I remember, when I was growing up, so many years ago, Andy was my best friend. He lived on the next street from us, his house backed up against ours. He had a swimming pool in his back yard, and so did we, but Andys' mother was richer than mine, because he had a tennis court too, and we didn't have one.

There was a thick hedge that separated his house from ours, but over the years, as as we got older, maybe nine or ten, Andy and I cut a passage-way through the hedge. We zigzagged it so's no one would know it was there. We thought it was our secret, but I bet our mothers knew about it all along, but didn't let on.

We were together whenever we could be. Since we were the same age, and in the same grade at school, that was pretty much all the time we were awake.

Andy didn't have a Dad and neither did I, at least one in the house with us. But we both had uncles moving in and out. Now, of course, we got the picture and figure they weren't our uncles at all: just Mamas' boyfriends. When we were little we didn't know much about that, or even care. I guess we must a been almost twelve before we learned about jacking off. Andy learned about it first and then showed me.

You see, he had two brothers, twins, way older than him, by six or seven years. They were in college at USC so he didn't see them very much. When his mother went to Europe or on a cruise or some kind of vacation with one of her friends, the twins moved into the big house to take care of him. 'Course they went to school during the day, but they were always there at night, and they showed Andy how to do it.

One day we were jacking off together out by his pool. His mother had gone to China on a tour, and his brothers were at S.C., so being alone, we were naked. We must have been 15, or maybe 16, as far as I can figure it.

It felt good to have our clothes off, and swim bareass and feel the breeze as it dried us off. Both our cocks were hard, and we were excited, and I played with mine and Andy played with his.

Andy told me about his brothers and how they invited some guys over the night before, and they played strip poker. He said that they all got naked and that they had a lot of hair all over them.

"I mean a lot," Andy said. "And their cocks are huge, as big as a whole salami."

Then Andy came over to me and put his arm around me and when I turned my head toward him he kissed me on the mouth and his tongue pushed in. I liked it! We never did that before. He hugged me, and I could feel his soft silky skin on mine and it felt good.

He cupped my balls in his hand and gently squeezed them as the inside of his wrist massaged my cock.

It was the first time we touched each other, and my fingers circled his cock and jacked it up and down. Then we kissed again. I liked it and didn't want to stop, but my cock shot off and we fell into the grass kissing and laughing and we rolled our naked bodies against each other.

At this point, our friendship changed. He changed it because he made the first move. First to kiss, first to touch. Without saying it, I knew that from that moment forward, I would do anything he wanted.

Without really knowing it or putting it into words I realized that I was his for whatever he wanted. I guess it was then, that moment, that I knew for sure I was gay. Something I had been wondering about.

"Look" he said, "Mother's not coming home 'til next week."


"Well, my brothers are planning another party. They call it orgy, or something like that. It's Saturday night. You can sleep over can't you?"

"Well, I'd like to--"

"Sure you can. They don't let me come downstairs but I watch from the balcony. We can do what they do. Just you and me.

We'll take our clothes off and have fun."

I thought about what he said about the guys being naked and hair an big cock and all. "Alright. I'll tell mama I'm sleeping over at your house. She'll be glad I bet. Uncle Brad'll be here for the weekend and she won't have to bother having me around." And my cock started to get hard again just thinking of Andys' brothers.

We were upstairs in Andys' room watching television. Andy wanted us to take off our clothes and be naked like we were in the pool, but I felt kind of funny being in his house with his brothers around and all. It wasn't like we were all alone like the afternoon by the pool. I did let him put his arms around me and kiss me, but just for a minute.

The twins came upstairs to say hello to Andy and me. One was called Marco and the other was Mario. They looked exactly alike. I was never really sure which was which. They were tall and slender with big dark eyes and real long eyelashes that made them look sleepy. They had thick black hair that grew over their ears and down the back of their neck. They both needed a shave. There was a dark shadow of black stubble that extended down from their sideburns and over their cheeks and chin. Their teeth were even and real white and framed by full lips that seemed to be smiling all the time.

When they shook my hand they each leaned over and kissed me.

