Josh stretched his arms out behind him, knocking his knuckles against the shabby oak headboard. He glanced over just as his roommate decided to collapse on the other side of the bed. The drop onto the mattress prompted Miguel's shaggy-layered hair to fall in front of his eyes, but he quickly swept them out of the way. Noticing he was being watched, Miguel glared out of the corner of his vision, cynical eyebrow raised in Josh's direction.

'What are you staring at?' He spoke with a smirk and a flash of dark humor in his eyes.

Josh squinted at his roommate suspiciously. 'Are you in a good mood?'

Miguel scowled as if it were a trick question.

'Because you can tell me if you are. You don't have to be ashamed.' Josh reached over and poked a corner of Miguel's mouth. 'It's my company, isn't it?'

Miguel rolled his eyes and ignored him, lethargically batting away the hand that continued to badger him. 'Stop poking me, idiot. Or I'll go back into my room.'

'Oh boohoo,' said Josh, rolling onto his side, but he did refrain from prodding his roommate further. At least for the time being. 'So what do you wanna do?' he asked with a suggestive waggle of his eyebrows.

Miguel narrowed his eyes. 'I thought we were watching some dumb movie of yours.'

'It's not dumb,' Josh defended, giving Miguel's shoulder one last, daring jab. He did have his movie collection's honor to defend. With a bounce of energy, he bounded up and crawled to the end of the bed to sit, scanning the DVD selection inside his TV stand. He noticed his shirt had ridden up. He tugged it down, absently-mindedly running his hand over the front. 'Uh, what did I say we were gonna watch exactly?'

It might as well have been a rhetorical question, however, since Miguel didn't deem it anything worthy of a response, and Josh didn't much feel like repeating himself. He pushed off the bed and dropped to his knees in front of the cabinet, running his fingers over the different DVDs, ticking away which were appropriate options and which were not. Both of them seemed to be in a good mood, so nothing too dark. Maybe a comedy.

'So' porn. Is that an option?' Josh joked, having run his eyes over a couple of his XXX movies he was not ashamed to have out in the open.

'I doubt you'd have anything I'd like,' Miguel said matter-of-factly, but Josh could hear the amusement coloring his tone.

'Oh ho. You think so?' Josh looked over his shoulder, eyes gleaming bright with mischief. 'I think you'd be surprised.'

Miguel stared at him without blinking for a while and then slowly smirked. 'Would I?'

'You wanna?' Josh asked enthusiastically, blue eyes widening comically. 'When you do that with your face, I can't always tell if you're serious or kidding. It's why you're so fuckin' good at poker.'

Miguel gave a very small shrug of the shoulders, tilting his head almost imperceptibly to the left. He clasped his hands together, placing them on top of his stomach. He sighed when Josh kept looking at him expectantly, face split into a mad grin.

'Fine,' Miguel caved. 'Just''

'Make sure there's no tits or pussy in it, right?' Josh commented vulgarly, grabbing his chest in a way that suggested he was going beyond the simple demonstration of a self-exam. Miguel snorted in derision.

Pulling a face, Josh laughed at him unabashedly and went back to scanning their choices, making sure to avoid all the options featuring female genitalia. After another minute of comparing the graphic pictures on the back of two DVDs that had caught his interest, Miguel spoke softly from behind.

'I'm surprised you have anything like that,' he said, half in wonder.

The lines between Josh's eyes furrowed. 'Why wouldn't I?' He looked over his shoulder again, a single eyebrow raised. 'I think I'm offended.'

Miguel stared at him thoughtfully, remaining mute. Josh held up the two selections, showing Miguel the front of the DVDs so he could read the titles. He watched Miguel glance them over, gaze shifting briefly from left to right.

'Asses on Fire 5?' Miguel mused.

'I know, right?' Josh chuckled, lowering both movies into his lap. 'Title's a bit of a turn off, but there's a scene in here I only need to watch half of before I'm--'

Shutting his eyes, Miguel held up a hand to stop Josh before he could elaborate any further about the details of his ejaculatory experiences. 'I don't think that's information I need to know.'

'Oh come on. You're no prude, Miguel. I've been around when you bring people home.'

'You're one to talk,' Miguel shot back, sounding astonishingly defensive. 'At least when I bring them home, it's only one at a time.' One corner of his lip turned downward. Josh always noticed Miguel did that when he seemed to be in deep thought about something. His roommate then added in a hushed observation, 'And at least I always bring home a consistent gender.'

Josh rolled his eyes dramatically, climbing onto his knees and throwing his arms over the rustled sheets in exasperation. 'You're not gonna start that crap again, are you?'

Miguel frowned, but didn't reply.

'You're such a snobby fag, y'know that, right? It's not like I need some kind of exclusive gay club card if I wanna fuck men on occasion. I do what I want, alright?'

Miguel shrugged. 'I didn't say anything, Josh.'

Josh cocked his head. 'Yeah, but you were thinkin' it. I could tell.'

Again, Miguel shrugged, and Josh dropped the subject.

'Fine. Since there's nothing sexy about a title that implies possible infections, we'll go with this.' He brandished the other selection in the air, shaking it a few times, calling attention to the naked men going at each other bareback. 'Just remember to stay on your side of the bed as we watch it. I don't want you tryin' anything funny.'

