The howling wind blew the snow against the windows so hard that it stuck like plaster. The wipers couldn't handle the snow packing on the windshield.

'We can't get home in this,' Braden said quietly. He was nineteen, the oldest of the senior wrestling team, having been held back a year when he was in grade school.

No one responded. The flashing red lights up ahead were barely visible till they were right on the police car that was parked diagonally across the street. Coach rolled down the window for the approaching officer.

'You'll have to turn around,' the officer said. 'All roads are closed in and out of the city.'

'I've got four students here I need to get home,' Coach Colby said.

'You'll never make it. It's drifting so bad the snow plows can barely keep up with it enough to get the National Guard through to rescue stranded motorists. You'll have to find a place to stay in town. You can pull in here and turn around.'

It obviously wasn't up for discussion. Coach thanked the officer and rolled up the window. He pulled into the mall parking lot where snowplows were keeping a space clear for cars to turn around.

'Where're we going?' Cody asked.

'I don't know. Keep your eyes out for a motel,' Coach said.

'We passed one on the way,' Braden said. 'It's only a few blocks back.'

The NO VACANCY light was on at the motel but Coach pulled in anyway, on the off chance that they might have one room that they could all share. Braden got out to go with him into the motel. Their hopes vanished when he walked into the lobby and saw people lying on the furniture.

'We don't have anything,' the clerk said as they walked up to the desk.

'I saw your NO VACANCY light. I took a chance anyway. Nothing, huh?' Coach said.

'Not even a broom closet,' said the clerk. 'We have some guests who have volunteered to share their rooms, in fact, and those are taken.'

'Do you know of any place?' Coach asked.

The clerk shook his head sadly. 'You might try Motel Six up the street, and there's a Best Inn about a block further, but I doubt if they'll have anything either. The city is practically on lock down.'

'Yeah, I know. The police wouldn't let us leave the city.'

'The governor has declared an emergency and called out the National Guard. They're arresting anyone caught trying to drive on the highway.'

'Thanks, anyway, 'Coach said. They went back to the car.

'The sign meant what it said, huh.' Sean said.

'Yeah. We'll check Motel Six and Best Inn,' Coach said.

There was nothing available at Motel Six and the only luck they had at Best Inn was the clerk calling around to some other motels. But he found nothing.

Coach sighed, rubbing his hand over his mouth.

'I wish I could help you,' the clerk said. 'I couldn't even let you sack out in the lobby, it's so full.'

'Thanks, you've been a big help, calling around for us,' he said. He turned to leave when the clerk stopped him.

'Wait...I just thought of a place....' His words trailed off, as if he regretted speaking out.

'Where,' Coach asked.

'There's a place...down the street,' he said, rather hesitantly. 'It's not a motel, it's a men's social and health club, but they do have rooms for their members. Just small changing rooms, but with bunks.'

'I don't care if it's the dog pound,' Braden said under his breath.

'It's down on the right side of the street, called The Locker. You might give them a try,' the clerk told them.


They went back to the car and Coach told the team were they were going next. They weren't too optimistic about the health club letting them stay the night, especially since they weren't members.

'Just find a place that sells blankets, we can sleep in the car,' Cody said.

Coach didn't know what he was going to do if the health club turned them down. They couldn't sleep in the car, the temperature was dropping fast.

'As a last resort, we could go to a fast-food place and sit in a booth to keep warm,' Braden said.

'We may have to do that,' Coach said. He pulled into one of only two parking spaces in The Locker parking lot. 'Well, cross your fingers, guys,' he said as he and Braden were getting out of the car. He pulled his collar tight and they leaned into the wind to make their way to the entrance. The vestibule was like an oasis compared to the outside. They went through the door to the counter.

'What can I do for you tonight, gentlemen?' the clerk asked in a friendly tone with a friendlier eye toward Braden.

'Something, I hope,' Coach said. 'I've got four students that I brought here for a wrestling match and we can't get back home. We can't even get out of the city. I need a place for them to sleep. The clerk at Best Inn said you have rooms.'

'Yes, we do, but we're not a motel. We're a private club.'

'Yes, he explained that. What does it take to join?' Coach asked.

The clerk eyed Braden again then looked back at Coach.

'Did he tell you that we are a private gay men's club?'

'No. No, he didn't,' he replied with a surprised blink. He looked around at Braden, who gave a shrug of indifference. 'But I don't think we'll have a problem with that if we can just get a place to spend the night in out of this weather.'

'You said boys. How old?' the clerk asked.

'He's nineteen, the others are eighteen, all seniors,' coach said.

He thought for a moment, shaking his head. 'Still, they are high school students.'

'Why would that make a difference?' Braden asked.

'You couldn't make an exception for one night, considering the weather conditions?' Coach pleaded. 'There's not a vacant motel room in town.'

'I'm sorry, I wish I could help, but I really don't think I should.'

'What if you signed something, taking full responsibility?' Braden said quietly to the Coach.

Just then another man came in behind the counter. 'Is there a problem?' he asked cheerfully. His nametag read Derek: Manager. The clerk explained the situation.

'I'm afraid he's right,' the manager said after a moment's thought.

'Geezuss, what am I going to do with these guys?' Coach said under his breath, half to himself and half to Braden, as he stepped back from the counter.

'Wait. Just a minute,' the manager said.

They turned back to the window.

'Do they all have IDs?' the manager asked.

'Drivers license,' Braden said.

' 'I can't turn you out in this weather. If you'll take full responsibility for them, I'll take the chance,' the man said.

'Thank you very much,' Coach said with great relief in his voice.

'Just so you understand, it is a gay establishment,' the manager warned.

'Yes, he explained it's a gay men's social club,' Coach said.

'It's's very social,' the manager said, glancing at Braden. 'Maybe you need to come with me, let me show you around first.' He buzzed the door and coach went inside. Braden started to follow him but the manager hesitated.

'You might want to leave him here,' he said.

'If I'm going to be staying here....,' Braden began.

'Its okay if he comes along,' Coach said.

The lounge had two long couches, arranged L-shaped along two walls, and coffee tables and a wide-screen TV. Past the lounge and vending machines, the hallway was very dark. They could make out that several men they passed wore nothing but towels. Some of the doors to the rooms were open but it was too dark to see in except for a couple of them, you could see figures lying on the bunks.

'The rooms downstairs don't have televisions,' the manager said. 'There's a workout room straight ahead, they could use that, preferably with supervision.'

'The guys will love that,' Braden said.

'And the showers are right there beyond the glass wall. There's a Jacuzzi, too. But again, I suggest supervision. You might do well to keep them out of the steam room and the sauna.'

'I understand,' Coach said.

The man turned and looked at Braden then at the coach. 'You said it was okay for him to come along, I presume I can speak freely.'

'Sure. I don't think you're going to say anything that will shock him,' Coach said.

'It's very important that you understand what we are all about. Right now, we're having a blackout party which is all the more reason that I stress that you'll have to keep a tight rein on everyone. I know they're of legal age, they can have free run of the place as far as we're concerned, but I doubt you would want them to roam into the wrong place and be exposed to some of the activities.'

'I'll keep a tight rein on all of them, 'Coach said. 'We're only looking for a place to sleep and keep from freezing. Anyway, it's almost too dark in here for them to see anything.'

The manager led the way up the stairs which were lighted by tiny track lights. The hallways were dark but there were faint glows of light coming from several of the rooms. Coach was shocked to see naked men lying on the beds, some alone, some in pairs, groping themselves or jacking off while they watched TV. He glanced at Braden. The boy simply shrugged and smiled.

'I'm wondering how I'm gong to get Cody and Scott up here without them seeing that,' Coach said to Braden under his breath.

'Easy, coach, we'll blindfold them,' Braden said, laughing.

'These are our video rooms upstairs,' the manager went on. 'There is a cable channel but I can't block out the other two channels that are showing x-rated videos. So the televisions will be your responsibility.'

'Even if they get a peek, I don't think a little exposure is going to damage them for life,' Braden said. 'Heck, Coach, its not like we haven't all seen x-rated videos.'

'Just the same, I'll take the upstairs room with Scott where I'll have control of the TV. One of you older boys will be responsible for Cody.'

They went back downstairs to the vestibule.

'Thanks for the tour,' Coach said. 'Let me go check and see what the guys think.'

'I'm trusting that they are all eighteen, Coach. I won't ask for ID. You're not all five going to fit in the two rooms I have left. Four of you can double up in the two rooms, one of you can use the couch in the lounge.'

Coach looked at Braden. 'I really need to be with Cody or Scott,' he said. 'You or Sean will have to take one of them under you wing.'

'I'll take the couch,' Braden said.

'Problem solved,' Coach said. 'Now, is there anyplace close by to eat?'

'We have vending machines and there's a pizza place down around the corner,' Derek said.

Coach and Braden went back to the car where everyone was shivering from the cold.

'I don't think he believed we're all over eighteen,' Braden said.

'I don't think so either.'

Back at the car Coach explained the situation.

'Okay, they've got two rooms, so four of us will have to double up. They're designed as singles so it'll be a tight fit. Braden is going to take the couch in the lounge. There are showers and a workout room, and vending machines; I think we can survive.'

'I could stand under a shower till the hot water runs out,' Cody said, his teeth chattering.

'There is one catch. It's a gay men's club, in case anyone has a problem with that.' He waited for a reaction. The all looked at one another as if they were each waiting for the other to say something.

'I don't care if I have to double up with one of them, it'd be better than freezing to death out here,' Scott said.

'Yeah, it's not gonna bother me,' Sean put in. 'Hell, it might even be fun,' he drawled.

'Don't even go there,' Coach said gruffly. 'Cody?' asked.

'I just want a place to get warm,' Cody moaned.

'Okay, I' m going back in and reserve the rooms then we'll go back to that pizza place for something to eat,' Coach Colby said.

He went back inside and put the money down for the rooms. Then they walked to the pizza place. They were waiting for their pizza and not surprisingly, they were talking about the match.

'If Braden and Cody hadn't won, we could've been on our way home by now,' Sean complained good naturedly.

'We might have gotten out of town but we would've probably ended up in a ditch somewhere,' said Braden. 'Hell I'm just glad we found a place to sleep.'

'Yeah, we can tell how glad you are over the idea of spending the night in a gay men's club,' Scott chided him.

'Yeah, how come Braden gets to have all the fun, sleeping on the couch?' Sean complained, laughing.

Coach stood out of the booth. 'I'm going to make one call home and let them know we're spending the night, but we don't know where yet. If anybody asks when we get back home, we stayed at the Motel Six. Got that?' He leveled a sharp gaze at all of them. 'We do not ever tell anyone where we stayed. No one. Not ever.'

They all nodded in agreement.

'Hell do you think I'm going to advertise that I spent the night in a gay men's club? Especially with these guys,' Sean said.

'I don't have a tooth brush,' Cody drawled.

They looked at him like he was stupid, then broke out laughing.

'Geezusss, Cody, we're close to freezing our asses off and you're worrying about a toothbrush?'

'They've got all that stuff in the vending machines,' Braden said.

'I'll give you money to get what you need,' Coach said. He paused for a moment. 'Look, guys...I don't know how to say this, but...well, you guys have to realize as young athletes're going to be prime targets in that place. You can't go ballistic if somebody makes a pass at you or says something out of line, which will probably happen. We are guests there; they didn't really want to take us in because you're all high school students, even if you are all eighteen. If someone makes a pass, just tell them politely that you're not interested.'

'What if we are?' Braden joked.

Back at the club they all registered separately.

'Do I charge for two rooms and three lockers?' the clerk asked the manager.

'No, just the two rooms.'

'Do you have anything you want to put in a lock box?' the man asked. 'It's safer,' he added.

They offered their wallets and all but a few bucks of their money for the man to lock up. He gave the room keys to Coach and handed out towels and blankets, then buzzed them inside to the lounge.

'Dam, look at that television,' Scott said.

'You can watch TV if you stick together,' Coach said quietly.

'I just want to find the shower and get warm,' Cody said.

Just then two guys came out of the locker area wearing only towels. They made a show of pausing to eye them all, with obvious interest. Coach quickly gathered them around him at the vending machines where they bought toothbrushes and one tube of toothpaste, one razor and shaving cream and a stick of deodorant.

'Listen up, guys while I show you around the place.' He took them to the workout room first. They were impressed.

'Hey, this is nicer than back at school,' one of them said.

'Yeah, they've got more equipment.'

'You can work out if you want to, but only in pairs. Scott...Cody...if you want to work out, you'll have to have Braden or Sean with you, just like you're going to be sharing a room,' Coach said. 'I guess I'm talking to you, Sean; you're going to responsible for Scott or Cody.'

'I'll take Cody,' Sean said. 'Nothing against you, Scott, I just think Cody will make a better bunk-mate,' he added, laughing. Nobody was surprised; Sean was always looking out for Cody, like a little brother, even though they were nearly the same age.

'Okay, Scott will be with me, and Braden is on his own. The showers are right over there behind the glass, and you can use the Jacuzzi. But only in pairs. Nobody goes anywhere alone, not even to the rest room. Except you, Braden, I have to trust you to be you're on your own. The rest of us stick together. The steam room and the sauna are off limits to all of you. That includes you, Braden...stay out of the steam room and the sauna.'

'Somebody needs to pay the light bill around here,' Cody said.

'The guy said they've got the lights turned out for some kind of black-out party,' Braden said.

'Which makes it all the more important that you don't venture anywhere by yourself. You never know what you might stumble into,' Coach said. He unlocked room 128 for Sean and Cody and gave Sean the key.

'Looks like you're sleeping on the floor, Cody,' Sean drawled when he saw the small bunk.

'I warned you, it'd be a tight fit,' Coach said. 'Just remember how cold it is out there and make the best of it.'

'Just kidding, coach. We'll fit,' Sean said. 'Even if Cody has to sleep on the bottom,' he added, laughing.

'Keep your door shut,' coach said firmly.

'Yes, sir,' Sean said.

'Scott and I will be upstairs in room 230,' Coach said. 'Remember the room number in case you need me. And keep your doors shut. Maybe you haven't noticed, but you guys have been eyed like prize bulls since we walked in this place.'

Braden headed back to the lounge. 'See you guys in the morning,' he said over his shoulder.

When Sean and Cody were settled into their room, Coach took Scott up the back stairs to try to avoid walking up and down the hallways where the doors were open and TVs showing the gay videos. He was keenly aware of the looks they got and he was glad to get Scott inside the room. There was barely room for them to turn around but it was a safe haven.

'There's more room on the bed than there is on the floor,' Scott said.

'Thank heaven for that.'

Chapter Two

In room #128 Sean shrugged off his jacket and hung it on the hook and began unbuttoning his shirt.

'Are we gonna take off all our clothes?' Cody asked.

'I don't usually sleep in my clothes,' Sean said. 'Why, you got a problem with that? It's not like we've never seen each other naked before.'

'Yeah, I know. It just seems different, cooped up in this little room together.'

'It is different. We're in a four-by-four box and we're by ourselves, but its better than being cooped up in the car and freezing,' Sean said. 'You're taking the side against the wall.'

'Afraid I'll fall out and bump my head?' Cody asked.

'No, I don't want anybody crawling in bed with us and you would probably let them.'

'Coach said to lock the door,' Cody reminded him.

'No, he said to shut the door.'

'I think he said to lock it. Can you lock it?' Cody asked.

'I gotta have it open a crack. I can't stand small closed places,' Sean said.

'What if the coach comes by?'

'I'll tell him I gotta have it open a crack because I can't stand small, closed places.' Part of him wondered why he had to get stuck with Cody. Not that he minded, really; Cody needed somebody to look out for him sometimes, and this was one of those times. But he wished it could've been him and Braden sharing a room. He wondered what Braden was doing. Fuck, probably wandering around the place, showing off his muscles and getting a bunch of guys all hot and bothered with his big cock. Maybe he could sneak out after Cody went to sleep and meet up with Braden and they could check the place out. Maybe he would be daring and leave the door open a little and see what happened.

Cody was stalling, purposely fumbling with his shoelaces, to let Sean take the lead. He wanted to see if Sean stripped down to the buff or left his shorts on. He slept naked at home and he wanted to here, especially with Sean, but he couldn't unless Sean took everything off first.

Sean took the lead as he did in everything. He unabashedly took off his clothes just like they were in the locker room. It was no different, except it was pretty close quarters and he and Cody were bumping into each other a lot. He didn't give it a thought when he was down to his shorts; he simply shoved them down, stepped out of them ad kicked them up to snatch them out of the air.

Cody was almost breathless as he watched the big athlete get completely naked. He was such a stud. A stallion, really, with is big, oversized cock. It swung and jostled gently with every move and he didn't seem to think anything about it when it smacked against Cody a couple of times. Cody wondered for the thousandth time how oversized he was when he was hard.

'You need some help?' Sean asked dryly as he waited on Cody to get his clothes off.

'No, why are you waiting on me?'

'Cause I don't want you climbing over the top of me to get to your side of the bunk,' Sean said.

'It's not like I'm gonna crush you,' Cody said.

'You get on top of me, I'm afraid you won't want to get off,' Sean growled, laughing, as he opened the door a few inches.

'That's more than a crack,' Cody said, nodding toward the half open door.

Sean glanced to the side as he was aware of someone standing in the hall against the opposite wall, watching through the very wide crack in the door. He looked and made eye contact with the guy and their eyes never wavered. The guy was good-looking, young, maybe in his mid-twenties and built a lot like Sean himself. He wondered if the guy would be bold enough to venture into the room if he opened the door a tiny bit more.

Cody was still shivering from being cold.

'Hey, let's get you in the shower and get you warmed up,' Sean said, handing him a towel. He put his own towel around his waist.

'Man, that sounds great, if you think its safe,' Cody said.

'Anybody tries anything, they'll have to come through me,' Sean said.

Sean caught the guy's eye again as he and Cody left their room. It wasn't an okay kind of look but definitely a hopeful one that passed between them.

Cody followed Sean down the hallway and into the wet area behind the glass where the showers, Jacuzzi and the steam room and sauna were located. In the showers, Sean reached over and turned on the last one for Cody then took the one next to him.

'Awww, mann, this feels good,' Cody said in a shaky voice. 'I'm so cold my bones are cold.'

Sean saw that they had attracted some attention. There were suddenly a half dozen guys milling around the wet area, obviously trying to get a look at them in the showers. One of the more bold ones took the shower next to Sean, and three more guys followed his lead to fill up the shower room.

'Are you guys the wrestlers?' the man asked.

'Yeah,' Sean replied politely. Despite his curiosity, he was tense inside, on his guard. He didn't know what to expect from any of these guys but he half expected the guy under the next shower to reach out for him.

'Did you win?' the guy asked.

'He won his weight class,' Sean said proudly, nodding to Cody.

'How about you?'

'No, I got my ass pinned in the final match,' Sean said.

The man looked boldly up and down his naked, muscular body. 'It's hard to imagine anyone could take you down,' he said.

'It happens,' Sean said.

'What is your weight class?' another of the guys asked.

'He's one-thirty to one-forty. I'm one-ninety-one to two-hundred,' he replied. He could see a couple of the guys were watching Cody pretty intently. Really watching him. Fuck, like a bunch of vultures drooling over fresh-killed meat. He decided he should get him back to the room. 'You about warmed up, buddy?' he asked.


Sean turned off Cody's shower then his own and they stepped out of the shower area where their towels were hanging. Again, he stood between Cody and the men as they dried off, as if he were guarding him. Cody seemed to be completely oblivious to the attention they were attracting. Sean wasn't. It was pretty hard to be oblivious when he saw the way these guys were looking at them. One man's mouth dropped and he looked like he couldn't breathe when Cody cocked one foot up on the bench and bent over to dry his legs. Yeah, nice view, Sean thought; Cody had a great, tight little butt. They wrapped their towels around their waists and headed back to their room.

As they came to their room, Sean saw that the guy was back, or hadn't left his post outside their room. They glanced at each other again as Sean unlocked their door. As he let Cody go in ahead of him he glanced back at the guy again. He left the door ajar; the guy was definitely up to something and Sean wanted to find out what it was.

Cody took off his towel and crawled up on the bed and stretched out against the wall.

'You gotta give me more room than that,' Sean said.

'I'm already hugging the wall,' Cody said.

'Hug it a little tighter, that's better than hugging me.'

Cody didn't know if Sean was only kidding or if he was just being Sean. He growled a lot when he talked, but nobody took it seriously, unless he was mad, of course, then everybody stayed out of his way. It was the only smart thing to do; nobody in his right mind would want to tangle with all of those muscles.

Sean unfolded one of the blankets and laid it over Cody's naked body.

'Thanks,' he said, still shivering.

Sean got in bed and stretched out but there wasn't enough room for his wide back and broad shoulders, lying on his back. Cody quickly turned onto his side, facing him to give him more room. Sean pulled his own blanket up and settled in with his eyes fixed on the crack of the door and the guy still leaning against the opposite wall.

'You're not gonna kill me if I accidentally get up against you, are you?' Cody asked. 'I don't know what I might do and I don't want you tossing me out in the hallway in my sleep.'

Sean laughed. 'I wouldn't toss that tight little ass of yours out in the hallway; it'd be like tossing a lamb to the wolves. You wouldn't last five minutes out there. Besides, I want your tight little ass in here, all to myself,' he added, laughing.

Cody was struggling to keep his back against the wall and not touch Sean.

'Just turn over and face the wall and it'll be okay if we touch. It'll be through the blankets anyway. I just don't want you wrapped around me,' Sean told him.

Cody tuned over on his side facing the wall and pulled the blanket up around his neck.

Sean was feeling the hype of his hormones, causing a gentle tingling down between his legs. He'd never imagined being in a situation like this and he couldn't deny that he was curious. Something made him not want to let the opportunity slip past him. The guy in the hallway was being patient, or maybe he was scared. Sean appreciated his patience but he didn't want him to be scared off.

Sean reached over and tucked Cody's blanket in around his face and felt him still shaking.

'Dam, you're still cold?'

'I've never been so cold in my life,' Cody said. 'I can't stop shaking.'

Sean ran his hand under his blanket and felt his shoulder. The body felt cold to the touch and Sean felt sorry for him. Suddenly he jerked their blankets off and flung Cody's blanket out over the both of them.

'What're you doing?' Cody asked with a frown.

'Getting you warm,' Sean said. 'If we double up the blankets we'll create some body heat.' He spread the other blanket over the first and pulled it up over both of them. Then without hesitation he rolled over on his side and spooned his naked body snugly against Cody's.

'You tell anybody about this, I'll break both your legs,' he warned. 'Fuck, you are freezing.'

They lay snuggled together and after awhile Cody began to settle into a warm calm.

'I wish they would turn off that goddam music, or turn it down,' Sean grumbled.

'I don't think it's going to bother me much,' Cody said. 'I'm starting to get warm and that's gonna make me sleepy.'

Sean pressed the entire length of his body against him to give him more warmth. It should have felt weird; it was the first and only time he'd ever touched his naked body to another guy like this. But he had always felt like a big brother to Cody, and it was what a brother would do. He felt more than that at the moment with his naked body curved against Cody's, his cock pressed against the younger man's butt, but he quickly put it out of his mind.

'Thanks, Sean, for taking care of me,' Cody said hoarsely in a quiet little voice.

'It's no big deal; you're like a little brother to me,' Sean said.

'I wish I had you for a big brother,' Cody said.

'You do,' Sean told him.

'You're such a stud, just the kind of big brother anybody would want,' Cody said.

'I know.'

'What would you think if I told you this was giving me a hardon,' Cody said.

'You just better hope I don't get a hardon,' Sean joked, pressing his manhood against Cody's backside. They were quiet, and he felt Cody calm down, his breathing become steadier. Sean looked over his shoulder to see if the guy was still keeping his vigil in the hallway. He was.

Sean wondered if Cody was asleep. After a while longer he was pretty sure he was, and he was warm, so Sean carefully and gently moved away from him. Part of him didn't care if he was asleep or not. He had to find out what that guy in the hall and this place was all about, Cody be damned. Whatever happened, he knew he could make him keep quiet about it; all it would take was a simple threat. He reached out carefully with his foot and cracked the door another couple of inches. They guy waited a moment then stepped up to the door and pushed it open a little more, very cautiously. When Sean didn't try to close it, he opened it further and came inside the room. Sean put his finger to his lips and the guy nodded. The man put his hand on Sean's leg, rubbing it up and down his thigh, working his hand under the blankets. Sean slung his leg over the edge of the mattress, out from under the blanket, to give him room and an invitation. Excitement surged through him as the man found and hefted his balls and squeezed them gently. Sean's already fluffed up cock was loosing its fluffiness and growing into a big hardon. The man found it before it was completely hard and moaned softly as he squeezed the rubbery flesh. With his other hand he lifted the blanket and laid it aside, exposing him in all his manly glory.

'Wow!' he whispered.

Sean frowned and put his finger to his lips again. Maybe it wasn't a good idea after all, letting the guy come in the room. One of them was bound to make noise and wake Cody up. He raised up and swung his legs over the edge of the mattress and stood down from the bunk. He reached for his towel and motioned that they should step out of the room. He checked his arm for the rubber band with the room key then quietly closed the door behind them.

'I don't want to wake him up,' he whispered.

'My room's right here,' the man said, nodding to an open door almost directly opposite Sean's room.

Sean nodded and followed the man inside. The guy closed the door most of the way then immediately began groping the front of Sean's towel.

'That feels incredible,' he said. 'It looked pretty incredible in the showers, too.'

'Are we going to leave the door open?' Sean asked.

'It could prove interesting,' the man said. 'Don't worry, we can close it if your buddy wakes up and shows himself.'

Sean undid his towel and took it off.

'My Godd!' the man gasped. 'Do they grow all their wrestlers like this where you come from?'

'We never had anybody throw rocks at us,' Sean said.

The man urged Sean to lie back across the bunk, his legs slung over the edge of the mattress. His stomach was aflutter and his stiffening cock tingled with anticipation.

'My name's Rick, by the way,' the man said.

'Sean,' he said, putting out his hand.

Rick was moving his hands up and down Sean's thighs, squeezing the hard muscles, then up to his stomach, digging his thumbs into his hard abs.

'Geezuss, you're like a rock,' he said.

'Most wrestlers are pretty solid,' Sean said.

Rick reached on up and squeezed his pecs and flicked his nipples

'Uhhnn,' Sean gasped.

