Evan grew up in a tough environment and was a lot smaller than his two older brothers and large father. Being the runt of the litter life could’ve been far harder for him, but thankfully compassion and tolerance ran in his family. Evan was also the apple of his diminutive mother’s eye, a feisty woman whom one didn’t want to mess with. Like the rest of his family, Evan wasn’t academically inclined. He wasn’t stupid but came from a blue-collar family, where education was not deemed a great priority. To his advantage, the qualities he did possess were that he was fastidiously tidy and very methodical. Upon leaving school, this stood him in good stead after his dad arranged a possible job for him with Wally.

In the industrial park where his father and brothers worked, Wally had his own business. Wally was a genius when it came to repairing any kind of machinery. The large workshop that Wally had was actually quite well organized, but the office was in a terrible state. The young woman Wally had formerly employed spent all her time either smoking outside or on her phone. All the paperwork was in total disarray and how Wally was able to deal with his creditors, or produce invoices, was a total mystery.

Evan had never met Wally prior to his interview and was somewhat taken aback by doing so. Wally was twenty-six-years-old but given his stern demeanour, seemed to be five years older. If Evan had believed that his dad was a big guy, Wally took that to the next level. Wally was at least six-foot-four inches tall and solidly built. Wally was ruggedly handsome with a square jaw and large facial features. His dark hair was very short-cropped and although he did not have a beard or moustache, he had a permanent five o’clock shadow. Intimidating as he was, however, there was something very sexy about him.

Evan watched entranced as Wally picked up an old rag to wipe his huge greasy hands. The cloth looked even dirtier than his hands and Evan wondered what the ritual would achieve. The other thought that crossed his mind was, ‘Oh, fuck, I hope he isn’t going to shake my hand.’ Fortunately, he did not. The interview that Evan was about to embark upon also gave the word ‘succinct,’ a new meaning.

After a cursory look around the workshop, Evan was taken to the office where his skills were required. The office looked like something that belonged to a bygone era. Fortunately, however, the computer and copier looked very up to date and as he was told, had been acquired two months before. Other than that, the office was a mess.

“You need to fix this,” Wally informed him, before telling him the hours and pay that was on offer.

“I like your dad and if he says you can do the job, that’s good enough for me.” There was a brief pause before Wally added, “So… are you up for it, or not?”

With job opportunities as rare as hens’ teeth, Evan had to make his decision. The supermarket jobs offered a little more pay, but the hours were ridiculous. Wally also looked like the non-interfering, ‘get on with the job and I will leave you alone’ type, unlike the managerial peacocks that strutted around supermarkets, revelling in their authority.

“Yes I’ll take it, Wally, thank you,” Evan replied with a smile.

“Cool… then get to work,” Wally answered with a wink and smile for the very first time.

Evan instantly knew that he had made the correct decision, and had a strong feeling that he was going to love working for Wally. After Wally left the office he looked around, somewhat intimidated, but then his naturally ordered mind kicked in. Methodically, Evan began to sort out the mess that had been left to him. Twice daily, over the following few days, Wally would enter the office and always seemed impressed by what he saw.

One of the routines at work that Evan quickly got used to was dealing with the business’ mobile phone. Because Wally’s hands were always dirty, Evan kept the phone on his desk and whenever anyone needed to speak to Wally, he would walk over to Wally and push the speaker button. If it was going to be a quick call, Wally would signal for him to wait. For longer calls, Evan simply left the phone next to Wally and returned to the office. There was a large opening between the workshop and the office so the two could always have a clear view of one another.

On the third morning, the phone ritual led to a slightly embarrassing situation for Evan. Upon answering the phone a female voice identifying herself as Yvonne asked to speak to Wally. As Evan approached Wally identifying the caller, Wally got an exasperated look on his face.

“Why are you calling, Yvonne?” he asked.

“We need to talk,” Yvonne’s voice proclaimed, from the speaker.

“It’s over Yvonne… done… finito, there nothing more to say,” Wally concluded, before signalling to Evan to switch the phone off.

“Fucking women… They are far more trouble than what they’re worth,” Wally announced. “Sorry to put you in the middle of this, but if she calls again, I am never available.”

Why this scenario excited Evan, was totally beyond him. Much as he was becoming smitten by Wally, he knew that Wally was straight and that nothing was ever going to happen between them. Nevertheless, at least for now, there wasn’t a woman in Wally’s life that he had to worry about.

Evan would often stare at Wally in his denim dungarees and imagine what it would be like to have sex with him. Wally was a magnificent specimen of masculinity and just became more appealing by the day. The other thing that played on Evan’s mind was the ever-increasing friendliness that Wally was beginning to show toward him. There was always warmth in Wally’s smiles, and he had even begun to refer to Evan as Evvie. Evan lay in bed at night imagining that Wally was his lover as he tugged on his knob.

