My son and I have always lived open about nudity; he came to live with me at 13. His mom was not mean or abusive, just an addict that was neglectful. He has always known about my being gay, and has never shown any issues with it. I have no sexual contact with my son, and don't engage in sexual acts in front of my son (on purpose anyway).

As with my sexual preference, he has always been aware of my nudist lifestyle as well, and because of my ex, he apparently knows about my exhibitionist leanings. My ex, Wayne , was with me for 10 years and shared many of my exhibitions with Ronny. So as he got older he would playfully do things that would both embarrass and excite me. I always thought it was innocent fun, but I wasn't aware he knew about my flashing games, and that's where this story begins.

The first time anything happened, it was a Saturday morning when he was about 15. I was in the shower getting ready to do some home improvement shopping and asked him to bring up my laundry so I could get dressed. He brought up a t shirt and a pair of denim shorts. I had asked him to bring up my laundry but figured he misunderstood and just brought me up some work clothes. I remember thinking the shorts felt a little loose, but vanity of my 30's assumed I had lost a little weight. Ronny wanted to drive, of course, so I agreed and off we went to the building recycle store. All the way to the store, about a half hour ride, he talked about sex, and embarrassing erections, and getting caught masturbating. I asked him why he was focused on this, and he replied he had just been thinking about it and wondered how I dealt with such things. As we talked; the whole exhibitionist angle of the conversation kept me at about ½ mast the entire trip. When we arrived I tried to keep talking for a few minutes more for some deflation time, but Ronny was ready to go. As I got out of the car he asked me what I had in my pocket, my response of 'nothing' caused him to grab at my dick 'doesn't look like nuthin' to me pop!' he said a little too loud for my comfort. He didn't actually touch my dick but he did grab the pocket and pull the waist band of my shorts away from my body. He made some comment about Pop the commando perv.

We spent about 45 minutes getting several different parts for our project. The last item we needed was a new mirror for his bathroom. This place is very messy and stuff is stacked all over the place. The mirror he found was about 5 feet up and 36' X 60' and heavy as hell. We had to maneuver it up and over a few bulky boxes and as we lifted this huge piece of glass up over our heads, my loose fitting shorts let loose and hit the floor. At the same time Ronny 'lost his balance' and pushed me backwards with the mirror, causing me to take 3 or 4 steps out of my shorts. Leaving me in a fairly short t shirt and tennis shoes and nothing else. The way the mirror was facing had me exposed front and back to everyone behind me and I could see all of them gawking and smiling. It took me a minute or two to regroup and set the mirror down so I could get my shorts back on. I saw no women in the store at the time just men and their boys, all snickering. Before I could get my shorts back on I was at full blown wood and it probably wasn't going away soon.

When we paid the cashier, who knew me on a first name basis, he thanked me for the show and gave me 10% discount. The laughter was deafening as we exited. As we loaded the truck I tried to hide the fact that my cock was at it full 7 ½ inches. 'Pop that was embarrassing! I can't believe you were completely naked in that store with all those dudes watching' Ronny said with a grin. 'I wasn't naked I had my shirt on!' I fired back. 'I would die if that many strangers saw me butt naked like that' Ronny continued. ' Butt ass naked in the middle of a store. Where everyone could see your hard dick' I started to think this was taking a weird turn, but his describing the scene was making me hotter and hotter. We got in the truck and he continued,' you know when you bent over to set the mirror down those guys behind you could see right up your crack! Holy shit pop , you showed those dudes your asshole, and not just a glimpse your were like bent over with your nuts hanging for like five minutes. ' That was a complete exaggeration and I knew that, but it had the same effect as if it had been true and I blew a load right there sitting next to my son. 'damn Wayne told me this got you off but I had to see it for myself!' Ronny said, and I knew I'd been set up. Shit head. Most of our other experiences have been rather tame. He's pantsed me in front of his friends, my friends. He's snatched my towel away while I was changing under it at the beach. I love it and it doesn't cross any lines for me. I'm still the daddy and it's an occasional dalliance. He does like to tell the mirror story after a beer or two, and he did get drunk and strip me at a bar on his 21st birthday. That was a crossed line and I rectified that the next day, and pretty much stopped the play at that point. Of course being a naked gay man in a straight red neck bar, did turn into a very interesting night of sex, that I thought Ronny was unaware of.

