I am 40 years old and have just recently been shown what it is like to be made into a full-fledged gay bottom man.

I am blond and in quite good shape as I go to the gym whenever possible. I am also handsome or at least I think so and I do turn heads when I wear my tight 501 button denims and form hugging tank top.

I never knew what it was like to have my ass fucked by a guy with a huge hung cock. And I mean huge. Here is how it happened.

I never even thought that I could be gay. I quite often check out other guys in the gym or at college but I am careful not to let them know.

Well there was this good looking Italian dude at the gym one day. I had watched him workout. He happened to glance my way one time when I was watching him. He motioned for me to come over and asked me if I could help him out by spotting him while he lifted weights. He was drop dead gorgeous. Very muscular and well formed. What could I do but agree to help him out.

He also spotted me and taught me some new techniques lifting weights.

We worked out for about an hour and built up a real sweat. Then we went to the locker room to shower and change.

He told me his name was Emanuel. He also told me that he thought I was a cool dude and maybe we could become workout buddies.

His locker just happened to be beside mine and he opened it and then casually took off his workout gear. He stood stark naked in front of me. He wasn't shy at all.

And his cock, holy fuck it was huge. It was only soft but it hung down almost 6 inches and he had a huge set of balls too.

He saw me look at his cock and laughed, saying to me. "You should see it when it gets hard. It would put a horse to shame. But because I am so big no chicks have been able to take it yet."

I stripped down as well and I am well hung as well. But I only hung about 4 inches soft. When hard I have 8 ½ inches.

Well we went to the showers and soaped up and cleaned ourselves. Then Emanuel asked me if I could clean his back for him. Damn I tried not to pop a boner. I was going to be able to touch this stud; I had never touched a guy before.

His muscles and tendons bulged he was a stallion. After I did his back he returned the favour. His firm hands rubbed my back and he actually let them slip down onto my butt checks. He gave me a soft slap.

Damn I was getting hot.

Well we finished up and got dressed, then Emanuel invited me back to his place for a beer. I couldn't refuse.

He took me out to his car and we piled in, then we zoomed off to his house.

He lived just outside of the city on a small farm. He parked his car and we got out and he put his arm on my shoulder and led me into the house.

Emanuel pulled me into the living room and then in his deep husky voice,"Hey Dex how would you like to get high? It will be lots of fun."

I answered him in an excited voice, "Sure doesn't everyone?

So he got out a primo joint and then also asked if I had ever done magic mushrooms. I told him Ya I had done them on occasion.

So we sparked up the joint and had some mushrooms and a nice cold beer.

Emanuel said, let's get comfortable. I hate wearing clothes when I am home."

He stood up and dropped his pants and took off his shirt and then just kept on his underwear. His bulge was huge.

And he had a wonderful chest covered in hair. Not too much just the right amount.

I matched his movement and stripped to my jock strap.

He glanced at my ass and spoke out again. "Dang boy you have a nice shaped butt there. You must have really worked on it to get it that nice and firm."

I laughed a bit nervously and thought I wonder where this is leading.

Then we sat on the couch and just talked and laughed as we got high. In about half an hour I was really starting to get a buzz. Damn I felt good. And I mean I was fucken high.

I felt like I was on top of a mountain and could do anything.

Then all of a sudden Emanuel put his hand on my knee and started rubbing it slowly moving it up to my crotch.

I let out a gasp and turned to look at him.

He had a big smile on his face and he droned out in his studly masculine voice, "Well Dex, I think that I can read people quite well and I think that maybe you might want to fool around. How would you like to play with my huge horse meat? You ever had sex with a guy before?"

I shook my head no but I licked my lips and my cock started to get hard in my jock.

Then I put my hand on his leg and crept up to his growing bulge.

He slipped his hand into my jock and grabbed my stiffened cock. I got instantly hard as a rock for him.

Then as my hand got to his crotch he reached up with his other hand and pulled open his boxer shorts. His cock burst out and stood at attention. My mouth dropped open. He really was hung like a horse. It was at least 10 ½ inches long, but what made it so big was it was a thick as a beer bottle.

