a big shout out to RichardAdams for helping me with the story, not sure if the would have been any good without his editing!and yes everyone the RichardAdams of "Am I..." he is a awesome writer and a great editor. he has opened my eyes to many things, and if you have not read "am i..." yet i suggest you check it out! one of the best stories on the website handsdown! but enough of that here's The Brighter Side


"C'mon Brad! Table sixteen's order is ready to go!" says Jeff, the chef/owner of Jeff's Diner (yeah I know. Not very original...).

"Coming!" I call back.

I rush through the kitchen and get to the pass. On the pass sits four plates of food, ready to be delivered to the waiting customers, the smell of cooked meat and toasted bread filling my nose. "Thanks Brad!" Jeff says.

"No problem! They smell great as usual!"

I quickly balance the plates on my hands and arms and carefully walk out the double doors to the main restaurant floor. The noise isn't too much, due the dinner rush slowing down, but there are still a lot of other customers left. I find table sixteen and walk over to them. "One hamburger, one tuna melt, and two BLT's," I say as I walk up.

The two guys and two girls smile at me, recognizing me from school. I quickly hand them the plates and look back at them. "Need anything else?" I ask.

"Nope, we're good Brad," says one of the girls (I think her name's Emily).

"How's the boyfriend hunt going?" asks one of the guys (Thomas or Tommy is his name).

"It's not going anywhere at all," I say. "Sure, there are a few openly gay guys at school, but they're either taken or complete dicks."

"Well, keep your head up," says the second guy (maybe his name's Josh or Joshua). "You'll find someone soon enough."

I offer them a smile. "Thanks guys. Hope you enjoy the food."

They give me a wave and I walk through the dining floor, asking my tables if they need anything else, most of which don't. I make it back to the server's station and find my coworker and best friend: Jaden Simmons. "Hey Brad," he says as I walk up.

"Hey Jaden," I reply.

Yeah, in case you didn't know by now, my name's Bradley 'Brad' Connors. I'm seventeen years old and am a pretty average guy, five foot nine, tan skin from being in the sun, kind of shaggy brown hair with matching brown eyes, a lean body I keep in shape and people always call my face both 'handsome' and 'cute.' I'm not even sure that can be possible, being both handsome and having a cute face.

And in case you also haven't noticed, I'm gay. I've been out for about two years now and am very happy to say that nothing about my life has changed because of it. Dad took it really well and said it didn't change the fact I'm still his son. School didn't change and people were really welcoming of me. It's the same with Jaden.

Yeah, Jaden's gay too. Jaden's also seventeen and is about five foot seven or five foot eight with light brown skin that doesn't have a single flaw to it and straight dark brown hair. He looks a bit younger than he is, but he makes up for it with a mostly positive attitude that never seems to appear at work. "God, I want this shift to be over," Jaden complains.

"Why?" I ask. "There aren't that many people in here and the people are all nice."

"I know that. Matthew's picking me up in a little while and I don't want to wait anymore."

Ugh. Matthew Jones is Jaden's boyfriend. Surprisingly, Matthew's the start quarterback for the football team and is the most attractive guy in school. He may be hot, but I don't know what Jaden sees in him. "Well, we only have a few more tables to finish," I say. "I want to get out of here too."

I pull Jaden away from the station and get him to clean up a few tables while I handle the last few customers. We finish in about fifteen minutes and toss our aprons in the laundry bin and start to head out. "Thanks for the help today, boys!" Jeff says.

"Thanks for the hard work, Jeff!" I call back.

"See you next week!" says Jaden.

Jaden and I walk out through the back door and walk to the front of the restaurant. We don't see Matthew's car yet, so Jaden and I sit on the bench and wait. The moon and stars are high in the sky, making the night a beautiful one. "Today sucks," Jaden says.

"You always say that," I reply, knowing where this is going.

"Well, today sucks more than others."

"You say that all the time too." Jaden rests his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands, letting out a large sigh. "Oh, stop being all gloom and doom."

"I can't help it. Life sucks right now."

"You're just saying that because we didn't make that much money today."

"I can't help it. I need some money right now."

I look down at my watch and see it's almost fifteen minutes after eight. Matthew was supposed to pick up Jaden fifteen minutes ago. "Matthew's late," I say. "Do you need a ride home?"

"No thanks. I'll give him a little more time."