The guy was going to do it. Just as sure as he was standing there in front of him, feeling him up, Rick was going to go down on him. He was going to get his cock sucked! The imagination fueled his anticipation and his anticipation stoked the flames of his raging imagination. One feeding off the other, he was soon so hot and excited that he couldn't lie still. He reached out and touched the man's arm, to urge him to get on with it. The arm was solid muscle, so big he couldn't get his hand even a third of the way around the bicep. And that sent another strange thrill down Sean's spine, that such a muscular stud would be doing this to him. The man's very masculine, macho appearance made it somehow more all right.

Someone strolled past the door, pausing to peer inside, but he didn't come in. Sean was a little disappointed. Rick bent over and Sean could feel his hot breath. His anticipation soared, screaming through his brain. 'Do it!' he screamed silently. 'Just do it! Get your mouth on it and suck it!'

But he didn't. He by-passed Sean's cock and began kissing his thigh, moving his lips downward, over his knees, to the bulge of his calf muscle. Then he kissed back up the inside of his other leg till his face smashed against his balls. He kissed down the inside of the other leg and back up, this time lifting his balls to nuzzle under them. Godd, it felt good everywhere he moved his mouth.

'Ohhhhh,' Sean moaned softly. Godd, do it! His cock was so hard now. So engorged with blood it felt like it might burst.

Another man came by the door, then another, and another One of them moved on but the others paused to watch. Sean wondered why none of them came inside. Rick by-passed his cock again, kissed around his hip and up across the deep muscled ridges of his abs; back and forth, leaving a wet outline around each brick of muscle. Then he trailed his tongue up to his chest and kissed his thick pecs, lingering with his mouth over his nipples.

'Ohhh,' Sean moaned again as the man sucked on his tits. They were quickly swollen hard and so sensitive to the man's flicking tongue. It made Sean wonder if that's what a girl felt when he sucked on her nipples. Rick made a wet trail back down Sean's stomach, around his hip and nuzzled under his balls again.

'Awww!' Sean moaned as his balls were pulled into the wet heat of the man's mouth. 'Ohh, Geezusss!' he gasped as Rick sucked and licked and bounced them around on his tongue. 'Awww, suck it!' he whispered softly. 'Get on it... suck my cock...!' Geezuss, was he ever going to do it! Just do it! Suddenly he felt the man's hot breath on his cock a second before he felt the wet heat of his mouth envelope the head.

'Ohh...Awwwwhhh, Fuck!' he gasped aloud. The man's lips slid down, down, down the tall shaft of his cock, till the head was smashed against the back of his mouth. He moved his mouth up and down the shaft, lavering the head with his tongue. Sean could feel his ball-juice flowing and the man lapping it up. His tongue felt like fine, soft sandpaper on his cockhead. He sucked him gently, almost lovingly. Sean felt almost like he was being worshipped.

The man at the door inched inside a little for a better view. Rick waved him in and Sean felt the guy's hand on his leg. Rick moved aside a little and a moment later, the newcomer had Sean's balls in his mouth. Rick had obviously been taught to share. When the second man came up for air, Rick got off his cock and offered it to him.

'Holy Shit!' the man gasped when he saw Sean's huge, hard cock. 'How big is this thing!'

'Big enough to feed two,' Rick said.

Sean thought it would be great to have both of them work on his cock at the same time, and he got his wish. They two men lapped at his cock from both sides, taking turns sucking it deep into their mouths. Sean was squirming and writhing on the bed and thrusting his cock up into whichever eager mouth he could find. He wondered if one of them could go all the way down on it; if it was possible to take his cock in their throats. He put his hand gently on the back of the Rick's head but he recoiled and raised up.

'I can't take it all the way, you're so big,' he whispered.

'I can,' the other man said.

He didn't sound like he was totally convinced himself, but he was determined to try and Sean wanted to give him a chance to prove himself. But Rick wasn't giving way. He stayed bent over, sucking his cock.

'Let him try to take it,' Sean said quietly.

Rick raised up and stepped aside to let the other man bend over Sean's middle.

'My Godd!' the man gasped as he wrapped his hand around the big tower of meat. 'Maybe I spoke too soon.'

'Yeah, still think you can take him?' Rick asked.

'If it kills me,' the man said. 'Fuck, is this real? I can't even get my hand around it.' He bent over and went down on Sean's huge cock; down, down, down, till the head was smashed against the back of his throat as it had Rick's throat, but this guy pressed on. There was a tight constriction around the head and Sean held out little hope that his cock would fit into anything so tight. But the man pressed on, twisting his head around as if to attain the right angle and make it fit. Then he took him. He forced himself. He bore down hard and the head of Sean's cock popped through the opening and sank up into the tight glove of the man's throat.

'Awwwwhhhhhhh! Awwwwwhhh, fuck!' Sean moaned. It was better than any pussy he'd ever shoved his cock into! He laid his hand on the back of the man's head to urge him down onto the final inch or so. The man choked but Sean didn't let up, and the guy forced his mouth down till his lips were in Sean's pubes.

'Geezussss!' Sean gasped in disbelief.

'I'll second that,' Rick said.

The guy's throat was so hot and tight and alive; the muscles were milking the full length of his cock. Sean held his breath till his lungs ached, till the man raised up and began swirling his tongue around the head again. He finally had to let his breath out. 'OHhhh, Geezussss, how did you do that! God, it was incredible!'

'You haven't seen incredible yet, has he?' the man said to Rick as he closed the door completely.

'Not if you mean he's going to fuck us,' Rick said.

Sean raised his head; his mouth dropped and he blinked with surprise.


'I can't pass up a challenge like this?' Rick said as he was uncapping a large tube of KY. He motioned for Sean to get off the bunk.

Sean stepped down, his cock swaying like a battering ram.

'Godd, I don't believe that thing,' the other man said as he knelt down to suck him again while Rick was climbing on the bed.

Sean didn't how, if Rick couldn't take him down his throat, how he was going to take his cock up his ass. Rick got on his knees on the bed to put the KY between his buns. Then he squeezed some lube onto Sean's throbbing cock after the other man reluctantly gave it up. Sean stepped up on the bed behind him. Rick bent over with his head and shoulders in the mattress, his butt offered to the hunky, young wrestler. Sean was shaky inside with the excitement of this new adventure, wondering how it would play out. He set the head of his cock squarely against the slick hole and nudged forward. There was some give but it didn't go in. He pushed again. The other man, standing beside the bed, cupped his hand around Sean's taut butt.

'You're going to have to give it some power from back here to penetrate him,' he said.

Sean tried a couple more times but all he felt was the stretch and give of the muscles surrounding Rick's asshole. The hole itself wouldn't open, but only pushed back at him.

'Fuck if he's that tight, I'm gonna rip him in two,' Sean said.

'That's a risk he's willing to take, otherwise, he wouldn't be spread out in front of you like this,' the man said.

Sean wondered why Rick wasn't saying anything but he took his silence as total consent. He clasped his hands around Rick's hipbones and pulled his hips back as he shoved forward at the same time. There was a struggle with the tight hole trying do defend it's hidden treasure, but suddenly, it stretched open and the head of Sean's cock disappeared in Rick's ass.

Rick choked on his gasp and gripped the sides of the mattress.

'Give him a minute to get used to it,' the other man said, still caressing Sean's butt. The guy had become the instructor, the coach, and Sean was willing to do what he told him, just like Coach Colby. 'It's not a straight chute in, like the pussies you're no doubt used to,' the man told him. 'You're going to encounter obstacles that you have to maneuver around, till your cock bores itself a new pathway.'

When he felt the man's pressure on his butt, Sean shoved in a little deeper, oblivious, now, of Rick's gasping moans. He wasn't telling him to stop. He gaped down at the guy's once-tiny asshole distended unmercifully around the thick girth of his cock. When he pushed, the muscle stretched inward.

'Oh, Goddd!' Rick gasped aloud

Sean held still. 'Do you want me stop? Or pull out?' he asked.

'No,' Rick replied emphatically. 'I only want to go through this once.'

Sean took his time entering him. Several times his cock touched something in the way and he maneuvered around it, just like the other guy said. Deeper and deeper he went, gouging out everything in his way, and he wondered what possible pleasure Rick could get from being impaled on his huge cock, having it stretch his asshole so unmercifully. With great relief and satisfaction, he shoved the final inches though Rick's clenching hole.

'Awwwhhhhhh!' Rick groaned.

'You've got it all, man,' Sean said.

'Yes, I just wonder where the hell you put it,' Rick gasped.

Sean held still, satisfied for the moment with Rick's asshole squeezing and milking his cock.

'How's that feel?' the other man asked Sean. 'Have you ever fucked another guy?'

'I never did anything with another guy before. You guys are my first. But it feels great. Better than any pussy. Ohhhh, shit, when he squeezes my cock...he's so hot and tight...hell, he's alive in there.'

'Spoken like a true straight-eight,' the man said.

'Can I, uh...fuck you now?' Sean asked Rick.

'Yes. Please, slow and easy at first,' Rick said.

Sean was gentle as a lamb as he pumped his cock in slow-motion in and out of Rick's ass.

'Ohhh...Awwwwhhh, that's good,' he moaned. 'Fuck, it feels like I'm sticking my cock in a bag of mush or warm honey.'

As Rick became accustomed to the big intruder, he began pushing his butt back onto Sean's cock. Their pace picked up, with soft noises of Rick's butt smacking against Sean's thighs.

'Ohhh...OH, My Godd!...Oh, My Goddd!...fuck me... fuck, me, you big stud! Put those muscles to work!'

'Gladly,' Sean said and he clasped his hands around Rick's hipbones and set his own hips in motion.

'Ohh, Yesss...OHhh, fuck, that feels so good,' Rick moaned.

Sean had good staying power but he was amazed that he was lasting so long; he'd never felt anything like this before. He wanted to do it in different positions, like with Marge Anderson; she liked to get it in every position known to man and she said Sean was the only guy who could last long enough to take her through all the positions.

'Could we, uh...change positions?' he asked as he slowed his pace. 'Like on your back?'

'I've been waiting for you to need a break,' Rick said as he hunkered forward off of Sean's cock.

'They all want to fuck like a girl,' the other man said.

'No, it's not that...hell, nobody's gonna mistake you for a girl...I just wanta see your face when I fuck you.'

'Honey-stud, you can fuck me any way you want. I'll stand on my head out in the hallway if you want me to.' He laid back and put his legs on Sean's shoulders and brought his butt up to position. Sean entered him again and hunkered up over him till Rick was bent in half under him.

'Fuck, take it easy, it goes in deeper in this position,' Rick told him.

It was so good Sean's head was swimming. Every girl he'd ever fucked complained after about two minutes in this position; they said he was going too deep and they couldn't breath. Except for one, Marge Anderson, and she about fucked his brains out in any position he tried. Rick's ass was opening up nicely, too. He liked a tight fit but he also liked a little give and take, and Rick's ass was giving and taking like nothing he'd ever fucked before. He thrust in deep, straight down, then switched gears and went straight in. He buried his cock to the hilt and twisted his hips around in circles. That drove Rick crazy.

'Ohhh...OHHHH...Awwhhhhh...Hhhhhh, that... Awwwh, Godd, you're cock is so big and wonderful.' He liked, it too, when Sean thrust straight down into his ass. 'AAAWWwwhhhh, what're you trying to do, nail me to the bed?' he cried.

Chapter Three

Across the hall, Cody was waking up. He had to take a piss in the worst way. He raised up, startled to find that he was alone in the room. Where the hell was Sean! Maybe he'd gone to the restroom. He stood down from the bunk and cautiously opened the door a crack. He stuck his head out and peered up and down the hall. He didn't have a room key; Sean had it, which meant he couldn't go piss without leaving the room unlocked. Well, he didn't have anything of any value in the room, except for his clothes, and he doubted anybody would steal those. He wished Sean were there with him, though. He was half scared to leave the room. But he really had to piss and he was acting like a baby wanting his mommy instead of a champion wrestler. He grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist and stepped out in the hallway. He pulled the door mostly shut so it would look like it was closed, and headed for the rest room. A man coming down the hallway followed him down the stairs and into the restroom. Cody fumbled with his towel as he stepped up to one of the urinals. It was awkward trying to hold it on so he let it fall from his waist and held it at his side.

'Dam! Nice butt!' the man said as he stepped up to the urinal next to him.

Cody looked straight ahead, his face flushed warm with embarrassment. Bad as he had to piss, he couldn't. His cock just hung out, dead and dry. He shut his eyes and tried to relax to get the flow started, keenly aware of the man's eyes on him.

'Dam, nice everything,' the man said, glancing boldly at Cody's cock.

At long last the flow of piss started and Cody was able to relax more. Just then another man came into the rest room and whistled as he stepped up on the other side of Cody.

'You're one of the wrestlers,' the first man said.


'How old are you?' he asked.

'Seventeen,' he lied.

'Oh. Too bad.' With that the guy stepped back and walked out.

The other guy stayed, gazing down at Cody's cock. 'I'm in room 224. Come on up.'

'For what?' Cody asked.

'We'll figure something out,' the man said.

There was something irritating about the guy. 'What about me being underage?' he asked, to scare him off.

'You might look seventeen, but they wouldn't let you in here if you weren't eighteen,' the man said. 'Look, I know you're young and probably virgin to all this, and scared. You don't have to be afraid of me.'

'I'm not afraid of you,' Cody said.

The man looked him up and down. 'You're not going to leave this place a virgin. It should be with someone who knows how to treat a young hunk like you. So come on up if you feel like it. Room 224. Promise, you won't regret it.' With that, he walked off.

Cody had never felt so conspicuous and uneasy being naked. He felt almost cold inside. He didn't look around at the guy or say anything when he left. Cody was relieved to see him go. When he was finally done pissing, Cody wrapped his towel around his waist. He wanted to scout around the place and see if he could find Sean but he was too scared. Instead, he hurried back to his room. He closed the door with great relief and felt safe again, but wondering in the back of his mind why the guy wanted him to come up this room. He had a pretty good idea...he knew about gays...but he didn't know exactly. Maybe he should go and find out. But if Sean came back and found him gone, or if the coach came by to check on them, there would be hell to pay. He should have gone on out to the lounge while he was downstairs to see if Braden was there. He could help him find Sean. Shit, he was acting like a baby again. Sean was probably in the Jacuzzi, or maybe he had gone down to the weight room to work out.

Cody crawled in bed and pulled the blanket up around is neck. The more he lay in the soft darkness thinking about Sean, the greater his suspicions became. He was probably off with some guy having the time of his life, discovering firsthand what Cody was wondering about. Braden was probably doing the same thing. It made him feel empty inside. If they wanted that, they didn't have to go find some strange guy in a gay men's club. He wished he had the courage to tell Sean that he could have anything he wanted right there in their room. Any of them could. He wasn't exactly sure how it might play out with his hunky teammates, but he knew he would do anything for them. Scott was probably the only one staying out of trouble and that was only because he was in a room with the coach.

He wished he could go down to the weight room and work out, but Coach had stressed that he had to have somebody with him. Where the hell was Sean? Maybe he should do the same thing as Sean; check the place out, go down to the sauna or sneak upstairs and see what the blackout party was all about. But he didn't have the guts to venture out. The words of the guys in the rest room still rang in his ear. Nice butt! Nice everything. You're one of the wrestlers. Yeah. How old are you. Seventeen. Too bad. Come on up to room 224.

Chapter Four

All the while Sean was fucking Rick, the other man was standing in close to watch as he stroked his cock with one hand and felt Rick's and Sean's muscles with the other. He was especially attracted to Rick's butt. Suddenly he climbed up on the bed and stood astraddle Rick, facing Sean with his cock sticking out of his fist.

'Wanta suck it?' he said.

Sean did a double take and reared back like he'd been smacked in the face, which he very nearly was by the big cock. He shook his head but the man didn't take no for an answer. He put his hand on Sean's head to try to give him his cock but Sean jerked back.

'You've got it wrong. I'm straight,' Sean said.

'Nobody's holding that against you,' the man said. 'Some of the best blow jobs I ever had were from straight guys.'

'Not this straight guy,' Sean said firmly.

'I know what you need,' the man said as he leaned over to get something off the TV shelf.

Sean didn't know what it was but he knew he wasn't going to suck the guy's cock, or any other cock. Still, he had to admit, there was a strange attraction to the big, thick hunk of meat sticking out at him, being offered so boldly. It was maybe the first time he had ever noticed another guy's cock up close and he had to admit, the guy had a nice one. He could see ball juice glistening in the wide slit. The guy held a small, uncapped bottle down to Sean's nose. He reared back away from it. He was about to get pissed; the guy was interrupting the best fuck of his life and he wasn't going to suck his cock, so he needed to just back off. But the bottle was under his nose for the couple of seconds it took for him to get a whiff of the aroma and a faint idea of its effects. When the man offered him the bottle again, his curiosity had surfaced and he didn't turn his head away.

'Ah, yeah, you wanta try it, don't you?' the man said as he held the bottle snugly to one nostril while he closed the other nostril.

Sean took in a breath then reared back from the bottle. 'Whew! What is it?' he asked, shaking his head.

'Poppers. Take another hit,' the man said. 'You need to take it in both sides.'

Okay. The first one was making him feeling good enough that he wanted the second dose, he had to know how the second dose would make him feel. He held the man's hand steady when he put the bottle to his nose and sucked in deep, and took still another deep breath when he moved it back to the other side of his nose. The stuff kicked in like a hurricane, picking up momentum by the second, till his head was spinning and he was feeling hot all through, right down to his balls. His cock throbbed painfully hard inside Rick's ass and it felt like he was going to come. But it was just a feeling. He kept right on fucking while the feeling was still there and it was incredible. The man stood in front of him again, his hands on his hips, his cock sticking out.

'Now do you want to try it?' he asked. 'I'm not going to try to force you, I don't want to tangle with those muscles, except in a good way.'

Sean looked up at him with a scowling grin. 'Like you could,' he said.

'Yeah, like I could,' the man said.

Okay, the guy was being sort of an asshole but he was a damned good looking asshole with a damned impressive cock and for some damned reason Sean's mouth was starting to water so bad he had to swallow his spit. Must be the poppers making his mouth water. Rick's ass was feeling awfully good around his cock. It seemed to take on a life of its own, and his ass and Sean's cock were having their own little love affair. Sean's brain was frying and his thinking process shifted to his balls and all he could think about was sex and cock and ass and feeling good and cock......and cock...and....cock.....

Suddenly he was having a hard time holding his head on his shoulders, like he was in a stupor. Intentional or not, he closed his eyes and let his head loll back and forth, his mouth slack. He felt something warm and slick against his lips, and he knew somewhere in his brain that it was the heat of the man's cock; the slickness his precum, and he didn't have the will to turn away from it. He couldn't even purse his lips against it.

'Aawwhhnnnnn,' he moaned, his eyes fluttering as he felt his mouth go slack. The warm cock was self-lubricated from its own pre-come and it slid into Sean's mouth with the greatest of ease. He let his jaw go slack and the man shoved nearly all of his cock in his mouth... then all of it...right into his throat.

'Aww, fuck, he's taking it. The straight stud is taking it right down his throat,' the man groaned.

Godd, it was like being struck by lightning from all sides. He was stupefied at what was happening...what he was doing. His cock was tingling and aching at the same time and the man's cock in his mouth tasted and felt so good and he was sucking cock for the first time. He knew what he was doing but he couldn't comprehend it. Hell, the man was fucking his throat and moaning and Rick was groaning under him and he was groaning himself as the guy pumped his cock in and out of his mouth. He gave himself up to ride the wave of intense pleasure that threatened to consume him. Suddenly it did consume him. Lust seared his brain and his cock swelled up like a steel rod and he wanted to come so bad it ached. He had a faint realization that Rick was coming and that triggered his own climax. In those final frenzied moments he went out of his mind. He raised up, thrusting his cock in and out of Rick's ass like a jackhammer. The other man clasped his hands around Sean's head and stumbled toward him to keep his cock in his mouth and Sean clasped his own hands around the guy's tight butt to hold him in place so he wouldn't loose his cock. The guy wasn't just face-fucking him; he, Sean was gobbling his cock like a hungry wolf. Suddenly he felt his come building up, fast and hard, till he was overtaken by powerful tremors. Finally, he lost it; his lust shot out of him like fire out of a hot cannon. He dug his fingers into the standing man's butt to hold on and keep from toppling over. It was a climax like he'd never had before in his life. Even after he had emptied his load deep in Rick's guts, his cock continued to throb painfully. His satisfaction attained, the poppers began to wear off and he was faced with the awful reality that he had a cock in his mouth! It jolted him to the core, so that he was unable to move for a moment. But as the man was pumping his cock furiously in and out of his mouth, he grasped the situation and sensed that the guy was about to come in his mouth. He shoved the man's hips away and reared back quickly, pulling his cock free of Rick's ass and managed to stumble down off the bed. The guy was groaning something awful as he shot his load all over the wall and the bed. Sean grabbed his towel and put it around his waist and quickly stumbled out of the room.

Outside, he pulled the door shut and stood there to take in a couple of deep breaths. He shook his head to clear his brain. He glanced at the door of his own room then quickly rushed away to the rest room. He took some mouthwash from the big glass tank and rinsed his mouth out a half dozen times. He used some liquid hand soap in his mouth and rinsed again. He raised up from the sink, slowly and deliberately, afraid of what he might see. He had to force his eyes to focus on his image in the mirror. He prayed that what he saw wasn't real. He avoided his own eyes except for a split second, which scared the hell out of him. In that split second he had looked into his very soul. 'You fuckin' sucked cock!' he whispered to himself.

He couldn't go back to the room. Cody would surely suspect something. He had to get calmed down first. He headed for weight room, the best place he knew to work things out. There was nothing like a good workout to clear his brain.

There were only two other guys in the workout room; a heavily-muscled guy, about forty, in a pair of blue workout shorts, and a younger guy, not much older than Sean, wearing a pair of bright yellow, stretch shorts. They were working out together. Sean tugged the knot of his towel tighter as he looked around the gym. He should go back and get his shorts, but he didn't want to take the chance of waking Cody.

'Is it okay to work out like this?' he asked.

'You'll have to take the towel off to cover the bench-gym rules,' the older man said.

'Then naked is okay,' Sean said.

'I don't think it's going to bother anyone,' the man said.

Sean undid the knot and draped the towel over the incline bench, all the while watching the man as he took up his position at the leg press.

'That's a lot of weight,' he remarked.

The younger boy laughed. 'He's just getting warmed up.'

Sean looked around the room. 'When he gets warmed up, do they send out for more weights?' he asked.

The man released the sled and went down in a diagonal squat, all the way down, till his butt was pressing against his thighs, then raised back up. He did several reps then locked the sled and the younger boy added more plates. Sean picked up two twenty-pound dumbbells and straddled the bench and lay back on it. He pumped out a dozen reps of presses then sat up and racked the weights. The man was in the middle of another set and Sean waited to watch him. Dam, he had big impressive thighs. He could almost hear them groan with power as they pushed the weight upward. He picked up the thirty-pounders for another set of dumbbell presses, oblivious to his own nakedness as he became caught up in the other men's workout.

'Put on the fifties,' he told the younger boy.

'How much weight are you using?' Sean asked.

'Eight-sixty,' the boy replied.

'Geezusss! Who don't you just go lift a house,' Sean said.

The man laughed. 'Looks like you could be pressing a crankshaft with those arms,' he said, returning the compliment.

'Hey, I'll bet you're part of the wrestling team, aren't you?' the younger one said.


'How'd you do?' the older man asked.

'Good, but not good enough. The smallest guy on the team was the only one to win his class.'

They exchanged a few more bits of conversation between sets then the man walked away from the machine, going toward the door.

'Hey, dad, are you finished here? I need to take off some weight.'

'Yeah, I'm done there. I'm going to do some cardio then call it quits,' the man replied as he stepped through the door and bent over the water fountain.

Sean nearly dropped the forty-pounders he was pressing. He swung upward and set his feet on either side of the bench and rested the dumbbells on his thighs.

'Excuse me, did you just call him dad?'


'Wow! Your dad brings you here to work out?'

'Yeah,' he said while unloading some of the weight off leg press.

'O-kay,' Sean said, repressing a smile.

'Your coach brought you here,' the son said.

'Touche. Sort of. We were desperate for a place to spend the night.'

'This is the best gym closest to where we live.'

'Somehow, I can't imagine my dad and I working out in a gay men's club,' Sean said.

'My dad's gay, I'm straight,' the boy said.

'Looking at him, he could keep that secret till hell freezes over,' Sean said.

'He didn't want to keep it a secret. He wanted to be who he is.'

'You're certainly mighty okay with it,' Sean said.

'No reason not to be,' the boy said. 'It's pretty hard to write your dad off just because of where he likes to put his cock.'

Sean guffawed, choking back his laughter.

'Well, I guess that's one way of putting it.'

'He's always been there for me, came to all my games, worked out with me, took me to ball games, backed me in everything I did in my world. When I turned eighteen, he invited me and brought me into his world.'

'Do you mind me asking, where does your mother fit into all of this?'

'My mother hasn't been in the picture since I was five. I barely remember her. My dad didn't realize he was gay when he got married. When he did come to grips with it, he didn't think it was fair to stay married to her and try to cover it up and live a lie so they divorced.'

'You know what I'm wanting to ask,' Sean said.

'You don't have to, it's written all over your face,' he said with a pleasant smile. 'The answer is yes. But it's a straight/gay relationship; a one-way street, so to speak.'

Now Sean was trying not to look shocked. 'So, you.... y-you do have sex....with your dad.'

'Sure. It makes him happy and it doesn't diminish me in any way. I still like girls.'

'W...what?' Sean asked, shaking his head. 'No, I heard you. I'm must having a little trouble absorbing it.'

'He likes to suck my cock and likes for me to fuck him and he loves to explore my body with his tongue. But like I said, its all way one way, and we both get pleasure from it.'

'Whew!' Sean whistled softly, still shaking his head. 'Okay, you don't have to say anymore. I'll just take a moment to let this all soak in,' he said as he picked up another pair of dumbbells.

'Sorry you're having a problem with it, but you're the one who asked the questions,' the boy said.

Sean finished pumping out the reps then sat up and set the dumbbells on his thighs.

'No, I'm not having a problem with it; not you and your dad. I'm having a problem letting it soak in while I try to imagine me and my dad.'

'Would you write your dad off just because he was gay?'

'No,' Sean replied without hesitation. 'And you've got my respect and admiration for the way you're handling it,' he said. 'Shit, you guys are both pretty awesome, the way you're handling it. Your dad is a stud.'

'More ways than one,' the boy said.

'Do you, you guys ever do anything besides work out when you come here?'

'Sure. He's probably in the steam room right now making out with some young stud.'

'And that's okay, too.'