As Josh stood, he cracked open the DVD case with a loud pop. He pushed the power button on the DVD player, the black tray for the disc shooting out like a dangerous projectile. Josh took the disc already in there from earlier today (Wet, Hot American Summer) and set it on the middle shelf to be put back later. With a smirk, he placed the copy of Bareback Mountain 2: I Wish I Could Quit (Riding) You into the tray and gave it a gentle nudge with the back of his fingers to make sure it properly closed. As the warnings about piracy and content flashed and the previews for other videos began, Josh took a few steps backward before sending Miguel a meaningful, cocky look.

Miguel met his gaze with a smirk. 'What? No popcorn?'

'You're getting into this, aren't you?' Josh said teasingly, smiling brightly as he chuckled several times. 'I can't believe we've never done this before.'

He set one knee on the edge of the bed and leaned over, idly tugging on the front of his t-shirt as his right palm ghosted against the soft duvet.

'Are you really that surprised?' Miguel dryly inquired, still lying complacently in Josh's bed, looking completely relaxed and unguarded. Somehow, this greatly pleased Josh. This is how he liked Miguel best. When he wasn't being an uptight, workaholic prick.

Josh shrugged. 'You really want popcorn?' He straightened out and stretched his arm over his head, bending it and rolling his shoulder until it popped. 'If you do, I'll make you some.'

'Sure,' Miguel said with a single nod, and as he spoke, one of the raunchier previews in the background punctuated Josh's accepted offer of snacks with a drawn out moan.

'Heh.' Like the songs of a Siren, Josh's attention was drawn to the television. He indulged himself in a scene from an upcoming BDSM flick where a naked guy was hogtied and hanging from a thick rope that dangled from the ceiling.


Clumsily walking out of the room backward, Josh waved a hand to dismiss his roommate's impatience. 'Fine, I'm goin'. Not like I haven't seen all

this before.' Still, his eyes were glued to the scene, and he barely managed to prevent himself from tripping over a sneaker turned sideways on the floor. He cursed, but still kept his gaze on the screen. 'Don't hit play until I get back,' he warned, completely serious about the threat.

'I wouldn't dare,' Miguel replied sarcastically as Josh finally stumbled out the doorway and headed for their kitchen.


After spending ten minutes scavenging through the kitchen cabinets like a rabid squirrel on the last day of Autumn, Josh had to give up on finding the box of popcorn he'd thought they'd had. There was a good chance he'd either: 1.) eaten it all already or 2.) he'd never bought any to begin with. However, he did find an open package of Oreos. He tried one out, the black crumbs lining his bottom lip as he chewed. They were a bit soft, but couldn't completely be called stale. Miguel didn't even really like cookies, but at least it would look good that he made the effort to replace the promised snackage.

He shoved the plastic tray back into the packaging, sauntering down the hallway to his room. Out of habit, he kicked the door closed on the way in and half leapt, half fell onto the empty side of the bed. The TV screen was still set on the preview to the movie as Josh settled the Oreos in between them, licking the residual chocolatey bits off of his fingers with a satisfying pop.

'What happened to the popcorn?' Miguel asked. He was sitting up, his back against the headboard, eyeing the cookies like they were a pipe bomb he'd just discovered in his mailbox.

'Didn't have any,' Josh answered as he searched around the sheets for the remote control. He couldn't find it and so he leaned over the side of the bed, lifted up the dust ruffle and found the controller hiding under one of his dumbbells. He got back into position and pressed play as he grabbed for another cookie. Josh glanced over at Miguel and grinned.

'You have chocolate on your teeth.'

Josh grinned wider and made a show of licking it off with his tongue. 'You're just jealous.'

Miguel snorted. 'Of what?'

'That these have a better chance of getting inside my mouth than you do.' Josh laughed at his own joke, grabbing two of the bed pillows and stuffing them under his head as he lay down.

'You're ridiculous. You know that, right?' Miguel sneered. Josh watched his roommate's face. His expression didn't show him to be nearly as disgusted with the idea as he sounded as dark, intelligent eyes drifted to the television set. Then Josh let his attention fall to the movie, too, occasionally shoveling another cookie into his mouth.

Fifteen minutes into the film, two men in cowboy hats had discarded most of their clothing and managed to fit themselves within a tiny pup tent. Both were rather muscular men with attractive faces. They kissed at first. The one with a goatee and blondish tint to his hair still had a pair of boxers on, but the other, longer-haired man was already reaching inside his partner's shorts to pull out his erection. Even though Josh had seen this film several times already, enough that it occasionally skipped from ware, it still managed to have a rather profound effect on him. It seemed as if it had taken him five minutes to eat his last Oreo, slowly nibbling at it until he was just about to bite down on a fingernail. Miguel had gone so silent, that a couple of times, Josh had actually forgotten he was there. He looked over. It took a second, but Miguel also turned his head and met Josh's gaze.

'Like it so far?' Josh asked as a low moan emanated from the television.

Miguel gave him another long look without saying anything and returned to watching the movie. Josh chuckled and grabbed up the remnants of his snacks and set them on the floor. He threaded his fingers together and shoved his hands under his head, watching the man with long brown hair taking the head of the other man's cock into his mouth. They were shallow thrusts at first. Fingers tangled in the man's hair as the guy getting sucked off tried to piston himself deeper.

What had started out as kind of a joke was beginning to make Josh slightly... uneasy. It was very much a fact that he could never get even half way through this film without having to masturbate. Not only were the sex scenes hot as hell, but the third scene contained what he would consider to be...a secret fetish of his. He and Miguel were close, sure, but Josh had never quite revealed his one weakness when it came to sex.

'What's with that serious face?'

Josh nearly choked but managed to take in a short breath and recover his cool. 'Huh?'