"Well, I'll wait a little longer with you then."

Jaden and I stare off into the distance, the air of the evening comfortably cool. Jaden and I do this sometimes, just stare into space and not say anything for a while. "Tomorrow's Monday," I say after almost ten minutes. "You know what that means..."

"Yeah," Jaden dismally replies. "New partners for labs in Mr. Daley's class."

"Yup. I wonder who I'll be partnered with this time."

"Hopefully someone with some spunk and someone who can cheer you up, because you've been a real killjoy lately."

I look at Jaden in disbelief. "I've been a killjoy? Please!"

"You have been. I think its because you're lonely..."

I know Jaden didn't mean it, but those words sting because they're very true. "Please," I solemnly say. "I don't need anyone in my life."

"Not even your best friend?" Jaden asks.

"Well, maybe you. But that's it."

"I don't know what you'd do without me..."

I place my hand on Jaden's shoulder and look him straight in the eye. "You're my only friend, you know that right?"

"All too well." A car suddenly pulls up in front of us. "Matthew's here!"

And he's thirty minutes late...

Jaden opens the door and quickly climbs in in. When he's fully in the car, he leans over and gives Matthew a kiss. "Thanks for picking me up," he says,

"You know it's not a problem," Matthew replies. He looks out the door and sees me. "Hey Brad."

"Sup," I reply.

"Hey Brad?" says Jaden. "All I'm saying is that you need to find some happiness in your life. It sucks seeing you so sad because you're alone..."

"Yeah, yeah," I wave off. "I'll see you tomorrow."


"Later Brad," says Matthew.

Jaden shuts the door and I watch as Jaden and Matthew head off in Matthew's jet black BMW, a nervous feeling in my stomach. I know Jaden and Matthew have been dating for almost two months now, but I still can't seem to trust Matthew. He's widely known around school as a flirt, even Jaden knows that, and I've seen him openly hit on other students, despite being with Jaden.

I get to my car and head home. But as I'm driving, I think about Jaden and Matthew. Matthew and Jaden met back in October. Matthew was having some trouble in his Anatomy class and needed a tutor. But Matthew, with his six foot three, two hundred twenty pound stature, makes him a bit hard to approach. Also, he's a bit...slow. He's not dumb at all. It just takes him a bit more time to understand some things.

So no one wanted to tutor Matthew. That was until Jaden came along. Jaden wasn't scared of Matthew at all and was extremely patient with Matthew, it taking until December for Matthew to finally start understanding what he was learning. This was proved correct when Matthew got his first A on an Anatomy test.

He was so happy and couldn't thank Jaden enough. So Matthew invited Jaden to a party at his house as thanks for all the help he's given Matthew. That's where things got...interesting. Jaden told me that Matthew got pretty drunk at the party and drunkenly pulled Jaden upstairs to his bedroom.

Jaden wondered what was going on, but Matthew pulled Jaden into a hard kiss. It totally caught Jaden off guard and when Matthew pulled away from Jaden, Matthew looked incredibly scared and Jaden bolted out the door. For the next two weeks, Jaden and Matthew never said a single word to one another.

Matthew eventually apologized for what happened, saying it was the alcohol taking him over, and Jaden forgave him. The two quickly became good friends. But Jaden and I noticed that Matthew was starting to be a bit different. Jaden sensed something was up and tried to put some space between him and Matthew.

Jaden told me that he didn't want to be with Matthew because of Matthew's tendencies to flirt with others and didn't want his heart to be crushed and manipulated. But Jaden started to feel strongly about Matthew and he soon confessed his feelings to Matthew, expecting Matthew to turn him down or hate him.

But what came next surprised everyone. Matthew grabbed Jaden and kissed him right in the middle of the school lobby. Even I was shocked. Matthew said he felt the same way about Jaden and the two have been together ever since.

I shake the memories out of my head and focus on my driving. As I pull up to a red light and slow down, something catches my eye: a head of fiery orange hair. On the street corner, jogging in place, is a face I don't recognize, and God is that face handsome with its strong jawline, light freckles, and emerald green eyes.

The mystery boy seems to be about my age and looks to be about six foot one. His red hair is close cut, similar to a crew cut, and his body is the work of a Renaissance sculptor. The boy is wearing a black tank top that shows off two beautifully sculpted arms, large biceps filling out both upper arms.