'This is his world. I say let him live his life.'

'What about you?' Sean asked.

'If somebody happens along who turns me on, yeah, I'll go with him. Or sometimes, it's just me and my dad. Sometimes other guys with us. There's no set routine with us. What about you? I know you came in to get out of the weather, but have you had any memorable experiences while you're here?'

'As a matter of fact, I have,' Sean said. 'Some pretty incredible memorable experiences. All first time experiences.'

'They're the best,' the boy said.

Sean's brain had suddenly cleared and was cranking up again with ideas that should have been foreign to him. But he was watching this young stud on the leg press, with legs like his dad's, and admiring his muscles and wondering if he might be one of those guys who just happened along. The boy finished his set and racked the sled and stood out of the machine. He glanced in the mirror to see Sean looking at him.

'Do I see more questions on your face?' he asked.

'I don't know, it's probably just bewilderment you're seeing.'

'No, I know bewilderment when I see it. That wasn't bewilderment on your face when you watching me.'

'No. No, it wasn't,' Sean said. 'I was just wondering....I mean, this thing between you and your dad is sort of....well, sexy...sort of a turn on....I mean, it's gotta be something damned special.'

'It is, very special. But what were you wondering about?'

'If...I told you this is my first time, but talking to you has got me wondering if....what it'd be like, maybe...if I'm one of those right guys who just happened along....if your dad would mine if I....'

'You want to have sex with me and my dad,' the boy finished.

'I guess you could say that,' Sean said.

'I had to, you weren't doing a very good job getting it out.'

'Yeah, I guess I was stammering around pretty bad,' Sean said.

'The answer is, sure, I know he would be glad to include you. I'll go get him as soon as we're finished here. Do you want him to take a shower out of the steam room?'

'I don't care. I don't mind sweat,' Sean said.

'He'll like that,' the boy said. 'By the way, my name's Colt. My dad's name is Stedman.'

'Sean,' he said, putting out his hand. 'You're aptly named; like a young colt. You dad, though, should be named Studman.'

They went through their final sets and Sean picked up his towel. He was following Colt out of the gym when the boy turned around. 'We're in 236,' he said.

'Listen, just so there's no misunderstanding....I'm straight, like you.'

'Okay. It doesn't matter.'

'And you're gonna be there, too...I mean, all three of us.'

'Unless you want him all to yourself,' Colt said.

'No, I want you there,' Sean said. 'I wanta see you two together. I mean, the more I think about it, this is hotter than hell.'

Chapter Five

In the lounge there was one guy in a towel watching TV and another who was dozing off. Braden set his gym bag beside the couch and stretched out and covered up with the blanket. Sleep came pretty quick. He was tired and he was cold, a lethal combination for sleep. He slept soundly. When he came awake some time later he could barely move. He tried to stretch his legs and shoved his feet against somebody.

'Sorry,' he mumbled.

'That's okay,' the guy said.

Braden started to raise up and winced with pain in his ribs and his back. He sucked it up and shoved himself painfully to a sitting position.

'Dam, this is the most uncomfortable thing I ever slept on,' he grumbled. 'Shit, the springs are coming through.'

'Yeah, it does need to be replaced,' the guy said.

Braden guessed him to be in his early twenties, good looking, nicely built and nicely tanned. He looked like he spent a lot of time in the gym, but more as a fitness model. Certainly, he had incredible abs.

'Are you one of the wrestlers?' the man asked.

'Yeah,' Braden said, rubbing his back.

'We heard there was a wrestling team in the house.'

'What'd they do, announce it on the intercom while I was asleep?' Braden asked.

'No, but word like that spreads,' the man said. 'I could tell you're one of them.'

'Oh? How?'

'The way you're built. That athletic jacket does nothing to hide your build. And your thick neck. You've got a wrestler's neck, or the neck of a football player.'

Braden half smiled and winced again.

'The Jacuzzi is good for that,' the man said.

'I don't have anyplace to put my clothes,' Braden said. I don't have a room.'

'Didn't they give you a locker?'

'No, everything's filled up.'

'You're welcome to use my room,' the man said.

'I don't think I'd better do that,' Braden said, giving the guy a suspicious side-glance.

'No, I meant you could use my room; have it to yourself. I can find something to keep me busy, wander around the place.'

'I'm not going to take your room away from you,' Braden said.

'Then you can use it for a place to put your gym bag and hang your clothes,' the man said.

'That's still an imposition,' Braden said.

'Okay, then you can share it. I know what you're no doubt thinking and it will be strictly hands off if that's the way you want it,' the man assured him. He smiled at Braden's dumb look. 'I'm gay, but I'm not stupid. Nobody in his right mind would try anything with you, unless you wanted them to.'

'Thanks, but if the coach comes looking for me, I would be in big trouble if I was in somebody's room,' Braden said.

'If you want, I'll leave word at the desk that you're in my room, by yourself, so he'll know where to come looking for you. He couldn't argue with that, could he, if you were in the room by yourself, and you weren't hiding from him?'

'Well...I, he couldn't argue with that.'

'I'm Rob, by the way,' the man said, putting out his hand.

'Good to meet you,' Braden said as they shook hands.

'I could tell you restrained your grip,' Rob said with a smile.

'I've got a pretty powerful grip,' Braden conceded.

Rob went to the desk then came back to take Braden to his room. He let him in and closed the door behind them. There was barely room for the two of them to move around.

'It's crowded, but they're only intended as one-man rooms,' Rob said.

'Thanks for letting me use your room. That bed looks damned inviting after that dilapidated couch.'

'You can hang your clothes on that hook. We can put your bag down here beside the bunk,' Rob said.

Braden was hesitant about taking off his clothes. He wondered if Rob was going to leave. He didn't want to ask him to; it was his room, for chrissakes. After an uneasy moment, he began taking off his clothes. What the hell, he was used to taking off his clothes and being naked in front of other guys, why should this be any different? Except that Rob was gay. He was keenly aware of the man watching him. It wasn't like the admiring looks he got from guys in the locker room. There was a brief hesitation as Braden stood in his shorts.

'I, uh....thought...I was going to have the room to myself,' Braden said.

'Yes...yes, or course, I was just getting you settled in,' Rob said. 'Are you coming down to the Jacuzzi to work the soreness out of those muscles?' he asked, opening the door.

'Yeah. I think I will,' Braden said.

'I'll wait outside.'

'No don't have to do that,' Braden said with an embarrassed chuckle. 'It's not like no one's ever seen me naked before.' With that he shoved his shorts down and stepped out of them and laid them on his bag. The way the man's eyes were raking over him, Braden half expected him to try something but when he picked up his towel Rob opened the door for him. They walked together to the wet area, past the showers and the sauna, to the Jacuzzi. It was empty. Rob took off his towel and stepped down into the swirling water. Braden followed suit, under Rob's watchful eye.

'Dam, it's hot,' he said.

'Ease into it,' Rob said. 'You'll think you're going to boil your balls till you get used to it, but then it's going to feel great. And you could arrange for a massage if you want to.'

Braden smiled to himself as he eased down into the water; he could just see Coach Colby's face if he found out he'd gotten a massage in a gay men's club. He sank into the hot water, inch by inch, till he was sitting on a ledge opposite Rob, with the water up to his shoulders.

'Aahhh, that feels good.' He stretched his legs out in front of him and sank lower in the water till it was up around his neck. Half-lying down, his cock floated near the surface, lolling around with the water's violent current. He didn't much care that Rob was watching him. Not much he could do about it anyway unless he held his cock down with his hand and that would look stupid. Secretly, he wanted to go back to the guy's room, the both of them, and see what might happen.

'Would I offend you if I said you have a beautiful cock?' Rob said.

Braden laughed. 'No, why would I be offended by such a compliment?'

'Because I'm gay and you're straight and most straight guys would be offended to the point of being violently defensive.'

'I'm straight, not homophobic,' Braden said. 'Nobody's ever said that to me before, but I'm not offended.'

'You are also very confident and comfortable in your skin,' Rob observed. 'I have to wonder what it must feel like to live in a body like yours.'

'Pretty much the same as living in your body, I would guess,' Braden said.

'Guys like you always say that, like you don't have a clue about your physical beauty.'

'Now I'm going to get defensive; nobody calls me beautiful,' Braden joked.

Rob's foot touched the inside of Braden's calf. Braden started but he didn't move his leg. Encouraged, Rob moved his foot on up past his knee to the inside of his thigh.

'Does that offend you?' he asked with a soft smile.

'If it did, I would do something about it,' Braden said. He liked the feel of the guy's foot on his leg, moving higher and higher. Rob hunkered down deeper in the water till he was pressing his foot gently into Braden's crotch. Braden liked it. He spread his legs wider. Shit, he hoped to hell Coach Colby didn't come down to the wet area.

'You're going to make me get a hardon,' Braden said.

'I was counting on that,' Rob said.

'I'm sitting here wondering what would happen if my coach walks in here,' Braden said.

'He left you on your own, you have to assume he thinks you can take care of yourself,' Rob said.

Braden laughed. 'I'm not so sure he would think that if he walked in and saw me sitting here with some guy's foot in my crotch.'

'Well, the offer is still open to share the privacy of my room, where your coach wouldn't see you,' Rob said.

'But there's no longer any guarantee of hands-off?' Braden asked.

'If that's the way you want it,' the man assured him. 'I could be very happy just looking at you.'

'I don't know...I'm not so sure I would want it hands-off,' Braden said.

'Its entirely your call. Have you ever done anything with another guy?' Rob asked.


'I would be honored and very pleased to initiate you.'

'Well, I am dreading going back to that couch,' Braden said.

'There's no need to. You'll have all the comforts of home in my room. Plus some.'

Braden thought for a moment while Rob kept massaging his balls with his foot. It was feeling good, the intimacy as much as the raw physical contact, and his cock was fluffing up, expanding by the minute. He was weighing the risk of being found out.

'All right,' he said as he shoved himself up out of the water. His cock was fluffed up, long and thick, swinging around like a hunk of sausage. He proudly displayed it to Rob and anyone else who came by.

They dried off and headed back to Rob's room. Inside, Rob crawled to the far side of the bunk, closest to the wall.

'This is weird, I haven't slept with another guy since I was a little kid,' Braden said as he hung up his towel.

'After the Jacuzzi, you'll be so sound asleep in a few minutes you won't know from weird,' Rob said.

As they got under the blankets Braden tried to be careful not to touch Rob but there just wasn't enough room for two men their size. It soon became awkward, trying to avoid touching.

'What say we deep-six the inhibitions and not worry about it,' Rob said.

With that Braden felt more at ease if their arms or their legs or their feet happened to touch. 'It's a lot warmer in here,' he said. 'That ought to make you sleep good,' Rob said.

Braden closed his eyes but his brain was still in overdrive. Not that he was having any particular thoughts that he could grab hold of; there were things... thoughts that he couldn't make out, like they were in a fog. Thoughts like, this wasn't something he ought to be doing...sleeping with a strange guy in a gay men's club. But Rob was a nice guy, and he had promised he wouldn't try anything. Braden wondered if he would try something if he went to sleep. Within minutes he was so drowsy he didn't give a dam one way or another.

'Fuck, I've never felt this sleepy before,' he said.

'Go to sleep,' Rob said. 'I promise I won't touch you. I'll just lie here and watch you sleep, difficult as that might be.'

'If Coach Colby...'

'Your coach isn't going to come pounding on the door; he doesn't know which room you might be in, and the management sure as hell isn't going to conduct a room-by-room search.'

'But you left word at the desk where I would be,' Braden reminded him.

Rob smiled. 'Would you hit me if I said I lied?'

'You didn't leave word at the desk.'


'Good. I don't want the coach finding me here.'

He slept like a baby; he didn't know for how long, but he knew he'd slept good by the totally relaxed feeling when he woke up. He was shocked that he was lying tightly against Rob's warm body. He was even comfortably relaxed, lying spooned against the man's muscular frame. There was a blanket between them but he was still wrapped around another guy. He tensed, then, as he gradually came fully awake. Fuck, he had a hardon! He was rock throbbing hard and he was lying smack up against Rob's backside. Not only that, his cock was laying against Rob's butt! He started to move away and the blanket pulled away, exposing their bodies skin-to-skin. The warmth of Rob's bare body was a good feeling that kept him there. Rob was asleep, what would it hurt to lie there and let his cock throb against his butt. It felt good and he was sure Rob wouldn't mind.

Yeah, another man's body felt good against him. Even if Rob woke up, what was so unusual about a guy with a morning hardon, and Braden didn't figure the guy would mind having a big hard cock smashed against his butt. Hell, he was gay. He was lying there in a hazed contentment when he flinched with surprise. He waited...there it was again...Rob's butt muscles clenching, flexing against his cock. Maybe it was a sleep reflex. He held perfectly still except for his cock throbbing, which he couldn't do anything about. Again, Rob's butt muscles tightened against his cock, one side then the other, then back and forth again. That was no sleep reaction. Maybe he was having a dream; a gay dream.

Braden squirmed in his position, causing his cock to slide against Rob's backside and the immediate reaction was Rob's butt flexing against his cock again. The thoughts in his head were clearing up, making more sense now....scaring him. But his curiosity was stronger than his fear. He tightened his abs against Rob's back and squirmed ever-so-slightly to cause his cock to move along the crack of Rob's ass. He was remembering another time; he had lied to Rob. He had done this one time with a friend when they were kids and used to stay overnight at each other's houses. His friend liked to move his cock back and forth between Braden's thighs from the back and he liked to rub his cock in the crack of his buddy's ass. Nothing ever came of it; they were even too young to come. This was different. He wasn't a kid anymore.

They seemed to be squirming at the same time and as Braden drew back to adjust his position, his cock poked squarely at Rob's ass. Rob didn't flinch and he didn't move away. Then Braden made the most amazing discovery of all when he moved again; nudging the head of his cock gently against the guy's split buns he felt the warm slickness there. He tested it again. Motherfuck, he was lubed up! That could only mean one thing! He wants me to fuck him!

Braden's head went into a spin, like he was about to black out. It was incomprehensible. He couldn't be doing this...he shouldn't even be in this guy's room, let along poking his cock between the guy's buns. But a change had come over him in that short time that begun in the Jacuzzi with the guy's foot in his crotch; a transformation of sorts. The old Braden would have bolted and run, scared out of his wits. But the old Braden had vanished sometime during his sleep and a new, braver, bolder, more curious Braden had emerged.

Boldly, he tightened his butt muscles to push his cockhead between Rob's buns. Rob pushed back! Oh, God...he wants me to fuck him!! He pushed again and his cock slipped off target. He jumped at the feel of Rob's hand around it.

'Oh, Geezusss!' Rob swore softly he guided him to his asshole.

Braden was afraid he might be scared of his size but he was guiding it between his buns. Braden followed his lead willingly, till the head of his cock was lodged firmly against Rob's asshole. Then, as if on cue, they both applied pressure and the inevitable happened. His steel-hard cock wasn't going to give any ground, and Rob's asshole was totally vulnerable, completely at the mercy of the huge cock. Suddenly, the tiny aperture spread open and welcomed his cock inside.

'Hhhoo!' Braden gasped with surprise. 'OOhhhh!' he moaned softly as he sank his cock deeper and deeper into the tight, hot hole.

'Oh My Godd!' Rob gasped. 'Ohh, Geezusss... you're so big!'

Braden stopped. ' it too much?'

'No. Oh, could never be too big. Just go easy and slow till it's all the way in and I get used to it.'

'Ready for more?' Braden asked.


Braden didn't know for sure how much cock there was left to go but it felt like a lot. He inched deeper and hit something. He twisted his hips to maneuver around it. Rob gasped and moaned but made no move away from him.

'Is it okay?' he asked.

'Yess...Big! Goddd, how much more?'

'I don't know...three, four inches, maybe.'

'My Godd, how big are you? It feels like you're hitting my lungs already.'

'I can stop,' he said, easing back on the pressure. 'It's about ten inches; I think you've got most of it.'

'Ohh, Goddd, ten inches! I've never even seen a cock that big, let alone had one shoved in my ass.'

'I can stop,' Braden said again. 'You don't have to take all of it.'

'Oh, I want it...every throbbing inch of it...all ten inches...I'll take it if it kills me.'

'Hey, it's not a challenge or anything,' Braden said.

'Oh, yes...a ten-inch cock is a challenge. Please...please, don't pull back ...give it to me...all of it...Ohh, Godd....I want it so bad!'

'Okay, you asked for it.' He clenched his butt and hunkered forward, burying the final inches of his cock deep in the guy's ass till his thighs and stomach were pressing against him.

'OOHhhhhhhh! Ohhh, Goddd, that is so wonderful! Ohhh...ohhhh, you big stud! Ohhhhh...Ohhh, godd....fuck me... fuck meeeee.....'

'Yeah, hell yeah, I'll fuck you,' Braden said.

He eased back then shoved back in, causing Rob to groan again. He did it again and again, till it sounded like Rob's moans were more from pleasure than pain.

'Okay, now, if I shift into gear?' Braden asked him.

'Oh, yess! Drive it, stud. Drive it in me.'

He set a pace and fucked him with all the power he had in his butt and abs and thighs that propelled his cock into the clenching hole. He fucked him harder and harder till gradually he had pushed him down flat and was on top of him. Rob spread his legs out and he hunkered up between them.

'Ohhh. Goddd, yessss. That's good this way....'

'Fuck, feels like I'm gonna drill right through the mattress,' Braden said. He fucked and twisted his hips around and probed to find a new spot, a new feeling each time.

'Yesss...YEsss, There! Ohh, Godd, you know how to fuck!'

He probed again to find the spot that made Rob cry out. It felt firm but spongy to the touch. He shoved against it, slid his cock across it, causing Rob to choke on his outcries.

'There, I guess?' he asked.

'Ohhh, you found it...ohhh, fuck it,...move your cock back and forth across that spot...Yesss, like that!...Ohhhh...OHhhhh. OHhhhhh, you stud! Where did you learn how to fuck like this?'

'It's the first time I ever fucked like this,' he said.

'Ohh, Goddd, I don't believe that.'

'I'm telling the truth,' Braden said. 'There's so many different feelings in there, I'm just trying to find them all.'

'Keep searching, stud,' Rob told him.

It wasn't like any girl he'd ever fucked. A girl's pussy was a straight shoot in and back out. It stretched to the size of his cock and usually got pretty loose after awhile, but there was nothing different from one stroke to the other. Rob's ass was an adventure. It was tight one minute, pliable the next. His cock slid across one spot one time then found another exciting surface that engulfed it the next. What was really different was that, unlike the girls he had fucked, Rob was fucking him back, big time. He wasn't just lying there taking it. Even his asshole was responding, squeezing and milking his cock all the way in to the tip.

'OHhh...Hoohh, yeah do that,' Braden moaned. 'Ohhhh, that feels so good when your ass squeezes my cock like that.'

Rob squeezed some more and Braden bore through the deep, tight confines of his ass.

'I lost the spot,' he said as he probed to find the spot that made Rob groan and cry out. 'Ahhh there it that it?'

'Uhhnnnnnn...Ohhhnnnnn...OHhh, yesss...ohh, yeah, you found it...ohh, fuck me...keep fucking me right there... you're gonna make me come!'

'Can I come in you?' Braden asked.

'Yessss. Fill me up with your hot stud-come. Make me feel it.'

He pistoned his cock in and out of the man's hole, taking careful angle and aim to pound his joy spot. Rob threw his head back and choked on his groans each time he thrust in. Suddenly Rob hunkered up, trembling, like he had a bellyache, his eight-pack abs bulging taut, and Braden figured he was coming. He twisted his hips around, lobbing his cock around over the joy spot and Rob's ass responded gratefully, squeezing and massaging and pulling his climax to the surface.

'I'm gonna come, too,' Braden gasped.

'Oh, yess, I can hardly wait. Shoot it. Fuck me full of your hot come!'

Braden choked as his body stiffened and trembled and his climax overtook him. The stuff exploded from somewhere deep inside him and gushed through the come channels, through his cock, making it swell painfully, then erupted out the end like a power hose.

'Ohh...Ohh...I can feel it! Geezusss, I can feel your come shooting in me!' Rob cried out.

He could feel it too, spurting out in powerful gushes and washing back around his cock. He kept pumping his cock and coming so much that the stuff began sloshing back around his cock and out of Rob's ass. He fucked him for a good ten minutes after they had both come. His cock just wouldn't go down.

'That was incredible!' Rob said, when Braden finally slowed his pace.

'Yeah, it was pretty incredible,' Braden agreed. 'Nothing like the girls I've fucked.'

Rob laughed. 'Girls would not like to know how many times a guy says that,' he said.

'I know I'm big. I hope I wasn't too much for you.'

'No. No, you were perfect for me. I just never had anybody reach where you did.'

'Do you think I can fuck you again?' Braden asked.

'Oh, yeah. You can fuck me as much as you like, I'll suck your cock.... whatever you want to do.'

'I thought if you were going to try something, that's what you would do, suck my cock, even though you said it would be hands-off, but I never thought in a thousand years that I would end up fucking you.'

'It was just a wonderful fluke that we got in the position we did,' Rob said.

'I would sort of like to see what its like to get my cock sucked,' Braden said. 'If I went and took a shower, maybe....but, shit, the coach might see me and wonder why I was taking a shower at this hour.'

'You don't have to shower,' Rob said, reaching down for his cock.

'You know, I wondered about that. I kept wondering what I was going to find when I was done, but fuck, I came out clean as whistle.'

'That's just something you take care of,' Rob said.

'Are you saying you would...suck my cock, now, right out of your ass?'

'Of course. I'm dying to suck you. And it feels like you're aching to be sucked; dam, it didn't even go down,' he said, squeezing his cock.

'It does that a lot when it's so good,' Braden said.

'My Godd, I can't believe the size of this thing,' Rob said, fisting the big slick cock. 'You might well have the biggest cock in captivity.'

'I doubt that. Maybe the biggest teenage cock, but I doubt that too.'

'Well, I haven't been fortunate enough to find another teenager like you, but I've never found a man built like this, either.' Rob raised up over him and pulled his cock straight up. 'It's going to take some practice before I'm able to take this all the way down,' he said apologetically.

'You don't have to take it all but you can practice all you want,' Braden said.

Braden threw his forearm over his mouth to stifle his groan when Rob took his cock in his mouth. 'Oh, Geezussss! Oh, Godd, I never thought it could feel so good! No girl's mouth ever felt so good.'

'A girl doesn't know what makes a man feel good,' Rob said.

Several times, Braden tried to shove Rob's head away.

'Are you getting close?' Rob asked.

'So close,' Braden gasped. 'Aww, you've had me almost there so many times, but you keep bringing me back down.'

'Do you want to come again?' Rob asked.

'Yes, bad. I want to keep going, too, but it's gonna blow, I know that. I just gotta know know, what to when.. do I warn you, or will you be able to tell? Or can I...can I shoot in your mouth, or what?'

'I wouldn't have it any other way,' Rob said. 'Yes, you can come in my mouth. I want to taste your hot cum, fresh from your balls, a load worked up just for me.'

'Take it, then. It's all yours. Every inch, every drop,' Braden told him.

Chapter Six

'Man, it' going to feel good, getting under a blanket,' Scott said as he was taking off his clothes. 'Hey, Coach, is it okay if we sleep naked? I do at home.'

'If you're more comfortable that way,' Coach said.

Scott wasn't long about getting out of his clothes. Coach's throat went dry as he watched the young wrestler's tight, round, bare butt as he crawled into the bed.

'Hey, let's see what's on,' Scott said as he leaned up to turn on the TV.

'I'll get it,' Coach said as he quickly reached for the switch himself. He had his other hand on the channel button on the wall, ready to change the channels if an X-rated video came on the screen. He punched the button quickly but not before Scott saw what it was.

'Hey, what was that?' Scott asked, excitedly.

'Nothing you need to be watching,' Coach said. 'They're playing X-rated videos on two channels, we'll stick with this one.'

'Come on, Coach, it's not like I never seen an X-rated video,' Scott whined.

'Not with me, you haven't. And you shouldn't have been watching them with anyone else.'

'We won't tell anybody,' Scott said. 'Come on, you know you want to see it, too. It's normal.'

'Scott, need I remind you that this is a gay men's club, so I don't have to explain to you what kind of videos they show.'

'I still want to see it, just for a little bit,' Scott said. 'I never seen a gay video before.'

'And you're not going to, here,' Coach said emphatically as he crawled in bed beside Scott, wearing his shorts.

'You don't sleep naked?' Scott asked.

'Not with one of my student athletes,' Coach said.

'If there's anybody you shouldn't feel self-conscious about being naked with, it's one of your student athletes,' Scott said. 'You see us naked all the time.'

'Yes, but this isn't the locker room,' Coach said, trying to curb the feelings that were rising up inside him, and the images that kept invading his brain. He thought he had all of that under control, enough that he could see the young athletes coming and going in the locker room, and watch them playing grab-ass and cavorting around naked or in their jockstraps and not be consumed with the compulsion to act on those feelings. That was enough to fuel his fantasies and that was all he needed. Till now, when he found himself in bed with one of those muscular boys, stark naked.

'Just two minutes, coach,' Scott persisted. 'Let me watch for just two minutes. That's not going to corrupt my mind any more than it's already corrupted.'

But Coach Colby held firm. 'Listen to yourself, Scott. Do you realize what you're asking? You're asking your coach to let you watch X-rated gay videos.'

'Well, I'm going to sleep, then,' Scott said, rather sullenly. 'This movie was made a hundred years before I was born.'

Coach was sorry the boy was so disappointed, but he had to hold his ground. But when Scott turned over and snuggled in under the blankets, he began to feel bad for him. What could it hurt, anyway? It was just the two of them, and he trusted Scott not to tell anyone. Hell, he was trusting all four of the boys not to tell anyone that he had brought them to a gay men's club to spend the night.

'All right, if I let you watch two minutes of it, you have to promise you won't ever tell anybody. Not even the other boys,' Coach said finally.

'No, we're not telling anybody about any of this, you said,' Scott said. 'We spent the night in Motel Six.'

'I don't believe I'm doing this, but..okay, two minutes,' Coach said as he leaned up and switched the channels.

'I'm eighteen, Coach, I'm old enough to watch this stuff legally,' Scott reminded him.

'Barely. Just last week, wasn't it, that you turned eighteen?'

The scene jumped out and hit them in the face. A tall, muscular guy stood leaning back against his pickup, wearing his hunting cap and a plaid shirt with his jeans down around his ankles. Another really good-looking guy was on his knees sucking his cock.

