I have always been the go-to guy for singing at weddings for my friends and family. It's been so long since I have actually seen a wedding from the pews instead of from the singers point of view. I have actually kind of become numb to the lovey dovey atmosphere that comes along with those most joyous of days. I do my job, get a little drunk and get out of there. It's always a good time, but I definitely have a hard time watching these ceremonies especially when half of them don't last.

This past weekend, I sang at my cousin's 2nd wedding. It was going to be just like any other wedding where I sit there quietly, sing a little ditty about love and devotion, and then get drunk and go home. This one was especially hard to get into due to the fact that I had already seen her first marriage implode mere months after it began. Anyway, I "enjoyed" the ceremony, ate some cake, drank some punch and scoped out the single talent. There were a few women that caught my eye. I let them come and dote on me for a while before I single one out to pursue for the evening. I made my choice (a young woman named Jess) and headed to the bar for the rest of the reception.

The evening was going well and I was getting increasingly intoxicated. I was slowly losing interest in my conquest for the evening when I noticed one of the grooms friends from across the dance floor. He was a strong, good looking man that had that quiet intensity about him. His name was Steven. He had glanced my way and just gave me a friendly nod and saluted me with his drink. I returned the pleasantry and continued my conversation with Jess.

I ended up getting a bit too drunk by the end of the night and gave up on trying to get any further with Jess. I was staying at my cousins house that night since it would be empty due to the newly weds and their "wedding night". I found out on the way to the house that Steven was going to be meeting us there and staying as well. They have plenty of bedrooms so why not open it up to the drunks at the wedding? We were dropped off at the house, drunk and hungry. My cousin and her new husband said that we could use what we needed (food-wise) so Steven ended up making a pizza and we each grabbed another beer. I started working on the TV in the living room trying to figure out how to get a movie going. It didn't work out to well, us being drunk and all, so we found one of the rooms that had a smaller tv with a DVD player attached. I believe he started Tombstone but I'm not entirely for sure. Steven went to take a piss and I jumped on the bed too drunk to care if I missed the movie or not. He cam back into the room and sat in a chair at the desk and ate his pizza while Kurt Russel and Val Kilmer worked their magic across the screen. I noticed he had left his pants undone but didn't think anything of it due to the alcohol.

Then, out of nowhere, Steven got up out of the chair, shut the door and laid down on the bed next to me. I wasn't sure why he had done that and why he was laying so close to me. His arm was behind his head so that his arm pit was near my face. His, for lack of a better word, musk caught me off guard because I enjoyed it to an extent that I almost leaned in and cuddled in his arm right then. I wasn't understanding these urges at all! I had always had an appreciation for the male form and had even fooled around in college, but I had never had a man cause me to react in this way. His strong jawline, big bulging arms and very perky ass were all giving making me sweat just laying there next to me. What happened next made me so hard I almost creamed my pants.

Steven reached over and grabbed my hand. He slowly placed my hand under his shirt onto his stomach. I had never touched such a well defined set of abs and it drove me wild. I slowly started to feel around his stomach and chest, worshiping every inch of this guys body and wanting to get closer. I pushed his shirt up and caressed his nipples. He inhaled and grabbed my head. He raised me up to face him and we kissed. It was so passionate and strong that I felt like never leaving those lips, but I pulled myself away and took a second to try to understand what was happening. I then traced back down his chest and abs with my lips wanting to learn all I could about the rest of his muscular body (I later found out that he was a professional MMA fighter at one time which explained a lot). I reached his waistline where I hesitated for a second not knowing where this was leading. My body ached with how much I wanted this but my mind was reeling from the sheer unexpectedness of it all. I grabbed the top of his underwear and pulled out the most perfect cock I had ever seen. Even soft, it was about 7", thick, with an amazing head. I began to suck on it slowly, working the head around with my tongue wanting to get him hard. I sucked in his cock all the way to the hilt and massaged his taint with my hand. He then pushed my hand down to his ass where I started playing with his tight hole.

He became rock solid in my mouth which made me even hungrier for his cum. He was breathing harder now and thrusting into my mouth. I was working up and down his shaft with a lust like no other. Steven pulled my face back up to his and we kissed again. His tongue worked around mine, in and out of my mouth. He then reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants. I leaned forward and he pulled it out. He pulled me forward and wrapped his lips around the head. It felt so good that it almost took my breath away. I thrust down his throat as far as he would let me and almost lost it right there. I didn't want this to end so I pulled out. Steven took a breath and giggled this innocent little laugh that made me melt. It threw me for a second that I couldn't prepare for what came next.

Steven threw me onto my back and began to undress us both. I had never bottomed in any of my little trysts in college but was prepared to take all of him inside of me. That wasn't Steven's plan though. This masculine, muscular, take charge type of guy straddled me, got my dick wet and took me inside of him all the way to the base. He clenched onto my cock and began to ride me. I grabbed his hips and every time he came down I pushed further and further into his ass. We got into a rhythm chalk full of raw sexual energy. I was fucking harder than I ever have before. The bed was straining under our power and I thought that it was going to break at one point, but I didn't care. I grabbed Steven's cock and stroked him while I fucked him. He shuddered and his ass squeezed my cock. I was on the verge of explosion and I tried to pull out but he wouldn't let me. I dug into his hips and pumped away until I came. Steven took every ounce of my cum in his ass. I unloaded the biggest load of my life into him. I relaxed back onto the pillow with my abs hurting from the work out I had just had. Steven leaned forward, still hard, and grabbed my head. He proceeded to face fuck me until he was about to cum. He pulled out just in time to cover my chest with his warm seed.

I laid there in awe and bewilderment of what just happened. I was trying to make sure I remembered everything about the sight above me. Steven was still straddling me and breathing hard and his abs were flexing with every breath. That's when I noticed his tattoos on his arms and the way his chest looked as if it were chiseled out of stone. Steven was by far the most perfect specimen of the male form that I had ever seen. He smiled, winked and then climbed off. He grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom. I laid there, exhausted, and forgot the numbness I had felt throughout the day. I had never made love to anyone, man or woman, like that before and I don't think I ever will again. Everything happened so fast and furious that it was hard to keep things in order. I realize now that we didn't even say but maybe 2 words to each other the whole night. There wasn't any reason to. We were in tune with each other from the moment he touched my hand. I knew it was only for the short time we had been together but that was better than anything I could have ever asked for.

I fell asleep before I saw Steven again that night. The next morning, he was up and heading out the door when I woke up. I will probably never see him again, but I know that he will think of me as I think of him in this story. It was a night of lust and sex that goes beyond just mere attraction, but transcends to a level above anything the world has known. My cousin and her husband showed up to the house before noon and they thanked me and gave me a present for singing at the wedding. I laughed and thought to myself, "No, thank you for the best wedding gift ever."



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