The only other thing he did was about 5 years ago. He came to visit me in Florida. It was just before he married and he came down to spend two weeks with his old man. As we were sitting by the pool, talking about our plans for the day, he paid me an enormous compliment. I was 45 at the time and he said he hoped he looked as good as his pop when he was 45. It made me feel proud. He started reminding me about the exposure things he used to do to me, and apologized (for the 20th time) about the birthday incident. When that was over he suggested we go walk around the college campus and look for alligators in the lakes. He took his shower first and when I got out of the shower he was wearing a pair of orange and blue shorts the colors of the college and no shirt. He suggested I wear my blue mesh shorts, since I' looked so good in them'. I chuckled knowing he was up to something but couldn't figure out what. When I picked up my shirt he started chiding me about being a closet 'textile' and I 'had it I needed to flaunt it'.

So with my 25 year old son I drove to the lakes on the college campus. The area where I walk is near the volleyball courts and the aquatic center. We walked for a while just chatting, then Ronny switches to the exhibitionist stuff. He starts telling me all the stuff he knows, things I thought were secret. How Wayne(my ex) while on trips would get me to take my clothes of on the high way and he would let each piece fly out he window, till I was naked and hard then he would drive along side tractor trailers while I beat off for him and the driver, How he would drop me off naked in warehouse districts and make me find where he had parked, how he would take me to XXX movie theaters and take my clothes and hide them under a seat and wouldn't tell me where they were. All of this was a shock to me I had no idea that my son knew about all of my fun and games. He then told me when he and his best friend Kelly were 13 they had hid in my closet and watched my black friend Marcus (biggest dick I've EVER seen) fuck me. That he and Kelly still talk about it, and that he knows I was on the receiving end of an orgy out behind the bar on his 21st birthday. As he started describing me being pushed out naked into the ally by the bartender and being coerced into sucking his dick, my cock began to grow. He began to tell how at one point there were five guys with their dicks out surrounding his butt naked dad. When you came back in the bar you had cum in your beard and in your hair. You were so turned on you didn't even know how hard your dick was. 'Pop you just walked in like you were fully dressed and no one knew you had just been fucked by half the dudes in the bar. Do you remember how you got home that night?', Ronny asked. 'I guess you took me home', I replied.' No pop, we were both drunk and couldn't have driven the three miles home.' 'How did I get home then?'' We walked to Kyle's house!'' Are you freaking kidding me, I'd remember that'. ' We did Pop, and 2 guys stopped and tried to give us a ride. One of them opened the door and started blowing you right on the side of the road' .' NO WAY! I've never done anything that wild!' 'You did that night, right on the square, and when we got to Kyle's you still had a hard on.' Kyle was a younger friend of my son's; he would have been 17 then, and that means we went to his mother's house. 'Kyle had a ball, I can't believe he never said anything to you.' 'How did we get home?' 'He drove us home in his jeep. ' Kyle's jeep was a jacked up Jeep Wrangler without a top and no doors. 'There's no way we made it that mile and a half with me naked in that Jeep.' 'No sir, you rode shotgun with your 'gun' pointing at the stars, and, he took the long way home. You slept almost the whole way, but he drove by every strip club and adult arcade and talked to at least 3 prostitutes while you laid there with a boner. Whether or not he was telling the truth; my cock was responding to the fantasy/reality, that I had been found out and exhibited by my son and his little friend. I was rock hard and the mesh shorts did NOTHING to hide that. More than one jogger had mumbled something as they passed. Of course the more he talked the hotter I got, the more people that muttered, I got more turned on. I decided I needed to cool off before I shot in my blue shorts. Ronny knew he had embarrassed me before and I was sure he was trying to talk me into another orgasm.

When I saw the restrooms I figured I could take a break and cool off. We walked in the restrooms together and Ronny went to the urinal. I walked to the sink was going to rearrange and try to minimize my exposure. Standing under the skylight I realized there was no way to conceal anything, That little shit had cut out the underlining of my shorts and every bit of me was exposed. I might as well have been naked, my pubes, my cock and my balls all hanging against the thin nylon mesh fabric, I was literally naked. I turned around and I could see the crack of my ass, I turned back toward the mirror and my dick was throbbing. I could see the head through the fabric. Ronny walked up behind me, and started talking again, 'Damn Pop, I'll bet you've never been nekid and not known it, have you? Have you ever walked this far and in front of this many people in broad daylight, butt naked. How many dudes do you think saw your dick today? 15, 20? That one dude followed us and listened to the whole story about you in the ally. How are you going to get back to the truck? Are you going to walk back to the truck butt ass naked with a hard on?' I could feel the orgasm building in my balls, 'you're going to come again aren't you pop?'