'Man, look at that!' Scott exclaimed. 'Hey, I wonder if he'll finish him off. Do you suppose that guy will let him shoot in his mouth?'

'I have no idea,' Coach said rather impatiently. He wanted the promised two minutes to be over before it was too late. The video was giving him the tingles and he knew what it must be doing to Scott, and if they let it go on, the results could be devastating. When he thought enough time had elapsed he started to raise up and switch the channel.

'No, wait! Just a little longer, let's see if he shoots in his mouth,' Scott said excitedly.

Coach's hesitation was fatal. He lay back down. Scott's eyes were glued to the TV. He cocked one knee up, Coach knew, to hide a rising hardon.

'Dam, Coach, look at the way he swallows that thing, all the way down. And these two guys are studs. You would never even know they're gay from looking at them.'

It was easy to put caution behind him and be caught up in the moment, lying there with a naked, eighteen year old wrestler, watching a gay video. The longer he watched, the more comfortable he became with the situation, till he found himself becoming hard-pressed to believe there was anything wrong with it. Hell, what was turning it off now going to accomplish after Scott had already been exposed to it. Scott probably thought he was going to let him watch the entire video.

The hunter clasped his hands around the other guy's head and began pumping his cock in and out of his mouth. His face screwed up and his hips sort of lurched out of control then suddenly he jerked his cock free and jacked himself to a climax, shooting his load all over the other guy's face. The guy knelt with is mouth open wide to catch what he could of the spurting come.

'Oh, Wow! Look at that, Coach!' Scott gasped excitedly.

Coach Colby knew he should turn the channel now or turn the TV off and squelch the feelings before it was too late, but he didn't move. He felt numb. The scene faded and another came on the screen; this time with two guys in a cabin, one of them bent across a cot while another fucked him in the ass.

'Aw, Mannn! Look at that! Do you believe that! He's fucking him in the butt! I never believe guys really did that. Oh, sorry, coach, for the language,' he said sheepishly.

Yes, I believe it! Coach wanted to scream. He believed it so much that he could almost feel the big, stiff cock plowing his own ass...he could almost feel Scott's cock pumping in and out of his ass.

'Well, its time to turn it off,' Coach said.

'No, just a couple more minutes,' Scott begged.

'I've already let you watch more than the two minutes you asked for, and listen to your language.'

'I'm sorry, Coach. That just slipped out. But considering what I was watching....well, it just came out sort of natural. But I won't say it again, I promise.'

'Well, I'm sure its not the first time you used the word,' Coach said with a smile.

'Hey, Coach, did you ever do anything with another guy?' Scott asked.

He stared at the boy in disbelief. 'No,' he lied, with indignation.

'Not even when you were younger; like when you were a kid?'

'Oh, me and a couple of my buddies messed around, like kids do, but we were just kids,' Coach said. 'Nothing like that,' he added, nodding to the screen.

'Have you?' he asked.

'Kinda the same; nothing like that,' he said.

Coach wanted to hear more but he didn't want to keep asking questions and appear too interested in Scott's sex life.

'You never did, but did you ever want to?' Scott asked.

Shit, where was this coming from? Where was he headed with it?

'No, it never crossed my mind,' Coach lied again.

'What about now? Is anything crossing your mind now?'


'I would like to try it sometime,' Scott said.

Coach found himself breaking out in a sweat. 'You're getting some bad ideas; I think we'd better turn this off,' he said, leaning up to punch the button. The room was plunged into a soft darkness and a quietness that was almost haunting. He lay back with one arm crooked under his head. Scott turned his back to him, facing the wall.

'Sorry, Coach, I guess I was out of line,' the boy said quietly after awhile.

Coach didn't say anything for a moment. He didn't know what to say. Scott had perhaps been trying to open up to him, lay his soul open, and he had cut him off. It was probably the first time he'd been so close like this with another male and found the courage to open up. He felt guilty that he had lied to the boy about himself. He couldn't let it end this way. He owed the boy better than that; if not the truth about himself, at least to lend an understanding ear.

'I didn't mean to cut you off like that, Scott,' he said.

'That's okay. I can see how it's not something a guy should be talking about with his coach.'

'No, if you can't talk to me, about anything, then I'm not a very good coach. But when you said you would like to try what those men were doing....well, it took me by surprise, and I didn't know how to respond to that.'

'It's okay. I understand where you're coming from.... your position and all...but you're a great coach.'

Coach took in a deep, quiet breath, to suck up his courage. 'No, I...I lied to you, Scott,' he said.

'About what?' Scott asked, turning back over to face him.

'When I said I'd never done anything...with another guy.'

'That's okay, you said you did, with your friends, when you were....'

'No, not that,' Coach cut in. 'There was another time... times...with other guys...when I was in the navy.'

'Oh, wow! Tell me about it,' Scott said excitedly.

'It's not something I should be talking about with you, but I wanted you to know I'm not perfect,' Coach said.

'You've always said we could come and talk to you about anything. Seems like you ought to be able to do the same,' Scott said. 'I already opened the can of worms, Coach, when I asked if you'd ever done it. I had no right to ask that. And I told you about me.'

'It's okay, Scott, you didn't open a can of worms.'

'Tell me, Coach. Please. If I hear it from you...well, maybe I can ...well, it might be easier for me... to open up, you know what I mean?'

'Have you got something you want to open up to me about?' Coach asked.

'Yeah...yeah, and that's as close as I've ever come to talking about it with anybody,' Scott said.

'Then go ahead,' Coach said.

'No, I want to hear your story first. That'll level the playing field and I'll feel more like I can open up then.'

Coach paused as he gathered the thoughts that had been buried for so long and pulled them out of his subconscious.

'Scott, you can't breathe a word of this to anybody. I'm trusting you on that,' Coach said.

'I know. You said you were in the Navy? Was it with another sailor, on your ship?' Scott asked anxiously.

'We were on shore leave on an island in the Mediterranean while our ship took on supplies and made minor repairs. There was a marine detachment stationed at the base and that's how I met this marine.'

'Oh, a Marine. Do you remember his name?' Scott asked.

Coach didn't have to think to remember the name but he paused. 'Gunner was all I knew him by.'

'Gunner. That's a studly name,' Scott said.

'Yes. I don't think it was his real name, but he was like that.'



'So what happened?'

'Without going into all the details, we had a few drinks in the bar where I met him and ended up back at my hotel room.'

'Aw, come on, Coach, that was too easy,' Scott said. 'I asked what happened.'

'Well, it was the first time anything like that had ever happened with me, and he said it was his first time, too, so neither of us knew what the hell we were doing. But we fumbled through it....'

'You're skimming over again,' Scott said.

'Well, if you must know, he went down on me, I went down on him,' Coach said. 'Later...after we slept awhile, I woke up with him wrapped around me and his...well, the story better end there.'

'No! You were just getting to the good part. Tell, me, Coach. What else happened?'

'Well, his...he was wrapped around me with his cock against my backside and the next thing I know, he's shoving it in me.'

'Oh, Mann! You got your ass fucked by a marine?'

'Then toward morning, I fucked him. It was mutual all the way.'

'Did you meet up with him again?' Scott asked.

'No, my ship left the next morning.'

'Did you ever see him again after that?'

'No, but...' He caught himself and let his voice trail off.

'But what? What else, Coach?' Scott prodded him.

'Well, he woke something up in me...he let the genie out of the bottle and I was never able to get it back in and keep it there.'

'Oh, so there were more times after that,' Scott guessed.

'Yeah. Yeah, a lot more times, more than I care to remember,' Coach admitted. 'Pretty quick, it became a way of life. Which, I guess, is why I'm telling you this, Scott. I don't want you to ruin your life with one foolish, irresponsible decision.'

'How long have you been coaching?' Scott asked.

'Four years.'

'Did you ever want to try anything with any of your players?'

'I did, very much, but I was always able to control's just too dangerous.'

'I think you were about to say something else, Coach,' Scott said.

'No,' Coach said. 'It's been put to rest and that's where it has to stay.'

'It's not put to rest if you almost said it,' Scott pointed out. 'Tell me, Coach. You did make it with one of your players, didn't you?'

'Yes, but....

'You did?! Who? Do I know him?'

'He wasn't from this school,' Coach said sternly. 'Nothing's ever happened with anybody from this school,' he said. 'Actually, he wasn't in school at the time. He had graduated and came back to get some stuff out of his locker.'

'But, no shit, you made it with a jock?'

'Yeah. It was the most irresponsible thing I've ever done, and it still haunts me. I try not to think about it, but it tears me up, what I might have done to his life.'

'If he's like me or any guys I know, you probably didn't do anything more than get his rocks off for him,' Scott said.

'I hope it was that simple for him.' He paused then asked, 'Now, enough about me; what about you? What's going on in the back of your mind that you need to get out?'

'Well...nothing's ever happened but....I've had these feelings for quite awhile now...a couple of years; feelings that I keep thinking I want to explore. There are certain guys that I think about all the Braden, and Sean and teammates. I think that's why I love wrestling, coach; the physical contact, feeling another guy's muscles bulging and straining against me.'

'I'm not sure that's so unusual,' Coach said. 'A guyy your age has certain awakenings. And that's pretty common among wrestlers.'

'There's something inside me that wants to be awakened, that's for sure, Coach,' Scott said. 'I've actually laid awake and dreamed up ways that I could make it know, with Braden or one of the least try it. I've got a hundred plans in my head but they all lack the one ingredient I don't have. Guts.'

'That's not all bad,' Coach said. 'Your lack of guts has probably kept you out of trouble. I don't know what Braden's reaction might be if you tried anything with him. Or Sean, or Cody, for that matter.'

'Of the three of them, I think I would be more okay with Cody,' Scott said.

'Only because he couldn't tear you into little pieces like Sean or Braden could?'

'No, I just think he would be more okay with it then the other two guys.'

'You never know. Just be careful,' Coach told him.



'C-can I...see y-your cock?' Scott asked timidly. He let his knee down to reveal his own bulging briefs.

'I don't think that would be an appropriate thing to do,' Coach said. 'I've let things go too far already.'

'Nothing's gotten out of hand. We haven't done anything,' Scott said.

'And we want to keep it that way.'

'Speak for yourself, Coach,' Scott said smartly. 'Don't you ever have those feelings anymore, like you did before, with that Marine? Like maybe when you see us guys naked in the locker room? Don't those feelings come back just a little bit, once in awhile?'

'Having them isn't the issue. Keeping them under control is what's important,' Coach said.

'You've seen me naked hundreds of times, and nothing like that has ever crept into your mind?' Scott asked.

'Seeing you guys naked in the looker room is in the natural course of things,' Coach said. Unthinking, he brought his knee down, revealing his bulging shorts. Before he could raise his knee back up, Scott leaned up over his middle.

'Wow! You sure fill out your shorts, Coach,' he said. 'Can I touch it?'

Coach Colby was so taken aback he couldn't reply. The boy was pushing to far. He had to get a handle on things before it was too late. Bu the hesitated and it was too late. Scott reached down and laid his hand gingerly over the big bulge.

'Feels like you've got a lot of cock in there, Coach,' he said.

Coach Colby grasped his wrist but Scott resisted him and in that weak moment, he let go. Without further hesitation he shoved his hand down inside Coach's briefs and found his bare cock.

'Ohhh, Scott! Don't!' Coach gasped.

'Dam, Coach!' Scott gasped as he tugged on Coach's shorts.

'Scott, that's...m-more than a feel,' Coach moaned.

'Yeah, let's get these off,' the boy said excitedly, pulling on his shorts.

Against his own will, Coach raised up and peeled his shorts off himself and tossed them aside. If the boy wanted to see.... His cock stood up over his stomach to his navel.

'Dam, Coach!' Scott said again as he wrapped his hand around the warm, thick meat. 'I can't get my hand around it. And it', it's gotta be eight or nine inches long!'

Coach abandoned all his scruples and closed his eyes and freely let himself enjoy the feel of the boy's hand on his cock. If only it were his mouth! Scott boldly moved his hand up and down the tall, thick shaft, not jacking him off, but more like he was feeling the texture, exploring another man's manhood for the first time.

'You got a real nice cock,' he said.

'Y-you've g-got a nice hand,' Coach whispered.

'Better than your own hand, Coach?' Scott joked.

'Yeah, better than my hand,' Coach said. 'If that was a sneaky way of asking if I jack off...yeah, I do.'

'You do!'

'Don't you?'

'Well, yeah...yeah, but I never thought you...the coach....'

'Being your coach doesn't make me not human?'

'Aw, you're human, Coach,' he said, squeezing his cock. 'You're the most human guy I know. My dad wouldn't dream of having this conversation with me, or letting me do this to him.'

'It's gone past a conversation,' Coach said. He wanted to touch Scott's cock. He could see the blanket tented something awful with the boy's hardon but he didn't want to interrupt the moment.

'Coach, I want...I...I'll do anything you want...everything those guys were doing in the video...if you want me to....,' Scott said huskily.

Coach Colby was overwhelmed with emotion. He slid his arm under Scott's waist and pulled him close. 'Oh, Scott, this is so wrong, but anything you want to do.'

'All right, but I've never done anything like this before, and if I don't do it right, or if there's something else you want me to'll tell me.'

'Sure, Scott, I'll tell you.'

'I'm gonna suck you, then,' he said as he raised up. 'Or I'm gonna try. I don't know if I can even get my mouth around it, but I'm sure gonna try.'

'You can,' Coach said. He trembled with anticipation. He felt the boy's hot breath then the touch of his soft, warm lips touching the head of his cock, his tongue swirling out to taste his pre-come.

'Mmmm, that tastes good,' Scott said. He paused to wet his lips then slid them down over the head, past the rim and took about half of the shaft in his mouth.

Coach choked on his own gasp of pleasure. It had been so long since he'd had virgin lips around his cock that he'd forgotten the exquisite excitement. The boy pressed downward but the blunt cockhead was blocked by the tight constriction of his throat muscles. He raised back up. Then he went back down to try again. He tried a couple more times and soon he had a rhythm and he was sucking him.

'OHhh, Goddd...Awww, Scott...,' Coach moaned softly. He wanted to reciprocate. His mouth watered for want of that big, tender, virginal cock but he would wait, give Scott time to find his way on this new path of sexuality. He lay in wonderful, trembling agony as the boy awkwardly sucked his cock, till he raised up again.

'Am I doing okay, Coach?' he asked.

'You're doing awesome!' Coach said.

Scott smiled, as he might have if Coach had told him he did well in taking a man down on the mats.

He went back down on the coach again, trying hard to take more and more of his cock, but it was too thick for his inexperienced throat. Coach couldn't stand it any longer. He laid his hand on Scott's shoulder.


The boy raised up. 'You want me to stop?'

'No...but....well, yeah....for a minute.'

Confused, Scott lay back on the arm that Coach put out for him.

'I guess I've got a lot to learn,' Scott said.

'No, Scott...Godd, it was wonderful.' He didn't know himself why he'd made him stop. He looked into the dark eyes, still gleaming with innocence, even in the darkness, and he got butterflies in his stomach. He curled his arm up, pulling Scott tighter against him and in those moments, the world became a far off place, leaving them in this tiny space of the universe, away from prying eyes, to be who they were.

Scott's eyes never wavered from the Coach's gaze. Innocence masked his confusion, his doubts, his fears.

'Scott, there's so much I want to show you,' Coach said huskily.

'Show me, then,' Scott said.

His sweet breath came into Coach's nostrils like an aphrodisiac, and he wanted more of it. He leaned in closer....closer, till their noses were inches apart and there was no sign of understanding in Scott's eyes. He doesn't know how desirable he is; what I want to do, Coach thought. His innocence was there till their noses touched then Coach's lips brushed against his, and it was lost forever. Scott moaned as he kissed him back, and turned onto his side to meld his body tightly against him, and laid his arm across Coach's chest. Coach flicked his tongue out and found Scott's lips open. He drove his tongue in his mouth and found his tongue receptive, tentative at first, then lashing back. It was a long, passionate kiss that left them moaning and gasping and helpless with their emotions when it was over.

'My Goddd,' Coach whispered.

Scott smiled and there was only a trace of innocence at the corner of his mouth now. His eyes were questioning, as if he were waiting for instructions of what to do next.

'There's so much I want to show you, Scott.'

'Was that one of them?'

'Yes. No...not really...that just happened.'

'I'm glad it happened.'

Coach's passion was still raging. He raised up, pulling his arm from under Scott's head, and maneuvered down on the bed between Scott's legs.

'Aw, Coach, you're gonna do me, now?' the boy asked with surprise. He pushed his cock up straight, no doubt thinking that he was going to go down on him, but instead, Coach cupped the boy's firm, bubble butt in his hands and tilted his hips up off the bed.

'Hold your legs against your chest,' he told him.

Scott pulled his legs up and held them tightly against his chest, tilting his butt perfectly in Coach's face. 'W-what're you gonna do, Coach?' he asked.

Coach lowered his face to the boy's spread butt, licking the crevice with the tiny, clenching hole that was the entrance to a manhood that the boy never knew he possessed

'Aww, Coach!' he cried softly.

He was smooth, almost as if he had shaved. The smell of fresh sweat from his wrestling match mixed with deodorant permeated the space around Coach's head, driving him nearly mad.

'Ohh...Ohhh, Godd, you taste so good!' he whispered. He punched the flexible muscle with his stiffened tongue and it began to relax then give way and push out, making it easier for him to shove his tongue inside him. He pulled the young buns apart, stretching the hole wide open, and drove his tongue deeper inside him.

'AAawwhhhhh!' Scott muffled his cry with the pillow over his face.

Coach wanted to tell him it was okay to cry out, nobody would mind in this place, but he didn't want to take the chance of one of the others happening by to hear him. He wasn't na´ve enough to believe that Braden, and maybe Sean, weren't exploring the place. He sucked the boy's asshole around his tongue till he was loose enough that he could feel the palpitations of his inner-rectal muscles. He loved eating ass almost as much as sucking cock, and this young, tender butt was the most delectable he had ever had. So young, so was awesome that his tongue was the first to ever penetrate the sacred hole. His first cries from being tongue-fucked were music to his experienced ears. Suddenly Scott began thrashing his butt around and clawing at the sheets and Coach's head.

'Oh, Godd, Coach...OHhhhh, Coacchhh...Ohhhh...Ohhhh, you're gonna! I'm gonna come, Coach...Ohhhh...Aww.....OHHHHH... OHHHHHHHHHH!'

As much as he wanted to capture the load in his mouth, he had to finish him this way and show him the sheer pleasure of his ass. Scott's asshole loosened then flexed around his tongue with the spasms of his climax. Coach felt the powerful surge with his nose against the cock-root and a split second later he was shooting and choking on his gasping moans. The moments that followed would be critical ones, Coach knew. With his youthful lust cooled and his desires satisfied, he didn't know how Scott might react to what he had done. As Scott's body began to calm down from its tremors, Coach licked his asshole gently and lovingly and let his butt down in the mattress and his legs fell over Coach's shoulders. He gently eased out from under them and crawled up to lie beside him again. He could see the streaks and pools of come on his stomach and chest and his neck. He wanted badly to lap it up but he couldn't take the chance of spooking him, especially in the aftermath.

'You okay, Scott?' he asked after a couple of minutes.

'I don't know....I don't even know what happened,' he replied breathlessly.

'Well, from the looks of things, you pretty much emptied your balls,' Coach said, laughing softly.

'Yeah, it felt like they were going to get turned inside out,' he said. 'I never had such a powerful climax. It felt like I was shooting cum from a big reservoir and it wouldn't stop. And I wasn't even touching my cock. I never touched my cock the whole time.'

Thankfully, he didn't sound upset; just awed.

'I had no idea you were going to do that when you crawled down between my legs. I thought you were going to go down on me,' Scott said.

'I'll do that when you're ready again,' Coach said. He held his breath for the response.

'I'm ready, Coach,' he said, pushing his cock upright. 'Look, it didn't even go down.'

'Well, maybe that's because its mad that it never got the attention it deserved. Don't worry, I'll give it all the attention it wants,' Coach said.

'Unless you want me to take a shower and clean up first,' he offered.

'No, you're fine just like this,' Coach said as laid his hand on Scott's stomach, in the streaks of cum. He moved his hand in circles, applying the warm cum over his muscle like lotion. 'Feels like somebody dumped a reservoir of cum-lotion on you,' he said. He edged Scott's hand out of the way and took his cock in his own hand.

'Dam, this is a canon,' he said as he moved his hand up and down the cum-slick shaft.

'I don't know why it's still hard,' Scott said.

'It doesn't matter; I'll take care of it,' Coach said. 'When I do....when I suck you, I want to do something else at the same time.'


'Well, you obviously have a very sensitive butt...'

'Yeah, I didn't even know a guy had feelings in his ass,' Scott said.

'I want to use my finger in place of my tongue.'

Scott hesitated barely seconds before he nodded with deeply trusting eyes. 'Okay. It won't hurt, will it?'

'Did my tongue hurt?'

'Gosh, no!'

'It'll feel different, but I won't hurt you. I can go in deeper with my finger, and make you feel really wonderful.' Coach said. He raised up and bent over Scott's middle, his mouth hovering over his cock. He blew hot air over it, causing it to quiver violently, then lowered his lips around the head.

'OOohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' Scott moaned softly. 'Ohhh, Coach....Ohhh, I never felt anything so awesome!'

You will, Coach thought; you will. He went down the tall tower of meat well past the three-quarter point, with the head pressing seriously against the opening of his throat. He worked his jaws and throat and took a breath and gradually forced his mouth all the way down to his pubes. The big cock bore into his throat like a drill, stretching his throat unmercifully. It didn't fit the curve of his throat; it was so hard that it straightened the passageway. He heard Scott choke on his groan, as if he couldn't get it out. He held him there for a long moment then moved his head up and down, careful to keep the big cock in his throat, giving him an oral pussy to fuck.

'Ohhh...OHhhhh....OHHH...Awwwhhhhhh,' he moaned again and again as he began clawing at Coach's shoulders and hair and thrusting his loins up at him.

Coach eased up so he had the head in his mouth and let the thick spit run down the shaft and over his balls and used it to lube the asshole. He could feel the tiny, smooth aperture pushing out as before, welcoming his finger as it had his tongue. He pushed it in to the first knuckle, causing Scott let out a little gasp but with barely a wince. Coach took his time. He worked the tip of his finger gently around inside the boy's ass till he was squirming for more, then he eased in to the second knuckle.

'Aww, coach....Awww, that feels good, just like you said,' Scott said, surprised. 'You can give me all of it, Coach. You can use your whole finger.'

He shoved his finger in all the way, all the while, moving his mouth up and down on his cock. Scott gasped and whimpered with pleasure. Coach moved his finger ever-so-gently against the hot, soft ass lining till Scott was squirming harder, then he began to probe, in search of his love nut. If his asshole was so sensitive, his young, virginal prostate was going to be like a firecracker. He found it, the firm-rubber texture of Play-Dough, but he barely touched it. He wanted to work into it gradually, gently. He wanted Scott to realize the newborn pleasure like an awakening. He played him like a fine violin, brushing his fingertip past the now-swollen love nut, causing Scott to gasp with surprised pleasure. He touched it gently and Scott's mouth flew open, even more surprised at the sudden, new pleasure he was feeling.

'Ohh, Coach....I d-don't know w-what you're doing in there but it feels like I have to come again, already. The feeling's there, like it's not going to go away till I do come.'

Coach raised up from sucking his cock. 'Let me make it even better, then you can come again whenever you want,' he told him as he probed the nut again.

'Ohhhhh...Ohhhh....if you make it feel any better, Coach, I'm gonna go nuts.'

'Do you want to go nuts, Scott? Do you want me to drive you crazy?'

'I have a feeling you're going to,' Scott said nervously.

'Yes, I just want you to be ready. You'd better have the pillow handy. I'm going to start massaging that spot and I'm not going to stop till you beg me to. Maybe not even then.' He started to go back down on the cock but Scott stopped him.

'When I shoot again....are you gonna....k-keep my cock in your mouth?'

'Yes, I'm going to keep your cock in my mouth. I want this to be something you'll remember forever. I want you to come in my mouth,' Coach said.

'Okay...Godd, Coach, that's something guys only dream about, shooting off in a girl's mouth, only its even better, having your coach do it.'

Coach wrapped his smile around the bulging cock head and slipped his lips down the hard shaft. At the same time he began moving his mouth up and down he began fingering hiss ass again. He went through the same preliminary routine as before, but without pause. He would bring him to his absolute peak of pleasure this time. He alternated his motions; he rubbed the spongy nut with his fingertip for a moment then shoved his finger in and out of his ass, probing it hard. Scott cried out into the pillow. Coach massaged, then fucked him with his finger, then massaged again. Then he added a second finger. Scott gasped with surprise but he didn't protest. His asshole welcomed the second finger. He jerked the pillow away long enough to say, 'Godd, it feels like you're fucking me, coach.'

That day would come, soon enough, coach thought. He fluttered his fingertips against the prostate, causing him to scream into the pillow again. Without letup, he began massaging it, then prodding it with a two-finger fucking motion. He alternated from one motion to the other, without let up. Scott didn't go off as quickly as he thought he would and he suddenly realized that he was probably unable to. The pleasure was so intense that it wouldn't break and let loose.

'Coach! Coach, I can't come!' he gasped through the pillow. 'I wanta come so bad...but I can't!' He sounded a little frightened.

'I'll make you come,' Coach said. He manoeuvred himself down between Scott's legs again, without letting go of his cock with his mouth, and with his fingers still in his ass; he didn't want to loose the momentum he had gained. Between the boy's legs, he pushed his butt up to the eating position and relinquished his cock and his finger to eat his ass again. It was just to force the flood-gates to open up. Once Scott let go, he would serve him the mind-shattering pleasure of his mouth and fingers again to cause the dam to explode.

'Ohh, that's gonna do it, Coach, just like before,' Scott moaned.

'Tell me when you're getting close,' Coach said. He played it carefully, bringing him to the brink with his tongue, then when Scott choked out that he was getting close, Coach got back on his cock and shoved his fingers back into his ass. He easily found the boy's love nut again and tapped it like a drum, then probed it gently with his stiff fingers, then massaged it between his fingers.

He heard Scott screaming in the pillow, begging him to stop, begging him not to, begging him to make him cum before he went out of his mind. Coach began counting the seconds till the explosion, a little fearful that he'd taken him too far, into something he maybe couldn't handle. But suddenly, it happened. Cursing like a sailor, Scott jerked the pillow away and clasped his hands around Coach's head and pushed him down hard, forcing him to swallow his whole cock. Coach had never heard any of his players curse like that, and it was somehow erotic to hear the words come out of his mouth. His cock bolted deep in his throat and his asshole quivered violently around his fingers. His prostate palpitated under the touch of his fingers then pulsated like a violent heartbeat that sent the quivering quakes up through his cock along with a gushing stream of come.

