and stripped down to nothing, while he watched. He came in for a kiss, and actually held me. Literally, held me. He was soft and gentle, clearly not like he'd been the night before. I felt his heart beat against my face, and actually breathed in his fragrance. Burberry Rhythm, and sweat. He took his hat off, kissing me, like they did back in the black and white movie days, really romantic and shit. He peeled off his tank top, and I felt him up. Little patch of chest hair, and some dark sexy tummy hair. He wasn't ripped, but he had some sexy muscular hips, and those fucking amazing lines that dip down to the dick line. Holy fuck. I unbuttoned his jean shorts, and he wasn't wearing underwear, so I reached into his sexy dark bush, and groped him for a few minutes while we kissed. 

He was hard instantly, and so was I. I pushed him back toward the bed, and he lay down, with me climbing on top. I reached over to get my lube from the table next to my bed, and used half a bottle on that glorious cock of his. I lubed his shaft, head, balls, and myself too. I put a condom on him, but it only went half way down. I wet that too, and I slid down his pole, like a kid at a carnival. My ass must've been craving that cock, cause the whole thick thing popped up in my man pussy without a struggle.

It wasn't but a few bucks of his hips, that he had me cumming again. I rode him til I felt him bust up in that condom, twitching his dick against my prostate. Almost made me cum again, except one of my fuckin roommates banged on the door telling me I had a delivery. Fuckin timing. He was still cumming, when I slid off his dick, whipping the door open. Tim looked over and saw Asher, and backed up immediately. "Holy mother of fuck." "Yeah, thanks for the interruption douche cunt, what do you want?" "You have a delivery." I rolled my eyes, pulling my robe on, and followed him down the stairs, dick still dripping cum. It was from my Ma. "What the fuck Tim? I was having the best sex of the summer up there, with the God of cock, and you interrupt me with some bullshit delivery?" He apologized and I walked away.

I got up to my room, and Asher was pulling on his jean shorts. "Fuck, please stay." "No, you got a house full now, and I don't want to be rude." "Nah, just my fuckin roommates. They're fine, as long as one of them has a bucket of chicken, and the others have a bucket of porn." He smiled, and kissed me. "I'll just text you later. Thanks for the ride babe." I honestly didn't mind him calling me that, but this would only end badly. I blocked his number when he left. I can't have a man liking me. I don't know what I even want in life right now. Fuck sake, i live with an apartment of gays, I don't need one more.

I met this guy at work the following weekend. He came in with his girlfriend, and when she got up to go to the ladies' room, he asked for my number. I asked him why, and he said I was cute, and he wanted to mess around. I said he was fuckin nuts, cause he needs to articulate this to his girlfriend. He said she wanted to wait til marriage, and I told him to fuckin leave her ass at the bakery he picked her up at. No really, she makes cupcakes and donuts, and bread. She made an order for his office party, and when he picked them up, he 'fell in love'. She's cute, but there are thousands of girls out here who would give him the pussy. He was cute, red hair (nice red, not evil red). He had a trimmed beard, and wore circle specs. 

I gave him my number, thinking he was going to fuck me that night. Turns out he wanted to play and jack off together. Fuck that. I asked what else he was interested in, and he said he'd never been fucked by a guy before. I love being fucked, but he was too cute to pass up, so I said I'd do it. He seemed surprised, but I told him he looked good, why not. 

That night, he picked me up after my other job downtown. He drives a BMW 6 series, and it totally matches his personality. He's not too baller, but successful business type is what I'm saying. He took me to a hotel in china town. Obviously not my cup of tea, but it's cheap, and they don't ask questions. We got to our room, and immediately made out. He got naked in a couple minutes, and had a decent build. He had some body fat, but it was sexy, with his reddish armpits and pubes. He had freckles all over, and an average dick and balls. I played with them a little, and sucked his dick for a little bit, til he turned around and wanted me to rim his ass. 

I don't play that well with assholes, so I fingered him instead. It was hot, and hairy, and he made a lot of noise. I mean, his moans could've been knocked down a few notches. I didn't give a fuck, but it would've been nice to have a conversation about what felt good, and what not, instead of him moaning like Donald Trump at the sound of his own voice.

I stroked him a few times while I finger fucked him, but he told me to stop, cause he wanted to cum with me. I was hard of course, so I told him to get me ready. He got on his knees, and hungrily sucked and licked my dick. He had a sweet mouth, and didn't use any teeth. Like mouth fucking a pro. He put a condom on me, and lubed me up with some cheap shit he'd picked up at walgreens. I lay back on the flimsy ass bed, and he awkwardly got on top. He whimpered and bitched about the pain for a second, and then I started thrusting up at the hips, while he tried to talk dirty to me. 

