I have always loved the cum shot in porn movies. Watching women getting cum in and all over their bodies. I was 39 and had never seen another man cum in person until one day I was driving home from a trip and saw an adult theater right off the interstate. I pulled in and checked it out payed  the ticket and entered the theater. Was a  doublewide trailer with 50 inch screen on one wall with a horseshoe shaped line of chairs surrounding the screen. I sit and 2 guys were in the room. As my eyes got used to the dark I could see that they were jacking each other off. That really turned me on to see that. I pulled my cock out and started stroking to the hot fuck movie and those guys stroking each other.

  They got up and sit on both sides of me and asked if I would like to play. I was so turned on my dick was wet with precum that I said I have never done this but what the hell lets do it. They took my hands and put them on their cocks while both of them played with me. It felt great and was fun when all of a sudden the guy on the right went down on me. I protested at first but soon gave up and let him suck it. A woman on the screen was riding a big cock with her asshole looking right at you while she was being fucked hard. The guy shot his load in her pussy and it flowed out dripping out and very messy. It was beautiful.

The guy on the left stood up and put his cock up to my face and was stroking his nice uncut cock about 2 inches from my face. With the fucking on screen and the man sucking my cock I let the man put his cock to my lips and rub his precum all over them. Wow  sorta sweet and salty. He said let me put it in your mouth so in the head went and I started sucking my first cock. It was hot...nasty...taboo...but I loved it. I started moaning to let the man sucking my cock to know I was close to shooting my load when all of a sudden my mouth got extremely wet and full. The guy had shot his hot pent up load in my mouth. He shot about 4 squirts in my mouth when I pulled away and about another 5 squirts shot on my face. It was thick and creamy white. I spit it out but realized that it really did not have much of a taste. That was it..there I sit with cum all over my face when I exploded in the guys mouth. I shot like never before but this dude swallowed every drop. while I was shooting my load the guy sucking me jacked off onto the floor as I watched. So for the first time to see another mans cum it was lots and it was tasty and I had sucked a guy off and saw two cocks cum.

  I have another trip soon and cant wait to go to the theater and do some hot cock play



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