Scott grabbed the pillow over his face again when he started coming. Coach got the first salvo deep in his throat, but when Scott let go of his head, he raised up so he could take the rest of it in his mouth. He wanted to feel the power behind the cum. He wanted to taste the sweet nectar of his manhood. It felt like the second time might be even more copious than the first. His mouth was soon filled with the stuff and running out the corner of his mouth till he swallowed it. The belching cock spewed out more come, filling his mouth again, and again. Coach wondered where it was all coming from, especially after the first time. He did indeed have a reservoir of cum. Scott jerked the pillow off his face and reached down with his other hand to pulled Coach's hand away from his ass.

'I can't take anymore!' he gasped.

Coach gave his prostate a couple more gentle squeezes that caused Scott to choke on his screams, then gently removed his finger, massaging the soft, delicate lining of the ass on the way out. At the same time he raised up off of his cock. It gave one last jolt and sent another spurt of jizz that hit his lips. Coach licked it off and crawled back up beside him. The moments that followed were long and quiet. Even unnerving. What was Scott thinking now, Coach wondered. Maybe he had taken things over the top. He should have waited, been satisfied to suck his cock and no more. Scott's eyes were closed, his breathing returning to normal, his great cock lying across one hip, still oozing come. Coach longed to lap it up, but he didn't dare. Not now. Not till he knew what was going on in Scott's head.

'Are you okay?' he asked finally.

'I don't know, coach,' he replied. 'I didn't know sex could be so intense.'

'Are you okay?' Coach asked again.

'I will be, as soon as I come back down from wherever you took me.'

'You're worrying me, Scott, it doesn't sound like you're okay with it.'

He laughed softly. 'I'm okay coach,' he said. 'I'm just lying here wondering what else you're going to show me.'

'Nothing that you don't want me to,' Coach said. He raised up with his head propped up and put his hand on Scott's abs. 'I mean that, Scott. I'll show you anything you want; anything you'll let me....but only if you want it. You gotta promise me, you'll stop me if I try something you're afraid for me to do, of if you don't want me to do it.'

'I promise,' he said. After a moment, he said, 'You, swallowed my wad this time.'

'Yes. Does that bother you?'

'No, it's something guys only dream about. I was just wondering....what does it tastes like?'

'Come on,' Coach chided him, 'don't tell me you never tasted your own cum.'

'Well...sure, the stuff that oozes out when you're jacking off,' he admitted.

'But not the real know, the thick stuff that shoots out. What's that taste like?'

'I can't describe it. I guess you could say it's an acquired taste,' Coach said. 'It doesn't all taste the same. Yours was not hard to take. It was tangy sweet, and tasted fresh.'

'It was fresh, all right. I barely had time to work up the second load.'

'If you'd had any more time, you would've drowned me with it,' Coach said.

'Do you think I'll be able to do that, Coach?' Scott asked. 'When I was trying to suck your cock, I wondered about know, if you came in my mouth, if I could handle it.'

'First, I would never shoot in your mouth unless you wanted me to,' Coach said. 'And if you want to try it, fine, but if you don't like it, get off of it and spit it out. At least you'll know.'

'Are you gay, Coach?' he asked out of the blue.

The question jolted him and he didn't know how to answer for a moment.

'I'm sorry, maybe I was out of line...'

'No, that's okay. It's a valid question, especially after what we just did. I never put that label on myself, but to answer you truthfully, I guess I am. I don't know many straight men who would eat a guy's ass or suck his cock or take his load and swallow it.'

'That is pretty gay stuff,' Scott said.

'Scott, if you're worried about yourself....going down on me doesn't make you gay. And you liking what I did to you doesn't make you gay.'

'What about if I wanted to do more...if I wanted to suck your cock again, and...and try taking your load.'

'Let me put it this way. This may be an over-simplification but anything you do for the first time is nothing more than an experiment.'

'What if I went after Braden, or Sean or some other guys in the locker room?'

'One time with Braden or Sean or anyone else, no, that's not going to make you gay. Guys your age often experiment around with others their age,' Coach said. 'If you go back for more, or with all of them, or with more guys....well, that would be something else. I can't give you the answers, Scott. Just know that I'm here for you, anytime, for anything you need.'

Chapter Seven

Sean was nervous as hell as he hung around in the hallway just down from room 236. Several guys strolled by, giving him the once over, a couple brushed their hands against his bare muscles. One guy asked if he wanted to come to his room. He wished Colt and his dad would show. Finally he saw them coming down the darkened hallway. At the door of their room, his dad's towel loosened and started to fall as he unlocked the door. Colt grabbed it and laid it across the man's shoulder. They went inside, leaving the door open, which Sean took as an invitation. He went down the hallway and lingered hesitantly at the door.

'Hey, come on in,' Colt said

Sean stepped inside and closed the door. It was crowded; they couldn't move without touching each other.

'Sean,' the man said, putting out his hand.

'Yes, sir,' Colt said.

'You don't have to call me sir. Stedman's okay,' he said.

'Or dad,' Colt put in.

'It's okay if I call you dad?' Sean asked.

'Sure, I think I can handle two sons for a little while,' he said, as he cupped Sean's manhood.

'Colt says you're straight?'

'Yes, sir, I hope that's okay,' Sean said.

'It's fine,' Stedman said, pulling on his cock. 'Yeah, just fine. Have you ever done this before?'

'Just now, since I've been in this place,' Sean replied.

'What do you like the best?'

'I don't know....everything I've tried, so far.'

'Nice body,' Stedman said as he brushed his hands roughly across Sean's chest. Then he leaned down and began sucking on his left tit.

'Ooohhhhh,' Sean moaned softly.

'Well, I can see that's one thing you like,' Stedman said.

'Yes, sir.'

'You're insistent on calling me sir.'

'It's just easier. You're older, like my own dad, and I was taught to respect my elders.'

'All right. You call me whatever you're comfortable with,' Stedman said. 'Did you ever fantasize about doing this with your own dad?'

'No way. I about fell off the bench when I heard Colt call you dad.'

'How about you two bend over the bed.'

Bothturned and laid across the bed.

'Whew! There's nothing more beautiful than a tight, round, smooth butt; unless it's two tight, round smoothbutts.'

Suddenly, Sean felt the man's hot breath on his butt. Then his tongue was lapping along the inner slopes of his ass, searching for his hole.

'OOOhhhhhhh,' he gasped when he felt the man's hot tongue flicking at his asshole. Then Stedman left him and moved to his son's butt. He could tell by Colt's face when the man was tonguing him. Then he moved back to Sean. For several minutes, he went from one to the other, licking and tonguing their young, tender asses and soon Sean was twisting his butt around anxiously.

'How am I doing? Are you two hard yet?'

'I was hard the minute I felt your tongue,' Colt said.

'Yes, me too,' said Sean.

'Do you want to put it to good use, and fuck me?' Stedman asked.

Sean glanced at Colt, who was smiling.

'He's talking to you,' Colt said.

'Yes,' Sean said. He raised up when Colt did and they moved out of the way so Stedman could get on the bed. He laid back across it, his head against the wall with his legs lifted high and his butt resting on the edge of the mattress.

'Show me what you've got, son,' he said.

'Yes, sir, Dad,' Sean said and a chill ran through him, calling the man dad. Colt got the tube of lube and squeezed some on the end of Sean's cock then some on his own fingertips to work it into his dad's ass.

'You don't have to be gentle with me,' Stedman said. 'Colt is like a young stallion when he fucks me; I'm used to being handled rough.'

Sean was tingling with excitement, not just the prospect of fucking this handsome, well-built man, but more from the idea that they were dad and son, and he was fucking theguy's father right in front of him. He set his feet apart and aimed his cock at the man's spread hole, pushing the head firmly into the spongy muscle. Then he clasped his hands around the man's legs and shoved. He was surprised how easily he went in. Stedman winced a little but quickly relaxed as he was slowly impaled on the big teenaged cock.

'Whew! I think you're a little thicker than Colt,' he said.

'Yeah, but not as long, I don't think,' Sean said.

'Long enough,' Stedman said. 'Ohh, fuck! This is gonna be good! If you fuck anything like you look, I'm gonna be banging my head against the wall.'

'I'll try, dad,' Sean said, as he pulled back and began fucking the man. He glanced around at the feel of Colt's hand on his butt.

'Yeah, fuck him,' Colt whispered hoarsely. 'He loves young cock.'

For the next half hour, he wasn't Sean from the wrestling team with his coach and three teammates somewhere in dangerous proximity. He was simply Sean, the stud-wrestler, fucking a guy old enough to be his dad; hell pretending to be his dad, right in front of the guy's real life son. It was mind-boggling. He was vaguely, yet keenly aware of Colt's hands on his body, feeling his muscles, testing his strength, and he wondered if Colt was one hundred percent straight, or if it was just part of having sex with his dad. On the other hand, he sort of liked the feel of Stedman's thick, hairy thighs and his hard stomach muscles and his pecs when his hands roamed over the man's body.

'Want me to show you something?' Colt asked at one point.

'Sure,' Sean said.

He glanced to the side to see Colt squeezing lube onto his fingertips and suddenly had misgivings.

'What're you gonna show me?' he asked nervously.

'Just something. You'll like it,' Colt assured him.

Colt lurched forward when he felt Colt's hand on his butt again, this time, his long, strong fingers probing between his buns.

'W-what're you gonna do?'

'Just relax, let me do it,' Colt said.

'Give him the poppers,' Stedman said. 'Have you ever used poppers?'

'No,' Sean replied.

'It'll be better if you both use poppers. Fucking me will feel a lot more intense, too.'

Colt deftly uncapped the small bottle with one hand and laid the cap aside. He picked up the bottle and held it to Sean's nose.

'Close off one nostril and breath in, then switch sides,' Colt said.

Sean drew in the sharp, acrid aroma and instantly felt his head start to spin. Within seconds, he felt like he was floating up off the floor and Stedman was right, his cock was taking on a whole new sensitivity sliding in and out of his ass. Colt gave him two more doses and by the time he set the bottle down he was fighting to keep from screaming with the intense pleasure. It took him a moment to realize that part of that intense pleasure was being caused by Colt's thick finger probing up inside his ass!

'Ohh, Fuck! What're you doing!'

'How does that feel?' Colt asked as he probed and gouged his finger deep inside his ass.

'Ohhh, Shit! Awwwhwhhhh, fuck, I don't know what you're doing in there, but don't stop,' he moaned as he thrashed his butt around on Colt's hand. By now he was barely aware of Stedman's steady moans as he pumped his cock in and out of him. The pleasure in the room was all his, and he wanted more.

'I can make it feel better?' Colt said.

'How?' Sean asked in a hoarse voice.

'Want me to show you?'

'Yes! Yess, show me!' he gasped.

'Here, take some more poppers.'

Sean grabbed the bottle and sucked the stuff into his nostrils like he was taking in oxygen. His blood rushed to his temples, pounding like the surf as his head spun around in wide, languid circles. His loins were on fire and he was fucking Stedman for all he was worth to try to cool the heat.

'Okay, show me,' he said, handing the bottle back to Colt.

He didn't know what Colt was going to show him and he didn't care; only that he said he was going to make it feel even better and he couldn't wait to feel it. He didn't know and he didn't care, even as Colt moved around behind him and he felt the boy's hot cock pressing into the crack of his ass. His mind still didn't comprehend, even when he felt the blunt head pressing against his asshole. In face, he pushed back, anxious to feel the increased pleasure that Colt had promised.

'Aaawwhhh!' he cried out when the big cock penetrated his ass, and he lunged forward to escape it, but plunging his cock into Stedman's ass only made everything feel better and he quickly shoved back onto Colt's cock again. Colt shoved forward and buried his cock to the hilt.

'Ohh, Geezusssss!' Sean cried out, tossing his head back.

'I told you I could make it feel better,' Colt whispered in his ear as he wrapped his arms around Sean's muscular body and pulled them tightly together.

'You didn't tell me you were going to fuck me.'

'If I had, would you have let me?'


'But now that I've got my cock in you, do you want me to pull out, or fuck you?'

'Fuck me,' Sean gasped. 'Ohh, Geezusss, fuck me!'

'Okay, I fuck you, you fuck my dad, let's all work to make this last,' Colt said.

None of them were aware that the door hadn't closed completely till a young man appeared in the room. They all paused for an instant but then went back to fucking and the young man closed the door.

'Mind if I use the poppers?' he asked.

'Go ahead,' Colt said.

When he was done with the bottle, Sean reached for it. He sucked in several snorts of the stuff and handed the bottle back. The sexual sensations in his ass and in his cock suddenly intensified and the found himself thrashing about in a wild, sexual frenzy on Colt's cock as he thrust his own in cock in Stedman's ass. Coming was far from his mind. His mind was far from his consciousness. He wasn't just a high school wrestler anymore; he was a sexual being, intent on giving sexual pleasure and experiencing it with every throb of his cock and every thrust of Colt's big cock. Godd, what was he hitting in there! It made him want to scream every time he touched it.

He saw the newcomer climbing up on the bed and wondered why, but as he stepped astraddle Stedman, he wondered no more. He knew as sure as his name was Sean, why the young man stood before him with his big cock throbbing in his face and why he was there at that time and place with these muscular bodies that reeked of testosterone. The new guy was an offering and he took it. He moved first, not the other guy. He clasped his hands around the guy's butt and guided his cock to his mouth. He was amazed how easily he took it right down his throat. He whined and groaned with intense pleasure as he smashed his face in the guy's pubes, gulping and chewing on the cockroot.

'Aww, fuck, man, don't chew it off,' the man said. 'Ohh, shit, man, you're good! Godd, you're hungry for cock!'

Something happened. Providence. Fate. Happenstance. Coincidence. It all happened at one. Suddenly Sean felt a terrible swelling inside his ass, like Colt's cock was growing, then a strange sensation of being bathed inside with something warm. He had to search and reach to grasp the thought that Colt was shooting his load inside him! In the same instant he watched Stedman unload all over his chest, his thick cock sending huge ropes of thick cum sailing up over his torso to land on his face and neck and in his hair and even splattering against the wall. He groaned in pleasurable dismay as he felt the young man's cock suddenly explode in his mouth. The feel and taste of another man's cum was totally foreign to him, but as the stuff blasted into his mouth, coating his tongue with its flavor he found himself craving more and sucking the thick, belching cock all the harder for it. He was barely aware of his own climax, his hot semen being pumped deep inside Stedman's palpitating ass; only that he was feeling such intense pleasure that it was scary. He was stunned into awareness as he found himself swallowing the warm, thick semen that was being spurted into his mouth instead of spitting it out, but he couldn't get enough of; not the taste and not the volume. He loved it and he wanted more. More!

It was all over as quickly as it'd happened. As the poppers began to wear off he was aware first of four sweating males cramped in the room. As his brain began to function again and his inhibitions slowly returned he was stunned to find himself standing there with a cock in his mouth, and the taste of semen on his tongue! He pulled his head back, letting the big cock fall against its owner's thigh. Colt's cock popped free of his ass, leaving an empty feeling, and warm semen running down his thigh. Suddenly he couldn't breathe. He pulled his cock out of Stedman's ass.

'I gotta get some air,' he said, searching for his towel.

'Here,' Colt said, handing it to him.

He manoeuvred around and grabbed for the door. They stepped back to let him out and he rushed down the hallway, struggling to get the towel around his waist. He didn't know where he was going, only that he needed to get out of the room. He couldn't go back to his own room; Cody would sure as hell know something as up. He headed for the wet area. He started to go to the showers but he felt the need to hide. Just inside the door he back out when the swell of steam hit him in the face. He went back to the showers. He stood facing the wall, under the hot spray for a long time. He lathered up several times to wash away the sweat from the room and the come from between his butt. Finally, he turned off the water and grabbed his towel and dried off, still facing the wall. He left the wet area and walked down the hallway to a small, dark alcove set between two rooms with a table and chairs. It would make a good hiding place.

Geezusss, what just happened! He sat staring into space as he tried to piece it all together and make sense of it. This was far different from simply having a cock in his mouth like before. He went for the guy's cock, pulled it into his mouth, and sucked! He sucked like a hungry puppy. He swallowed the guy's load! And he couldn't forget the feel of Colt's hot cock plowing his ass. How could he let such a thing happen? The poppers, partly. The poppers crushed his inhibitions and left him open to anything and everything, and he had pretty much done it.

'Are you okay, dude?'

He looked up to see Colt standing there, still looking incredibly sexy in his towel that he'd folded in half so it barely covered him.

'Yeah,' Sean replied.

'We were a little concerned, the way you rushed out of the room.'

'I needed some air.'

'Can I sit down?'


'We could've opened the door for air,' Colt said. 'You were running away.'

'Was that a setup?' Sean asked.

'No. It just happened the way it happened. I hope you're not blaming me or my dad.'

'I'm blaming myself,' Sean said.

'How come you have to blame anybody? Tell me it wasn't the most incredible sex you ever had.'

'Oh, it was pretty incredible,' he said. 'I think that's what scares me.'

'What're you scared of? That you might be gay?'

'I just got my ass fucked. I sucked cock and swallowed the guy's load. Yeah, the thought crossed my mind that I might not be as straight as I thought.'

'Why? Because you did it, or because you liked it?'

'Both, I guess. Have you ever done that stuff with your dad?'

'I've had my dad's cock in my mouth a couple of times, but I never took his load because he knew I wouldn't like it.'

'Have you ever let him fuck you?'

'No, but he uses his fingers on me like I did you.'

Sean looked away with a loud sigh. 'I don't know what the fuck happened to me. I would like to say it was the poppers.'

'The poppers helped,' Colt said.

Just then Stedman came up to them.

'I've been worried about you,' he said.

'I'm okay,' Sean said.

'Are you? Really?'


'Okay enough that you might want it to happen again?'

'I....don't know about that,' Sean said.

'Then you're not okay,' Stedman said.

Sean stood up. 'Look, I've gotta get back to my room. My buddy is probably wondering where I am, and if my Coach comes looking for me....'

'Can I give you our phone number and address?' Stedman asked. 'We would like to keep in touch, just to see how you're doing.'

'Sure, I guess so.'

Colt rushed off to get a pen and paper while Stedman sat down.

'You're quite a young cocksman,' he said with a warm smile.

'As good as Colt?'

'As good. You really know how to move.'

'I guess I know how to do a lot of things now,' Sean said.

'I hope you don't let yourself get all screwed up in the head over this,' Stedman said. 'Listen, truth be told, I've got a selfish motive for wanting to keep in touch. I've had this feeling that Colt would like to....well, cross over to the other side, let himself go.'

'Like I did?'

'Yes. He just needs a little nudge or two. I think you might've given him that nudge, a straight stud like yourself, doing what you did. He took notice. After you've had some time to think about it, maybe you would like to get together with us again, give me a call. I'll pay all of your travel expenses. Or we can come to you.'

Despite the scare, already Sean was feeling the after effects of getting fucked, and a hunger for more. His asshole was twitching and clenching for something hard to grab hold of. Colt returned with a piece of paper with their address and phone number on it.

'This way, we can't contact you,' Stedman said, taking it and handing it to Sean. 'It's your call. But I hope you call.'

'So do I,' Colt said.

Sean looked up at the handsome young athlete.

'Maybe I will,' he said. 'But now I gotta get back.'

Chapter Eight

The sex with Rob was gut shattering, but it didn't satisfy Braden's suddenly insatiable desire for this new kind of sex. He walked around the first floor a couple of times to make sure none of the other guys were out of their rooms; or worse, the coach. Then he went upstairs. He took the third hallway down to the end, avoiding room 230. Not that he believed coach would be wandering around looking for any of them with a blackout party going on. He would never believe that his boys would be a part of anything like that. The darkness was harsher in the wide space at the end of the hallways. He bumped into a couple of guys, which they didn't mind, then bumped into a partition sticking out from the wall. As he felt his way around it and as his eyes became more accustomed to the dark, he was able to make out figures standing or milling around. There was another partition sticking out from the wall diagonally. He backed up to the partition to wait and see what would happen. He jumped at the feel of a hand on his butt and he reached behind him to feel a huge hole in the partition. The hand took hold of his hand and another hand groped between his thighs, for his manhood. He turned around and flattened himself against the partition. Immediately, his cock was enveloped in the moist heat of the guy's mouth. He moaned softly and felt another hand on his butt. He was aware that someone had knelt down behind him when he felt his hot breath on his butt. Then he began licking and kissing his butt.

Cody didn't know where his courage came from to leave the room all by himself but once outside he felt a new surge of freedom and adventure as he wrestled with the idea of taking the guy up on his invitation to come to his room. One thing for sure, he needed to get out of the hallway. It was dark, but he could make out bodies and faces and he didn't want to take the chance of getting caught by the Coach if he happened to be checking up on them. He headed for the stairs, to go to the man's room; 224, he'd said. His legs were shaking so bad he barely got to the first landing. He felt somehow safer in the darkness at the top of the stairs. At the last minute he abandoned the idea of going to the guy's room. He was half scared and he didn't know the numbering arrangement of the rooms but he knew Coach and Scott were in room 230, which made it unwise to hang out in the hallways up there. It was dark but Coach would be able to make out who he was if he saw him up close enough. Some force propelled him down the dark hallway, in search of the blackout party that was going on somewhere on the second floor. He bumped into someone who put his arm around his waist before Cody could apologize and step back.

'Welcome to the party,' the man said. He slipped his hand lower, down inside Cody's towel and squeezed his butt.

'Yess. Very Welcome,' he said. 'But you're overdressed for this party.'

Cody was frightened as the man loosened his towel, but he didn't try to stop him. The man took the towel from around his waist and laid it over his shoulder. Cody's eyes had become more accustomed to the dark and he could make out male figures all around him. He stood in the darkness, more naked than he'd ever been in his life, and vulnerable, and shaking with fright and desire combined. It was like a long-time dream come true, being in the midst of so many naked men, knowing what they wanted. He didn't know what he should do. He wondered why they were just standing around. Then one of them moved toward him. He touched his hip and flattened his hand over Cody's stomach, feeling his tight ab muscles, then moved up to feel his chest. He felt him up and down, testing his muscles, even went to his knees to squeeze and admire his muscular thighs. He pressed his face against his manhood and Cody held his breath, waiting for the wonderful inevitable. Then the guy was taking his cock in his mouth. Cody brought his forearm up to his mouth to stifle his gasp. Everyone was so quiet, he didn't want to be the one to cry out. His cock throbbed in the man's mouth, and it felt like it was growing bigger and harder with each stroke of his warm, wet lips. He'd never felt so big and hard in his life.

The man's mouth felt incredible. He paid close attention to what the man was doing, how he was sucking his cock, how he moved his tongue. He wanted to learn. He was especially thrilled and conscious of the way the man took his cock down his throat, all the way to his balls. Cody thought he was going to scream. He had to stop the man several times; he didn't want to come. Till finally the man stood up.

'You wanta cool down?' he whispered in his ear.

'Yes,' Cody replied. He wanted to do more than cool down. Yes, he wanted to experience getting his cock sucked but he desperately wanted to try it himself, and there would never be another opportunity like this in his lifetime. It was like his dream was unfolding before his eyes; all he had to do was pretend that they were in the locker room at school and these men were his team mates; Braden and Scott and Sean. He didn't know how to go about it at first. He was too timid to reach out for a guy's cock, let alone get on his knees and suck him. He wished someone would show him; would force him to his knees and make him suck his cock. He found an empty spot among the men and backed up against the wall. It took a moment for him to find the courage to slowly slide down to his haunches. Anywhere else, it would have been a relaxed, resting stance. Here, it was an invitation. He wondered if anyone had seen him. Almost immediately, the guy standing next to him turned to face him and brushed his cock against his shoulder.

His courage found, Cody reached up for it. It was thick and rubbery. He didn't know it, but it was the best kind for the first time. But now, facing the moment of truth, he couldn't bring himself to do it; he couldn't actually take another man's cock in his mouth. He took a moment to gather his youthful courage and convince himself that he really wanted to do it; that he was actually going to do it. Then he turned his head, his lips slack, and let the man shove his cock in his mouth. It was harder now, and a lot bigger. The man began moving his cock back and forth, fucking his mouth. Cody moaned deep in his belly as he sucked the man's cock, applying the techniques he had felt when another guy had sucked his cock. He moved his tongue and worked his lips all around the head, just like the guy had done to him. The man groaned and fucked his mouth. Another man came up to them, standing squarely in front him. His cock was sticking straight out, bobbing up and down as it throbbed. In the dark Cody judged it to be about eight inches long. More than he could take, but he went for it anyway. He let the other man's cock go and leaned in to try to suck the bigger cock.

'OOhhhhh,' the man moaned softly.

'He's good, isn't he?' the first man said.

'Ohh, fuck, he's incredible!'

The first man moved away and Cody heard him say quietly, 'There's one over there against the of the high school wrestlers, I think. Sucks like a pro.'

Within a couple of minutes Cody was surrounded by muscular thighs and cocks, all poking at him and throbbing and begging to be sucked by the young wrestler who sucked like a pro. He felt strangely proud that the guy had said that and advertised for him. He moved from one man to the other. Each cock was different and he loved discovering the difference in taste, and in texture as well as size. He had to admit it; he just plain loved sucking cock! In the back of his mind he wrestled with the inevitable; that one of these guys was sure to shoot his load, and what was he supposed to do with it? In all of his dreams, he imagined that he would swallow it; let the guy pump his mouth full of the warm, thick semen and he would gulp it down like warm honey. But he had no idea what it tasted like and if he didn't like it, what then? Should he spit it out, on the floor? Or try to get off of the cock before it erupted? Of course, he might not detect when the guy was about to come. Whatever, his worrying didn't deter him from his newfound pleasure.

As it turned out, no one shot off in his mouth. Only one of the men shot off at all, and he got his joy from purposely shooting all over Cody's face. That was even more exciting than his imaginations of taking come in his mouth. He didn't even bother to wipe it off, but instead, let it run down his face.

Gradually, the gathering of men thinned out, as if they were suddenly bored and off to find greener grass. Cody got to his feet, still hungry for more cock, and wondering what he might have done wrong. He wanted to line these guys up and suck every cock in the place. If Sean only knew what he was missing. If he'd only stayed back in the room and let Cody know what he wanted, Cody could have given it to him.

The short time down on his haunches made him more emboldened. There was cock everywhere, and he had only to reach out for it. He was standing against one of the partitions when another man backed up without seeing him and brushed against him.