Miguel studied him with a raised eyebrow. 'You asked me if I was enjoying it, but now you seem... odd.'

Josh squinted an eye shut. 'What're you talkin' about? It's just hard to enjoy with a bastard like you in my bed.'

Okay, weird. Even though he'd said that, that wasn't entirely true at all. Lying about something so stupid had him a bit worried.

'Just shut up and watch the movie, Miguel. You're distracting me from the good parts.'

Miguel chuckled. A low chuckle. For some reason, it even sounded kind of sultry and flirty. Or maybe that was Josh's imagination? The scene progressed as the man who'd just given the other a blow job began sliding a finger along the other man's crack, the exposed hole now coated in a slick lube as he plunged inside, rhythmically moving his fingers as his partner moved back against them.

'Ah shit,' Josh said and covered his eyes with his hand only to spread them out and peek through. 'I'm such a sucker for a fingering scene, I swear.'

Miguel laughed outright, and Josh turned his head and smiled at him.

'Hey Miguel? Are you a fingering sorta guy?'

Miguel gave him a condescending look. 'A 'fingering sorta guy'?'

Josh nodded, setting a hand on his stomach. 'Yeah. Some guys don't seem to like it. To be honest... I've, uh, kinda never had it done to me.'

Miguel's mouth parted ever so slightly. 'You've never been a bottom?'

Josh frowned. 'No, of course not. Well, one time'Wait, do you remember that time like three months ago when I went to play pool with Kiba and came back with that one guy I'd actually met after we almost got into a fist fight in that bar...?'

Miguel tilted his head to the side. 'Vaguely...'

'Well when I brought him back here.' Josh coughed, having the decency to look slightly embarrassed at the memory since he'd come home late, found Miguel on the couch reading, then tripped all over himself as he and his... guest... had stumbled into the bedroom. 'He kind of just assumed that's how it would go. But afterward, I think he found his decision to be quite enjoyable.'

'Uh huh,' Miguel drawled, something flickering in his eyes that Josh couldn't quite figure out. It caused the smile on his face to waver.

'I guess that's another reason we could never work out together,' Josh found himself saying. 'We're both pretty dominant kinda guys. Stubborn and all that. Neither of us would wanna give in first.'


The once tame moans and grunts coming from the TV had now become something more desperate and primal. The smaller man's ass was up in the air, his partner pounding into him at a sharp angle from above, a hand on his shoulder pressing his face into the floor. The bigger man's balls slapped mercilessly against the other's ass. The man on bottom's asscheeks had been stained a bright, flushed red as he met the violent thrusts. Josh couldn't help but watch the man's hand begin to jerk off his own cock. It looked so stiff and swollen against his stomach, it couldn't help but send a few tingles to Josh's own groin. But though he hadn't exactly meant to get a hard on while watching this with Miguel, he should've considered it a possibility. Not to say Miguel had never seen him with an erection anyway considering how long they'd known each other.

Hell, he'd walk out into the kitchen with morning wood all the time, grab some cereal, and then go back into his room to work on getting rid of it. But the warmth, the proximity of another body in his bed... made it... different. As he thought more and more about it, watching the man on bottom climax onto the tent floor only to be rolled over onto his back as his partner came on his chest with a pained grunt, he'd become perfectly aware of how quiet he and his roommate had become. Josh squirmed, having the intense desire to sneak a glance at Miguel, but if he did, his roommate would probably call him on the flush no doubt apparent on his cheeks by now.

The first scene came to an end (pardon the pun), and the second one began. Since both 'actors' were clothed and sizing each other up, Josh had time to relax himself for a brief few seconds. However, he nearly jumped when something brushed against his bare arm.

'What are you doing?' He nearly shrieked, calming his voice at the last second. He raised himself on an elbow and glared at Miguel.

'Um. Changing positions?' Miguel answered as his eyes shifted across Josh's face.


'I thought you wanted to watch this...' Miguel said slowly.

'Watch what?' Josh asked obliviously.

Miguel rolled his eyes. 'The movie. The next scene is starting...'

'Oh... yeah. This scene isn't even my favorite anyway. I like the third one.'

'Ah.' Miguel rested his forearm atop his forehead. The movement made his black shirt ride up ever so slightly, revealing the top of a dark trail of hair.

Josh stared at it briefly, then realizing what he was doing, he looked up into Miguel's face. Miguel stared right back, an eyebrow raised in obvious amusement. Josh laughed sheepishly and scratched at the back of his neck, tangling his fingers in the fine blond hair at the nape.


Miguel drew himself up onto his elbows, having been lying down on his back since the middle of the first scene. 'So why is it you enjoy the third scene so much? Should we skip ahead?' He grabbed for the remote, which was placed between them, and hit the skip button.

Josh tried to make a quick attempt to swipe it out of his roommate's hands. 'No, no, don't do that!' He practically tackled Miguel trying to wrestle it from him. Miguel pushed him back, pressing a hand firmly to Josh's chest.

'What's with you?' Miguel asked. Josh's gaze dropped to the hand pressed to his chest and then to his roommate's face.

'It's just... this is the scene that really turns me on! I don't wanna watch it with you!'

Miguel stared a moment, then the corner of his mouth lifted. 'And why not?'

'Well. For starter's, um, 9 and a half out of ten times that I watch this, I get hard. Having you in my bed will make it difficult to take care of.'

'Do I make you self conscious?' Miguel inquired in a husked, teasing voice.

'Of course not!' Josh said, flustered. 'If you wanna see me jerk off in front of you, then be my guest, but at least I warned you beforehand of what to expect.'

