It was Thursday night , I was still in the hotel , it was quiet, most everybody had gone back to their offices , I wasn't sure why I'd been booked on the Friday morning flight, I suppose my conference had finished up late and my secretary had put me on a direct morning flight rather than an evening one with a couple of layovers.

Still I was sitting in a hotel bar , when I could have been on the way home,

The barman was good, he'd been really good all week, making sure our group always got served quickly and he made sure our service went smoothly through to the restaurants as well.

I had gotten to talk to him a bit , I knew his name was Louis and he wore a wedding ring, he got passed a lot of numbers written on napkins over the bar and I overheard one of the servers say he was divorcing .

He was sympathetic about my being stuck in town and he entertained me the whole evening with conversation drinks and food, he didn't bill me .

We got into fairly heavy conversation and he really opened up about his divorce, his wife had gone after everything and his balls and he really wasn't handling it well.

I tried to say the right thing but I think he didn't care what I said he just needed to vent, in his job he was expected to listen, now he needed an ear.

We kept talking til closing and then he took me to the staff room, he had a bottle of whiskey and two glasses and there he really opened up on his divorce.

After he got it out of his system and the conversation had come to a natural finish I thought. It better that he sleep and I did too so I said goodnight and I shook hands , he went straight for my mouth in a deep French kiss, I was shocked , he stepped back a second and he said I'm totally off women but there's always you and then he put his lips right back in mine,

His tongue entered my mouth again and this time I kissed him back .

My own tongue lapped around his and I quickly checked if he had a hard on or not , he had and then with both hands I grabbed his arse.

He put his hands back to remove my hands and then took my pants off.

I quickly found myself head first in the corner of the staff room couch.

He started kissing then licking my anus and then he started fingering my hole with one finger, he gave a very heavy breathing running commentary of everything he was doing and was very excited as he moved from one finger to two and I thought he might explode as he arrived at three fingers.

Meanwhile biting the couch I wanted something a bit better designed than fingers and hopefully bigger so I let him play as long as I could but after what seemed an age I got up and feasted my eyes in him.

He was naked and had a hairy muscly body, nice swimmers build, he wasn't huge or anything, i took him in my hand easily and I cupped his nice balls, I didn't have a tape measure or anything but I could swallow his cock in one go .

From his groans I think he really enjoyed getting blown , I touched his hole and he shuddered and pushed my hand away but then he told me to use a finger, but just one finger, said with emphasis.

I finger fucked him while blowing him and then I just finger fucked him and without anything touching touching his dick, he shot such a powerful load, I didn't see where it landed.

He grabbed his dick at the end to work the spunk out and I kept my finger up him til he told me to take it out.

He went to urinate and when he came back after downing a whisky he surprised me by sitting on me, I rubbed his thighs and I rubbed my hard cock on his hole.

Luckily I had condoms so I sheathed myself and worked my " biggest finger" into him, he groaned and complained a lot but in the position he was in he was in control and soon he was bouncing up and down on me.

By the time I came he was hard again and with a spit lubed hand I was able to bring him off with me.

I brought him back to my room that night and despite not getting a whole lot of sleep I still made my flight.

Am busy organising my next trip there!




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