A cold shudder traveled down my spine as I awoke. I'd just had the same dream that I had every night: I was running, panting, away from something I didn't know. I skidded to a stop as I came to a dead end, damn! How could I have ever been so frivolous? Then it came to me, that sinister dread as it ebbed your will out of your body, making you unable to move. I was on the floor now barely being able to breath. I struggled to delay the advances of the tentacles slithering all over my body, tugging at every corner I had. 'Cynder' the tentacles whispered in unison sent a chill throughout my body. The tentacles crept up my now naked body to my tight pink hole; not having had sex in so long has made me horny and tight.

The tentacles opened their mouths and licked in earnest sending shudders throughout my body. Another tentacle crept towards my cock and wrapped its black silky frame around my cock. They stopped for a few seconds realizing that I was close and then, then they went back at full throttle. This continued for another hour their pleasurable torture. I could barely speak by the time I became to close and shot all over the ground before the tentacles could eat my nutritious sperm. Before they left they put me in chains and shoving a dildo up my ass so that I would be open when they came back.

Days, Weeks and Months went by before I ever saw them again. I thought to myself all the time when will I leave? The day was very, very pleasant for some reason I didn't understand why. The chains were cold still and held me in suspension. This time there wasn't any sinister ebb that I felt from them, instead I felt normal. As they worked over my body I heard a sound deep in my head. "Use your power, expel the force" I was bewildered I didn't know who this was and I didn't know where this came from. I figured that if they could communicate with me telepathically maybe I could.

"Wh-Who are you?" I asked this strange person

"Oh Cynder, we have met in another, more peaceful time." They answered.

"What is your name?" I thought to myself for a quick second. "What do you want from me?"

"My name is Ender. I am one of the Twelve Knights. Use your power, expel the force" Ender said ominously

I still had more questions none that could be answer anyway; Ender left. For whatever reason he wanted me to use some sort of power that I had, with which I didn't know that I had in the first place. I concentrated, hard, finally I felt something thin but it seemed ancient far away I didn't know if I could get to it. I imagined myself at a gate and on the other side was the power this ancient river of gold. Imagining that I had a key I opened the lock and the doors fell. Taking my first step further and further until I had reached the lake. I peered down and saw my reflection, and then I saw the history of the world, how it came to be. Suddenly I was jolted back to reality as I was spent the tentacles were about to leave but I was so enraged, that I wanted to get out of there quickly. In no time a gold light left my hands and brightened the room as to where I couldn't see. The chains unlocked and I fell to the ground so weak after not using my body for months. But that all changed as my newfound power healed me. I looked up and found a bright light and ran towards it.





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