A fan sign session, one I have awaited since forever. The thought of ogling at Julian Hee, his muscular biceps, his smile that just melts me and the thought of him shaking my hand, even if it were just a small interaction... my heart was literally pounding. Just like how I wanted to pound him.

I went to his hotel the earliest. I wanted to be up close to see his bulge in his briefs and imagine them in my mouth.. I find myself exploring the hotel rooms one by one, before I realised I was outside his. He left his door open. Why? I found myself overly anxious and after trying to peek in to his room, my eyes met his and I was in a hurry to leave. He gave me that mischievous smile, that like kris Evans.. He ushered me in.. I didn't know what to expect. Fuck I'm already erect in my jeans..

Julian was hotter than usual. He was half naked and was having tea on the coffee table. A camera was next to him. He seemed to know me. How? Why did he usher me in? I was his biggest fan. Did he know that?

"I know you. I know you always collect all my cds and collect my merchandise. You're not like the other fangirls I'm completely not interested in. I don't like girls you know." This made me even more horny. I didn't know what to do. He looked at me with a mysterious face. Fuck fuck fuck. He inched closer to me.. He seemed to be looking at my whole body. I was anxious I was shy I was fucking horny. He spilled his coffee on me! "Damn it looks like you gotta change. Help yourself to the shower Mr Aaron. You can use my clothes in the wardrobe."

My god. I can't believe I was embroiled in this shithole. My clothes are stained and Julian is there half naked. Idk where this is headed to.

I entered the master bed room and closed the door. I just stripped off my clothes and stepped into the shower.

I was nude in my idols house. Fuck I tried keeping my dick flaccid but it jusy kept flopping up to my stomach. I left the toilet, holding the towel to wipe my hair. Just as I was about to change inot my briefs, I saw Julian standing outside of the door, rubbing his dick. He was hard. My face was flustered with red. I couldn't think straight. I dropped the hotel provided underwear. I was about to pick it up. I bent down...

I felt something slip into my ass. I turned around, feeling that intricate pain yet pleasure. Julian was in me. His hands were all over my body. He found my nipples first, milking them and squeezing them so nicely, I swear my precum already started flowing. Then he slid his hands down, groping my dick and using his thumbs to press on the head of my penis. He was so experienced. At that instant I realised he was gay too. Heaven was what it felt like. The sounds I only heard and seen from gay men were forced from my mouth. I was on the peak of sex ual pleasure. Julian's dick was rock hard and beautiful. It had a beautiful ballsack and rounded head. Fuck man this was a dream come true.

He pounded me so hard. I couldn't resist and kissed his sweet lips. AHHHH this was the time. Years of masturbating couldn't match his pleasure. "I'm gonna shoot, fuck yeah!" URGGH AHHHH! My cock shot out fireworks of pale white cum, so violent yet dazzling. It went all over the bed, come he managed to catch with his hand, and which he licked like a dog given a juicy bone.

The day just keeps getting better. He gave me that seductive look. He lowered his head, and proceeded to lick then suck every ounce of my dick. In no time I was hard again, in fact even harder than before. I don't know if I was giving out sexual sounds too loudly, but I didn't care anymore. Pop me open more julian! He played around with my cock longer. He pulled it back and let it bounce. He used his defined legs to message my foreskin. I looked at him.. wow he was so damn fucking buff. His abs rippled and his perfect skin tone was radiating. Not to mention his "pointer" capable giving me immense pleasure. From head to toe he was fucking every gay man's dream. I saw precum leaking out of his Weiner. My turn to dominate the show.

We kissed again. My tongue mingling with his. He tasted so meaty and succulent. Fuck I felt precum leaking out again. I proceeded down his collarbone, his neck. His chest and bulging breasts refined by years of working out. I rmb watching every single one of his shows and workout videos. I was only able to jerk off to his upper body then, at most him in his undies. Now I enjoy the full package, with a humongous dick I nvr knew he had. After biting on his nipples and relishing his abs, I earned a moan from him. I never did a blow job before but here goes my first time.

I laid my mouth on top of it. It felt a little dry, then I sat back and let him fuck my mouth. I devoured his precum, salty but pleasure inducing. I began to suck, feeling that meaty substance and heightening my sexual desire. I played with his balls with my mouth. I juggled his balls and let them bounce, occasionally giving him a rousing hand job. I was glad I could have my first time with the smokiest hunk yet. I wanted to be paddy o Brian, I shyly requested him to go doggy style. At first, I was too shy to talk after so long so silent sex. He just gave me that mischievous smile, reassuring me and he took my hand, and started shoving it up his ass like a dildo. I was using one finger, he made me gain momentum and soon I was using 3. I was rewarded with more horny moans. I proceeded to lick his man pussy. He gave me lusty looks as he watched me lick his hole. I was like an animal. I was desperate to become one with him. It gave a strange taste but I didn't care. I wanted to proceed to be inside him. We were perfectly aroused now, dicks shot up like rockets and breathing heavily. He gestured me to insert my rocket in. But raw?

"Shouldn't we use a condom? Rough sex tends to hurt you." "I want you raw. Fuck me as hard as you can!" I nodded, feeling excited. Time to fuck! His hole was wet with my saliva so it wasn't as rough as I expected. My cock was finally in a man. It felt tight and even tighter at first as I started to pound. Later on, his hole loosened and I was bellowing sounds of pleasure. Julian was moaning, ever so beautifully. There was no tomorrow. I thrust my spear even harder. I was almost reluctant to l release my hold on him to change a position. I laid myself on the bed, preparing to cowboy him. He held his cock up as he sat on my penis. Then he started moving up and down to be penetrated. He occasionally bent down to share a french kiss. This was salvation. I twisted his rock hard nips. He decided on a 69 to round it all up. With his cock in my mouth and mine in his, we fucked each other. Just as I couldn't hold it longer, we found ourselves both shouting "I'm cumming! " URGGH AHHHH. I winced as I just shot and shot out strings of white fluid into his. His salty, tasty one into mine. We both gulped it down and continued to suck.

I was exhausted. He laid next to me. We shared a kiss. I could taste residue of my semen. I looked at his perfect body. And then I checked the clock. Oh snap time for the fansign!

Julian read me ljke a book. He calmed me down. "Fuck it all. I want you and you only. All the other cunts can wait baby. " I was tired but undescribly happy. I was inseminated but I was fucking high to be fucked by one I admired. I fell back to his arms. I gushed my hands all over his body. We exchanged numbers and profiles on gaydemon. I left the hotel. Dazed and unsure of where I was due to his seduction. 5 minutes later. I proceeded and started to chat with Julian our next rendezvous.





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