Downstairs was a cellar which had been equipped with a variety of benches and pulleys. In one corner was a wet area for washing down or whatever he wanted to do to his slave that needed to be cleaned up after. There was even a toilet open to all to see but a toilet. On the walls was a rack of pain implements. There were four Tawses a couple of straps and a selection of paddles. Two canes were also hung there. Below these was a container which had something sticking out that looked like a bunch of twigs so I guessed that was his Birch soaking in something to keep them pliable. Another rack had some whips. There was Cat of Nine and a Bullwhip and another which I wasn’t sure about but it was wicked looking and obviously a whip, I was later to find out it was a Rimba Long Arabian Whip. On another wall there was a selection of masks and hoods. He led me to what looked like a chair and told me to bend over it where he fastened my arms and legs securing me so that I couldn’t move.

“First, I have to punish you for not properly shaving yourself and since you expressed an interest in being birched, that is what I am going to use.”

He went and collected the Birch from the container and swished it about to dry it off then without any more discussion he brought it down on my arse. The pain was sharp and stinging. He repeated this six times and my bum cheeks were aflame with pain.

“That will do for now since you are not a pain slut or trained up for a proper punishment”

Now this is the room you will be most acquainted with this weekend where I will introduce you to my various implements.

“ I am not a great explorer of activities I like what I know and like to stick to them. That was one advantage your age had for you and in your profile you expressed pretty much the same but in a different way. Your profile also shared similar ideals and interests. You get randy and enjoy being humiliated and degraded by doing acts that like everyone else that disgusts you and repels you. At least at first then you want to try them and see if you can perform them. That is what excites you that is why you want to be the sex object of a dominant man. I wanted someone to humiliate and degrade them physically not verbally so were a perfect match. This morning’s little scene was what that was all about.”

He introduced me to the tawses straps canes, the different sounds as they hit my flesh the different ways of pain they induced. A couple of strokes each.

“Now the whips are mainly for punishment as they tend to have a more dramatic effect to your flesh and you need recovery time after. The Cat can be used lightly but the bullwhip and especially my Arabian will be only used for punishment but you will feel their kiss this weekend but later on today. That day blurred into a mix of pain and sex. I swallowed his cum and I loved the taste and texture. I longed for his prick to be in my mouth and feel it pulsing and throbbing and exploding in my mouth.

At the end of the day he was as good as his word. He tied me to the roof links which had me stretched out on my tip toes and my arms widespread and above my head.

“This is my Cat”

A swish, then a weighted hit, then an explosion of burning pain quickly followed by another hit. Then silence as I tried to recover from the pain. There was a little noise behind me then I heard a whip crack but no pain.

“That was just to flex the whip don’t worry it going to kiss you now!”

With that there was just shear pain across my back followed by another explosion of pain. I was sweating with the pain and tried to further tense and prepare my body. My back was on fire where the leather whip had made contact with my flesh.

“Now my Arabian!”

A loud crack first then pain filled impacts on my back. He released me and I feel to the ground.

“There you are you have been kissed by the whips imagine what will happen if you make me punish you.”

Then he came up to my ear and whispered in a flat voice.

“I will be looking for reasons to punish you once a week”

Then he laughed loud and evilly. I thought. He left me down there in a cage for the night. I passed out and slept the night away. I woke with a splash of water or so I thought at first. He was pissing on me to wake me up. He unlocked the cage door and shouted at me.

“Get over to the wet area! Adopt the position of service.”

My mind reeled not again so soon, I thought but I went over to the wet area and assumed the position of service. The mask was placed over my head and I felt his arse hole caress my face as he wriggled his arse into position over my mouth. Once again I started to lick his hole and probed into this passage with my tongue. This was a humiliating act in itself but I now knew what was to come. I probed with my tongue for a short while then all of a sudden he stood up and walked away.

“That was a test to see if you were prepared for the worst. Now take off the mask and follow me upstairs!”

He led me to the living room where he sat down and ordered me to sit on the floor by his feet.

“Lick my feet between the toes”

I obeyed and lay down to get my tongue to his toes and feet. I did this for a few minutes.

“Now lick and suck my balls then ease up and suck my prick when it is ready.”