Even through a shirt, I can see the definition of a six-pack protruding through the fabric. As I look to his legs, covered by skin as white and pure as milk, the muscle tone is just as perfect as the rest of his body. Everything about this guy is...perfect. Just looking at him actually makes me stop breathing for a few seconds.

The boy suddenly starts jogging across the street through the crosswalk. As he passes, he turns and looks right at me. And just for a second, no, a fraction of a second, I see a sly smile on his face. I feel y face get hot the second he lays his eyes on me. He looks back in front of him and makes it across the street and keeps jogging down the sidewalk, my eyes never leaving him for a second.

The light turns back to green and it takes me a second to see it. I press lightly on the gas and continue my drive home, my face feeling magma hot and as red as the head of hair of that beautiful boy...


I get home about fifteen minutes later, pulling into the driveway of my two-story house. As I pull in, I see Dad's car sitting in the driveway. I pull in next to him and step out of the car and walk up into the house. I get to the kitchen and find Dad sitting at the counter with a glass of iced tea. "Hey Dad," I say.

"Hey," he replies. "How was work?"

"It kind of sucked."

Dad suddenly laughs a little bit. "You're hanging out with Jaden so much, you're starting to sound like him."

"Well, it did." I take a seat next to him and he pours me a glass of tea too. "Thanks." I take a sip of the tea and fall back in my seat. "I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life..."

"You always say that too," Dad says with a bit of exasperation in his voice. "Why can't you ever be positive?"

"I have nothing to be happy about. Dad, I need someone significant in my life. I love you, but I need someone else..." There's a long pause and I regret what I said after a minute. "Dad...I didn't..."

"I know you didn't, son. Yeah, I know it's been hard since your mom died. It's been hard for me too. I know you need someone to help fill the void that I can't fill. I'm sure you'll find a boyfriend soon enough."

"I hope so, Dad." I drink the rest of my iced tea and stand up. "I'm going to take a shower and get my homework done."

"Alright son."

I give Dad a quick hug and head upstairs to the bathroom, still feeling a little bad about what I said. For the last five years, it's just been Dad and me. Mom died five years ago in a car accident, and it was really hard to lose her. It left a hole in my heart that I haven't been able to fill since.

Don't get me wrong. Dad loves me more than anything. But it's hard for him to support us both and to be there for me when I need it. He has a great job and makes enough money to give us a very comfortable life, but his hours are long and it's often hard for us to see each other because I work on weekends, when he has his days off.

Once inside the bathroom, I quickly strip down and let the shower water get warm before stepping in. After a long day a work, a shower feels freaking amazing. I spend a bit longer in there than I should, but the extra minutes help me to unwind.

With a towel around my waist, I head back to my room and slip on a t-shirt and my boxer-briefs that are a size too small and show off the outline of my dick. I really should buy some new ones, but I'm always too lazy to go to the mall to get them. Plus, I like the way they feel around my waist and legs.

I fall into my bed and grab my calculus textbook from the side of my bed and ease into my homework. Yeah, homework sucks, but I need to keep my 3.7 GPA if I want to get into college. I look at the clock after I'm just about done. 11:23. Homework done in two hours. Not bad.

I set my school stuff down next to my bag and am about to get ready for bed when I think back to earlier in the evening, when I saw the red-haired boy. I need to tell Jaden about it...

My phone's on my nightstand, so I grab it and quickly dial Jaden's number. "Hey what's up?" he asks after three rings.

"Not much," I say. "I just got my homework done. How about you?"

"I just got out of the shower."

"Aw, did Matthew get cum in your hair again? You poor thing..."

"Oh ha ha...very funny. And no he didn't. Matthew and I didn't have sex tonight."

"Sure you didn't..."

"Shut up!" Jaden yells with some laughter in his voice. "I know you didn't just call me to mock me. Something else must be up."

The red-haired boy pops back into my head, and I feel my dick hardening at the thought of him. "Well, after you and Matthew left, I was driving home when I saw this guy jogging on a street corner at a red light."


"And he jogged across the street and he looked at me and smiled a bit. And when he smiled at me, I got so nervous that I felt my face blush. Stupid right?"

"Not even. You should've gotten out of your car and asked for his number so he could be your boyfriend. Maybe then you'd be happy."

"I told you I'm fine. I don't need anyone else..."