"So you're spending the night with Andy," one of them said, I think it was Mario, and he kind of squeezed my hand and winked. His eyes were smiling too. "Have fun." And they went down stairs to answer the chiming door bell.

As soon as they left, Andy and I went out onto the landing to watch.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was nervous and excited and, as Andy held my hand, my cock tingled.

Four men came in the front door talking fast and shrill. They hugged and kissed each other and laughed aloud. They were all goodlooking college men, like Marco and Mario, for the most part, trim and athletic. Their conversation seemed to bubble with pleasure and excitement and they all seemed to say the say thing. "Jeez! I am so horny tonight." ... "Let's get started -- now!" ... "Gawd you look good enough to eat, Danny." and with that they all screamed and laughed and arm in arm went into the living room.

The staircase to the second floor began in the entry hall, the landing was half-way up, then the stairs veered to the right and formed a balcony that hung over the full length of the living room. The doors to the bedroom suites were off the balcony. We had a perfect view of what went on below.

They drank beer and smoked a lot of grass as they sat around a huge square cocktail table and told stories and dirty jokes and all kinds of remarks with double meanings and shrieked their laughter. They were so vibrant, and seemed very happy to be together.

Andy kissed me and put my hand inside his open fly. His cock was erect and I played with it as his tongue went in and out of my ear.

It felt good.

Then one of the twins said, "Okay you guys, here are the cards. You know how we do it. We each draw one and the lowest gets to take off one article of clothing beginning with shoes. First one naked wins and the rest are his slaves and got to do whatever he wants. Okay?"

I was fascinated as I watched each of them turn over his card to see who was lowest and had to take off his clothes. It was a gradual process, but didn't take too long before they had all gotten rid of their shoes and socks. Marios' shirt came off next and I was amazed and excited at all the hair he had on his chest and stomach. You could see everyone leering at him and could feel the tension as he threw his shirt in back of him onto the floor.

Andy and I were playing that he was Marco and I was Mario so when Mario took off his shirt, so did I. It was fun! When the guy sitting next to Mario leaned over and kissed his nipples, so did Andy lean over and kiss mine. He nibbled at them with tiny bites that sent a shock of pleasure down my back.

It wasn't long before everyone, except a tall blond man, who they called Danny, was stripped to their shorts; that included me and Andy.

My throat was getting dry just thinking of the cocks and balls I was going to see. I loved just looking at their bare chests and stomachs and long hairy legs, but what was inside those shorts was what was really turning me on, and everyone else too, I guess. They were all looking at each other and sitting still, each in his own little place, not touching, just looking. The suspense made them all quiet.

Danny the blond was still in his slacks and shirt. He was a goodlooking young guy with the complexion like a fresh peach, all light and pink and with just a bit of fuzz instead whiskers. He seemed a bit younger than the others except there was one black guy named John who looked pretty young too. Besides Danny and John there were two brothers named Fred and Billy. They were real quiet; just sat on their haunches grinning at everything that happened. Like the others.

they too had handsome lean bodies. Danny seemed a but shy and lowered his head everytime anyone looked at him or teased him about still being dressed.

They stopped for a few moments to have some more grass and another beer and I looked at each of them in turn, admiring their broad chests, some with hair, some without. I wondered at their erect nipples.

A couple of them were really sticking out far and I thought how nice it would be to suck on those.

The next card was dealt and each turned theirs over at the same time.

This was crucial because any of them but Danny might get to drop his shorts and be all the way naked. Andy let out a groan. Danny drew a four, the lowest card. He stood up and lowered his head kind of shy like and pulled his t-shirt over his head. He had no body hair at all and if he had any in the armpits it was so light that I couldn't see it. The rose surrounding the nipples must have been two inches in diameter and the nipples an inch long and almost as wide as the entire aerole, almost like mamas'. Unconsciously he reached up and played with them with each hand. He had no hips and his stomach was flat.

I looked at each of the almost naked men, one to the other, and saw hunger in their eyes which I could understand because I wanted to hug him too. A sweet guy you'd really like to cuddle up to and lock legs with and deep kiss.