Emanuel smiled at my with a proud look on his face.

And then in a cocky voice he blurted out. "Nice meat, eh Boy. You think you can handle it? I am going to teach you how to be a good cock sucker and maybe you might let me stick it up your hot butt."

I was so turned on and so high, I looked into his baby blue eyes and in a quivering stammering voice said," I will certainly try. But you need to know I have never done this before. Please take it easy on me, please." I pleaded of him.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head," He retorted in a dominant authoritive voice, "I have some xilocaine ointment that I will put up your tight virgin hole. Xilocaine is the stuff that dentists use to freeze your mouth before working on your teeth. It will help to loosen you up. And besides, the bigger the cock the easier it is to take it. I also have a dildo that starts out thin but can be pumped up bigger and thicker as it fits in your ass. You will be in pure ecstasy."

I was a little bit sceptical, but like I said I was really fucken high. I knew I could and would do anything. As a matter of fact I was getting really excited.

Then Emanuel stood up and pulled me up to my feet and took me into his Bedroom-Playroom.

Holy shit. There was a big king size bed and wall to wall mirrors.

"Don't be afraid Dex, I promise not to hurt you and if at any time you want me to stop and take it easy I will. But I have a fantasy that I want to fulfill with you. I have some leather gear in the closet and a couple of toys too. Let's get down and dirty. You OK with that?"

I started to get a bit afraid but he had such a studly a masculine friendly look on his face he made me melt. I think I would do just about anything for him. He looked so authoritive and in control.

Emanuel opened his mirrored closet and there hanging on hangers was a bunch of leather gear and there was also a sling too.

First he took out the sling and suspended it from hooks in the ceiling.

Then he turned to me and spoke out in a lustful voice,

"Dex, Take out any leather gear you want to put on and let's get ready."

We both went to the closet and started taking out leather clothes.

I put on a pair of tight form fitting suede chaps, I leather harness over my chest, some leather studded arm bands around my triceps, leather boots and a leather cap. Damn I felt so great. I was damn horny as hell.

Then I turned to look at Emanuel. He was stupendous.

He was dressed as a gladiator, with a metallic Roman skirt, a harness over his masculine chest. He put on a pair of leather sandal-boots. Then he also had on a pair of really hot gauntlets around his wrists and a pair of studded armbands. On his head he had a gladiator helmet. God I almost fell over with lust for him he was so hot.

He approached me and lifted me up in his strong arms and carried me over to the sling. He placed me in it and secured my legs to the suspended chains.

My head was spinning I was so high. It seemed like I was getting higher by the minute with anticipation of what he was going to do to me.

Then the fun started. Emanuel reached into a drawer by his bed and took out a tube of xilocaine ointment. He uncapped it and slowly pushed it up into my open ass. When it was about 3 inches in he squeezed it and emptied about half the tube into my hole. Then removing it he put in his index finger and started to work my virgin channel.

I was surprised, there was no pain. It felt so good. I let out a delighted moan and then he pushed in another finger. Then a third and the fourth.

He looked down into my eyes and inquired," You Ok, Dex. You want me to stop?"

I was in heaven as I cried out, "Oh God that feels so fucken good. Don't stop. I never knew it could be like this. Work my hole Emanuel, take me my Gladiator Stallion"

Emanuel started to spread his finger, stretching my hole wider and wider. With his other hand he reached into the drawer and took out a nice big dildo and then started to push it in beside his fingers. He was stretching me making me squirm in pure rapture.

I was moaning and groaning. God it felt so good.

"And now Dex, It is time for me to give you my hard cock. I want that hot hole of yours so badly. Can I please fuck you? Make you into my fucken sex toy? Take you all the way?" He groaned out in his masculine manly voice.

He towered over me with his six foot two fine muscular Gladiator physic, Strong manly face with penetrating blue/green eyes. He stood there with a big smile on his face. He had his big cock pulled out from under his metallic gladiator skirt and stood there looking down into my eyes lustfully.

Then he held the thick tip of his horse cock close to my opened no longer virgin hole.