Miguel spoke sarcastically, 'How very gracious of you, Josh.' Then he looked at Josh seriously. 'Who says I'd mind?'

Josh's eyes bulged out of his head, his subconscious already recognizing the corny music drifting his way from the TV. 'You've got to be joking. Ew, Miguel. We've lived with each other for like two years, and yeah, maybe one time you walked in on me in the bathroom, and yeah, there was that time I forgot to take that tape of me with those Swiss twins out of the VCR when you were trying to record that episode of House, but... we... I... you...' Josh faltered.

Miguel fell back onto the bed. 'I was... kidding.'

'Oh... oh right.' Josh forced a laugh. 'Yeah, yeah. Uh, me too.'

Embarrassed for making such a stupid big deal about it, Josh slinked back down into the bed. His own hand accidentally rubbed against the top of his thigh, and he flinched.

'So what's so great about this scene again?' Miguel asked, the neutrality of his tone somehow calming.

'It's... what they say,' Josh replied ambiguously, shifting into a more comfortable position.

' 'What they say'?' Miguel repeated.

'Yeah... I have this thing about dirty talk. Yeah, the scene starts off kinda nice and slow like this, but once the clothes come off and they're in bed... I just... I mean... yeah the sex is hot, but, guh...' he rambled.


'I once dated this girl in college. Her name was... ah, shit, I actually don't remember her name, but she had a filthy mouth and could go for hours. But to be funny, when, you know, she wanted me to cum more quickly, she'd lean over and say the dirtiest shit in my ear, and I swear it was over two seconds later... Lousy kisser though.'

Miguel's lips thinned. 'Thanks for sharing.'

Josh nodded. 'No problem.'

They were at the part in the third scene where the clothes were starting to come off. Both of the men appeared to be in their early 20s. They could've passed for frat brothers, and maybe they were. One had apparently shaved his head though, and a small silver hoop dangled from his left ear. He had the tiniest bit of chest hair, while the other man didn't seem to have hair anywhere but on his head. Even his balls were hairless, and he was tan, but there wasn't a single tanline on his body. He was the one with the dirty mouth, too. Josh was trying to tune him out since he was already starting to tell the other man what he wanted him to do. Although, it didn't really look as if that bald Marine-looking guy needed explicit directions.

Josh grabbed a pillow behind his head and growled, shoving it over his face so that he wouldn't have to hear it, but suddenly it was pulled off of him and thrown on the floor. Miguel was leaning over him, his long bangs swaying in front of his face as he peered at Josh.

'Why was she such a lousy kisser?' Miguel asked.

Josh swallowed. 'Too much tongue.'

'Ah.' Miguel breathed a charming chuckle. 'You don't like tongue?'


'Show me?' Miguel leaned over further, pressing his hand down on Josh's chest.

'Are you serious?' Josh asked, squirming onto his elbows. He searched Miguel's face for an answer when there was none that seemed to be

forthcoming. 'Why?'

'If you don't want to...' Miguel began to pull away, but Josh grabbed him by the front of the shirt.

'I didn't say that,' Josh replied, tugging his roommate closer. He smirked. 'I just didn't want to take advantage of you while you're vulnerable.'

'You think I'm vulnerable now?' Miguel returned the smirk. 'I think I'm the one in control.'

'Uh huh. Sure you are, bastard.' Pushing himself up, he pressed his lips to Miguel's, feeling the other man's mouth part at the contact. One of them murmured into the kiss. Miguel moved on top of him, and Josh slid his fingers into his roommate's hair. He smiled as he started breathing through his nose, parting his legs so that Miguel could slide between them. He took in a sharp breath when Miguel's warm hand slid under his shirt and skimmed across his stomach. Miguel laughed softly at the reaction. He nipped at Josh's bottom lip gently and nudged Josh's cheek with his nose. The porno on in the background was an erotic chorus to their making out. The denim of their jeans rustled as they both shifted. Miguel stroked Josh's cheek with a finger and then let it glide across a cheekbone. Josh's hand ran in absent circles over Miguel's lower back, touching the skin above the waistband with his fingertips.

'Actually,' Josh said, licking his lips as bright eyes stared up at Miguel with good humor, 'I do like tongue. Just not a lot of it. No one likes to be slobbered on.'

Miguel smirked. 'Shall we test it out? See how much is a good enough amount of tongue?'

'I think I've moved past the stage of experimenting,' Josh joked. He pushed away Miguel's bangs, tucking them behind his ear. Then he sighed as Miguel angled his head. 'This feels good. How come we haven't done this before?'

Miguel gazed at him thoughtfully. 'For starters. You're unreliable.'

'Unreliable!?' Josh squawked and tried to sit up, but Miguel held him down.

'You were supposed to get popcorn and ended up bringing Oreos. Now you taste like chocolate.'

'Pft. You know I'm one of your most reliable friends. Don't give me that bullshit. Because we get along so well is why we live together, asshole.' Josh once again tried to sit up, but Miguel held him firmly down and placed a kiss to his chin. Immediately, Josh felt calmed by it, though he squirmed one more time for show. 'Hmph.'

'I don't think that's the real reason why nothing has ever happened between us before.'

'Nah, probably not,' Josh said, but gasped when he felt Miguel's mouth at his neck, licking lightly at first and then sucking right where he could feel his own pulse. 'Ngh. Of course you would be good at this. Aah...' At the back of his mind, though his eyes had shut of their own accord, he could hear that the scene had become more heated. But all his focus seemed to be on the lips at his throat. The teeth that nipped at his skin. The fingers that tugged at the collar of his shirt and kissed at his collarbone. Josh drew his knees up slightly, his thighs rubbing against Miguel's hips.

