"Bring my wine!" The young prince, Cristol, ordered the nearest servant. The servant hurried over to the prince with a goblet and jug of wine. The servant filled the goblet with fresh red wine and handed it to the prince.

"Now leave my sight." Cristol ordered with a flicker of his hand. The servant immediately left, and it was all witnessed by Levi. Levi was a young servant boy who had worked under the prince for many years. He had seen his lifestyle, how spoiled prince Cristol was. If only the prince knew what it was like to live as a peasant.. That did not matter tho, what really mattered is what went on in Levi's trousers whenever he was forced to help Cristol dress.

It was bath time for Cristol and Levi was horny as ever. He tiptoed into Cristol's bed chamber and peeked inside the cracked door of the bathing room. Cristol was just dropping his bath robe when Levi raised his eyes to peer inside. Levi traced his eyes down to Cristol's baby smooth bottom, and he wanted to bend him over then and there. To pound the authority right out of him, and make him beg as he fucked him. Levi bit his lip as he reached down to feel of his throbbing manhood. He reached inside the fold of his trousers and began fondling himself. He looked around to make sure no one was around before he whipped his thick, meaty dick out. He began strocking it with soft grunts as he watched Cristol dip into the water. He began poundning his manhood with his fist and the pain was so good that he had to close his eyes. He imagined gripping Cristol's waist as he pounded his nice plump ass. He reached his hand up to spit in his hand and began thrusting his meat again, even faster. Just before Levi could cum, a noise caused him to open his eyes and his heart began to pound! Cristol was out of the bath and walking near the door. Levi jumped away as fast as he could and ran out of the room, the cum streaking inside his trousers. He gasped a little from the fierce orgasm. It was even more intense and pleasurable with all of the adrenaline and now he wanted more!

Levi hid behind the nearest pillar and looked back to see if Cristol had noticed him. He hid there for hours until night time had came down upon the castle. "Levi!" Cristol called, and Levi immediately came to him.

"Yes my prince?" Levi asked.

"Prepare my supper and join me if you wish." Cristol said with a smirk, as if he knew something that Levi didn't.

Levi walked out of Cristol's bed chamber and went to the kitchen to retrieve the prepared food. He returned to Cristol's bed chamber with fresh wine, bread, and ham. He made several trips back and forth to deliver it all, and when he finished his stomach grumbled. The food smelt very delicious, and he couldn't wait to eat.

Cristol washed his hands in a bowl of water and began to eat his bread and ham properly. Meanwhile, Levi was digging in without properly cleaning and stuffed his mouth full of ham. Cristol chuckled a little at Levi's eating and Levi smiled as well, still chewing. Cristol took a bite of ham and sipped on his wine, licking his lips afterward as Levi stared. Cristol caught Levi staring so he licked his lip teasingly again to see the reaction. Levi looked up quickly and down again, and then forced his eyes away. He turned quickly as if he wasn't looking and accidentally knocked over a goblet of wine. The wine spilt all over Levi's shirt and he stood up quickly, embarrassed.

Cristol laughed lightly and stopped Levi before he could leave. "Don't worry, you can change here. I have fresh clothes in the dresser over there."

Levi smiled and walked over to the dresser to put on some dry clothes. Cristol watched as Levi took off his shirt revealing his sun tanned body. Levi had nice abbs and a tight stomach which caused Cristol's mouth to water. "Now that I think of it, I don't think any of those shirts will fit you." Cristol said with a breatless laugh. "You can leave your shirt off, I don't mind." Cristol said quickly. Levi smiled, understanding what this might could mean. The rest of the meal, Cristol could not keep his eyes off of Levi's tan body.

"Well this was very good." Levi said, after the meal.

"Y-yes." Cristol said, looking up from Levi's body. "I should go to sleep now."

"If that's what you wish." Levi said, cocking an eyebrow before leaving.

"Wait." Cristol said.

"Yes my prince?" Levi asked quickly.

"Nevermind." Cristol said nervously. He walked to his bed and layed down on top of his aroused cock. 'If only he knew I would allow him to fuck me.' Cristol thought. Several minutes passed as he lay there daydreaming of Levi's tanned skin. Imagining how it would feel with Levi's tan body against his own. He was a little afraid tho because Calisto was a virgin, and he had never been fucked before.

Just then as if Levi had read his mind, a warm hand reached around to cover Calisto's mouth. "I don't care if the punishment is death, I want to fuck you. Will you let me?" Levi said, leaning over Calisto's body. His bare chest was pressed against Calisto's back. "What?" Calisto asked surprised, but Levi covered his mouth. Calisto sat up and looked up into Levi's eyes. He smirked and pushed Levi away. "You wanna fuck me Levi?"

"Yes my prince." Levi said quickly.

"You wanna bend me over my own bed and fuck me hard?" Calisto asked.

"Yes my prince." Levi said quickly.

Calisto dropped to his knees below Levi's sculpted abbs and said, "Let's start by fucking my little mouth, yes?"

"Yes my prince." Levi said very quickly, now aroused. He whipped out his dick and stuffed it against Calisto's lips. The smell was of man funk but it turned Calisto on. Calisto teased Levi by keeping his mouth closed. Levi rubbed the tip of his dick across Calisto's soft lips and asked "Please my prince?" He asked again softly and Calisto couldn't resist. He opened his mouth and Levi slipped his manhood down his throat. Calisto gagged a little and gripped his cock so that he could pull out to breathe. He began licking the head teasingly and went back down with his lips to please Levi with his mouth. Levi looked down at Calisto beautiful face and pushed Calisto's hands away. He grabbed a fistful of Calisto's soft blonde hair and began fucking his face. Levi could feel Calisto's wet tongue and throat as he fucked his mouth hard. Calisto began to gag but Levi wouldn't stop abusing his pretty mouth. Tears leaked from Calisto's eyes and he looked up pleadingly at Levi who lustfully continued to fuck his face. He pulled out to let Calisto breathe and Calisto just coughed and said, "Fuck my face you dirty boy!"

Levi slapped Calisto's butter smooth cheek with his fat dick and stuffed it back into his wet mouth. He began gagging Calisto hard until drool began running down his lips. He continued to fuck his throat for several minutes until he stopped and stood Calisto up. "Get on the bed and lean your head off." Levi ordered. Calisto did as he said and he leaned his head, upside down off of his silky bed. Levi kneeled and slipped his fat dick into Calisto's mouth again fucking his face hard causing drool to spill from Calisto's lips. Calisto gurgled and moaned beneath Levi's cock as he continued to get abused.

"I'm gonna cum my prince!" Levi screamed as he continued to fuck his face. He sat Calisto up on the bed and began thrusting his cock. He tilted Calisto's head back and said "Open your mouth." Calisto hesitated as Levi stroked his throbbing cock over his face. He gave in, opening his mouth for Levi to pour his hot cum in. The immense tickling sensation of the orgasm shot out in 4 hot streaks into Calisto's little mouth when Levi came. Levi's began breathing heavily, and his forehead began to sweat a little after he finished. Calisto nibbled on the tip of Levi's cock head after he had came. Levi pushed Calisto's head down on to his dick the whole 9 inches before letting him come back for air.

"Ready to fuck me?" Calisto suggested. Levi's dick remained hard and he knew his dream was about to be fufilled. Calisto undressed on the bed and presented his soft, virgin ass to Levi. Levi's eyebrows raised and he bit his lip. His cock throbbed and he couldn't wait to pound his tight little ass.

Marcello, another servant of Calisto's watched in the shadows with a bulge beneath his belt.... to be continued.




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