I was feeling as I should get a real treat and for that on a website for gay people I advertised for a session as follows:

'I'm looking for men with a shaved head to give me a forced head shave in combination with hardcore sex.'

I got many replies but I only answered the ones who had sent a photo. I contacted them and I finally found one very nice guy and chatted with him on the internet for some days. Then we fixed a date to get to know each other in person and we met in a café.

He was as nice as I had expected it from the contact I had had with him before and he talked about sessions he had been involved in. He told me that some of his friends were into that business as well and suggested that we should do a session with four people. I woiuld be fucked and shaved by the three of them and he promised that I would never forget that experience.

A few days later all four met again in the café and the other three also had their heads shaved. They all were very nice and we agreed to meet for our session next Saturday.

I was given the address of the guy who contacted my on the internet and the following Saturday I was standing at his door ready for the promised experience.

He led me down into the cellar and guided me into one room. It looked like a an operating room in hospital but in the middle was standing a big wheel of about 2.5 metres in diameter. In its middle was a smaller wheel and from that four wheel spokes were going to the outer wheel. The whole thing then hung in a construction that made it possible to adjust the wheel in every position required.

His friends had arrived already and welcomed me completely naked. The wheel owner and I took our clothes off as well and without any explanations I was caught by the three and pushed to the wheel. They lifted me a bit and I realised what the smaller wheel inside the big wheel was good for. My ass fitted perfectly through that small wheel and the pushed me inside that wheel that my ass came out at the other side of the small wheel.

Then they bound my arms and legs to the wheel spokes and the position I was in now was not very comfortable. But I was not there to have fun as I was told.

One of the guys now took his wonderful penis in his hands and started masturbating in front of me. I felt my own penis getting hard and big and then one of the two other guys masturbated mine.

The masturbating guy was still in front of me making his dick grow bigger and bigger while the third one went behind the wheel. He had a dildo in his hand which he had covered all over with a lubricant. He stood behind me now and pushed the dildo into my ass and made sure that my whole got open and slippery for a real penis to get in very soon. He turned the dildo in movements as if he wanted to drill another asshole into me and my erection got huge.

Now the masturbating guy went behind the wheel and the two others helped him to climb the wheel from behind. Then the two guys turned the wheel a bit into a position that I was lying in an angle of about 45 degrees and then they helped the masturbating guy to push his penis inside me. Then the wheel was turned again that I was lying horizontal with my face in direction of the floor.

The guy on my back was fucking me hard and one of the others was masturbating my again until I came and he took a shower under the sperm I sent down on his shaved head. I screamed loud of joy when I squirted his shaved head.

Now the wheel was brought bak into the 45 degree position and the guy still fucking me clutched to the wheel with his hands and did not stop fucking me. I had the feeling that his penis got bigger and bigger inside me but he had himself under control so well that he did not ejaculate.

The two others fetched a cipper for shaving bodies now and the started simultaneously shaving my legs starting dowm at my feet and slowly shaving all hair off from both legs. When the came closer to my dick and balls the took turns in masturbating my penis and playing with my balls until all these parts got hard and the other shaved all my hair off from my balls and dick.

When I was shaved clean around there one of them keeled in front of me and sucked my penis and my balls while the other one shaved my chest clean. Then both took care of my armpits and my arms. I was still being fucked during the whole shaving and still the guy inside my ass had his ejaculation under control.

My whole body now was covered with shaving cream and with two razors my whole body was shaved totally clean. During the wet shave the penis inside me stopped fucking me but it stayed big and hard inside my ass and I enjoyed that feeling so much that my penis got big and hard again and it was standing vertical to my body the whole time while my body was shaved.

After my body had been shaved one of the guys got a hose pipe and turned the water on. The other guy who had not yet got the pleasure of getting his shaved head washed with my sperm started to turn on my own hose pipe and I felt a nice big penis in my ass fucking me hard again. Then we all were hosed with cold water which made my penis smaller first but the guy taking care of it soon was successful to get his shaved head washed with my sperm as well.

Now my long hair which had grown for a few months was dripping wet from the water and one of the guys took a towel and rubbed it a bit dryer. The other one kneeled down and sucked my penis again and then the shaving of my head started with the clipper for shaving heads.

The guy fucking me took it in his hand and started shaving my neck. He moved the clipper slowly upwards and I saw my hair falling down to the floor. The guy who now was not in charge of doing anything started to masturbate his own penis sitting under the wheel and obviously enjoying my hair falling down from my head on his head and body and to the floor next to him.

When the back of my head had been shaved the guys had to change positions. The one fucking me could not reach the top, the sides and the front of my head and he passed the clipper over to the one sucking my penis. Now the one whose body and head was covered with my hair came and sucked my dick and the other one slowly shaved the sides of my head first and then the top and front.

As if we had set an alarm clock the guy inside me and I ejaculated at the same time and I felt his warm fluid in the condom in my ass. My own sperm mixed with my hair on the body of the one who had sucked my penis and he massaged his head and body with my hair and sperm.

The wheel was put in a vertical position now and my arms were unbound from the wheel that I could move my head and upper part of my body again. Then a table was put in front odf me and on that table they put a big bowl filled with water. My favourite fucker was active inside me again and suddenly the two other guys guys pushed my head forwards under water and soaked it until I was struggling for breath. They took my head out of the water and covered it with shaving cream. The guy fucking me took a razor and shaved my head clean starting at the front of my head and he guided the razor with one stroke all across my head. Track by track he shaved my head clean and then he fucked me harder and touched my shaved head with both hands. I screamed again and shouted: 'Someone take my penis and make it explode!' Both guys now took care of my dick and of their own and after a short time we all for had our orgasms.

The two guys in front of me lokeed at me then and one of them said: 'Your shave is not perfect yet.' They both grabbed my arms again and bound them to the wheel that I could not move again. Then they came with the clippers for shaving the body and holding my head that I could not move they shaved both my eyebrows off as well. Then the clean shave of them followed and they said: 'Now it's perfect.'

I was now released from the wheel and I felt really good. After a drink and a meal all three offered their assholes to me and very pleased I accepted their offer and fucked them all in a row. Although I had been told that I had not come to have fun I had great fun with these guys.



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