"Now you and I both know that isn't true, Brad. Anybody that know you can tell that you're practically screaming 'somebody love me!'"


"Anyway, back to the guy. What did he look like? Don't miss any details. I want to know everything."

"Well, he looked like he was our age. He had bright orange hair that looked like his head was on fire and it was cut short, almost like a crew cut. His eyes were so green that they seemed almost fake and his skin was a pure white. God, his body was so ripped, like he works out every day. His face, body, everything was...perfect."

From over the phone, I hear Jaden laugh a bit. "You really like this guy, don't you?"

"What?! No I don't! I-I just think he's a very attractive guy!"

"Brad, never before have I heard you describe, let alone take interest, in anyone like this before. You're head over heels for this guy!"

"W-Whatever. I'm going to sleep."

"Okay, wallow in your own unhappiness..."

"Thanks, I will. Night."

I hang up the phone and place it back on my nightstand. I turn out the lights and crawl into bed, placing the covers over me. As I fall into my pillow, I stare through the darkness and at the ceiling, the red-haired boy flowing back into my mind.

Yeah, I know Jaden's right, and that's why I couldn't tell him that the second the boy smiled at me, my heart skipped a beat. I would do anything just to see that guy again...

Sleep starts to take me over, so I let it envelop me. I close my eyes and drift off into a comfortable slumber...


My alarm clock causes me to shoot up from my bed. God, I don't want to go to school today, but I need to find out whom my new lab partner is. I manage to pull myself out of bed and get to the bathroom for a shower. The boy from yesterday flows into my head as I let the warm water wake me up. Get out of my head...

Once I'm clean, I throw on some clothes, have a quick breakfast with Dad, and head off to school. It's a very mild morning in Malibu. I wouldn't mind walking to school if it weren't so far from my house. I get to school and park in the parking lot and wait for Jaden to show up. Sure enough, he drives up a few minutes later in his Mustang and parks next to me. "Morning Brad!" he says as he's getting out.

Jaden for some reason is always positive in the morning, which I didn't even think was possible before I met him. Jaden's wearing a grey t-shirt underneath a dark sweater and has on some tight jeans. He can pull off the jeans, but they show every inch of his lower body, including his perfect bubble butt, which is one of his best qualities.

Compared to the rest of our junior class, Jaden seems like he's still in middle school with his shorter stature and cute face. I even remember the time when Jaden was mistaken for a fourteen year old and some old perverts tried to kidnap him. Since then, Jaden's brothers and Matthew make him text them constantly. "Hey Jaden," I reply.

He and I walk into school and greet people as we pass them in the hallway. "Did you finish the calculus homework last night?" I ask Jaden.

"Yeah, after you called me. It was really easy."

I roll my eyes and look at Jaden. "No Jaden, it was not easy. It took me almost an hour to finish all the problems. You're just insanely smart."

"Nah, it's just because I understand the material a lot faster than you and because of my good memory."

"Which is also known as being insanely smart. By the way, where're your glasses?"

Jaden turns a little red and looks at the floor. "I...uh...forgot them at home...again."

"How can you forget something that sits on your face every day?" Jaden just shrugs. "So you're blind for the day?"

"I'm not blind! I'm just...really near-sighted."

"Sure you are..."

"Anyway, I have to get to class. I'll see you a little later."

Jaden turns down the hall and walks off to his first class while I head to English. As I'm walking down the hall, through my peripheral, I see something orange and green. I look back to where I saw it, but the colors are gone. I could've sworn I saw the guy from yesterday. I must be seeing things...

I quickly get to English and take my seat in the back of the room. As I pull out my textbook and get ready for today's lecture, someone walks into the room and the first thing I see is a head of fiery hair. It's the guy from yesterday! What the hell is he doing here?!

Now that I see him a little closer, he's even more built than I thought. He's wearing a tight, white t-shirt that shows two perfect pecs and the six-pack is very noticeable. His large biceps fill out the shirt sleeves very nicely and his muscular legs fit the jeans amazingly. The cherry on top is his ass, perfectly sculpted in those jeans.

I'm in complete disbelief. The guy walks up to Mrs. Gilman's desk and she sees him standing in front of her. She turns red the second she sees him. "Oh! You must be my new student!" Mrs. Gilman says. "I'm your English teacher, Mrs. Gilman."

"Yeah, I'm Lucas."