'Is it because we fight so much?' Josh asked, tilting his head when Miguel started to attack the other side of his neck.

'I like fighting with you,' Miguel breathed.

'Hmm...' He shifted again, glancing over Miguel's shoulder to view the TV. Miguel huffed and leaned up, also glancing behind as Hairless Guy was busy riding Baldy backwards, telling him how much he loved 'that huge hard cock inside him. Fucking him hard and making it feel so... ah... yes... good.'

Miguel looked down into Josh's face again, sighing. But he smiled. Josh grinned in exchange.

'I lied about bottoming by the way,' Josh admitted with a shrug.

'I figured.'

'Huh? How?' Josh urged him to lie on top of his body again, and Miguel did so, fitting snuggly between his legs. 'I mean, I've only bottomed twice, but I didn't like it. You switch though, right?'

'Not a lot, no,' Miguel answered frankly, a very firm line set in his brow. 'Sit up for a second.'

Miguel gave him room to sit, but only for long enough that Josh's t-shirt could be ripped off over his head and tossed against the window, where it caused the drawn blinds to sway. Josh helped Miguel out of his shirt. He balled it up for him and threw it toward the foot of the bed. When they came together, it was skin against skin. It wasn't entirely odd to be exploring Miguel's chest with his hands. Miguel who he'd known for years and years. Who he'd lived with and had never really considered kissing let alone screwing. Okay, well barring drunken nights where with the right lighting, Miguel was very pretty. Okay. So Miguel was really attractive, really smart, and also really funny, but Josh had never wanted to ruin their friendship by crossing some kind of line.

'This is okay, right?' Josh asked. It felt right. But he wanted to make sure it felt right to Miguel.

Miguel leaned in, his bangs hanging, the very tips touching Josh's cheek. 'This is right,' he said against Josh's mouth and kissed him. Slowly this time.

Miguel's hands went to either side of Josh's head, and he shifted his hips, moving them against Josh's in a drawn out, downward movement. Josh's lips parted in a quiet gasp, giving Miguel's tongue enough room to sneak inside. Sparks ignited all over Josh's skin at this new sensation. His legs automatically moved to lock around Miguel's waist.

There was nothing hurried about their kissing. Their tongues overlapped one another until Josh tugged Miguel by the hair, drawing their faces apart but only so Josh could suck on Miguel's tongue, coaxing it back into his own mouth where it started all over again. Except now their hips were grinding, and Josh's toes were curling and flexing. He'd never been with anyone who kissed as good as Miguel did, and as they both came up for air, he told him so.

Miguel appeared cocky after that, but it looked good on him, so Josh didn't mind. In fact, he smiled quite genuinely.

'You know,' Miguel began. 'Just because you picked a couple sloppy fucks, doesn't mean it can't feel good.' At the emphasis on the word 'good,' he pressed his hips harder against Josh's.

Josh bit at Miguel's shoulder. 'Why does it matter if you already switch anyway?' Miguel frowned, and Josh prodded him in the ribs. He squinted suspiciously. 'You do care, don't you? You wanna fuck me!' He said it like it was some great epiphany, but he could genuinely see it in the way Miguel was looking at him. Like he was determined or something, but Josh couldn't completely piece it altogether.

Miguel narrowed his eyes moodily, 'I thought we already established that, and that's how we got to this point.'

'Well yeah,' Josh said, almost finding the noises coming from behind them humorous, 'But it's important to you that you be the one fucking me, huh? Is it 'cause it's me or 'cause it would be our first time, and you need to, like, assert your dominance? 'Cause what? If I fuck you... you'd mope around the apartment thinking I'd brag about it? What's the deal. Explain.'

'Oh yes. Good to see you know me so well,' Miguel commented caustically, but as an apology, Josh nipped at his jawline. He slid his hand along Miguel's spine, not really wanting to fight. He couldn't help his curiosity though. It was so easy to tell when there was something Miguel wanted. It's not that Josh was completely opposed to bottoming. Even if his first experiences with it hadn't been amazing. But it wasn't much of a guess to conclude Miguel would be very good at it. There wasn't much Miguel was not amazing at, but that's not to say he wouldn't have a good time if Josh fucked him.

'I believe you're putting too much thought into it,' Miguel observed. He traced the shell of Josh's ear with his thumb. Josh moved into the gesture, almost purring at the unexpected tenderness of it.

'Am I?' Josh smirked.

Miguel bit down on the soft shell of his ear while a palm skirted over Josh's right nipple.

'You just want me to say the things you want to hear, maybe?' Miguel inquired with a lift of an eyebrow. His eyes shifted away from Josh's face, and a small sneer appeared on his swollen lips. 'Like that girl did.'

Was it just Josh... or did Miguel somehow seem jealous?

'What girl?' he asked to be cheeky. 'Oh, oh, of course. That girl. There've been so many after all...'

Miguel narrowed his eyes, and Josh's nipple took the punishment for that comment by being pinched viciously between his roommate's fingers.

'Dirty talk, right? It's your weakness?' Miguel asked, releasing the abused nipple only to slide down and lick it with the tip of his tongue. Josh

watched with heavy-lidded eyes as it disappeared inside Miguel's mouth. The other man sucked, cheeks hallowing, and Josh's back arched up off of the bed.