After two weeks in his new job, Evan was really pleased with the progress he had made. Wally was even more impressed and constantly told Evan that the office had never been so organized. Evan’s weekly pay packets also demonstrated Wally’s approval when he noticed the extra money it contained.

The bathroom at the workshop was small and had a separate toilet stall, a wall fitted porcelain urinal, and a basin with a shelf above it. On the shelf, there was always a huge tub of degreaser.

One morning, as Evan was having a piss at the urinal, Wally entered and walked over to the basin.

“Oh, fuck,” Wally exclaimed, “I’ve run out of degreaser,” he exclaimed, showing the empty tub to Evan.

“Jesus, Evvie, you’re going to have to help me out. If I don’t piss right now, I’m going to piss in my pants.”

Evan was busy zipping himself up as Wally joined him at the urinal.

“Please, Evvie, I really need your help. I’m sorry to do this to you but I’m really desperate,” Wally stated, with a pleading look in his eyes.

Observing the shocked look on Evan’s face, Wally began to cajole Evan. “Please unbutton my dungarees and pull them down for me.”

Evan’s hands were trembling as he performed the task. Then, turning to face the urinal Wally continued, “You’re going to have to take Percy out of my underpants and point it at the porcelain for me,” Wally concluded, with an apologetic frown.

When Evan pulled the front of the underpants down his heart almost stopped. In his wildest imagination, he hadn’t envisioned the perfection that now befell his eyes. The uncut wonder was long, thick and beautiful. Evan hesitated for a few seconds, and then gazing up at Wally he saw a look of encouragement in Wally’s eyes. Taking hold of and lifting the magnificent object, Evan then pointed in the appropriate direction. As a stream of piss began to gush, he heard a huge sigh from Wally.

“Thanks, Evvie, you’ve saved my life,” Wally intoned.

The torrent seemed never-ending but as anxious as Evan was there was, a thrill of excitement pulsing through his entire body.

Finally, when the stream ended, Wally whispered, “You’d better give it a good shake and press all the moisture out, I don’t want a wet spot on my dungarees.”

As Evan shook the knob he could feel a definite hardening underway. Next, moving his fingers forward, Evan began to massage the hood as he pressed the excess moisture out of the snout.

“Fuck, Evvie, we’d better put this thing away because you’re getting me into trouble,” Wally said, in a low groan.

After Evan had buttoned the top of the dungarees, Wally gave him a warm smile before departing. Evan stood there dumbfounded, wondering if he should wash his hands. Lifting his fingers to his nose he inhaled the odour of Wally’s moisture and masculine crotch. The smell was heavenly and there was no way he was going to wash his hands. After composing himself he exited the bathroom. En route back to his office, his eyes chanced upon the shelving in the workshop where supplies were kept. Evan’s eyes widened as he observed the three large new tubs of degreaser.

During the rest of the day, Evan kept sniffing his fingers. That evening after he went to bed, Evan almost dismembered himself, replaying the events at the workshop that day.

With an air expectation and excitement, Evan arrived at work the following day. All morning he wondered if the previous day had merely been an aberration, or if Wally was ‘softening’ him up for ‘bigger’ things. Bristling with hope, Evan made his way to the bathroom at eleven. As he stood pissing at the urinal he felt himself start to intone a silent prayer, with every second seeming like a year. When the door finally opened, Evan almost sighed aloud as relief flooded over him. Wally entered he instantly moved next to Evan.

After Evan finished zipping up he glanced up at Wally. No words were spoken, but Wally’s eyes were alive with lust. Without delay, Evan unbuttoned and lowered Wally’s dungarees. This time, however, Wally didn’t turn to face the urinal. After a few moments of anticipation, Evan realized that the procedure of the previous day had been altered. When Evan liberated Wally’s knob, a full erection presented itself.

“I have a bone to pick with you,” Wally murmured, feigning disapproval.

“What?” Evan asked, perplexed.

“Yesterday, you didn’t extract all the moisture and I had a wet spot on my dungarees,” Wally grumbled, with mock menace. Next, Wally turned slowly to face the urinal.

Entranced once more, Evan watched the gush as he held Wally’s dick in his hand. As Wally pissed he asked, “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

Registering that the following day was Friday, Evan answered, “Nothing, why?”

“Well, after all the incredible work you have done, I figured that a celebration at my home is in order,” Wally answered.

“That will be great, Thank you,” Evan replied.

“Pack an overnight bag because we’ll obviously be having a few drinks and it won’t be wise to drive you home afterward. We’ll go straight from here to my place after work tomorrow.”

“Cool,” Evan replied.