'No problem,' Cody said. Before the man could move away he placed his hand on his hip to hold him there. He got a feel of the man's butt; it was hard as rock. He felt the rest of his butt and the man flexed the muscles for him. He reached around from behind and squeezed his chest muscles, and the man flexed them for him. Cody ran his hands up and down the man's abs. The man tightened them into a plate of armor. He went back to the man's butt, more excited than he'd ever been in his life; realizing for the first time that he was indeed a muscle worshipper. Then he lowered himself to his knees, feeling the front of the man's rock-hard thighs with his hands. Godd, how he had wanted to do this with his team mates, but he had to content himself only with the feel of their bare muscles writhing and bulging against each other in the throes of competition. That was secretly the reason he went into wrestling, for the physical contact with another guy's muscles.

Slowly, the guy turned around so he was facing him. As Cody ran his hands up the man's thighs he was hit in the face with the man's cock. It felt like he'd been hit with a club. He reached up for it and gasped aloud. It was huge! He couldn't even get his hand around it! Groping up and down the shaft he found that both of his hands couldn't contain the length of it. With both hands around it there was easily a fist-full of cock still exposed. He felt up and down the huge cock several times, guessing it to be at least ten inches long; bigger than anything he had ever imagined, except maybe for Braden. He wet his lips and opened his mouth as wide as he could, testing the expansion of his jaws a couple of times in preparation for the enormous cock.

The muscle-guy moaned as Cody took his cock in his mouth. The head of his cock was more like it. He couldn't handle much more than the head and a few inches of the thick shaft. But he could use his tongue. He had imagined in a thousand dreams how he would do this, although in none of his dreams had he ever imagined such a big cock. Based on what he had seen in the locker room and read, he didn't believe any man could be hung like this. He sucked the inches that he could handle and did a masterful job with his tongue. He could tell by the way the guy was moaning and his knees were shaking that he was doing good. In all his imaginings he never thought he could to be intensely happy doing something that so many people said was wrong. That was always in the back of his mind; the worry of how wrong it would be if he ever got the chance to have another guy like this. But in the short moments with this muscle-god and his awesomely beautiful cock he knew that all of those people were full of crap; nothing that felt so wonderful could be wrong.

His newly unbridled lust turned to passion and he became more concerned and intent with giving the man pleasure. It was pleasure enough for himself that he could make him tremble and moan. In his passion he became more exuberant, even reckless in his desire to take more and more of the huge cock. He choked a couple of times and after the second time the man leaned down.

'Hey, you don't have to try to swallow...Ohh, Fuck! Cody!'

Cody snapped his head up and found himself looking squarely at his teammate!

'Braden!' he gasped.

'Come here,' Braden said, as cupped his hands in Cody's armpits and lifted him effortlessly to his feet. 'Shit, Cody, what're you doing up here?'

'What're you doing up here?' Cody fired back.

'That's pretty obvious, but....'

'It should be pretty obvious for me, too,' Cody hissed.

Braden took him by the arm and led him out of the partitioned enclosure and down the hallway. He didn't realize it at the time but they went right past Coach's room.

'Sounds like a lover's quarrel brewing,' someone said as they passed by.

Braden took him downstairs to one of the little alcoves where there were chairs and small tables.

'Where's Sean?' he asked. 'He's supposed to be looking out for you.'

'Who knows? Probably out roaming around, getting his cock sucked, like you are,' Cody said.

'Geezusss, Cody, I can't believe you were up there.'

'Can't believe I was up there, or what I was doing?' Cody asked.

'Neither. Fuck, man, I didn't know you...Godd, what a way to find out!'

'What're you so upset about? You can't say you didn't like it,' Cody said.

'Fuck, yeah, I liked it, but I thought it was somebody of those....'

'One of those fags?'

'You know what I mean, one of those other guys. Shit, Cody, you just turned eighteen! You're practically jailbait! Sean's supposed to be looking out for you. Let's go find him. Shit, he is in so much trouble.'

Cody followed the big athlete around to his and Sean's their room. The door was locked.

'I don't have a key,' Cody said.

'Fuck! Wait right here, I'll go up to the desk and have them unlock it.'

The desk clerk gave him a suspicious look when he asked him to unlock the room.

'He left the room to go to the rest room and closed the door without thinking,' Braden explained. When the clerk was still hesitant, Braden pleaded, 'Look, we're two of the wrestlers and I'm supposed to be looking after him, and if the Coach finds us out of our room.....'

The clerk took a key off the board and went down to unlock the room. Braden shoved Cody inside and closed the door.

'I'm going to go find Sean. Don't leave the room,' he said gruffly.

'Why? Why are you going to look for Sean? I'm in my room, safe and sound, what do I need with Sean?' Cody said sarcastically.

'To tell him his ass is in a sling,' Braden said.

'You can't tell him anything, without telling him where we both were and what I was doing, and who I was doing it to. Are you going to tell him I was sucking your cock?'

Braden thought for a moment. 'No. No, you're right. I guess it's better if we just let it go. But shit, what was he thinking, going off and letting you wander around this place by yourself.'

'Same thing you were thinking, I suspect, about getting his cock sucked,' Cody said.

'Shit, I'm glad Scott's in the room with Coach Colby,' Braden said.

'And who knows what him and the coach are doing?' Cody quipped.


'Okay, yeah, that's pretty impossible to imagine,' Cody admitted as he took off his towel and crawled up on the bed.

Braden seemed fidgety, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, as if he didn't know what to do next.

'Well, I guess I'll stick around with you and wait till wonder-boy comes back. It's obviously not safe to leave you by yourself,' he said.

'You don't have to but I don't care if you stay,' Cody said.

'Shit, Cody, how many of those other guys did you go down on?' he asked, still with disbelief.

'I don't know. I didn't know I was supposed to keep count,' Cody replied with sarcasm.

'Fuck, if Coach Colby ever finds out about this, you know what he's going to do to me and Sean? He's going to sack us both.'

'How's he going to find out? I'm sure not going to tell him. Are you?'

'No, fuckhead!'

'Then stop worrying about it. Come on, you might as well lie down and get comfortable,' he said, scooting over to make room for him.

Braden hesitated then sighed and climbed on the bunk. He had one knee pressed in the mattress when Cody reached his hand out and touched his thigh. Braden froze. Cody moved his hand up his thigh, up under his towel and found his cock, big and thick and still rubbery.

'I would like to finish what I started,' Cody said as he pulled on his cock.

Braden hesitated for a few seconds. 'Geezuss, Cody, what're we doing?' he moaned as he tore his towel off and knelt at the younger boy's face.

'Something I've wanted to do ever since the first time I saw you walking down the hall at school,' Cody said.

'No kidding? I had no idea.'

'No, you wouldn't,' Cody said. 'You're too studly and macho straight to notice.'

'Oh, I've noticed how some guys look at me, certain guys, but I never had any idea about you.'

'You always looked like you had a package of hamburger and a big sausage stuffed in your shorts,' Cody said. 'I used to go in the restroom if I saw you go in, just to see if I could get a look at your cock.'

'Oh, really?'

'Yes. It made my knees weak when I got to stand beside you. Of course, I couldn't get a real good look without you noticing. I never dreamed it would be this big, though. Your cock is huge.'

Braden laughed. 'I never dreamed it would get this big either.'

'There's something else I wanta do, if you'll let me,' Cody said.


'I want to tongue your ass.'


'I want you to sit on my face.'

'Geezusss, Cody, are you sure? That sounds gross as hell.'

'Yes, I'm sure.'

'Do you want to do that now?'

'Yes. Oh, yes,' Cody said.

Braden raised up and moved up to straddle Cody's face. He moaned as he lowered himself and felt Cody's tongue searching eagerly for his asshole.

Cody clasped his hands around the athlete's taut butt muscles and pulled them apart to stretch his hole open.

'Aww...Ohhh, Cody...Awwww.....fuck...,' Braden groaned as Cody drove his tongue up into his ass.

'MMmmm, you've got a great ass,' Cody moaned.

'You really like doing that?' Braden, asked, surprised.

'I love it. I want you to fuck me, too,' Cody said, his voice muffled by Braden's butt.

'I don't think you wanta try that. I'm pretty big,' Braden said.

'I know....that's partly the reason I want you to do it.'

'Why would you want me to tear through your asshole?'

'I just want you to fuck me, man. Somebody's going to do it, eventually I want it to be you.'

There was a split-second delay before the boys heard the key in the door. Braden jumped up and flopped down beside Cody and folded one arm behind his head, casual as you please. His cock didn't look so casual, though, standing up over his belly, dam near to his chest, but it was too late to do anything about it.

Chapter Nine

'Well, well, what's going on here?' Sean asked with a leering grin as he came into the room.

'Where have you been?' Braden asked gruffly.

'Question is, what're you doing?'

'Your job, obviously,' Braden said. 'I found Cody running around the place by himself. You were supposed to be looking out for him.'

'Well, he's not alone anymore,' Sean said. 'I'm not sure what you thought my job was, but when I left he was sound asleep.'

'I had to go to the rest room,' Cody said.

'Yeah, well, you lost your way back,' Braden said.

'Fuck, man, is that thing real?' Sean asked, eyeing his teammate's big cock.

'Never mind my cock,' Braden said. 'Where've you been?'

'Hey, I'm one of you, remember? I'm eighteen. I just happened to get stuck with Cody.'

'Stuck with?' Cody said. 'You didn't have to baby-sit me but it would've been nice if you told me you were leaving the room.'

'You were asleep,' Sean said.

'Did you check the place out?' Braden asked.

'Yeah. I was working out.'

'Did you check the place out?' Braden asked again.

'You could say that. Did you?' Sean asked right back.

'Why don't you guys just come out and admit you were roaming around the place getting your cocks sucked,' Cody blurted.

Braden turned his head and looked at him with a surprised scowl.

'Why don't we all admit we did exactly what the coach said not to do,' Cody said.

'Are you admitting that?' Sean asked with a sly grin.

'If you are,' Cody said smartly.

'Cody....,' Braden began, to shut him up.

'Okay. Time for true confessions,' Sean said. 'I got my cock sucked, more than once. And I fucked some ass. It was on the tip of his tongue to go on and tell them about the dad and son, but he was afraid to go there for fear that he might slip and tell more than he should.

' fucked a guy in the ass?' Braden said.

'Yeah, and it was unbelievable! Hell, I might just forget all about pussy.' He waited then for Cody or Braden to speak up. 'Sounds like you checked the place out too,' he said to Cody.

'When I woke up and found you gone, I didn't stay in the room,' Cody admitted rather shyly.

'What if Coach had seen you?' Sean said.

'As if that's a big concern of yours,' Braden scoffed at Sean.

'Hey, I left him in the room behind a locked door, I didn't throw him to the wolves,' Sean said. 'So, where'd you go? Please don't tell me you went to the steam room.'

'No, I was scared to go in there by myself. I went upstairs,' Cody said.

'There's a blackout party going on upstairs,' Sean pointed out.

'Yeah, so I found out,' Cody said with a sly grin.

'Fuck, that's like a lamb walking into a pack of wolves. Not to mention, the Coach's room is on the second floor,' Sean said.

'Well, I didn't figure Coach would be bringing Scott to the party,' Cody drawled.

'So. You got your cock sucked?'

'Yeah, and it was great,' Cody replied. 'And guess what; that's where I met up with Braden.'

'You went to the blackout party?' Sean asked Braden.

Braden shrugged. 'I was checking the place out, just like you,' he said.

Sean reached out and gave Braden's cock a playful smack. 'Well, I guess the only other thing you have to confess is why you're lying here in my bunk with Cody with this huge hardon.'

'We've been laying here waiting for you to show up,' Braden said.

'Well, I guess I should take that as a compliment, that you get a hardon waiting on me,' Sean said.

'Well, now that you're back, I'll let you have your room back,' Braden said as he raised up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

'Did you check out the steam room?' Sean asked.


'Let's go check it out.'

'I'm coming with you,' said Cody.

'No,' Sean said.

'Coach said none of us could go in there,' Cody shot back.

Braden and Sean looked at each other, unsure what they should do. They both wanted to go to the steam room but they knew Cody wouldn't be left behind.

'Shit, if we get caught....,' Braden said. 'I mean, let's face the most unlikely scenario. What if we go in there and there's Coach Colby?'

'We'll sneak him in,' Sean said. 'We go to the showers, I'll leave the showers first and go in the steam room. I'll open the door to let you know the coast is clear and you bring Cody in.'

'Sounds like a plan,' Cody said eagerly as he scrambled off the bed.

The two older boys looked at each other again, still unsure they should be doing it.

'I have to go to the rest room first,' Cody said as he wrapped his towel around his waist.

'We'll take you down there,' Sean said.

'I can go to the restroom by myself,' Cody growled.

'You don't go anyplace by yourself,' Sean said. He opened the door and followed Braden and Cody out into the hallway. Some guys saw them and followed them downstairs. Sean and Brady waited a little ways down the hall while Cody went into the restroom.

'I walked in on something, didn't I,' Sean said quietly to Braden.

Braden lowered his gaze. 'Yeah.'


'Yeah,' Braden said, nodding as he looked backup at his teammate.

'Fuck, man, I had no idea....'

'It shocked me, too,' Braden said.

'Well, its none of my business but...'

'Ready,' Cody announced as he came out of the restroom.

When the three boys entered the showers several guys came out of the steam room to shower.

'You guys are part of the high school wrestling team,' one said.

'Yeah,' Braden said.

'You two sure don't look like high schoolers. You look more like college wrestlers,' he said, indicating Sean and Braden.

'He's the one who won his class,' Braden said, nodding to Cody.

'I'm going to go check out the steam room,' Sean said casually as he turned off his shower. He grabbed his towel and tossed it over his shoulder and sauntered over to the steam room. All eyes followed his tight, round butt across the wet area. He hung his towel on the rack outside the door and went inside. He took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the extremely dim light then went further in to check the place out. There was a long, narrow corridor to the left where three guys were sitting, and two little alcoves on the right, just big enough to stand in. Beyond that he came to a wall. Behind the wall was a larger open area and a wide alcove with two tiers to sit or lie down. Two men were sitting on the lower tier and two more on the upper tier, leaning back against the wall. There were two light bulbs recessed in the ceiling that offered a bare minimum of light. He scanned each figure to determine none of them were Coach Colby. He went back to the front and wiped the steam off the door so he could see out. He held the door open and Braden and Cody came across the wet area to enter the steam room.

They followed Sean around to the back and men moved to make room for the three newcomers and they found enough room to back up against the wall. Cody put one hand over his manhood at first but then put both hands behind him and stood with his head tilted back and his eyes closed, more boldly, like Sean and Braden.

Tension filled the room. It was as if the hot steam swirling around the three young wrestlers brought everyone's testosterone to the boiling point. Sweat rolled down their smooth muscles. Sean let his head down, with his chin nearly on his chest, his eyes closed, as if he was totally absorbed in soaking up the heat and letting it cleanse his pores.

One of the men sitting on the lower tier stood up. 'You guys must be part of the wrestling team,' he said.

'Yeah,' Braden said hoarsely, without opening his eyes.

The man reached out and brushed his hand across Braden's muscular chest and down his abs. 'Fuckin' nice,' he said hoarsely

'Thanks,' Braden said, still without opening his eyes. The man's hand felt good on his slick chest. When he didn't stop him the man went lower and wrapped his hand around his cock. 'Dam! I wasn't sure I was seeing straight through the steam,' he said. 'You must have to wear two jockstraps to hold this up. If it ever got out in the middle of a match, you could club your opponent with it.' Braden's abs rippled when he laughed.

By now Sean and Cody were watching. Cody was especially excited as he watched the man tug on Braden's cock. He pulled him toward the lower tier where he sat down again with Braden standing in front of him. He put his hands around his butt and the next instant the whole steam room knew he'd taken his cock in his mouth.

'AAwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhh!' he cried out, tossing his head back.

Cody and Sean looked at each other. Then Cody saw the other man's arm out, motioning for him to come over to him. He bumped Sean's arm and went over to the guy. The man began running his hands all over Cody's tight, smooth muscles then bent down and sucked his cock in his mouth.

'OOOhhhhh, Yeah!' Cody gasped.

The other men, seeing that the three wrestlers were there for some action, two guys moved on Sean at the same time. He thought they might actually fight over him. They both went to their knees, one went for his cock and the other one sucked on his balls. Two more guys stepped up on each side and began sucking on his tits. A moment later a fifth guy wedged his way between Sean and the wall and dropped down to kiss and lick and tongue his ass. Yeah, this was the way to end a wrestling match, Sean thought. This was their due reward. He only wished Scott could be there with them. Hell, Coach, too. He reached out and clasped his hands around the two heads to smash his balls into one guys face and bury his cock in the other man's throat, causing him to choke.

Sean was so caught up in his own pleasure that he wasn't paying much attention to his teammates, till he glanced over and saw a guy knelt down behind Cody, eating his ass. Holy Fuck! Cody was bent over sucking the guy's cock who was sitting up on the second tier. So Cody's secret was out. He was gay. Sean wished he'd known it before now. He was sure, now, that Cody and Braden had been making out in their room, but time. Fuck, he thought, these guys must think they've died and gone to sex heaven. The next time he looked over, the guy was standing up with his cock aimed at Cody's ass. Sean pushed the men aside and started to go over to him, but Braden saw it too, and reached out to stop the man. He leaned over to Cody. 'Do you want him to fuck you?'

'Yes,' Cody said. 'I wanta try it.'

So Braden and Sean let it happen. The man spat and added his spit to the steam to lube up his cock. Cody jutted his butt back for it.

'Take it easy with him,' Braden warned the guy. 'He's never done it before.'

It took several attempts before the man finally penetrated Cody's ass. The boy screamed around his mouthful of cock. Thank heaven it was muffled. Braden reached out with his hand on the man's chest.

'I said take it easy,' he warned again.

'If he's virgin, its gonna hurt at first,' the man said.

When Braden pulled his hand back the man shoved his cock deeper. Cody choked on his outcry but didn't try to wrench away from the man. Instead, he planted his feet firm and wider apart. He uttered a garbled, muffled groan when the man buried his cock in his ass.

As the rest of the men saw that the boys were willing participants they moved in like wolves on a flock of sheep. There were two guys kneeling down working on Braden's ass now and Cody was taking a cock up his ass and sucking not only one cock; the other guy up on the tier had slid over so Cody could suck him, too. There were three more guys who had come around the partition and were standing around, pulling on their cocks, waiting their turn. Word seemed to spread. The door to the steam room opened and closed repeatedly and more men crowded in to watch and try to get in on the action with the three high school wrestlers. But the five guys working on Sean weren't sharing, nor were the three men on Braden.

The man fucking Cody suddenly went into spasms and shot his load up in the boy's guts. He leaned over him, gasping and kissing the boy's back and shoulders.

'Godd, that was the best fuck I've had in years,' he told him as he straightened and eased his cock out.

'Did you come?' someone asked Cody.

He shook his head, without releasing the cock he had in his mouth. The man stepped up behind him, and guided his cock to his slick, gaping hole. Cody wriggling his ass onto the man's cock. The man immediately drew back and slammed his cock in to the hilt, hard. Cody cried out around the cock he was sucking.

'Take it easy,' Braden told the man.

'He's broke in,' the man said.

'Take it easy,' Braden told him again.

The man thought it wise to do what the big wrestler said.

'Ohhhhh, fuck,' Braden gasped as he thrust his cock in and out of the hungry mouth that was working on him. 'How're you doing back there?' he asked Sean.

'Shit, they're gonna drive me out of my mind,' Sean said.

'You come yet?' Braden asked him.


Just then the man fucking Cody shot his load. When he pulled out, yet another man stepped up behind him.

Braden leaned down to him. 'Hey, do you wanta keep doing this, letting them fuck you?' he asked.

Cody nodded, glancing sideways to see a line behind him. He was in his element. He didn't mind one bit being passed around. He only wished Sean and Braden would take their turns with him.

Sean was glad Braden had intervened again. He made a mental note of how many guys were fucking Cody. It was three, so far. He would keep an eye on him. He didn't know how much Cody could take and he wasn't going to let these guys force him past his limits.

Braden turned around so the other two men could have his cock and let the other guy have his ass for awhile. He was keeping an eye on Cody, too. He counted as a fourth, a fifth, then a sixth man took his turn the young athlete's ass.

Meanwhile, one of the men Cody was sucking blew his load. Cody was taken by surprised, and choked and gagged but managed to stay on his cock and swallow part of his load. When the man got up and left, another young stud climbed up to take his place. One of the guys sucking Braden's tugged on his cock, waving it toward Cody.

'When he's done, I want to see him take this horse cock,' the man said.

The guy fucking Cody glanced around then reached out for Braden's cock. 'Dam, stud, what horse did you steal that from? Fuck, I never seen a cock that big before.' Then he stepped back, his cock pulling out of Cody's ass with a wet suctioning sound. 'Here, have a go at him,' he told Braden. Braden stepped over behind Cody. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack of his ass and bent over him.

'Do you want me to?' he asked.

'Yes! Ohh, Yesss!' Cody replied.

Knowing Cody was already broke in, Braden aimed his cock and shoved it in with one hard stroke. Cody let out a new groan and raised up.

'Goddam, who let the horse in here,' he gasped.

'Fuck, he took that like a pro,' someone said.

'Yeah, and did you see the size of that stud's cock! He must be ten inches long!'

Braden began fucking his teammate and Cody squirmed his butt around and shoved his ass back on his cock. After taking so many guys, he was loose and soft and Braden could feel his cock almost sloshing around in all the come they had shot in him. He bent over him and kissed his neck.

'Do you want any more of these guys to fuck you, buddy?' he whispered.

'I don't care, but I want you the most,' the boy replied.

'You've got me, buddy,' Braden said. 'Shit, now that I know, you've got me any time you want me.'

Suddenly, Cody raised up from the cocks he was sucking and pressed his body back against Braden's sweaty muscles. 'Ohhh, mannn, that is so good,' he gasped. 'Your cock is so big.'

'Not too big, I hope,' Braden said in his ear.

'No, it's wonderful,' Cody said. Then he eased off of Braden's cock and turned around and began kissing his chest passionately.

'Ohh, mannn, yeah....suck 'em....suck my tits.'

Cody kissed the big wrestlers pecs and up and down his abs with a near frantic passion. Then he smashed his body against Braden's and raised one leg up around his hip.

'Can you fuck me this way, standing up?'

'We can do it any way you want,' Braden said as he cradled the younger athlete's butt in his hands. 'Okay, ride down on it,' he told him.

A muscular young colored guy worked his way in and backed up to Sean, offering him his butt. Sean took hold of his hips and the man reached back and guided his cock to his hole. Sean didn't have to do anything but stand there. The man shoved back onto his cock and began fucking it. The other guys picked up on it and when the colored guy shot his load, another backed up to Sean's cock.

Braden hugged Cody tightly to his body. 'Do you want me to come in you?' he whispered.

'Yes. But I don't want you guys to leave when you're finished. I don't want to be here by myself,' Cody said.

'Sure, we wouldn't leave you here,' Braden assured him.

Sean had held out as long as he could; he was so hot from watching Braden and Cody and there was a gnawing in his gut that wanted to be in Cody's place. He wondered what it would feel like to be plugged with Braden's huge cock. There was yet another guy backing up to his cock when he put his hand on his butt to stop him.

'I'm getting close, if anybody wants my load,' he said.

Three guys dropped to their knees, their mouths open like young birds waiting to be fed by their mother. He let one of them jack his cock till he was close then he worked his load up by hand and let it go full force. The stuff shot out in long, thick, powerful spurts, hitting the men in the face. He hit their open mouths with some of it and they moaned and squealed with delight. When he was done shooting two of the guys kissed each other, licking his come off each other's faces and exchanging his semen in their kisses.

Braden quickly followed, shooting his load deep inside Cody's ass. It felt like there was a quart of the stuff and he could imagine his come shooting out and swirling around with all the other come inside him. He held him tight for a couple of minutes before he let go and eased him down to his feet. His cock swung free like a huge sausage. One of the men sitting on the first tier reached out for Cody's hip to guide him back to sit on his cock.

'You're probably not gonna feel much after taking that horse cock,' the man said. But Cody let himself down onto the man's cock and began humping up and down.

Their loads shot, Sean and Braden stood side by side against the wall again. Even though they had both shot off, their cocks were still hard and the men wouldn't leave them alone. They let them suck them but it was a favor more than for their own pleasure now.

'Shit, how long is he going to go on?' Sean asked Braden. 'He's like the fuckin' Energizer Bunny.'

'I don't know. He said he wanted it as long as they want to fuck him,' Braden said.

'Goddam, we woke up a sleeping monster in that boy,' Sean said.

Finally, after four more guys had fucked Cody, Braden moved in and pulled him up straight before one of the men tried to pull him down to sit on his cock. The three guys who were waiting, stepped back out of the way.

'Come on, Cody, we gotta get some air,' Braden said.

Cody didn't argue. A pall of disappointment settled over the steam room as the three hunky wrestlers left. They showered again and went back to their room.

'Godd, that was incredible!' Cody gushed as he stood up on the bunk out of their way to finish drying off

'That's an understatement,' Sean said. 'Shit, man, you were taking cock like a machine. How many guys fucked you anyway?'

'I lost count,' he replied.

'A dozen, at least, that I counted,' Braden put in.

'What I want to know is, when the hell did you start doing this shit?' Sean asked.

'Just tonight; my first time was upstairs at the blackout party,' Cody said.

'Those guys must have drilled you a new asshole,' Braden said.

'How the fuck can you take on that many guys at one time?' Sean asked.

'It just feels good,' Cody said.

'Well, I hope you're able to walk in the morning,' Braden said as he wrapped his towel around his waist to leave.

'Why don't you stay?' Cody said.

'That bunk is barely big enough for two, let alone me.'

'We'll fit,' Sean said, anxious for the big wrestler to stay.

They stretched out on the bunk tightly against each other, huddled under a blanket. They had to lie on their sides to have enough room, with Cody sandwiched between the two bigger athletes.

'So, down in the steam room...was that a pretty fair example of what I almost walked in on earlier?' Sean asked quietly.

'We never got that far; you came back too soon,' Cody said.

'Should I be building up any hopes for when we get back home?' Sean asked.

'Just be careful what you hope for, you might get it, make sure you can handle it,' Braden said with a soft chuckle.

I'll handle it, Sean thought to himself, and he was already thinking of some way to let Braden know that he could fuck him.