I heard a noise to my left and in the mirror I saw the 2 stall doors open and a young swimmer looking blonde and an old man with their pants around their ankles beating their cocks. I looked to my left and Ronny had his cock out stroking, still talking, 'Maybe we could lose the shorts and let you walk back to the truck really naked...' Before I had a chance to react, the old guy had snuck up and snatched the thin veil of blue to the floor. I could feel his hard slimy cock pressing against my ass. 'Maybe I should open the door and let everyone see this old dude fuck you pop. Or maybe we should just go outside'...That's all it took I shot 3 wads of cum onto the sink, the old man's cock popped into my sphincter and I jumped forward and away. I spun around and snatched Ronny's shorts to the floor and pushed him backward. He stumbled out of his shorts and I snatched them up. Waved them at him and darted in the empty stall. After I dressed I went back out and Ronny was standing there hard and naked. I was impressed I had never seen him fully hard and he is a good bit larger than his old man! 'Come on pop, enough, let me have my drawers!' He grabbed for them, but I had them tied tight. I grabbed at his balls and he backed off. Put those blue shorts on and let's go. The old guy was determined to finish something. He was still beating his dick and while Ronny was pleading for his pants the old guy drops to his knees and tries to take Ronny's dick in his mouth. That convinced Ronny to cover up and go.

As we trek back to the truck, he's obviously uncomfortable in my shorts. I'm more amazed at how naked he is, and I was, in them. I start chiding him, 'I can't believe how transparent those shorts are! Maybe you should put your hands in the pockets.' 'Naw, I don't want to' he smiles. 'That was not a request little boy, I'll pull 'em down right here', and pulled down the back exposing his ass. I then gave him a hard smack, just as a cute co-ed jogged past. 'POP!' He yelled, 'put you hands in the pockets.' He complied and this accomplished two things; one, it got his hands out from in front and two, it stretched the holes, making the fabric even more revealing .' Damn boy I can see your cock just like you don't have anything on.' 'Come on pop, that shits not gonna work on me' 'Really', I said. 'Watch this woman jogging toward us, watch her eyes'. As she past, her face looked as if she noticed something odd, then she stopped. 'Jackson, is that you?' I turned and realized I knew her.' Yes, it is, I almost didn't recognize you with your hair up. Ronny this is one of my colleagues Dr. Laurent. Dr. Laurent, my son Ronny' . 'Uh, How do you do?' He said slipping his hand from his pocket and extending it to shake hers. Her smile made it obvious she had seen his erection, her not releasing his hand made it obvious she had noticed his shorts. She must have talked holding his hand for 5 minutes, and his eyes never left her ample boobs, she finally excused herself as a group of coeds passed and I heard 'OMG I could totally see his ass!' As we headed (slowly) to the truck, I started up again, 'You know Dr Laurent could see your cock, your balls, and whether you know it or not your ass is really visible because of the hair growing down the crack, did you hear those girls talking about your ass? Did you see Dr Laurent checking out your cock? Your leaking pre cum all over those shorts'. just before we got to the parking lot, I noticed the look on his face,' I'll bet if those shorts had hit the ground in front of Dr. Laurent she would have dropped to her knees and blown you right on the path.' He stopped still, his eyes widened, and then he made the strangest noise and cum started shooting down his leg. He looked at me like he was going to cry. 'Come on get in the truck I'll let you have your shorts'. I slipped the orange and blue shorts off after wrestling with the drawstring, and handed them to him.' Do you want these?' He asked as he slipped off my cum filled blue shorts. 'Nope, I'll drive home like this, I'd rather drive naked than get stuck to the seat by your cum.'Ronny made his eew face.

After we drove for a few miles, Ronny said 'pop is your dick always hard', 'no' I said 'but always when I'm naked in public. Did you enjoy wearing those shorts you little shit?' He chuckled 'yeah, more than I thought I would. That was an intense cum, and I've never cum without touching myself before!' 'Like father like son, I said'.' Not quite', Ronny responded. 'Are we done with this?' I asked. 'Probably not.' was his reply. Ronny continued, 'Ever since papa Wayne talked me into swapping your shorts for his, and watching how you reacted to being 'accidentally' stripped in that builders supply place, I've kind of been hooked on this. I just have fun setting this stuff up and I like watching you get off on it.' There was a long pause,and Ronny said 'I guess we'll just have to see'. I still have those shorts.



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