'Come on, Jesse,' said Grant. 'Cut it out.'

I ignored Grant's pleas for mercy and continued to nibble on his neck, flicking my tongue up and down his warm skin. I knew full well that it drove him nuts.

'I thought you wanted me to install this for you?' he asked. Grant turned and kissed me gently on my lips. 'It's only going to take a few more minutes.'

He smiled and flashed the grin that even after all these months sent my heart soaring.

Grant was seated at my desk, sticking floppy disk after floppy disk into my computer's drive. I was getting impatient. I hadn't seen him in three whole weeks--three weeks without sucking on his cock or his fucking my ass. This long distance relationship stuff was really getting tedious. I wanted him to forget all about the damn computer and get down to sticking his hard dick into me. Wrapping my arms around his waist, I squeezed him tight. Grant giggled and tried to push me away.

'What has gotten into you?' he asked.

'It's not what's gotten into me, it's what hasn't gotten into me.'

Grant laughed. 'You are incorrigible. Is that all you think about?'

'And like you don't know that already? And besides, if I wasn't thinking about sex all the time, you wouldn't have any reason to come up to visit.'

'I guess you're right.'

Grant clicked and dragged the floppy icon and the disk ejected from the computer.

'There, it's almost done. I just need to restart the computer and I'll show you how its works.'

'You can show me later,' I said. 'Let's go to bed.'

'After I show you this,' said Grant.

I took a deep breath and tried not to say anything, after all he was only going to be visiting for two days. What was his fixation on the computer?

Grant restarted the computer and the little smiley computer face appeared on the screen. I stood there, impatiently, watching, waiting, and wondering.

Grant rubbed his hand through my hair and kissed me. 'I promise, after I show you how this all works we can have some fun.'

'Oh, all right,' I moaned. 'But you know, you can be so fucking stubborn sometimes.'

'Sit down and I'll show you everything.' Grant started to get up off the chair. Before he did, I sat down on his lap and planted another kiss on his cheek.

'Okay, okay. We'll do it your way,' said Grant. He rolled his eyes and rested his chin on my shoulder. I took his hand in mine.

'First, you need to make sure the modem is turned on. I already did that,' he said.

I wriggled my butt in Grant's lap. His cock was swelling, starting to respond to the pressure. If I kept it up, I knew I could make him to forget all about this damn computer shit.

'I'm sure it's not as turned on as I am,' I said.

'Will you stop. This is serious.'

'So am I.'

Grant reached down and squeezed my cock. 'That's all you're getting until you pay attention.'

I laughed at Grant as he tried to put a serious look on his face, seeing right through his efforts. He cleared his throat and continued. 'Once the modem is on, you need to connect to the ISP. I've got you hooked up with the same provider that U sue. You can send me E-mail and browse the web. You'll even be able to send me your stories to me through this instead of mailing them. Think of all the postage you'll save.'

Grant clicked on an icon and one of the programs opened up.

'You want me to show you how to send me E-mail first?' he asked.

'Whatever,' I said, rolling my eyes.

Grant clicked on the little envelope icon and another window opened up. He typed a bunch of characters in the top field.

'That's my E-mail address. I've got yours in all those papers. Anytime you want to send me a message, you use that and I'll get the message on the computer at work. I can also check them from home.'

He clicked the mouse and the cursor appeared in the next box.

'Now, you can type me a message.'

I reached out and positioned my fingers over the keyboard and quickly typed my message.


Grant howled. 'One track mind.'

'And you love it. Now how do I get the message through to you?'

'You click on the 'send now' button.'

I did as I was instructed. A few moments later the window and my message disappeared.

'Where did it go?' I asked.

'You sent me the message, silly,' said Grant.

'Did you get it?'

'Very funny,' said Grant. 'I'll get it when I go back to Los Angeles.'

'Yeah, but when am I going to get it?'

'Oh, you're going to get it. You're going to get it good.'

Grant nuzzled my neck, gently biting my ear lobe. I swivelled around in his lap and kissed him as hard as I could, slipping my tongue into his warm, moist mouth.

Grant pulled away.

'Jesus, Grant, what did I do?'

'There's just a couple more things I want to show you,' he whispered.

'You're a such fucking tease,' I said.

'I just want to show you my web page. It's really cool.' He stroked my arm and looked into my eyes. 'And then we can go to bed.'

'Come on, Grant. You can show me later.'

'This is it. After I show you this, I'm all yours. Scouts' honor.'

'You were never a Boy Scout.'

Grant chuckled and tousled my hair. I repositioned myself, sitting between his legs again. Grant reopened the program.

'Okay, Jesse, click on the 'open button' up top there.'

I fiddled with the mouse and moved the pointer. 'This one?' I asked.

'Uh huh.'

'Now, you're going to type in my URL.'


Grant's fingers danced across the keyboard.