Chapter Ten

There were no windows in the place but Coach could sense that it was morning. He glanced at his watch and shook Scott's shoulder.

'I'm awake,' Scott said as he stretched, then reached for Coach's cock.

'Oohhnnnnn,' Coach moaned softly.

'Coach I was awake most of the night...thinking ...wondering if....'

'Wondering what?' Coach asked.

'Coach...w-would you fuck me?'

The words reverberated like a great gong. Coach Colby couldn't believe his ears. His wildest dreams had just been laid before him. It couldn't happen, of course, but it was wonderful to imagine it.

'I don't think you want to go there, Scott,' he said.

'Sorry, Coach....I shouldn't have mentioned it,' the boy said timidly.

'No, don't be sorry,' Coach said quickly. 'Believe me, it's not that I don't want to, but getting your cock sucked and getting fucked are two different things.'

'Yeah, that's the reason I wanta do it. I want to see what its like. Have you ever fucked another guy, Coach?'

He hesitated then told the truth. 'Yes.'

'Then why not me?'

'It's's just not in the cards, Scott. First place, it can really hurt, especially your first time. I don't want to hurt you.'

'It's gonna happen sometime, Coach,' Scott said. 'Maybe not with you...but with somebody.'

'We gotta get showered and dressed,' Coach said quickly before he had time to reconsider and weaken.

Scott was disappointed but he let it go.

The two went down to the showers with a keen eye on the way the other men looked at them. They were practically drooling over the muscular, young athlete, and no doubt jealous that he was with him. After last night, Coach wished there'd been some way of perhaps bringing one of the other boys in on their little secret. Maybe all three of them. He felt a tingling in his nuts at the thought of all five of them crowded into the same tiny room. It would be too risky, of course, but his imagination expanded the space to the locker room at school, or the showers. Suddenly he felt himself getting fluffed up and reached up and turned on the cold water.

'Can we go in the steam room for just a little bit, Coach?' Scott asked.


'Just so I can see the inside of the place,' Scott persisted.

'You would be with him, it would be okay,' the man in the next shower said.

'Can we, Coach?'

'Okay, but just for a minute.'

Scott turned his shower off and started across the wet area to the steam room. Coach caught up with him and shoved his towel at him. 'Put this on first.'

Coach led him through the thick steam to the back of the room. They leaned back against the wall, Scott with his hands down to his sides and his head down, and Coach with his hands behind his back. Coach watched the naked men all around them; the way they were eyeing Scott. He was ready to pounce if any one of them made the slightest move.

'Judging from the way you're built, you must be one of the wrestlers,' a man said.

'Yeah. This is my coach,' Scott said in all his innocence.

'You're a lucky man, Coach. We heard that one of your boys won his weight class.'

'Yes, they're really fine athletes,' Coach said.

'Yes...really fine,' the man said.

As the men grew accustomed to the two newcomers they became more relaxed and returned to the reason they were all there. Several of them began to openly pull on their cocks. Quickly, there were several hardons around them, and despite his best intentions, Coach could feel his own cock coming to life. He gave a side-glance downward and saw Scott's towel beginning to tent. This can't happen, he thought. Too much had already happened and it was bad enough that on top of that, he'd brought Scott into the steam room among these vultures. He couldn't let it go beyond that. In fact, he needed to get him out of there.

He nudged Scott. 'We'd better go.'

'Yeah....' Scott let his voice trail off, full of intent and innuendo. He reached down and unknotted his towel and wiped his face and chest, leaving his young, stiff cock standing out from his loins. Coach saw the eight-inch cock throbbing and quivering and it made his knees go weak and his stomach flutter. No one would one who counted, anyway. They didn't know anybody in the steam room and would never seem them again. Godd, he longed to draw him into the full-fledged orgy that would surely ensue if he let his guard down. He wanted to drop to his knees and take the boy's cock in his mouth and show the other men that the young athlete was all his. Suddenly, thankfully, his sense of responsibility kicked in.

'Come on, the others will be waiting,' he said in his best authoritative voice.

Obediently, Scott followed him out.

'Good-bye, Scott. Have a good season,' someone called after them.

'Do you need to get back under the cold shower?' Coach asked him.

'No, I'm okay. It'll go down.'

'That's what you said last night, all night,' Coach said under his breath.

As they made their way back to the room they passed several guys who were drooling over the muscular, young athlete who hadn't bothered with his towel.

Coach let him in the room then went to the front desk to check on the weather. Then he went to check on the other wrestlers. He was surprised when they opened the door to find all three boys on the bed.

'They're opening up the roads, we'll be leaving in about a couple of hours, that ought to give you all plenty of time to shower and get dressed,' he said.

'Okay, Coach.'

With his mind reeling with suspicions about the three, he went back to his own room to find Scott lying on the bed watching a new gay video and nonchalantly pumping his cock.

'You're not supposed to be watching that stuff,' Coach said. 'You're not supposed to be doing that either,' he added.

'Why, will it stunt my growth?' Scott replied smartly.

'You're supposed to be getting dressed,' Coach said.

'Just let me finish jacking off, okay?'

'Geezuss, I don't believe I'm letting you talk to me like that,' Coach said.

'You wanta help me, Coach?'

'All right, but hurry up and come; we've got to get out of here,' Coach said as he took over with the boy's cock with one hand and began squeezing his balls with the other.

''Take my load when I come, will you Coach?'

'Just hurry it up,' Coach said. He stroked Scott's dick furiously. He wished there was more time to enjoy him to the fullest, but he was thinking how there would be more time for that later, when they got back home. Time for all the things he'd dreamed about.

'I'm getting close,' Scott gasped.

Coach Colby leaned down over him.

'Don't go down on me, Coach, just open your mouth and see if I can hit it,' Scott said.

Coach opened his mouth, hovered over the big cock. Suddenly it exploded, sending a blast of hot boy-come directly into his mouth. He couldn't catch it, of course, leaned over the way he was, but he tried to swallow it. But it was coming too fast and he didn't want to waste it so he finally clamped his mouth around the bulging head and gulped the rest of the load down. He sucked him dry then raised up.

'There, is that going to keep you satisfied for awhile?'

Braden and Sean took Cody down to the showers and to the restroom to brush his teeth then returned him to the room. Even at that early hour there were men up wandering around, still on the prowl.

'Okay, I'm going down and brush my teeth and shave,' Sean said.

'Me, too. That is, if I can trust you to stay in the room,' he said to Cody.

'Why're you guys treating me like a little kid?' Cody complained. 'I happen to be the only one to win his class.'

'Because its not safe to let you loose on your own,' Braden said.

'Do you think I'm crazy enough to go wandering around when the coach is up?' Cody said.

'That means you don't let anybody in the room, either,' Braden put in.

'I'll be dressed and waiting for you,' Cody said.

There were six or seven men hanging around in the hallway when Braden and Sean came out of the room, and more downstairs in the hallway. Those upstairs followed them down.

'Word must have spread that we're still in the building,' Sean said under his breath, holding onto the knot in his towel around his waist.

Several of the men followed them into the restroom, some to shave and brush their teeth, others just to be there and watch them. With only one razor, Braden shaved first while Sean brushed his teeth. Braden took his towel off and folded it over the edge of the sink. He saw all eyes drop to his bare butt.

'That was a wild scene in the steam room last night,' one of them said.

Sean caught the man's eye in the mirror. 'Is your team mate up?'

'Yeah, he's getting dressed. We're gonna be leaving in a little bit.'

'What a shame.'

'My God, did you ever see a more gorgeous butt in your life?' one of the men said.

'I'll bet you two look great in football uniforms, wearing those tight pants that show the straps of your jockstraps,' another said.

Braden just smiled. Sean laughed. 'I don't know, does my butt look great in my uniform?' he asked Braden.

'You've got a great looking ass,' Braden said. 'That's the reason I'm always patting it when you make a good play.'

'Are you sure you don't have time for a quick run to the steam room before you go?' one of the men asked.

'We already showered,' Braden said.

'My room is available,' another man said.

'Hey, guys, it was fun, but we have to go. Our coach will be checking on us,' Sean said, politely, but sternly.

It seemed to discourage the men and one by one, they left, with lingering gazes at the two muscular athletes, off to seek action elsewhere. When Braden was finished shaving, they traded the toothbrush for the razor.

'A guy could die from too much sex in this place,' Sean joked as he lathered up his face with soap.

'Yeah, but what a way to die,' Braden said.

Their eyes met in the mirror; a split-second look that made them both glance away. It happened again, and Sean's lips curled with a slight smile.

'What?' Braden asked.

'I don't know. What?' said Sean.

Sean brought the razor down to rinse it off and their eyes met again but this time they didn't look away.

'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?' Sean asked with a sly grin.

'Probably so. We always did think alike,' Braden said.

'Would you do it?' Sean asked.

'I might try it; with you, nobody else,' Braden replied.

'I'm talking about head,' Sean said.

'Yeah. Unless you want to bend over for me. Cody sure seemed to like that.'

'I'm not Cody, but....' He caught himself, unsure whether he intended to raise the question in Braden's mind.

Braden let his eyes shift up and down his teammate's muscular body. 'No, you're sure not. But what was that 'but' all about?'

'Just but,' Sean said. 'So, what do you say we get together when we get back?'

'Yeah,' Braden agreed. 'Maybe we wanta come back here; we're both old enough to get in. Would you wanta do that?'

'Fuck, yeah. Everybody's gotta die from something,' Sean joked.

On the way out they went past Stedman and Colt coming out of the restroom. Their eyes met Sean's, with a smile, and it sent a chill down his spine. Maybe he would call them and arrange to get together. Maybe he would ask Braden to go with him.

Chapter Eleven

The drive home was quiet. Too quiet. Coach began to wonder what might have happened last night; besides him and Scott.

'Everybody get a good night's sleep?' he asked.

'Not really,' Sean said.

'Me either, that couch was like sleeping on a torture bed of nails,' Braden said. 'I did finally get a few ZZZs, though, when Cody and Sean let me bunk with them.'

'You guys all slept in the same bunk?' Scott asked, surprised.

Braden laughed. 'It was more like we all spent the night in the same bunk. I don't know how much sleep any of us got. But it was better than freezing to death and sleeping on nails.'

'You guys sleep okay?' Sean asked Coach and Scott.

'I slept like a baby,' Scott said.

'Don't forget our pact, guys,' Coach said. 'Where did we stay last night?'

'Motel Six!' they all replied in unison.

Coach had a strong gut feeling that there was a lot more that the boys weren't saying about the night in the men's club. He didn't know how he could get it out of them, but his fantasy that had taken seed in the steam room, to get the guys together, had definitely taken root in his head.

Chapter Twelve

One by one he confronted them. Braden was the first. He had asked him to stay back after practice. He came sauntering into his office, naked, drying his hair.

'You wanted to see me, Coach?'

'Yes. I didn't want to bring this up in front of the other guys, but is there something we need to talk about?'

'What do you mean, Coach?'

'I went to check on you in that men's club and you weren't in the lounge on the couch; you were nowhere to be found.'

'That couch was hell. The springs were coming through. Some guy offered me his room.'

'You went to somebody's room?!'

'Yeah, I was so damned wore out and sleepy....he told the desk so you would know where to find me if you came looking for me,' he lied.

'Oh, well, I didn't check at the desk. But then, maybe he was counting on that.' He eyed him with the unasked question all over his face. Finally, he asked it. 'Do I need to ask if anything happened?'

'Are you asking?'

'Yes. I'm responsible for you, after all.'

'I'm eighteen, coach, I'm responsible for myself,' Braden said.

'As my student and my athlete, responsibility rests with me in situations like that, and I don't give a dam how old you are,' the Coach said.

'Yes, sir.'

'Why do I get the feeling you're dodging my question?'

'Because I am dodging your question,' Braden said with a scowl. But this was his coach, and neither of them were accustomed to disrespect on either side. 'Okay, something happened,' he said, with a sigh, his eyes downcast. 'Hell, I can't lie to you, Coach.'

'Geezuss, Braden...! I don't believe this. I trusted you to behave like a gentleman.'

'You didn't count on the testosterone factor. It just happened, Coach,' he said with a shrug.

'It might have just happened, but you placed yourself in the situation.'

'I know. It all started out innocent enough...I thought the guy was just offering me his room to keep warm and get some sleep.'

'Are you listening to yourself? You went to a strange guy's room, in a gay men's club, and never gave even the slightest thought that there might be the slightest chance that he might try something?' Coach scoffed. 'Who do you think you're talking to? How stupid do you think I am?'

'I know...I'm sorry, Coach, I know you're not that stupid,' Braden said. 'Okay, so I...I did give it a thought when I went with him, way in the back of my mind, if he might try something, but he said I could use his room by myself if I wanted to, but...well, then he never left.'

'And you never asked him to leave.'

'No, it was his room, I couldn't ask him to leave.'

'So, you could've left,' Coach said.

'Yes, but....well, I was curious....about everything.'

'So what happened?'

'He just crawled in the bunk.'

'And you crawled in with him.'

'No, I was already in his bunk.' He lowered his head again, not so much from guilt over what he'd done as shame that he'd tried to lie to his Coach. 'You're not going to ask me what happened,' Braden said with some dread.

'That doesn't take much imagination,' Coach said.

Godd, if he only knew. About going up to the blackout party; in the sauna; about Cody, and Sean and him and Cody....the man would keel over with a heart attack.

'I know maybe I shouldn't have done it, Coach, but the way I see it, I'm eighteen, I could get into the place on my own if I wanted to. And whatever happened, nobody's ever going to know about it, not even that we stayed there. So what did it hurt, that I had a new experience in life. I mean, it was no big deal.'

'All right, if you can keep it in that perspective,' Coach said.

He thought it went well with Braden; he found out what he wanted to know, although the boy hadn't told him the whole story. Sean was next. He came down to his office after school, after serving a detention.

'You said you wanted to see me, Coach,' he said, tossing his books on the old leather couch.

'I didn't want to bring this up in front of the other guys, but I think there's something we need to talk about, Sean.'

'What do you mean, coach?'

'I came to check on you and Cody and there was no one in the room.'

'We were working out,' Sean said.

'No good. I checked the workout room,' Coach said.

'We must have been in the shower, then, or in the Jacuzzi. Cody wanted to try the Jacuzzi.'

'I looked there. I even looked in the sauna and the steam room.'

'You told us not to go in the steam room,' Sean reminded him quickly.

'How about somebody else's room; is that a possibility?' Coach asked pointedly.

Sean quickly glanced away with a guilty look.

'Yes, sir, that is a possibility,' Sean admitted.

'I put you in charge of Cody and you drag his butt off to somebody's room in a gay men's club? What were you thinking! My Godd, Sean....where is your sense of responsibility?'

'I didn't take Cody to anybody else's room,' Sean said defensively. 'If you had checked the room again, you would've found him there.'

'Just Cody?'

'Y-yes sir.'

'Oh, then you went to somebody's room. Would that be a correct assumption?'

He hesitated, then nodded. 'Yes, sir, I did. I'm eighteen, Coach,' he reminded him.

'You left Cody by himself?'

'He was asleep, and the door was locked,' Sean said.

'So I can trust that Cody, at least, came away unscathed,' Coach said.

'I..don' could exactly say that,' the boy stammered.

'Do you want to explain that? I left Cody in your charge, and you're not giving a very good account of yourself.'

'I know, I...but...what happened was between us, and Cody.'

'You and Cody?'

'Yes, sir. I can't even explain how it just did.'

'What? What happened between you and Cody?' He knew the instant he asked, the way Sean dropped his eyes, that there was a lot to tell.

'We, uh...he came on to me, rather boldly, and we....we experimented around together.'

Coach let out sigh. 'Well, I'm surprised, to say the least, but if that's all it was, it's not the end of the world. And you could have told me a lot worse.'

Sean glanced warily to the side and met Coach's eyes and knew his guilt showed all over his face.

'Is there more?' Coach asked.

'Yes, sir, I, uh...I took him in the steam and Braden.'

'You what!?'

'I didn't exactly drag him, Coach. He wanted to....he was curious.'

'Sean, he just turned eighteen! A few days ago he wasn't.'

'But he's eighteen now,' Sean said defensively.

'What happened?'

Sean pursed his lips in defiance, but he was too used to the coach's authority to refuse to answer.

'He, uh..we...we experimented around with some guys in the steam room.'

'You're going to have to be more explicit,' Coach said sternly.

Sean sucked in a deep breath then swallowed hard. 'He...Cody...went down on some guys and...well, Braden and me, we got head, too...and, uh, Cody..he, uh..he let some guys...screw him in the ass. And I'm not proud to add that two of those guys was me and Braden.'

'Geezussss!' Braden hadn't told him any of this.

'He wanted us to, Coach, I swear, he was practically begging for it. Especially from Braden. Cody was all over him.'

Coach was deathly silent for a long moment, trying to work up some degree of proper anger and indignation while quieting the excitement he felt. Finally, he spoke.

'Do you have any idea what kind of situation you've put me in?'

'It's not like he's going to tell anybody,' Sean scoffed.' Nobody's going to say anything about any of it; we all agreed to that.'

Coach paced around his office for a moment, looking down at the floor. 'All right, you can go.'

'What're you going to do, Coach?'

'I don't know. I'll let you know as soon as I've talked to the rest of the guys.'

'You won't tell Cody I told, will you? Or Braden. I don't want them to know I ratted on them.'

'I can't promise that. It all depends on what I decide to do.' He dismissed Sean with a wave of his hand.

He caught Cody by accident on Saturday morning when the boy came in to work out.

'Cody, before you go work out, there's something we need to talk about?'

Cody just looked at him.

'At the men's club where we stayed, I came to check on you and Sean and there was no one in the room.'

'I left once to go to the rest room,' Cody said.

'Where was Sean?'

'I don't know for sure.'

'He didn't tell you where he was going?'

'No, sir, I went to sleep, and when I woke up he wasn't in the room.'

'After you went to the restroom, did you go straight back to your room?'

'I wandered around for a little bit, looking for Sean,' Cody said.

'Wandered around where?'

'Just around. I didn't find him so I went back to my room.'

'You didn't stop by anyone else's room on the way?'


'Did you let anyone in your room?'

'No. Only Braden. He stopped by and found out Sean had left me alone and he stuck around,' he said.

Coach didn't pursue Cody's story. He was lying at every turn, but he didn't want to pressure him by revealing what Sean had said about the three of them. He had all the information he needed....more than he'd ever hoped for. Now he had only to put it all together and formulate a plan.

Cody hung around the locker room after PE class, trying to be alone with Braden and Sean, but they were both getting dressed, and some of the guys were screwing around, in no hurry to leave school. Finally, so as not to appear obvious, he left the locker room and hung around in the shadows of the gym exit. A few minutes later they came out and came across the gym, talking in low tones. Cody couldn't hear what they were saying. When they were a few yards away he stepped out of the shadows.

'Shit, Cody! You scared the hell out of me,' Braden said.

'What the hell are you doing lurking in the shadows like that?' Sean asked.

'Waiting on you guys,' he said.

'Oh? What for?' Braden asked as he moved into the shadows, out of sight of anybody coming out of the locker room.

'You know,' Cody said nervously. 'I was trying to hang back in the locker room but there were too many guys there.'

'You wanta go someplace?' Sean asked.

'Yeah, if you guys do,' he replied.

'How about you?' Sean asked Braden.

'You got a place?' Braden asked him.

'No. My folks are home.'

'So are mine,' Braden said.

'Mine, too,' Sean added.

'Well, its too fuckin' cold to be outside,' Braden said.

'We could drive around,' Sean suggested.

'Yeah..okay..let's take your SUV, there's more room.'

They left the gym and walked across the parking lot.

'I've been hoping you guys would want to get together again,' Cody said.

'Fuck, I've been waiting for you to ask,' Sean said.

'You don't have to wait. I'm available any time,' Cody said.

They all piled into the front seat of the SUV with Cody in the middle. He was so excited his nerves were jangled. Sean headed out south of town, taking a lightly traveled country road. Cody didn't know where they were going. He pressed his legs against their legs and they both pressed back.

'Go ahead, you can get started on Braden,' Sean told him.

Oh, God, Yessss! He drew his hand up Braden's leg, to his crotch and squeezed the bulge there, going for his belt, but Braden already had his belt undone and was unbuttoning his fly. He raised his butt up and shoved is jeans and briefs down below his knees, leaving his huge cock hanging out over his balls.

'Go ahead, have at it,' he said, hefting his manhood up from between his legs.

Cody leaned over and sucked his cock into his mouth.

'Awwwwhhhhh, yeahhhhhh, suck it, man,' Braden moaned. 'Fuck, yeah, it feels as good as I remember.'

'Hey, Cody, you gotta swallow his load; I don't know what cum will do to my seats,' Sean said.

They drove for miles while Cody sucked Braden's cock. He took his jeans and shorts off so Cody could get down on his knees between his legs, and slouched down in the seat. They drove a lot of miles.

'Fuck, are you gonna get off sometime tonight? If you go much longer, we're going to have to back into town for gas,' Sean said.

'You can't rush a good thing,' Braden said.

'Hey, its not like its gonna be the last time; fuck, give it up,' Sean told him.

Braden put his hands on Cody's head to shove his mouth down on his cock. Cody choked and gagged but stayed on it. He was able to take the big hunk of meat in his throat, but only for a moment before he had to come back up for air.

A few miles later, Braden announced that he was getting close. A few minutes later, he gave it up. He held Cody's head in place and pumped his cock up into his mouth.

'I'm cumming,' he whispered huskily.

'Don't lose any of it,' Sean warned.

It was a long, intense climax. Braden's body arched up out of the seat, his feet pushing against the floorboard as he emptied his balls into his teammate's throat.

'Shit!' he gasped finally, settling his butt back in the seat. 'Fuck, that was fantastic!'

Cody raised up, still swallowing, his eyes watering. 'Yeah, it sure was,' he said, out of breath.

Braden helped him off his knees and back on the seat between them and began putting his clothes back on.

'Better let me drive while he does you,' he said to Sean. 'You'll never be able to stay on the road once he gets hold of your cock.'

Coach Colby was in a dither over Scott. The boy was doing everything but climbing his frame. He paraded around more than necessary in the locker room and frequently made it a point to come into his office wearing his jockstrap, or after his shower with a towel around his waist. Those times he always took the towel off and dried his hair while he was talking. The little fucker was flaunting himself, and Coach didn't know how much longer he could take it. He had to put a stop to it. Wonderful as it was in that tiny little room in the men's club, he had to stand firm. Despite the fantasies he entertained about him and Scott being together, he had vowed that it wouldn't happen. Messing around with one of his players was a huge no-no. It was actually more than one that he was wrestling over, for he believed beyond a doubt that something had happened with Sean and Braden and Cody, although he couldn't determine in what combination. Then one day Scott brought the house of cards crashing down and Coach Colby fell victim to the disaster.

He thought the boys had all gone home and decided to take a shower and change at school. He was heading over to the university to look up an old classmate who had called him with the prospect of hunky college student they could share and he didn't want to have to drive across town to his apartment. He locked the door from the inside and stripped off his clothes. As he grabbed a clean towel off the stack and headed back to the showers he heard water running. 'Dam, when are those kids going to learn to turnoff the water!' he mumbled. He appeared in the doorway of the shower and stopped in his tracks. No one had left the water running; the shower wasn't empty. There was Scott under the trickling spray.

'Scott! What're you doing here? I thought everybody was gone.'

'Hey Coach.'

Coach Colby hesitated in the doorway, knowing he should turn and leave. To enter would spell disaster. But watching the handsome, muscular athlete lathering his body held him in his tracks; for a moment too long.

'Come on in, the water's fine, Coach,' Scott said.

'Yeah, looks fine,' Coach said huskily as he moved into the shower room. It was almost an involuntary movement; he had not told his feet to move, nor given a command to his legs to carry him. But he was traversing the short distance between the doorway and the one shower, heading straight for him. By the time he was under the warm spray, Scott was going to his knees.

'You wanta wait till I wash up?' Coach said as Scott wrapped one hand around his thigh and the other around his butt, and his face was tilting toward his manhood.

'No, I wanta taste your sweat,' Scott said as he scooped up his coach's thick, rubber cock into his mouth.

It was a few days later and Braden and Sean were the only ones left in the locker room. They were stripping down after a workout to take a shower. Their lockers were side by side and Sean bumped into Braden when he reached for a towel. He stole a quick glance at the guy's bulging jockstrap just before he peeled it down. He tore his eyes away and headed for the shower. Braden came in a moment later and took the shower next to him. They kept watching each other soap up and rinse off.

'Are we gonna do it?' Sean asked.

'If you still want to,' Braden said.

'We don't have to.'

'We said we would.'

'I guess it wouldn't hurt anything, to find out what its like. Cody sure seemed to like it.'

Neither of them said anything for a moment, but only exchanged glances; it was as if one was waiting for the other to initiate it.

'Who's gonna go first?' Sean asked.

'Doesn't matter, does it, we're both gonna do it,' said Braden.

There was another quiet hesitation. Suddenly, Sean moved under Braden's shower and placed his hand on his hip. Braden reciprocated with a hand on Sean's hip. Braden kept his head down, his eyes raking over Sean's muscular body as he brought his hand up his side. Sean moved his hand across Braden's lower abs and trailed his fingers upward to his chest where he flattened his hand over his right pec muscle. With that, Braden pressed himself against him; thighs against thighs, belly against belly, his manhood touching Sean's warm, meaty cock. Sean leaned closer and brought their chests together, and they writhed against each other under the warm spray of water.

'Fuckin' muscles feel good,' Sean said hoarsely.

'Yeah, yours, too,' Braden said. He slipped his arms around Sean's waist and brought his hands down to clasp his round, hard butt, to pull tighter together. They pressed and writhed their loins against each other.

'Your butt feels good, too,' he said.

'So do your hands.'

'Oh, yeah?'

'Yeah,' Sean said.

'This is not what we were gonna do,' Braden said.

'Feels good, though.'

'Yeah. I didn't know a guy's hard muscles could feel as good as a girl's body. Maybe better.'

'Careful what you say,' Braden chided him.

'You've got great pecs,' Sean told him as he flattened both hands across his chest and squeezed the hard muscles. 'Nice headlights, too,' he added, squeezing his nipples between his fingers.

'OOOhhhh,' Braden gasped.

'That hurt?'

'No. I didn't know I had feelings there till those guys were working me over in the steam room.'

'Yeah, I saw them sucking on your tits like two hungry puppies.'

'I'll show you.....' He leaned down and clamped his mouth over Braden's right pec, covered his nipple with his tongue and rotated it in circles.

'Awwwwhhhhhh....fuck, that feels good,' Braden moaned.