"Well, it's nice to meet you!" Mrs. Gilman looks around the room and then back to Lucas. "Why don't you go ahead and take a seat next to Bradley? Class will start in a few minutes."

"Thanks," says Lucas. Lucas secures his bag and walks to the back of the classroom. He sets his bag down next to the desk next to mine and sits in the chair. He looks at me after a second and smiles. "Didn't think I'd be seeing you again so soon."

I feel my face flush and look back at Lucas. "S-Seeing me again?" I stutter. "Um...I'm sure we've never seen each other before..."

"Yeah we did. It was yesterday on Walker Road. I was jogging across the street and saw you in your car. You were as red then as you are now."

God, kill me now...



Ah, I love school. It's a chance for me to meet new people and to make new friends, plus I get to see Matthew after every class. As I'm getting ready, I see someone walk into the room who I've never seen before. He walks over to Mr. Clark's desk and hands him a note. "I've been expecting you, Mr. Lockheart," says Mr. Clark.

"Hey," the kid replies.

"Go ahead and take a seat anywhere you like. I'll help you get adjusted in a few minutes."


The kid walks down the aisle and takes a seat right next to mine. He must be a new student on account of the nervousness almost radiating off of him. He stares down at his desk, not saying a word. I decide to break the ice, so I look at him with the friendliest smile I can create. "Hey, I'm Jaden. You must be new. What's your name?"

The kid barely glances at me and goes right back to looking at his desk. "Kyle..." he quietly says.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Kyle!"

"I guess..."

Wow, Kyle has almost no feeling in his voice. I can barely hear him, and he's only three feet away from me. "Hey, how's about I show you around the school after class?" I ask. "You probably don't know where everything is, right?"

Kyle finally looks at me and his eyes have no expression whatsoever. They look like they'd be better suited for someone who's been dead for six years. "Why?" he blankly asks me with cold eyes.

"Well...you're a new student and you probably don't know where your classes are. So I want to help you find them."

I notice Kyle's fist clench very tightly and his jaw sets. "Why're you being so nice to me?" he angrily asks. "Can't you see I'd rather walk around lost? Aren't I off-putting because I look like I'm emo?"

Well, he does fir the bill of an emo kid. He's wearing nothing but black clothing, from a black t-shirt to black skinny jeans and some black DC shoes, and it looks like he doesn't go out in the sun. His skin is so white it's almost albino. To go with his pale skin is a very slim, five foot ten body with limbs so thin they seem emaciated.

The only colors besides black are in the decal in the t-shirt with the logo 'Devil May Cry.' His hair is a deep black that is almost shoulder length and covers the left of his dark green eyes and seems to be his natural color. "Well, just because you seem like you're emo doesn't mean I can't respect and be nice to you," I tell Kyle in a respectful tone.

Kyle lets out a deep breath and rolls his eyes. "Fine..." he says in a hushed tone.

He looks back to the front of the class, ending the conversation. Throughout class, I keep glancing at Kyle. No matter what happens, his face doesn't change at all. It remains completely devoid of expression and emotion. Sixty minutes of class later, the bell rings and everyone starts packing up their stuff. "Time to go!" I tell Kyle

"What's the rush?' Kyle asks, wrapping his black messenger bag over his shoulder.

"Sorry, my boyfriend's waiting for me and I can't wait to see him!" I excitedly tell Kyle.

"Boyfriend?" Kyle asks with surprise in his face, the first emotion I've seen from him.

"Yeah, I'm gay." Kyle doesn't respond, just stares at me with his blank look. "Oh, I'm sorry. Does me being gay make you uncomfortable? If it does, I can get someone else to show you around school."

Kyle takes in a breath and looks at his feet. "I'm gay too..."

Even though he said it insanely quietly, I heard it, and I smile at Kyle. "Oh! That's great! Don't worry! If you're worried about bullying and homophobia and all that bullshit, you don't need to be. The students here are incredibly accepting. There may be a few who don't understand being gay, but who cares? All that matters is that you love who you are."

Kyle looks up and stares at me for a few seconds before his hard exterior finally cracks. He shows me a small smile that seems to light up his face. "Thanks," he says.

"No problem. Now let's get going."

I lead Kyle outside the classroom and we start down the hall. I don't even walk five feet before I'm scooped up off the ground by two very strong arms. "Good morning, my sunshine!" Matthew happily says.