'Miguel...' he half-moaned. Miguel looked up while giving another quick suck. Josh had learned his lesson. Miguel laid against his side as Josh studied his face, the movie having gone onto the fourth scene a while ago. 'Did I say that?' he asked, now that he could speak with a steady voice.

Miguel laid back down on top of him. Josh's arms wrapped around his shoulders as Miguel spoke in the sexiest voice he'd ever heard, right into his ear.

'You'll let me fuck you if I make you want it.'

Josh shivered and bit the corner of his mouth. 'That's kind of a one-sided deal,' he whispered in low tones. 'If you don't want me to fuck you, just say so--' Miguel's hand quickly moved to cover his mouth as he was shushed.

'You'll want it, Josh. Trust me.'The hand was removed from his mouth.

'Didn't you tell me all that because you want me to know what turns you on?'

'No,' Josh answered stubbornly, though his traitorous hips took that moment to want to roll against Miguel's.

'Uh huh,' Miguel chuckled, his hands moving to Josh's belt buckle. In a daze, Josh's hands moved, too, zeroing in on Miguel's belt, quickly undoing it. With a vulpine-like grin, he unsheathed it like a whip from the loops and made a show of dropping it to the floor. Miguel didn't bother removing his all the way. He simply unhooked the button and drew Josh's zipper down, cupping the bulge with his hand. They watched one another as Josh rocked into it, and Miguel started tugging the jeans until they reached Josh's knees.

'Figures you'd have to be good at everything,' Josh sighed, hips rocking in measured movements. He started to unfasten Miguel's pants, fingers getting a brief chance to run through that dark patch of hair he'd seen earlier. Josh's hands slid along Miguel's chest, his shoulders and then down his muscled arms. Miguel shifted, sitting up. He hooked his finger in the loops of Josh's jeans and pulled them the rest of the way off while on his knees. He threw them in the direction of the foot of the bed. Josh sat up, kissing Miguel's stomach and up the center of his chest as he began helping his roommate out of his jeans. They shared playful kisses, having a hard time of getting the jeans off because they were too busy touching each other anywhere there hands could reach. Once their mission was accomplished, Josh lay down again, kicking the sheets and duvet away from them.

'You haven't said anything dirty for a while,' Josh mused. Miguel was just about to lie on top of him again when he stopped and smirked. His head was very close to Josh's crotch. Miguel mouthed the erection, and Josh momentarily lost a couple mental functions.

'I thought that was supposed to happen when I'm ready for you to cum?' He tugged down Josh's boxers. Slowly. Josh watched their progress as they passed his knees, his shins, and then, finally, off his feet. He wiggled his toes as Miguel returned to him, his hand brushing along the inside of Josh's leg. Up his thigh, and just barely missing the side of his cock, which was already hard and stiff against his stomach.

'Well if you talk like that, it won't take very long at all,' Josh sighed as Miguel pressed his mouth to the indent of muscle right below his hip. As Miguel moved up his body, he grabbed for Josh's shaft, stroking him as he moved in for another kiss. Gratefully, Josh moaned into it, twisting and gyrating into Miguel's skilled hand. He could already feel pre-cum oozing from the tip. Miguel gathered it between his thumb and forefinger and began spreading it over the length.

Josh's head fell back against the pillow, and his eyes rolled to the ceiling. 'God. I shoulda asked you to watch porn with me so much earlier than this.'

Miguel smirked and clamped down on Josh's nipple, still stroking and pulling him as Josh continued to groan in appreciation. 'Ugh. I've never met anyone who gives half as good a handjob as you, and I went to a Catholic high school.'

Miguel laughed lightly, removing his mouth from the nipple. Josh grinned at him and brushed Miguel's bangs out of the way so that he could see his roommate's smile. Miguel swooped in and captured his mouth in a searing kiss, squeezing at the base of Josh's cock as their lips met. Miguel stroked and squeezed his way back to the head, where, just as he flicked his finger across the slit, he snaked his tongue inside Josh's mouth. If Josh didn't have such amazing stamina and will, he might've cum right then. Miguel's sweaty skin stuck to his, and the pungent smell of their musk wafted into his nose. The hand on his cock became more rough and aggressive in its movements. Miguel wouldn't leave his lips alone. Josh grunted and groaned inside Miguel's mouth. He could feel Miguel's hard shaft against his thigh, pressing urgently.

Their kiss broke apart with a loud smack, a thin string of saliva snapping as Miguel moved away from him to get on his knees.

'Do you always talk this much during sex, Josh?' Miguel asked, tugging and pulling on himself, staring at Josh with a smug smirk.

'I get it, I get it,' Josh said as he got onto all fours. He covered Miguel's hand with his and got to his knees. Their hands moved in tandem between their bodies, their lips coming together in a softer kiss than before. Josh's unoccupied hand cupped the side of Miguel's face, then slid to the back of his neck to pull him into a deeper kiss. Miguel nibbled at his bottom lip, and Josh smiled. 'Fine. I'll find something to preoccupy my mouth with then so you can have some peace.'

'That's more like it,' Miguel said. Josh got down on his hands and knees and took Miguel into his mouth, laving over the head with pleasure, because, unlike a lot of people, he actually liked giving blow jobs. He sucked at first, making slurping noises as pre-cum leaked out of the tip and coated his lips. He tasted it on his tongue, finding it spicy, but with the hint of something...sweet. Like citrus. He held the base of Miguel's cock with one hand while balancing himself by pressing the other against Miguel's firm thigh. Miguel was already thrusting shallowly, calling to mind images of the earlier scenes of the movie, which by the sound of it, had come to the fifth and final scene.