'Now what?' I asked.

Grant clicked on the mouse and after a few moments the screen was filled with brightly colored graphics.

'Hey, that's cool,' I said.

'See, I told you.'

'Have you finished with it?'

Grant smiled. 'No, not yet. Not sure what else to put up there. There's some photos and links to some other web pages.'

'Nasty photos?' I asked.

'Photos of cute guys.'

'Is your picture in there?' I asked, smiling at Grant. 'When I get lonesome for you I can just need to turn on the computer and download your photo.'

Grant grinned. 'I hadn't thought of that.'

'Well, if you do, I'll be sitting here in front of the computer jacking off, thinking about you.'

Grant smirked and turned his attention back to the computer. He clicked on a couple of icons and a picture of a cute guy slowly appeared on the screen.

'Hey, that one's hot,' I said, pointing to the photo of a young guy standing in the surf wearing a pair of baggy swim trunks. 'Who is he?'

'Just some porn model. Watch this. If you click on the photo it gets bigger.'

I reached down and groped at Grant's crotch, feeling him up good. 'Yeah, just like this. Click on it and it gets bigger.'

Grant grabbed me around the waist and bit me on the neck. 'This is no use. I guess I'm just going to have to fuck you.'

'It's about time. Race you to the bedroom.'

I was naked before I got to the bed. Grant followed behind me, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

'Let me finish that,' I said, reaching out and wrapping my arm around his neck.

Standing naked in front of Grant, I fumbled with his buttons, undoing them one by one. As I stared into his deep blue eyes, I wondered how I got so lucky meeting such a great guy.

Grant flashed a grin when I got to the last button. I slipped my arms around his waist, gently caressing his smooth skin. I pulled him close, letting his breath warm my chest and neck.

'I've been waiting three weeks for this,' I said. 'It's been too long.'

'You know how we can solve that,' said Grant.

'You know I don't want to move to LA,' I said. I took Grant's hand in mine, brought it up to my lip, and kissed it gently. 'Anyway, we've had this discussion a million times.'

'Well, I guess this makes it a million and one,' said Grant.

I unbuttoned the top button of Grant's jeans and slipped my hands in the back of his pants, trying to push them downward.

He wasn't wearing any underwear. His half-hard, but growing, cock came into view and his jeans settled around his knees. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around his cock and suck him off. Grant kicked off his sneakers and stepped out of his jeans.

'Now this is more like it,' I said. 'Isn't this more fun than that silly computer?'

'I guess,' said Grant. He grinned mischievously.

I pushed Grant back on the bed and laid on top of him. His warm, smooth skin rubbing against mine sent shivers down my spine.

We both rolled on our sides,face to face. Grant laid his hand on my waist and I moved in closer, pressing my lips to his. He opened his mouth and I darted my tongue inside.

Grant's mouth covered mine hungrily. His day-old growth of beard brushed against my mouth. He had taken the early shuttle and obviously hadn't had time to shave.

I groaned when Grant tried to suck all of my tongue into his mouth. Our kissing was only interrupted by gasps for air.

'Oh shit, Grant. It's been too long.'

My lips seared a path down his neck and shoulders, gently caressing his smooth flesh.

Grant reached out and caressed the length of my back.

Continuing to lick downward until reaching his chest, I paused to admire the effects of Grant's afternoons at the gym. His chest was getting bigger, harder and more defined. Grant shuddered when my lips touched one of his nipples. I flicked my tongue across the swollen nub until he pleaded for me to stop. His voice dropped in volume the longer I tongued his nipple. I knew he didn't want me to stop.

I broke into a wide-open smile. 'Now it's my turn to drive you crazy.'

I lowered my face to his taut mid-section and began to lick around his belly button. Grant rolled flat on his back and I scooted between his spread legs, tonguing his warm flesh, making him squirm in delight.

Grant spread his legs a little further. He didn't have to say anything, I knew what he wanted.

I slid further down the bed and buried my face in Grant's crotch. I moved my tongue in and licked the tender area between his balls and asshole. Grant gasped as I flicked my tongue across his sensitive skin.

'Come on, Jesse. Do it.'

I swabbed my tongue across his balls, slicking them up with my saliva. Grant grasped the comforter with both of his hand, pulling the bed linens up off the bed, as I tongued his nuts.

'Roll over, Grant.'

He flipped onto to his belly and I immediately pressed my face between the silken cheeks of his butt.

'Oh, God. Yes, oh yes.'

I buried my face between his buns and thrust out my tongue, swiping it across his asshole, tasting the salty sweetness of his ass. Grant cried out again in pleasure when I flicked my tongue over his hairy asshole.

'Oh, fuck. Damn that's incredible. Don't stop.'

Licking his asshole, I teased it open until it gave in to my tongue tip enough so that I could force it inside.