'Now we know what a girl feels like when we suck her tits,' Sean said as he dragged his tongue across Braden's broad chest to his other tit.

'Ohhhhh, yeahhhhh, suck it,' Braden gasped as he clasped his hand around Sean's head to press his mouth harder against his chest. 'Ohh, yeah, chew on that fucker.'

Sean kept sucking and tonguing the taut nipple till he felt Braden's cock coming to life. 'I think your tits are hot-wired to your cock,' he said, pressing his own cock against Braden.

'Feels like my tits are hot-wired to your cock,' Braden said.

They came together again, in tight, from chest to thighs, their bodies writhing together under the warm shower. They both bent their knees at the same time then caught themselves.

'I'll go first,' Sean said. He went down on his haunches in front of his muscular teammate, sliding his hands down his side, around his taut butt and down his thighs, till he was face to face with his huge cock.

'Fuck, you're huge,' he said.

'Think you can handle it?' Braden asked.

'I'm gonna try.' He wrapped his hand around the big cock, unable to reach his fingers around its girth. He moved his hand up and down the shaft, stretching the silken sheath tautly back from the head. He eyed the pulsating meat for a long moment till he found his courage, then opened his mouth wide and closed it over the swollen cockhead.

'Ohhhhhhhh,' Braden moaned softly, putting his hand on top of Sean's head. He guided his head gently back and forth as he watched his full lips slide up and down the shaft of his cock. He wished he could take it all, but he was doing great for his first time, taking more than half of it.

Sean moved his hand up and down the lower half of the thick cock to form a full stroke as his lips met his fist. The taste wasn't what he expected. No taste at all, really; it was more the feel of Braden's big, live cock pulsating in his mouth that brought him excitement. The real taste was the warm precum that boiled out with each stroke, and he liked it. He hefted Braden's balls in his other hand. They were big, like a bull's, and heavy; fuck, they must be full. He wondered what his cum would taste like. Not that he intended to find out, but the curiosity was there, nagging to be satisfied. It couldn't be too bad, the way the fags at the men's club slurped it up. Maybe it was good stuff. hit him, then that he was doing the same thing as those 'fags' had done. But he wasn't gay. This was just experimenting around with a buddy. They were doing it to each other just to find out what it was like; just one time, to say they'd done it, and it would never happen again.

'Fuck, man, you are good!' Braden moaned softly.

Sean reared back and looked up at him. 'I don't know if I like being called a good cocksucker,' he joked.

'You're no cocksucker. You're just giving head, just for the hell of it.' Braden said. 'It's not like we're gay or anything, like Cody.'

'Yeah, it's a one time shot,' Sean said.

'Speaking of shooting...I don't suppose you're gonna take my load, are you?' Braden asked.

'Are you gonna take mine?' Sean asked.

He thought for a moment before he replied. 'I don't know if I can,' he said. Then he added, 'Yeah...yeah, I'll do it if you will.'

'I don't know if I can either,' Sean said. 'We'll have to wait till the time comes.'

'The way you're chewing on my cock, it won't be long,' Braden said.

Sean went back to work, surprised that in the back of his mind, he didn't want Braden to go off right away. Not that he didn't want to be faced with the decision of whether to take his load; heaven help him, he sort of liked sucking his cock and he loved the feel of the big wrestler's muscles in his hands. All the times he had secretly admired Braden's muscles, he never understood why till now.

'Hey, buddy, if you want to finish me off, don't stop, I'm getting close,' Braden said huskily.

Sean tightened up a little inside but kept up the steady pace with his mouth sliding back and forth on Braden's cock. He was hard; awfully hard. So hard, Sean could feel the blood about to burst through the veins networking around the shaft.

'Fuckin' close, man,' Braden said.

Sean tensed at the ready, undecided whether he would let Braden shoot in his mouth or if he would get off at the last second. He wanted to take him off, but the thought of getting a mouthful of semen scared him.

'Here is comes!' Braden announced as he thrust his cock hard into Sean's mouth.

Sean hesitated then quickly reared back, a split second before Braden's cock exploded, sending powerful ropes come all over his face. The stuff was hot, and thick enough to cling to his face. He tilted his face to the side to be whitewashed by the spurting semen. It splattered on his face, in his ear, in his hear and all over his neck and shoulder, not counting the spurts that shot out past him, landing with soft splats on the wet floor.

Braden reached up with his hand to cling to the showerhead to steady himself, his legs shaking. As his legs began to give way he leaned forward against Sean's body and his cock came to rest on his shoulder.

'Dam, where did that come from?' Sean exclaimed, as he began to wipe the cum from his shoulder and neck. As he started to raise up, Braden helped him and once more they were face to face, their bodies smashed together for support.

'You fuckin' come like a horse,' Sean said, making another swipe at the come all over his face.

'Shit, my legs are so weak I can't stand up,' Braden said as he leaned back and slid down the tile wall to his haunches.

Sean squatted down on his haunches beside him.

'That was fuckin' incredible,' Braden said. 'As good as any of those guys at that men's club.'

'I don't like being compared to those guys,' Sean said.


'Sorry I couldn't do it-take your load-I'll do it next time,' Sean said.

Braden looked at him with a surprised grin. 'There's gonna be a next time?' he asked.

'No, I..I didn't exactly mean it that way. I told you I didn't know if I could do it.'

'Its okay. I don't know if I can either.'

'You don't have to. We ought to get out of here,' Sean said as he shoved himself up the wall to his feet.

'You don't want me to do you?' Braden asked.

'I didn't figure you would want to, now that you've shot your load.'

'I said I would,' Braden said.

'I know. But you don't have to do it right now,' Sean said as he offered his hand to pull Braden to his feet.

'Okay, I owe you,' Braden said.

The four team mates met at Marie's Pizza Place. It was the first time the four had gotten together outside of school since the big wrestling meet. The conversation naturally came around to the meet and their stay in the men's club.

'I got my ass chewed out by the coach big time over that night,' Sean said.

'For what?

'For not keeping a close eye on Cody. He came to our room and I wasn't there. He went looking for me and couldn't find me.'

'Yeah, me, too,' Braden said.

Scott looked at them with a bewildered scowl.

'What?' Sean asked.

'Coach never left the room the entire night.'

'What? Are you sure, Scott? Maybe he left when you were asleep,' Braden said.

'Yeah, why would he lie about coming to check on us?' Sean asked.

'I don't know. All I now is he didn't leave the room till the next morning when we were getting ready to leave. But there is one question that's hanging over us that nobody's asked,' Scott said.

'What's that?' Cody asked.

'How many of us got our cocks sucked in that place?' he asked in a quiet tone.

Cody was the only one who showed any reaction; a rather nervous one. Braden and Sean sat with deadpan expressions.

'Would that be unanimous?' Scott joked.

'What the hell are you talking about?' Sean hissed.

'Oh, come on. The place was full of hungry fags and four virgin wrestlers come walking in and we're all going to sit here with straight faces and deny that anything happened? Especially you, Braden. You were on your own; you had free run of the place.'

Nobody said anything.

'Would that be unanimous?' Scott joked.

'I plead the fifth,' Braden said jokingly. They all laughed but all eyes were on him, waiting for more. 'Okay, I got groped a couple of times,' he admitted.

'That's it? Groped? You can grope yourself,' Scott joked. 'You can tell us, man. You got your cock sucked, didn't you?'

Braden hesitated then nodded. 'Yeah,' he said, trying to conceal the smile that was coming across his face.

'I knew it!' Scott exclaimed. 'Tell us about it.'

'What's to tell? Some guy gave me head. End of story.'

'Wait a minute,' Sean said, looking at Scott with a scowl. 'You asked how many of us got our cocks sucked the club. You were including yourself in that remark. How did you manage to get away from the Coach?' Braden asked.

'Yeah, you said he never left the room,' Sean put in.

Scott looked down at his hands, trying to keep a smile from coming across his lips. But finally, he couldn't hold it. 'Who says I managed to get away from the coach?'

It took a moment before it soaked in. The other three just gaped at him; Cody being the last to catch on.

'What're you saying?' Sean asked in disbelief.

'You're telling us never left the room....and....?' Braden didn't finish.

Scott just smiled.

'You wanta eat pizza or knuckles?' Braden threatened. 'Talk to us.'

Suddenly, the light came on for Cody. 'W-Wait a minute, are you saying you had sex w-with the C-Coach?' Cody stammered.

Scott looked at Braden, still with the sly smile.

'Geezusss!' Braden gasped.

'Fuck, I don't believe it,' Sean said.

'Suit yourself,' Scott said with a shrug.

The other three looked at each other warily.

'What about you guys?' Scott went on. 'I heard you all ended up spending most of the night together; all three of you packed in that little bed like sardines.' He waited but none of the other three spoke up. 'Come on, I came clean,' he said.

'Okay,' Braden said, tightlipped. 'Us together, and us with about a dozen other guys in the steam room.'

'Oh, and there was the blackout party,' Cody put in.

Their pizza arrived and there was a short reprieve from the conversation that still had them reeling.

'Yeah, Coach and I checked out the steam room, too,' Scott admitted.

'Coach took you to the steam room!? He told us all to stay out of the steam room.'

'Nothing happened. Things were just beginning to heat up when Coach decided we should leave. It was early in the morning and we had to get showered and dressed to leave.'

'Dam, he racked my ass for not keeping a close eye on Cody, and he's fucking around with one of his athletes,' Sean said.

'Hey, I gotta ask..all three of you guys slept in the same bunk. What happened?' Scott asked, looking at each one in turn. None of them said anything for a minute, then Cody spoke up.

'It might come as a shock to you...well, not to Braden and Sean, but to you, Scott..I'm gay.'

Scott slowly lifted his head, his lips tight. 'So am I,' he admitted.

Scott looked at Sean and Braden.

'Straight,' Braden said.

'Straight,' said Sean.

'But you don't mind having gay sex,' Scott said.

'I don't know about Braden, but my dick don't know a girl's mouth from a guy's,' Sean said.

'Mine can't tell the difference between a guy's ass and a pussy,' Braden put in.

'Well, I guess all our cards are on the table,' Scott said.

'Not quite,' said Braden.

'What do you mean?' asked Scott.

'You and Coach never left the room. How'd it turn out between you?'

Scott looked down, a concerned look.

'You have to promise never to say a word to anybody. Not ever; not to a soul.'

Braden raised his right hand. So did Sean and Cody.

'Well, I already told you I'm gay. He, uh...we...let's just say we mixed it up.'

'No shit. You mean, he...the Coach is gay?'

Scott didn't reply. He didn't have to with words. His eyes said it all.

'Son-of-a-bitch!' Scott swore. 'He reams my ass for not watching out for Cody, and he's fucking around with Scott.'

'Hey, you guys have to promise you won't say anything,' Scott said.

'Hell, we're not going to say anything,' Braden said.

'So, now that all the horses are out of the barn..maybe we could, uh, all get together sometime,' Cody said eagerly.

'Why not?' Braden said.

'Sure, why not?' said Sean.

It was Friday night and Braden was staying over at Sean's house after they dropped their dates off. Sean's parents were out of town for the weekend and the two tried to get the girls to go back to his house but they wouldn't do it.

'We took the wrong girls out this weekend,' Braden said. 'We should have asked Cathy and Jennifer out, they would have gone with us in a heartbeat.'

'I didn't know my parents were going to be gone till yesterday,' Sean said.

'Oh well, I've got something else I need to take care of anyway,' Braden said.

'Do you want me to take you someplace?' Sean asked.

'No, we've got all night - all weekend, for that matter - I can take care of it at your place,' Braden said with a sly grin.

'Oh. Okay. Is it what I'm thinking?'

'What're you thinking?' Braden asked.

'Well, you said you owed me,' Sean said. 'But you don't owe me anything. You don't have to do it if you don't want to. It won't change anything one way or the other, will it, if you do or don't?'

'No, except it would be hanging over my head that I didn't keep a promise,' Braden said.

'It wasn't a promise. Hell, it was just a..we were fucking around, that's all.'

'I said I would do it. You did.'

'Would you hold it against me if I hadn't?'


'Okay then.'

'Just drive,' Braden said.

'You want to get it over with, huh?'

'No, actually...I'm...curious,' Braden said. 'Everybody who's done it seems to enjoy it a lot. Even you didn't seem to mind it all that much.'

'It was okay once I started. It was no big deal, till you drowned me with that horse load.'

Up in Sean's room they were undressing, eyeing each other with something besides the casualness of the locker room. Braden stretched out on the bed in briefs.

'I have to take a piss, then wash up,' Sean said. When he came back he turned on the stereo.

'Some mood music?' Braden joked.

Sean laughed. He noticed that Braden had removed his shorts. Sean set his knee in the mattress, up close to Braden's head, as if he were offering his cock to him.

'That's a fuckin big hunk of meat,' Braden said as he reached for it.

'No bigger than yours. Not as big, I don't think,' Sean said.

'I guess it looks bigger because I'm the one on the receiving end.'

'Look, maybe it would be easier if we did this together,' Sean said.

'Together? How do you mean.'

'We both do it at the same time,' Sean said.

'A sixty-nine?' Braden asked with a surprised smile.

'Yeah. If you want to.'

'Hell, yes, but..that's gonna make it two to one, in my favor,' Braden said.

'I didn't know we were keeping score. It was just an idea.'

'Hell, I'm all for it if you are,' Braden said.

Sean crawled atop his teammate, straddling his head and leaned over his body so he was face to face with his rising cock

'Fuck, this is gonna be great,' Braden said as he reached for Sean's cock to guide it to his mouth.

It was a long night. Braden shocked Sean by not only taking his load in his mouth, but swallowing it. He had no choice but to do the same. Not that he minded; he just needed the impetus to follow his teammate's lead. They were lying side-by-side, chests heaving for air.

'Dam, what'd we just do?' Sean said, laughing.

'Whatever it was, I think we would qualify as gay in most people's eyes,' Braden said.

'You feel gay?' Sean asked.

'No, I feel like I'm gonna be sick from the taste of cum.'

'I'll get us something to wash it down,' Sean said as he climbed off the bed. He went to the kitchen and came back with two Pepsis. He handed one to Braden. 'Here, this ought to cut the taste.'

But it didn't end there. It was mid-May, barely three weeks from graduation, and they were driving back from a neighboring town where they had spent the day at the lake, teasing and ogling the girls, and sneaking beer out of the cooler when nobody was looking. Sean pulled into the county park in search of a restroom. He drove for a couple of miles through the wooded park before he found an outhouse. They stood side by side at the two urinals in the dim light from the pole light outside. Sean was unsteady on his feet and Braden put his hand on his shoulder to steady him at the urinal.

'Watch it, you're gonna piss all over your shoes,' he joked.

'You know what we oughta do? We oughta go someplace and fuck,' Sean said.

'Got anybody in mind?' Braden asked.

'You. Me. Each other.'

Braden stared at him, a disbelieving smile on his face.

'Are you serious?' Braden asked.

'If you are.'

'I'm not the one who said it,' Braden said.

'Actually, we wouldn't have to go anyplace. We're out here in the dark ass end of nowhere; the picnic table out is well hidden by trees.'

'The park patrol might come snooping around, though,' Braden said as they left the outhouse.

'Hell, the park patrol is probably doing what we're gonna be doing,' Sean scoffed.

'Geezuss, how much did you have to drink?' Braden said, laughing.

'Enough that I'm fuckin' horny as hell, and still curious about a lot of shit that happened at that men's club....'

'We should have stayed a little longer at the lake and worked on those girls,' Braden said.

'Or those two guys who were ogling us,' Sean said, laughing.

'They were just being friendly,' Braden said.

'Friendly, my ass. The one guy couldn't keep his eyes above your waist. His eyes were like a couple of magnets following you every time you got up and moved around. Shit, he was ready to bury is face in your swim suit right there in front of everybody.'

'Well, we should've picked them up.'

'But we didn't,' Sean said.

' here we are...out here...and you saying you want to get fucked.'

'I said we,' Sean reminded him.

'Okay, we.'

'So are you saying okay?' Sean asked.

There was a long pause.

'Aw, hell, let's blame it on the beer and forget it,' Sean said.

', I, uh..I'll do it,' Braden said bravely. He laughed softly. 'Fuck, I don't believe I said that, but you gotta wonder, or I have, what its all know..what Cody was moaning and groaning about when all those guys were fucking him.'

'I expect that would make anybody groan, having a big, stiff cock shoved up your ass,' Sean said.

'He wasn't moaning from pain,' Braden pointed out. 'He was liking it.'

'So, who goes first?' Sean asked.

'You mean who fucks first or who gets fucked first?'

'Does it matter, if we're both going to do it?' Braden asked.

Sean hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and shoved them down. He wasn't wearing anything underneath. He took them off and laid them on the table. Then he laid back across the table. 'I'll go first,' he said as he lifted his legs up and spread them out wide.

'Fuck, man,' Braden swore under his breath as he shoved his shorts down. He too, was naked underneath, and his cock was already fluffing out. 'We don't have any lube,' he said.

'Spit,' Sean said.

Braden spit in his hand and rubbed it in the wide crack of Sean's ass, then did it again and slicked up his cock.

'You know this is fuckin' gonna hurt,' he said as he pulled his cock to a full hardon.

'You, too,' Sean said.


'But somewhere up in there, there's a feel good spot, otherwise.......'

'I'll try to find it,' Braden said.

Sean wasn't so sure he would. He braced himself when he felt the heat of Braden's cock pressing against his hole, and took a deep breath, barely before Braden shoved his cock through his hole. His outcry barely came out; he swallowed it, then put his forearm over his mouth. Tears came to his eyes, and he was about to tell him to stop, but he didn't want to sound like a pussy. He was the one who suggested it, he couldn't back out.

'You okay?' Braden asked when he was several inches in.

'Fuck, no,' Sean hissed.

'Want me to stop? Please don't tell me to stop,' Braden said.

Sean winced with pain. 'Keep going. You haven't found the feel good spot yet,' he gasped. Braden shoved a couple more inches in him. 'Shit, how much more is there?' he whined.

'I don't think you wanta know that,' Braden said.

'How much?' he asked again.

'About half of it,' Braden told him.

'Aww, shit, I can't......AAAAwwwggghhhh!' he cried out in pain as he was suddenly completely impaled on his teammates huge cock. He quickly put his hand over his mouth to stifle more outcries. He'd never felt such pain in his life. Goddd, he couldn't do it. He had to stop. 'Ohh, fuck, man,' he moaned. But Braden had a firm grip around his thighs, pulling their bodies tightly together. He held them till Sean stopped shaking. He didn't bother asking if he was okay, now, or if he wanted him to stop or keep going. He started fucking him.

Sean gasped out loud again as the big cock was withdrawn then shoved back in him. He clung to the side of the picnic table; the rough boards of the table were scraping into his back.

'Goddam, you're tight. And hot, and so fuckin' alive in there,' Braden said hoarsely.

'You could make a mare tight with that horse cock of yours,' Sean said. 'Oh..ohhhhhh....Awwwhhhh.'

'What's the matter?' Braden asked.

'You found it,' Sean whispered. 'Oh, fuck, man, you found the spot! Ohhh, fuck..Awwww..Awwww, fuck...fuck...fuck me, buddy...fuck me.'

The park patrol officer stood hidden behind a big tree, stroking his own cock while he took it all in. It wasn't the first time; he'd watched many such shows in his ten years at the park, but this was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. And it presented so many possibilities. He watched till the boy shot his load all over his buddy. He thought they would get dressed and leave, and he was ready to make his appearance, but instead, they sat, still naked, on the picnic table.

'You know I'm not offering to let you off the hook this time,' Sean said.

'I wasn't expecting you to,' Braden said.

'We can postpone it for awhile if you want to. You shot your load, you might not feel horny enough to want to do it.'

'No, I wanta do it, now, tonight,' Braden said.

'And get it over with?'

'That and I'm curious about that feel good spot that made you go nuts. It must be something, the way you suddenly forgot all about it hurting.'

'You won't believe it,' Sean said.

The officer watched as the boys traded places, the bigger one stretched out on the table while the other one fucked him. He jacked off and shot a second load. But still, they didn't get dressed and leave. He waited and watched and listened.

'You know, this gay thing..I'm beginning to wonder what its all about,' Sean said.

Braden laughed. 'You need me to draw you a picture of what its all about? We've pretty much been doing it.'

'Do you think we're turning gay?' Sean asked. 'I mean, I liked getting fucked, after the initial pain. And I gotta admit, I sort of liked sucking your cock, especially when we sixty-nined.'

'I'm not saying I minded it that much, either,' Braden admitted.

'I wonder when you know, if you're gay.'

'I don't know, I guess we could ask Cody, or Scott.'

'No, I don't want to bring them into's...,' Sean said.

'It's what?' Braden asked.

'I was gonna's too special.'

Their heads were turned, facing each other but Braden quickly turned away.

'You feel it, too,' Sean said.

'I just..feel good when I'm with you,' Braden said, without looking back around.

They sat for a long, quiet moment, gazing out into the night

'We don't have to put a label on it, do we?' Sean said.


They waited through another long pause.

'What would you say if I told you I want you to fuck me again?' Sean asked quietly.

'I would say bend over the table.'

'You don't have to let me fuck you. I just want it again. I want to see if it's as good as I thought,' Sean said as he stepped down and went around to the end of the table and bent over.

After excusing the four of them from practice, Coach went to his office. They were taking off their singlets to shower when Braden stopped, with his singlet hanging from his waist. Sean was already down to his jockstrap and his socks but he paused when he saw Braden stop undressing. Cody and Scott paused, looking at the two bigger wrestlers.

'What?' Cody asked with a bewildered look.

'I say we put all our cards on the table. Or rather, on Coach's desk.'

'Now?' Sean asked quietly.

'Now,' the other replied in unison.

They looked at each other, uneasy but daring. Then together, they walked into the coach's office. He looked up and watched them come in and stand around his desk.

'Looks like you've got something on your minds, guys. What's up?' he asked.

'We, to talking over pizza last night, about the night of the blizzard, and....well, stories started coming out and....we sort of compared notes,' Braden said.

There was an uneasy pause as they waited to see who would speak next.

'Yeah, seems like we all pretty much ended up in the same boat, one way or another,' Cody said.

'Yeah,' Sean said, laughing softly. 'I guess we all did pretty much what you told us not to do.'

Scott stood with his eyes downcast, as if he were afraid to look Coach in the eye, wanting to avoid the look of betrayal that was sure to be there.

'You approached all of us, so now it's our turn to approach you, Coach,' Braden said boldly.

'I don't think we should talk about this now, not in the locker room,' Coach said in a hoarsely nervous tone.

'You name the place, Coach,' Sean said. 'Maybe we could go to your apartment and talk it out.'

'Is there that much to say?' Braden asked. 'We're all here, our cards have been laid on the table, I say we bolt the locker room door from the inside and....' He let his words trail off as he dropped his hand over the front of singlet, innocently brushing over the big bulge there. He could see Scott's jockstrap beginning to tent, and Sean's and Cody's singlets were looking pretty full.

Coach swallowed, a gulp so loud that everyone could hear it.

'Want me to get the door?' Cody asked in a timid voice but anxious to pick up the momentum.

Coach hesitated then stood up. 'I'll get the door. You boys go ahead back to the showers. I'll join you in a minute.'

They obediently left his office and finished stripping down and headed back to the showers.

'Do you think he'll come back, or do you think we just signed our death warrants?' Sean remarked.

'He'll come back,' Scott said.

They heard the metallic clank of the bolt being shoved in.

'Shit, that sounded like the doors of Alcatraz going shut,' Braden joked.

'I guess we'll see in a couple of minutes,' Sean said as he was turning on his shower. When the temperature was adjusted, he stepped over and turned on the shower next to him.

A moment later, Coach appeared at the shower entrance, naked. They gaped at him, for it was rare that any of the boys ever saw him naked. He hung his towel on a hook outside the showers and strode under a shower beside Sean that was already running for him.

'Just a reminder...everything that happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room,' he said.

'Yes, sir, Coach,' the boys replied in unison.

It was the day before graduation and Sean and Braden were walking down the street, heading for Seno's to try on their tuxedos for the big dance. They were still talking about the orgy in the showers with Coach Colby. Suddenly an official car pulled into a parking spot and an officer got out.

'Boys,' he called out.

They stopped. Braden noticed that the vehicle had the emblem of the county parks division on the odor.

'What's up?' he greeted the officer.

The officer was pulling out a small notebook from his pocket. He slipped several pages then studied a page. I've got a license number here, MA6287, does that belong to either one of you two?'

'Yes, sir, it's mine,' Sean said, his voice a little shaky as he imagined what it was all about.

'I acquired this number on the night of May 10th out at the county park,' the man said, eyeing the two boys. 'Do you two remember being out there that night?'

They both thought a moment, both knowing full well what was coming.

'We might have been, I don't keep close track of everyplace I go,' Braden said.

'If I reminded you of a certain, well-concealed picnic area, poorly lit, but lit well enough to see if you happen to be up close enough, which I was. I saw two young studs naked on the picnic table back there. Just wondering if it might have been you two.'

Their faces were turning red by now. Sean was trying frantically trying to come up with something, but he knew it was hopeless; they had been seen.

'Don't worry, you're not in trouble,' the officer said. 'I would just like for the two of you to drive out to the park some night and we can talk about it. Say, tomorrow night?'

'We're graduating tomorrow night,' Sean said.

'All right, the next night.'

They looked at each other, helplessness in their expressions.

'Yes, sir, I guess we could do that,' Sean said.

The officer looked at Braden.

'Yes, sir, I'll be there,' Braden said.

'Looks like we've got ourselves in a bind,' Sean said when the officer walked away.

'It won't be so bad. He's sort of a hunk,' Braden said.

'Listen, I met these two guys at that men's club....we passed them as we were leaving,' Sean began.

'Yeah, I remember. An older guy, really built, and a younger guy about our age.'

'Oh, so you noticed.'

'Yeah, I noticed. What about them?'

'That was a dad and his son.'


'Yeah, they were father and son.'

'What kind of father takes his son to a gay men's club?'

'A gay father with a straight son,' Sean said.

'You said you met them......?'

'Yeah, they invited me to their room. They pretty much turned me every way but loose.'


'They showed me everything.'


'Everything we've done together they showed me first,' Sean said.

'They. You're saying the kid had sex with his dad?'

'They pretty much concentrated on me but yeah, they do have sex together. I've got their phone number and address. They want me to call them. Would you be interested?'

'Fuck, yeah. How hot is that, a guy having sex with his son? Fuck yeah, I'm interested.'



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