His hand slid up Miguel's thigh to fondle his sac. Miguel must have a thing for that because he let out a loud grunt as Josh tugged at his balls. Josh hallowed his cheeks more, bringing in his lips and widening his mouth as much as he could. Miguel was a bit thicker than he'd imagined, and it had been a while since Josh had done this. He slid his tongue along the bottom, following the line of a vein. His hand went around to grab at an asscheek while the other went to Miguel's left hip so that he might be able to control how quick and deep the thrusts could go. Josh edged forward, swallowing more until the head of Miguel's cock was pushing toward the back of his throat and a tuft of pubic hair was tickling his nose. He would've been content to have Miguel cum in his mouth, but before he could make another false-swallow he was tugged by the hair.

Josh's eyes were half lidded as Miguel pulled him up and embraced him. Miguel bit at his lips, seemingly sucking the taste of himself off of Josh's mouth, licking the corners like it turned him on that his scent was all over Josh's skin. Josh laughed at the show of possessiveness. Miguel snorted.

'I never would've thought someone like you would be so good at giving head,' Miguel teased.

'C'mon, Miguel.' Josh tilted his head and gave an arrogant smirk. 'What'm I not good at?'

Miguel opened his mouth to respond.

'Shut up. That was rhetorical.'

'Shut up, huh?' Miguel said, running his hands down Josh's naked sides and then over his ass, where on its way back up, one hand took a detour by way of his crack. Two fingers brazenly slid across his hole and Josh jumped.


'At least you know your anatomy.'

Josh couldn't help but laugh.

'I'm going to have to find another way to preoccupy your mouth, I think,' Miguel sighed and then roughly shoved Josh onto his back, his head safely meeting the pillows instead of the wood of the headboard. Josh scowled up at him.

Miguel didn't blink an eye. 'Where are your condoms?'

'Uh, actually...'

Miguel arched an eyebrow.

'I used the last one a couple weeks ago. But, I mean...' His hand fidgeted on top of his stomach. He shook it out and let it fall to his hip as Miguel

crawled in between his legs. 'I'm... clean.'

'Hm.' Miguel batted his hair away and huffed.

'Does that mean you're...?'

Miguel spread his legs further apart with his hands and laid down on top of Josh. Their cocks rubbed against one another. Josh shuddered and grit his teeth. Miguel's breath was warm against his ear. He rested his hand on the small of Miguel's back.

'If we're going to do this,' Miguel spoke against the side of his throat, kissing him right underneath his jaw. 'For the first time... I want to be the one fucking you.'

Josh started to retort, but Miguel bit at the juncture between neck and shoulder painfully.

'Let me finish,' Miguel scolded, kissing the spot he'd abused. 'Not because I want to prove to you I'm the dominant one.' His hand smoothed along Josh's side and hooked under Josh's left knee. 'Not because I don't trust you to fuck me, and certainly not because I think I wouldn't enjoy that...'

Josh swallowed as the arm hooking under his leg bent him further in half, exposing himself more to Miguel's eyes.

'Then why?' Josh managed to ask as another arm snaked under his right knee. Miguel heaved forward and pushed him down fiercely. Josh gasped but loved the strong hands and fingers digging against his skin. The hard body weighted on top of him. The feel of his cock as it pressed against Miguel's belly. It was deliciously perfect as all his muscles began tensing in preparation, though he was meaning to relax certain other muscles. He evened out his breathing as Miguel continued, speaking into his ear.

'Because I want you,' Miguel answered. 'I want you first, and I know you'll let me have what I want.'

Josh tried to scowl. 'You're awfully confident there...'

Miguel pressed forward and suddenly Josh's hips were nearly in the air.

'Oh that's right,' Miguel drawled as he slipped two fingers inside his own mouth. 'You're a 'fingering type of guy,' aren't you, Josh?'

'No, ah, I just said I liked--' He was cut off as Miguel's middle finger slid inside him. It's not like he hadn't ever experienced that before. Maybe not frequently, and no, he hadn't particularly enjoyed it those times, but something about it being Miguel made it different. That arrogant smirk on his lips as he pulled out his finger only to slide two more in as Josh clenched around him and ground his teeth. Of course, that body and that face. Josh had always found Miguel attractive. Miguel was beautiful to him in a lot of ways, which is why this felt so damn good when it usually felt anything but. Josh forced himself to relax the ring of muscles surrounding Miguel's fingers. He only squirmed a little as Miguel laid a sloppy kiss to the inside of his thigh and then the tip of his cock. Josh mewled and panted. Miguel slid his fingers out. Josh's legs hung limply over Miguel's thighs until Josh was viciously bent in half again.

Miguel pressed the head of his penis against Josh's hole, his expression set in concentration as he pushed forward while using one hand to pull Josh toward him.

'Shit,' Josh gritted as the head started to push inside. He cracked open his eyes to watch Miguel's face. His stomach muscles were quivering, and his black hair stuck to his cheeks with perspiration. Josh lifted a hand to unstick it and hold the fringes back behind Miguel's ear. Miguel grunted, yanking Josh by the thigh, and suddenly he was sheathed inside. Josh exhaled sharply. His hand fell from Miguel's cheek at the intrusion to grip at a shoulder. He could feel Miguel pulsing inside him, and he was surprised at how his chest seemed to swell with a million emotions at once, all of which he'd never been expecting.