I drove my tongue into the soft, yielding flesh of his ass, probing deeper into Grant's hot butt with my snakelike tongue.

Grant pounded his fists on the bed as I darted my tongue in and out of his rectum, his strong butt muscles clenching and unclenching around my tongue.

'Oh fuck, I can't take it any more.'

I let up on rimming out Grant's butt. He rolled over, his chest heaving up and down. His stomach was covered with drooling precum and the sight of his stiff cock had me yearning for another taste of his delicious flesh.

'Come on, Jesse. Suck my cock.'

I leaned forward and took him down my throat in one gulp, his cock sliding down my throat with ease.

'Oh, yeah. That feels so fucking good.'

Grant's hips rose up a little and more of his cock went further down my throat. He grabbed my head, running his fingers through my dark, wavy hair, as I slid my mouth up and down his throbbing cock.

Grant started to pump his oversized dick in and out of my thirsty throat, humping away at my mouth until my nose was buried in his bush.

'Oh, shit, Jesse. Let me do you, too.'

I looked up and grinned at Grant, both my hands were pressed into the mattress. I quickly repositioned myself on the bed so that his cock was in my face and he could get to mine.

As I stuck out my tongue and brushed the tip against Grant's oozing cock slit, he nuzzled his face into my groin and fondled my swollen balls.

'Oh, yeah, Grant. Suck me, suck my cock.'

He took my cock in his mouth and swirled his tongue around the head, sending shivers of desire throughout my body.

I was still slathering over his dick, when I felt my cock engulfed in Grant's warm, wet mouth. I licked around the massive head of his cock, tonguing his dickhead lasciviously.

Grant, in turn, swooped down once more on my bloated cock, getting it slick with saliva. He licked my prick, tracing every bulging vein with his tongue. I was in fucking ecstasy.

While Grant sucked on my bone, he thrust his own cock forward until his dick was rammed all the way down my throat.

I pumped with an involuntary rhythm, my hips rocking back and forth, back and forth, groaning as his throat muscles milked my cock.

When Grant began to fuck my mouth in a rapid pace, I knew he was getting close. He always worked up his momentum the closer he got to cumming. I tightened my mouth around his slick, wet cock, working my tongue feverishly over his velvety smooth, steel-hard cock.

'Oh, fuck, Jesse. I'm going to cum.'

Grant pulled his cock out of my mouth and his body spasmed. His cock jerked and he shot his load of searing, splattering jism all over my neck and chest.

'Oh, shit. That was fucking incredible.'

Reaching down, I grasped my hard cock in my right hand and wrapped my fingers around my hard shaft. I began to pump my cock in a slow, steady rhythm as I watched Grant trying to catch his breath.

Tightening my grip, I began to stroke my cock even faster as precum drooled down my fat shaft, webbing my fingers with my sticky natural lube.

I fisted my cock up and down, up and down, until the oncoming wave of orgasm rose from deep inside me.

'Oh, shit. Here it comes.'

I thrust my cock forward just before I came. My spunk spurted out of my cumhole and blasted out an unending series of huge spurts of creamy white jism that landed all over my belly. I kept erupting and gushing my spewing juice, flushing out a week's worth of stored up cum from my balls.

'Jesus, Jesse, it looks like you haven't cum in weeks.'

'A week to be exact. I saved it up when you told me you were coming up for the weekend.'

Grant and I cleaned ourselves off under the hot spray of the shower, making out the whole time we showered. The action under the shower was as steamy as the bathroom. I even dropped the soap a couple of times, hinting to Grant that he still hadn't fucked me.

After the shower, we dried off and climbed back in to bed together, our warm naked bodies, pressed closely together. I drifted off, feeling Grant's warm breath on my face. As I listened to him snore, I wondered what it would be like to do this all the time.

Hours later, I woke to the sounds of the clicking of the keyboard on the computer.

I wrapped a blanket around me. The apartment had chilled in the night. Padding out to the living room, I found Grant playing with the computer.

'If I didn't know better,' I said. 'I think you might be more interested in my hard drive than my hard dick.'

I dropped the blanket on the floor, letting it puddle at my feet. Fisting my dick until it got hard, I walked closer to Grant. His handsome face, illuminated by the glow of the monitor, crinkled in a vicious smile. His blond hair hung in his eyes. Grant nervously brushed it away.

'What the hell are you doing?' I asked.

He looked up and grinned when he saw my erection. 'I'm arranging your files so we can get your web page on line tomorrow before I go back to LA.'

I stood behind Grant and stared at the flickering monitor. My web page? All the codes on the screen made no sense to me. I wrapped my arms around Grant's chest and hugged him tightly, then nibbled his ear lobe.

'The only thing you're going to do before you go back to LA is fuck my ass,' I said. 'Now come back to bed and shut that damn thing off.'


Jesse Gambini

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