I eased up onto my knees and reached over his legs and licked his balls then sucked them into my mouth. His manhood was by my cheek and I felt it twitch and pulse into life. I stopped sucking his balls and moved my mouth up the tip of his prick. I played with the tip with my tongue then stroked the head with my tongue then licked round the head and felt it twitch and the warmth of the blood as it engorged the head. I then sucked in my cheeks to caress the shaft of the prick as I slowly drew it into my mouth and swallowed as it went down my throat. It was easier to coordinate my breathing and downward strokes as I was doing all the timing myself. Much easier than that first face fuck at the start of the weekend. My jaw muscles were tiring when at last he grabbed my head and exploded down my throat. He let out a groan of satisfaction. I cleaned him up relishing in the residue cum and having satisfied the man I considered my Master.

Now let me introduce you to the Tawse that is to become your lover.

He placed it under my nose and the smell of leather penetrated and worked its effect on me.

“How this works is when you feel very randy I want you to use this Tawse on yourself to alleviate the urges in you. When I see you I will take off the chastity device and get you to play with yourself and wank off while I hit you with this tawse. Eventually you will only get an erection once you see your lover and feel your lovers kiss. Only under the pain it brings you will it bring you to ejaculation. You will take this away with you to help your conditioning after the weekend is over and you need to prepare yourself to be my slave. “

With that he had me bend over a chair once he had taken off my device. I smelt the leather and licked it then he told me to play with myself as he went to my rear and gently at first hit me with the tawse. I started to get faster with my strokes and masterbated with relish as it had been quite a while since I had any sexual release. His hits became faster and harder but nowhere like when he introduce me to the other tawses. This was planned to alter my pleasure centres in my brain and to reprogram me to meet his needs. He timed the last hit with my explosion of climax and the release that came over me was intense. I cleaned myself up and he reclamped me into my device. Freedom was over. He had me bend over the chair again but this time it for his own satisfaction. It was only the afternoon of the Sunday when he told me the weekend was over and it was time for me to go home. The surprises though were not over, I thought I would get to think how the weekend had gone and whether or not things would progress to the on call relationship would continue when he started to speak.

“ I have decided that you have all the promise I need and I intend to use you well. But as of now you are to be my slave. You have no say in the matter, any say you had or thought you had ended after the emails we shared before we met. Now it is a case of you being told what, where and when. You are to be used just as you have been used so far and that includes the IBS, I kind of enjoyed that act. You will be conditioned to harden yourself up to receive much more pain than you imagined. Oh and the ‘once in a while reltionship’ is not on the table. You will be my 24/7 slave and you will work for me in my business. I will pay all the official stuff but anything else will be taken out for expenses. After this weekend is over you will sell off your stuff and hand in your notice at your work and sell your house and keep the money in a bank. That is yours to keep and use if and when this relationship comes to an end. I do not intend to exploit you financially like some Masters do. You know this is exactly what you wanted and dreamed of and all I am doing is to answer your dreams. Once you have worked your notice I will get in touch and you will come to me. The house sale will take place through my solicitors and it will be processed, accordingly. Your money will be safe with you in control of it. Do not worry about that.”

This had all been said matter of factly as if it was a certainty. I thought I would have time to think about it but the man’s powerful and commanding attitude made him my dominant and hence my Master. If he asked me right now I would say “yes” and not take any time to consider. Certainly he proposed things, which disgusted me and made me fill with dread but that is what I had said turned me on and what I was looking for. He was only being the kind of Master I said I longed to find in my Profile.

“Oh when you do come back to me you will be branded as my slave on one of your pretty fat bum cheeks with my mark. You will be collared and beaten on a daily basis to toughen you up and give me satisfaction. I will fuck you daily as many times as I need and you will suck me when ordered. You are for my personal use but when friends come round who are like minded you will entertain them anyway they want as long as I say yes and once they have a condom on them. They will do it under my guidance and I will watch. You will perform for them as a Urinal and you might even service them ‘Immaculately’ if you catch my drift. Now you may think you can say no but you do not.  All this is a certainty and you are my slave for ever or until I tire of you. But that pretty mouth of yours with its deep throat and that tight fat arse is mine to use now and forever. You will be trained up physically to improve your performance and your physical appeal so that arse will become very pretty.”

With that all said he rammed his huge prick up my arse and rode me fast and furiously. His glorious, big brown prick, which ruled me, for now and ever.




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