'Miguel...' was all he could say, hoping to express everything he felt in the name. Miguel grunted and gave a jerky thrust. Now he was completely in, their chests pressed together, Josh's length trapped between their bodies. Miguel's stomach rubbed against it every now and again as he began moving. Miguel nuzzled Josh's throat.

'I know,' Miguel said as his hips began to move more urgently, 'I know...'

The movie had gone dead, the screen a dull black in the background, but their own grunts and groans and moans of pleasure began to fill the room. The bed rocked, the headboard banging against the wall. Sweat dripped down Josh's hairline and along his cheek. Miguel lifted himself and licked it off before it could make an escape along the path of Josh's jaw. Their bodies slid together easily, like Miguel was a perfect fit.

'If you weren't so goddamn tight, I think we could make this last longer,' Miguel said in broken pants against Josh's neck. Josh answered with a strained smile as he rocked his hips up and squeezed a hand between their bodies to begin stroking himself.

'I can't help it if I'm the type to give more than I take,' Josh smirked only to moan as Miguel shifted a little to the side and angled his thrust upward. Miguel grinned, apparently having noticed the sharp change in expression. He hit it again and again repeatedly until Josh couldn't create a single coherent word, which may or may not have been Miguel's plan to begin with.

He continued to jab and pound into Josh's prostate. Josh had a hard time keeping a rhythm with his hand every time Miguel plunged deeper, trying out different angles only to come back and hit that spot, taking pleasure in the way Josh cried out every time, clawing at Miguel's shoulder blade.

'Yes, yes, yes,' Josh chanted as the bed thudded into the wall, no doubt leaving dents and scratches already.

Miguel didn't stop. He pressed himself to Josh, pushing Josh's hand away so he could wrap his own around Josh's length. He pumped him while moving deep inside him; Josh was at a loss for words.

'I suppose this means you're close, right?' Miguel whispered into his ear, licking the soft shell.

Josh could only twist his head, eyes widening a tiny fraction. 'Don't...' he warned half-heartedly, squeezing around Miguel's cock as a reprimand.

'I thought you said this is what you liked?' Miguel replied, this time licking a stripe up Josh's cheek. Josh groaned and squirmed underneath Miguel, feeling trapped between the man fucking him and the hand fisting his leaking, swollen erection.

'Nod if you're close to cumming,' Miguel commanded.

Josh nodded, biting his lip. Miguel gazed down at him. He lowered his head and licked the seam of Josh's mouth seductively, teasing his lips open. Outside their mouths, their tongues touched. Josh's balls began to tighten, muscles clamping tightly around Miguel. Miguel groaned but kept on pummeling Josh into the mattress.

'Hn. Is this how you imagined it, Josh? Me buried deep inside you. Fucking you. Loving you. Riding you so hard you can't even speak any longer.'

Josh's eyes were glazed. He could barely see. He could only hear the sound of Miguel's voice near his ear and the throbbing sensation of the cock inside his ass, pulsing hot and urgent.

Miguel kissed him hard. Desperate and close, Josh pushed Miguel's hand away and began pumping himself in earnest. Miguel braced his arm on the mattress and yanked Josh's legs up until his knees were on either side of his head.

Miguel's mouth was against his ear, the sensation of his orgasm right near the edge. If he could reach out a hand and touch it, it'd be right, fucking, there. The chants came again, like a mantra. 'Yes, Miguel, yes, yes, Miguel, yes...'

'That's it, Josh.' Miguel kissed the side of his throat. 'Say my name. Say it because I'm the one that's gonna make you cum, say it and beg for it like you know you want to.'

Josh's back arched off the bed. 'Fuck, yes, Miguel. Make me cum. Fuck me. Please. Yes.'

Miguel drove into him with one final thrust as Josh's body shuddered with an orgasm so intense he had no idea when he stopped pumping himself. He felt it as the cum spurted out against his and Miguel's stomach. Seconds later, there was a pain at his shoulder as Miguel bit down and came inside him. The feeling warm and pleasurable as Josh's body continued to convulse and spasm. Their breathing was loud. Like both of them had just finished a Triathlon. Miguel had slumped over, trying to hold himself up with one arm so he didn't completely crush Josh. Josh shook his head and looked into Miguel's face, grinning tiredly. Miguel leaned in, releasing Josh's legs as they kissed each other. Miguel was tracing circles on Josh's hip as Josh traced circles along the back of Miguel's shoulder.

Miguel smirked. 'Guess you really do have a weakness for dirty talk after all.'

Josh let out a sharp bark of laughter. 'Ah well, so long as it's you I suppose it's okay if you know my one weakness.'

'Mmhmm,' Miguel murmured and pulled himself out of Josh. He rolled off and onto his back, their fingers brushing between their bodies.

'You're right though,' Josh mused aloud, watching the ceiling. 'It really can be good if you find the right person.'


'Guess that means the search will have to continue,' Josh commented. Miguel retaliated by slamming a pillow down onto Josh's face. Josh laughed loudly and pushed it off, glancing at his roommate out of the corner of his eye. Miguel wore a soft smile. He reached over and brushed Josh's bangs out of his eyes. Miguel looked like he had something he wanted to say. The side of his mouth twitched, and his eyes kept shifting back and forth, but nothing followed. Josh got it though and understood. He doubted he could articulate it either. Instead, he laid his hand on Miguel's chest. Over his heart.

'I know,' he said. 'I get it.'

Miguel nodded at him, rolled over, and kissed Josh on the lips before falling back onto the mattress. 'Of all people. I figured you would.'

Josh grinned.



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