Once Wally had stopped pissing and Evan had given his cock a few shakes, Wally again turned to face him. “Make sure you get rid of all the moisture,” Wally instructed.

“Should I get a paper hand towel?” Evan asked.

“No… use both your hands,” Wally told him with an impish grin. “Then you can sniff both your hands all afternoon,” Wally concluded, with a naughty smirk.

After retracting Wally’s foreskin Evan used both hands like a face cloth. With all his might he had to restrain himself from kneeling and licking Wally’s dick-head.

As he stood transfixed caught in his dilemma, he heard Wally say, “Put it away. I want to do this properly tomorrow night.” Evan did as told and shortly, once more watched Wally exiting the bathroom.

At home that night, when Evan told his dad about the following evening’s plans, Evan’s dad smiled and informed him that he was very proud that Evan was doing such a great job. He also went on to say that Evan was a grown-up and could come and go as he pleased. In conclusion, his father added, that as long as Evan was with Wally he knew that Evan would be safe.

The following day Evan wondered if he would get to enjoy what had become a daily fix for him. Wally answered that question when he motioned Evan to the bathroom mid-morning. Next, the same procedure as the previous day was followed. When Wally, however, had stopped pissing, Evan decided to push things to a higher level, as Evan’s began to stroke Wally’s knob. Wally’s eyes then lit up when Evan knelt before him, with Evan’s animated hand tugging on his cock. After pushing Wally’s foreskin back over his knob-head, Evan’s anxious mouth performed the mopping up job that his hands had done less successfully over the past two days.

Wally groaned contented sighs as Evan’s lips and tongue began to insist on further nourishment. He wanted to clamp onto Evan’s head but didn’t want to contaminate the boy’s hair with his dirty hands. Wally’s nuts were also overloaded in anticipation of that evening activities and he began to wonder if he should stop Evan, or simply let go. His dick, however, was demanding release and soon his nuts began to churn, wanting to jettison three days of excess baggage. Next, his overfilled balls blasted their surplus storage, coating Evan’s mouth with thick lumpy cream. There would be no wet stains on Wally’s dungarees that afternoon.

As they drove to Wally’s home after work, Wally kept glancing at Evan with a look of affection in his eyes. Evan wondered about the escalating warmth that Wally was showing him and pondered whether it was merely a carnal need. Evan had grown up with parents that were very affectionate toward one another and he hoped that he would also experience that in his life. He imagined that they were a couple and looked forward to making love with this beautiful man. The toilet interludes had been exciting, but Evan wanted to experience a higher level of intimacy.

When they arrived at Wally’s place Evan was pleased to see that the place was neat and tidy. The decor was old-fashioned and Spartan, but somehow, that’s what Evan had expected. After retrieving a beer for each of them Wally excused himself and headed off to his bedroom. Although he had cleaned his hands at work, Wally said that he now needed to do a proper job.

Five minutes later Wally reappeared, only wearing a pair of shorts. His large hands were clean, well… as clean as they could ever be. Wally’s hairy body was even more masculine and hairy than Evan had ever anticipated. Above all, Wally’s huge feet that had always been clad in enormous black trainers were finally exposed. Evan had often wondered what they would look like and they transcended all his expectations.

“Did you bring shorts with you?” Wally asked.

“Yes,” Evan answered.

“Well, why don’t you go put them on?” Wally suggested.

Taking his overnight bag to the room, Evan quickly stripped and shortly reappeared barefooted and only wearing shorts, like his host. Seated on the sofa Wally’s eyes danced all over Evan’s body as he smiled approvingly. Wally then tapped the seat next to him on the sofa inviting Evan to sit beside him. As Evan sat Wally extended his left arm behind Evan, on top of the backrest of the sofa.

Looking into Evan’s eyes, he said, “Do you know what I’ve been dying to do ever since I met you?”

“What?” Evan asked, with a quizzical smile.

“Touch you… With the state my hands are generally in that hasn’t been possible before.” Then, after a brief pause, he continued, “Tonight, however, I intend to make up for lost time,” Wally concluded, with a playful chuckle.

Retaining eye contact, Wally placed his huge right hand on Evans’ chest and commenced caressing Evan’s body. “Jesus, Evvie, I am so happy that you’ve come into my life,” Wally whispered.

The combination of touch and words made Evan’s tremor with pleasure. He thought about his parents and the way his mother always playfully protested when his father embraced her and nibbled on her neck. As if reading his mind, Wally’s mouth closed in on his neck and began to nibble. Shortly, Wally’s hand took control of his head as Wally maneuvered Evan’s mouth toward his lips. The feel of the bristly stubble on Wally’s jaw was mind-boggling, as Evan opened to the invasion of Wally’s tongue.