"No one has been able to take me yet, they all say I am too big. You think you can take it? You want this man tool Dex? You want me to use that butt of yours?"

I immediately replied in a quivering excited voice. "Yes Sir Emanuel, I will certainly try to Sir."

He let out a cry of amazement and drawled out, "Damn, Dex. Your hole is wide open, calling out, begging for me to come on in."

He leaned into me and his hole stretching 10 ½ inch cock began to penetrate me. I really didn't know if I could take that weapon of his, but I was going to try. He had opened my hole with his fingers and the dildo and it was still gapping.

There was no pain just pure pleasure. I was so excited, I really wanted it. He put his hands on my hips and then slowly slid his length into my hole, stretching me to the limit. Oh god, it was truly fantastic.

I cried out in pleasure, "Oh, God Emanuel, take me. I want you so badly. I need you. Please: Give it to me in its entirety."

Then Emanuel let out an animalist growl of pleasure and then with all his strength he shoved his entire cock deep into my bowels. I though he was going to rip me open. But there was only pure pleasure. It felt so good to have him inside of me. It just felt right. I could almost taste him he was so deep inside of me.

Then he pulled out to the tip and with a big smile on his face growled out in a deep masculine tone,

"Oh Fuck Dex, your ass is so fucken hot. It is made for my cock. I am going to take it, own it, and make it mine. You want to be mine?"

I whimpered a subservient answer to him. "Yes God yes Emanuel, take me, and make me yours totally. I have never felt like this. I feel so good. I want it, I crave it."

Then without hesitation he pulled me onto him and he just drove his cock into me.

His gargantuan balls slapped hard against my butt cheeks. It didn't hurt at all it felt truly fantastic.

He started to piston fuck me. He pulled out and rammed in, each time shaking my entire body with his strength. He built up speed and was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. My hole was stretched to the limit. All the while he towered over me, my Gladiator, so hot so gorgeous, such a real man.

Then to my amazement he pulled all the way out and looked down and said with astonishment, "Your hole is gapping open Dex, begging to be used, calling out for my cock to go back in."

Then he just leaned forward and his cock found the opening and settled in again. He repeated this move of taking his cock all the way out and then ramming it back in. My hole had become his property. He was sweating and dripping his hot ambrosia all over me as he used me. It was causing wonderful sensations as each drop landed on me.

He was plowing me to the extreme. He had such stamina and kept it up for at least an hour until he let out an animalistic roar.

Then with a final plunge he roared out in a loud voice, "Oh, fuck, damn, I am going to cum. Take my load Dex."

Buried deep inside of me he started to gusher. He shot so hard it felt like bullets deep inside of me. I could feel it vibrating in my innards. Then I couldn't hold back, without even touching my cock I too began to shoot. I covered both our chests with my load. He was still Cumming filling me up. There was so much it was leaking out and running down my ass cheeks. And he still kept Cumming. Then with a final cry of pure pleasure he collapsed forward onto my body and lay there quivering. I was in heaven; I never wanted it to stop. After a minute or two Emanuel stood up and pulled his cock out of me with a loud pop.

With my legs still in the air he went to his knees and then placed his tongue against my asshole. He started to rim me and lick his cum out of my hot moist hole. The sensation was unbelievable and I was shocked, here was this stud eating his cum out of my ass. I had never had that done to me before.

After rimming me for a bit he then stood up and then leaning over me planted a big cum kiss on my mouth, his tongue parted my lips and then he French kissed me. I could taste his sweet cum as he explored my mouth. It tasted so damn good. I threw my arms around him and hugged him tightly. I didn't want to let him go. I felt so good, no unbelievably fantastic.

Finally he let me go and stood up. His face was glowing with pure rapture.

"Damn it Dex that was fantastic. I have never had sex like that before. No one has ever been able to take my girth before, I am too big. But it seems not too big for you. Damn, I want to see you again. I need your ass and I think you need my cock. Please say yes." He begged me with a pleading look in his eyes.

I didn't even have to consider. I immediately replied in an eager excited voice, "Emanuel, I am yours, you have tamed me. I have never met a man like you before. Anytime you want me just ask and I am yours. "



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