I'd been fucking him for almost half an hour, and listening to his fucking dirty talk was annoying the fuck out of me. I told him I had to piss so could he cum already? He bounced up and down a few more times, while strokin his dick, and finally busted all over my chest. I pushed him off me, and jerked off til I came too. I rolled over, letting the cum soak into the polyester sheets, and got up and dressed. He was basking on the cum soaked bed, asking why I was in a hurry. I told him I'd had a long day, but honestly, he just wouldn't shut the fuck up. 

He dropped me off at my building, and sped off, when I thanked him for the night. He wanted me to call him. What am I, your Mother? I'm not callin his sorry ass, get the fuck outta here. Hot car tho. I got upstairs and took a shower right away. I forgot to grab a towel, so I just walked out to air dry. The boys were home, and made cat calls and whistles, like a bunch of pansies. I took my clothes upstairs, and dropped them in my hamper. I slept naked that night, and woke up with a hardon. I jacked off watching some asian dudes stroking off in bed. One sat behind the other, and he had his hands tied behind his back. Fuckin hot. I got off while he moaned and writhed, while the other guy jerked him off.

I came in my hand, and then wiped it on one of the towels in the hamper. I lay back down and fell asleep again. I got up later and pulled on some jeans and a tee. I headed down and talked to Stephen. He said he was going to go to the mall, if I wanted to join. I ran up and slipped on some shoes, and headed back down. We took a taxi, and split the fee. We picked up some cheap shit from h&m and jcpenney, and headed to bath & body works. They had a sale going on, so we picked up some room sprays for the bathroom, and some three wick candles for our rooms. We saw a couple hotties headed toward the food court, so we followed, just to watch their cakes in their skinny jeans.

We ate some mcd's and headed toward the main entrance. I dropped my bag, and heard a crack, quickly picking up my bags, and realizing I broke one of the candles from b&bw. We went back, hoping they'd be able to do an exchange. There was a cute guy working behind the counter, that I hadn't seen before. He said they should've wrapped the candle carefully, and that he'd exchange it for me. He was about my height, and had curly black hair, and blue eyes. He was about my same build, except I could see a little bit of chub around his mid section. 

He talked to me about a new expansion they were doing, and I didn't give a flying fuck, but I listened and nodded. I wanted the dick. I ended up getting his number, and bummed around til he was done. Stephen headed back upstairs, taking my hint that I wanted to bone in the bathroom. We found a family restroom, and went in. I threw a condom at him, and he started to blush. "You don't wanna fuck me?" "No, I do, it's just..." "Just what?" "Just...I've been told I'm too big." "Bitch, let me see." He pulled his shirt up, exposing a dark happy trail, and unbuttoned his pants, pushing them down. Holy fuck, this kid was packin. 

He smiled, and I nodded approvingly. Challenge accepted. He started jerking off, and I gave him some tongue action at the roof of his mouth. I moaned in his ear, telling him I wanted his big man meat in my tight boy pussy. He coughed a couple times, nervously, but kept stroking. He had to be at least 9 inches and maybe an extra quarter inch. Swear to fuck. He was dripping pre cum from his big ol' mushroom head dick, and I helped him put the condom on. I didn't have any lube, so we used soap from the dispenser by the sink. I lubed my asshole and his dick, and bent over, expectantly waiting. He sure as shit almost ripped me a new one. 

I moaned loudly, and almost cried a little it hurt so fuckin good. He literally couldn't fit it in at first, until I slowly opened up for him. Inch after inch, he split into me. Once he was in, he said he could feel my contractions and that I was going to make him bust if I didn't hold it together. Honest to fuck I couldn't. My ass was contracting like a fuckin virgin, I was shaking so bad. I felt his cold hands on my sides, as he grabbed hold of me, and told me he was going to cum. Neither one of us moved, but that moster cock of his shook and jumped inside my deepest parts. 

He moaned a few times, and pulled out almost immediately after, aftraid the condom was broken. It wasn't, but damn sure looked like we'd tried to. I helped him slide it off, and admired his thick load. He was quite the shot, and admittedly it wouldn't been fun seeing him shoot it across the small bathroom. I washed up, feeling itchy around my asshole. I knew the soap was a fucking mistake, but shit, that was the biggest horse cock i'd ever seen, or felt rammed up in my ass, in my life.

I limped back to Stephen, and b&bw guy went back upstairs. I don't remember his fucking name, but that dick, I'll never forget. I'm Jagger, and I'm a sex addict.




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