On a barometer of pleasure, the ball had not only been hit out of the park but out of the city. The manly odour swathing Evan was so heavenly, that Evan believed that he had entered the olfactory Garden of Eden. Clamped in Wally’s arms and locked in an oral tussle, Evan succumbed entirely. No moment in his former life could even measure to one-tenth of the fulfilment Evan was experiencing. With Wally’s one hand controlling Evans’ head, their other three hands began to stroke one another’s torsos.

After a few minutes, Wally lifted his head and said, “We’d better stop right now or you’re going starve tonight.” Truthfully, Evan would’ve been happy to forgo food for the next two days and remain exactly where he was.

Soon, they were busying themselves with the preparation of their meal. Once the fire was on the go they began preparing the salads for the meal. Wally constantly embraced Evan during this process and kissed him on the neck. Evan again was reminded of the affection he had witnessed while growing up. Tented shorts frequently came and went as they worked side by side, and Evan couldn’t keep his eyes off Wally’s magnificent body. Above all, every time he looked at Wally’s enormous feet it sent shivers down his spine.

“Have you ever been penetrated before?” Wally asked, out of the blue.

“No,” Evan replied, bashfully.

“Will you allow me the honour of doing so tonight?” Wally questioned, with a hopeful frown.

“Yes,” Evan answered, shyly.

Very little was said after that but their eyes sustained a silent dialogue. The intensity of Wally’s gaze, however, regularly made Evan lower his eyes in horny submission. This ritual continued throughout their meal after the finally sat down to eat.

After a delicious dinner, both guys jumped in and cleaned up the evidence of their meal. They sat in the lounge afterward, enjoying a final beer in tribute to their labours.

“Have you always been bisexual?” Evan asked.

“I suppose I have, mentally in any case, but I’ve never acted on it before. I’ve always wanted to have sex with a guy but somehow, the opportunity never arose until I met you.” There was a long pause before Wally continued, “From the moment I met you… I knew you were the one.”

Evan did not answer but merely smiled.

“I have been with many women, but I never felt a connection. It was only ever sex.” Wally said, ruefully. “I hope you don’t think I am a bastard with what I’m about to say, but after I fucked a woman I couldn’t wait to get rid of her. I really don’t relate to females… Yvonne, the woman you heard on the phone, well, I wouldn’t let her move in with me and that became a real problem after a while. She just couldn’t get her head around my unwillingness.” Wally concluded.

Evan simply nodded his head as absorbed the information.

“Do your parents know you are gay?” Wally then asked.

“I’m sure my mom does, but I’m not sure that my dad is capable of formulating the concept of homosexuality in his mind,” Evan answered, with a laugh. Wally also sniggered at the comment.

After a short silence, Wally then said, “It’s bedtime, Evvie.”

Evan followed Wally to the bedroom and followed suit when Wally removed his clothing. Once naked, their visual acknowledgement continued. Evan again melted under the gaze of Wally’s concentrated stare. The protracted appropriation of his psyche was arousing him in a way that he had never thought possible. Evan was falling into an abyss of total capitulation as Wally now completely possessed him. As Wally’s arms enfolded him and he felt Wally’s hands caressing his back, Evan began to shudder.

As Wally moved his body onto the bed and encapsulated him, Evan’s body tingled as he felt Wally’s grinding knob mashing into him. Wally’s lips were warm and demanding as hot breath steamed into Evan’s mouth. Lustful groans seemed to reverberate in his throat as Wally’s panting escalated. Wally’s body had also begun to moisten with his excitement as his sexual aroma intensified. Wally’s fervent gnashing became so passionate that his body began to shake as he unloaded over Evan’s genitals.

“Fuck, sorry Evvie, fuck, you just turn me on so fucking much that I couldn’t help myself,” Wally roared, as he clamped Evan in his arms.

Evan’s hands ran up and down Wally’s back in a gesture of approval. They lay like that for twenty minutes, constantly kissing, as they regained their composure. Finally, Wally lifted his body and asked Evan to turn onto his stomach.

Wally’s entry was uncomfortable as Evan had anticipated. Wally, however, kept encouraging Evan as he slowly annexed Evan’s sphincter, completing the final act of his appropriation. Evan was now the partner that Wally had always hankered for and their partnership had been solidified. Wally was determined to make Evan cum and when he began to thrust with intensity, Evan cried out in ecstasy as Wally pounded him into ejaculation, one of many to follow that night.

Evan stayed with Wally all weekend and in fact, two weeks later he moved in with him. Evan’s mother wasn’t perplexed by the move, but Evan’s dad had great difficulty understanding how Wally could possibly be gay. Unlike what Evan had suspected, his dad had always believed that Evan may be gay.

 Evan was delighted that Wally was so wholeheartedly accepted into his family. Strangely, his entire family now also began to refer to him as Evvie.


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