"Oh my God, Matthew!" I say laughing. "Put me down! This is so embarrassing!"

"But I missed you so much..." Matthew whines.

"Sweetie, it hasn't even been twelve hours since I last saw you. Plus, I have a guest with me today." Matthew looks down and sees Kyle. "Matthew, this is Kyle. He just started here today. Kyle, this is my boyfriend, Matthew."

Matthew sets me down and looks at Kyle with a glare. "What's an emo kid doing with my sweet Jaden?" he almost growls.

Kyle suddenly looks like he wants to crawl into a shell. "Matthew!" I yell. "Stop being so over-protective of me! I'm showing him around the school."

"Hi..." Kyle quietly says, once again looking at the floor.

"Since I'm showing him around the school, I was hoping you'd join us," I tell Matthew.

"Anything for you," Matthew says with his perfect smile.


Matthew bends down and gives me a light peck on the lips. "Wow," I hear Kyle say.

Matthew looks over at Kyle, his face fuming. "What? You don't approve of me loving Jaden?"

"N-No," Kyle squeaks out. "Um...I'm gay too and...I've just never seen two guys so open about being gay before. And in high school no less."

"Matthew, stop being mean," I tell him. "Now c'mon."

I take Matthew by the hand and lead Kyle through the halls, pointing out everything to him from the library, to the cafeteria, to all the classrooms. As we walk, I notice Kyle glancing at my hand in Matthew's ever so often. He must not be used to seeing two guys holding hands and no one caring about it.

People say hi to Matthew and me as we walk through the school, which only adds to Kyle's amazement. Matthew decides to stop at a vending machine to get a bottle of water. "I still can't believe it," says Kyle.

"Believe what?' I ask.

"That a school could be so accepting of gay people and that two different races are dating. No one even stared at you and Matthew holding hands."

"Well...you're now attending a school where everyone accepts everyone. It's a bit hard to adjust to initially, but it's a fantastic place."

The bell rings and students start clearing the hallway. "I need to go babe," Matthew tells me.

"Okay," I say. "I'll see you a little later." Matthew gives me a hug and kiss and heads off to his next class. "So what do you have next, Kyle?"

Um..." he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a slip of paper and quickly reads it. "Anatomy and Physiology with Mrs. Bender."

"Oh, that's my next class too. C'mon, I'll take you there."

Kyle follows me through the hall and more people greet me as I pass them. We walk into Mrs. Bender's class and I see Brad sitting at his desk, pulling his textbook out of his bag. "Hey Brad," I say.

Brad looks up and sees me. "Hey Jaden." He looks behind me and sees Kyle. "Who're you?"

"Um...I'm Kyle. I just started here and Jaden's been showing me around the school."

Brad gives Kyle a half-assed wave. "Hey," he says in a rude tone.

I can feel Kyle shift his gaze away from Brad. "And he's..." I try to tell Brad.

"No one cares," Brad interrupts. "Look, I have a big problem. You know the guy I was telling you about last night?"

"Orange hair, green eyes, pale skin, fit body?"

"Yeah. He just started going here and he's sitting next to me in my English class!"

"That's great! Maybe you can ask him out and you can finally get that boyfriend you've been wanting!"

"Wait," Kyle says. "He's gay too?"

"Yeah," Brad says with a bit of spite in his voice. "What it to you?"

"Um...well I'm..." Kyle tries to tell Brad.

"I don't care," Brad interrupts for the second time.

What the hell's going on with Brad? I've never seen him like this before. "Brad!" I snap at him. "Stop being a dick!" I look back to Kyle, who once again looks like he just wants to hide. "Go ahead, Kyle."

"Well...I'm gay too," he says to Brad. "That's all I wanted to tell you."

Brad's pissed off face suddenly softens and it shifts to embarrassment. "Oh, that's great to hear," he says. "Sorry about the way I was acting. I've just been freaking out a little."

"It's no big deal," says Kyle.

"So back to the guy from yesterday," Brad says. "He remembered seeing me as he jogged by my car and he saw me blush."

"Do you know his name at least?' I ask.

"His name's Lucas Lockheart," Kyle says.

Brad and I look at him, very confused. "How do you know his name?" Brad asks.

"I know his name because he's my twin brother."

And cue a hard laugh from me and complete embarrassment from Brad. Irony's a bitch, isn't it?



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