Johnny ran his squeegee over the shiny tinted window in one last smooth motion before gathering his equipment 15 stories in the air, outside an apartment window on the east side of Chicago. That's right, Johnny made a living washing windows. A somewhat exciting part time job, with all the risks and little money, but he enjoyed this seemingly mundane job for very abnormal reasons. You see, Johnny is a people watcher, and takes people watching very seriously. Johnny is also not human. After 9 years of doing this job since he was sent to this planet 16 years ago, he had seen everything from domestic violence to bachlorette parties to illegal drug busts. He was sent to this planet to observe and record human behavior, him and 2 others he lives with. They have taken human form to gather research by observing humans during day to day activities, which has yielded many exciting research observations for his species scientific studies. But after such a long time, Johnny was becoming bored with humans, he felt nothing could surprise him anymore . . . nothing until today, cleaning the window of room 135.

Wearing a blue jumpsuit, white tennis shoes and climbing gear with a utility belt he lowered himself another floor down on the highest skyscraper in the city. He looked into his reflection as a handsome Asian man stared back at him, a man in his early 30's. He had thin features and a muscular build and flawless smooth tan skin. He had attracted many females and males with his disguise for the last 3 years, before that he was a businessman in Kentucky and countless others before then.

As he began soaping up the window he noticed a very handsome man enter his condo wearing a business suit and had a very satisfied smile on his smooth face. Johnny blushed and stared at the man. The man that entered the suit was none other than Henry Cavil! Johnny couldn't believe it, he had a crush on the human actor since the Superman movie came out. He was starstruck and moved over to the side to peer in. He realized how human culture had affected him, goggling over a human! He laughed at himself while keeping a close eye on Henry.

Henry, oblivious to the window washer, threw his suitcase on the counter and took his suit jacket off while reading the mail that was left on his counter. His muscular body filled out the suit perfectly, his jaw flexed as he threw down the mail in seeming disgust. He sighed as his began to undo his tie and he walked into the living room still unaware of his presence. He was so handsome, his bright blue eyes, perfect chiseled face and amazing body. Johnny became aroused. Living among the humans, Johnny had developed an affinity for the human form, especially the males, which look very similar to males of his race. He began to sweat under his human mask and his cock began to swell.

Henry rolled his thick neck as the tie was undone and tossed aside with his suit jacket. He began to undo his belt before looking out the window . . . the opposite side of the window . . . still not noticing Johnny. After the glance he whipped the belt off with an eager smile, as if in celebration. He then walked back to the front door and bolt locked it and scanned the apartment with an eager smile spread across his sexy face.

He walked back into the living room and began to unbutton his tight dark blue/purple dress shirt. The muscles flexed with each twitch of his fingers on his large smooth muscular hands, the buttons came undone revealing his smooth, toned sexy chest, his pale skin almost glowing in the afternoon sun. Johnny was rock hard. He looked up and around, no-one would know. When he looked back up, Henry was staring right back at him with a smirk . . . a dangerous smirk. Johnny went cold and blushed, adjusting his utility belt so that it covered his boner which was obvious through his jumpsuit. Before Johnny could look away Henry motioned him to come to where he was at the window. John listened. When he was positioned right in front of Henry Cavil's half naked body with nothing but glass in my way; Henry looked him up and down and smiled.

With a steady, nerve-wracking gaze Henry continued to take off his tight shirt. His muscles twitched as he shifted out of the sleeves. He then sat down in front of the window and began to pull off his leather shoes. The leather shoes came off his large sweaty feet, the black socks looked slightly damp. Johnny could tell he was aroused too.

Johnny jumped to the window in front of Henry and leaned back on his restraints placing his feet wide in front of Henry. Johnny began to stroke his cock. Johnny eyed Henry with unmatched interest, his jaw clenched as his muscles bulged under his jumpsuit. Of course this was the one day he decided to wear just his human mask and gloves and not his body suit. He was getting hot and wanted to unzip the front of his jumpsuit.

With two smooth motions, Henry peeled off his black dress socks revealing his large strong feet before standing up in front of Johnny. He flexed his muscles and winked before undoing his pants. He playfully rotated his hips, making the muscles on his arms and chest flex and ripple in the process before pulling his tight dress pants down revealing a thick hard perfect penis. He wasn't even wearing underwear!

Henry Cavil stood in front of Johnny completely naked. Johnny swallowed hard and began to run his fingers under the collar of his jumpsuit, his penis bulging under his jumpsuit. His tennis shoes wiggled and stretched as his muscles bulged with anticipation. His handsome face had an intrigued look etched across it, his jaw pulsing as he slowly stroked his penis.

Henry looked at him and laughed. He began to flex his arms and chest, his penis growing as well. He moved his arms above his head and moved his hips in a circular motion. The muscles all over his body shifted and pulsed under his smooth pale skin. He slowly turned and shook his butt while flexing his back muscles. Johnny was shaking in anticipation, he was furiously rubbing his cock causing his toes to wiggle and he began to breath hard and growl.

Henry slowly turned around with a wide almost inhuman smile stretched across his handsome face. His smooth muscles bulged as he reached up to his face. He dug his fingers into his mouth and began to pull his lower lip down. His mouth stretched down in his grasp as he pulled the skin down under his chin revealing a sleek gray chin beneath. His entire face began to stretch awkwardly, his handsome features becoming distorted. He pulled the skin away in a long strip that ran down his chest revealing more of that smooth gray skin beneath. His upper face snapped back into position, although not quite as it was before with only his gray jaw revealed from under the skin.

He then grabbed the back of his scalp and pulled the skin apart pulling his face off in one motion, his human eyes receding back from the human mask. Henry's human face came off with a snap revealing a smooth gray face beneath with slightly human features with the exception of the nose, or lack of a nose, giving him an almost serpent look. The creature smiled and began to pull the skin over his abs away, and in a motion almost like a surfer taking off his wetsuit, shifted his shoulders out of the smooth human skin that he once wore.

Johnny smiled and immediately unzipped his jumpsuit revealing his muscular gray body beneath. The jumpsuit came away down to the waist as he revealed his human face masks stark difference from the rest of his upper body. His thick gray cock came out and he grabbed the skin on one hand and pulled it off like a glove, revealing smooth strong gray hands beneath. He ran the fingers from the other hand up his chest and under his human mask. His fingers slid under the skin for a moment to scratch the true face beneath before continuing to jerk off with an animistic smile of his own.

The creature that was once Henry Cavil was now shaking his ass while slowly peeling the skin down his strong legs almost like a women would pantyhose. He bent down and slowly rocked his thick gray foot out of the human skinned foot he was wearing like slippers. With a sucking sound the skin came away, and with a satisfied grunt he tossed the skin away and began to jerk off as well.

Johnny groaned and began an inhuman laugh, his eyes were the same color as . . . the true Henry, and that was yellow. He shook and stuck an inhuman tongue, it slid across his slightly distorted smooth human face as he came all over the window, a bright yellow liquid. Henry roared with his legs spread apart and his gray muscles slick with sweat as he began cumming at the same time.

I guess Johnny wasn't the only one from his race sent here after all . . .




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