Without a pause Marco threw out the next card. They seemed to be getting impatient. Again the tension was so think you could cut it with a knife. It didn't seem likely that Danny would get the lowest card again and that meant that someone for sure would go all the way, but surprise! Danny got a two and again stood up on the table. He shimmied out of his designer jeans. He was so beautiful. I almost creamed just looked at him. The shorts that he wore were skimpy.

They were Calvin Klein briefs and just about showed everything.

You could see the shadow of Dannys' cock. He had an erection that pushed out the silky material.

Now everyone was down to the last veil.

Again Marco dealt out the cards without waiting or saying anything.

Everyone around the table was quiet and tense. No one moved or stirred. All eyes though, seemed to be on Danny. He drew the low card twice in a row. Could he do it again? I held my breath as I watched him turn it over. It was a three! Fred and Billy each got picture cards, Marco got a five, Mario a nine and John, the black boy, got a two.

Suddenly the whooping and yelling began. John got up on the table and began dancing rotating his hips, rubbing his hands over his almost naked body. A wide grin spread across his glowing face.

He was as excited about stripping as we were to watch him do it.

He was of medium height, well-proportioned and muscular. He had powerful shoulders and a broad hairless chest with purple nipples.

His stomach was washboard flat with rippling surface muscles. His buttocks, hugged by tight jockeys, were rounded globes that had a liquid motion as he danced snapping his fingers for rhythm and his ebony skin reflected the light from the lamps. As he oscillated his hips, showing off his ample basket, he lowered his hands to his narrow waist and, to the encouragement of the others, he eased his shorts down over his buns and they fell to the floor. He stepped out of them, totally naked now. His immense hard cock jutted out from between his legs and swayed back and forth as he continued to dance upon his pedestal, a triumphant grin on his happy face, and he rolled his tongue over his thick lips. Then he knelt down in front of Marco, his cock only inches from his mouth and Marco leaned forward and kissed the head of it. John rubbed his balls in Marcos'

face. Those great big love-juice-packed balls, and I saw Marcos'

tongue slide up the shaft of the cock and his mouth enveloped the head of it as he sucked the cock into it. This was the first experience I had ever had with cocksucking. Andy and I had seen a magazine once with pictures of it, but watching Marco take Johns'

cock into his mouth was really exciting.

Then John pulled away and turned to Mario, and then the others so that each could taste him, loving his naked body as their turn came.

As each finished his worship of the idol-cock, they stood up and with a shout they tore off their own remaining covering. They were all naked, and so were Andy and I in our secret spying spot.

I leaned forward and, for the first time ever, took a cock into my mouth as I descended upon Andys' crotch. He lay back, his legs spread apart, his cock reached up to meet me as I lowered my open mouth upon it. The foreskin had slipped back so that even the glans penis was naked too. I rolled my tongue around the slickness of it and swallowed the whole of it into my mouth so that my nose touched his pubic hair.

Though this was the first time for me, there was a naturalness about it that made it seem as though I had been sucking cock all my life.

I bobbed my head back and forth with a slight sucking motion.

What surprised me was the pleasure I felt having his vibrant hot erect cock in my mouth. Andy cried a little and moved his hips back and forth. His hands encircled my head holding it steady as he fucked in and out. Each of us was excited in a different way, and the excite- ment melded into an exquisite pleasure that was natural and shared.

With a lurch of his hips and a brief cry, Andy spurted his cum in quick pulsating shots that hit the back of my throat and filled my mouth with his sweet and salty cream. I swallowed and swallowed some more as I kept sucking until the pressure of his hands on my head reversed and he gently pulled me away from the cum feast. A lovers communion. Pleasure, forever sought, but never quite equaled again.

I raised my head and moved my body forward, guided by Andys' strong arms, to rest stomacn to stomach, cock to cock and kissed mouth to mouth. "I love you Andy. You win for I am your slave now," I thought to myself.

We rested that way in a lovers embrace for what seemed a long time, but wasn't. Our kisses were wet and deep. Andys' tongue sought traces of his love-cream which was now a part of me.

In the background we could hear the muffled sounds of the six naked men below as they performed their own ritual upon each other. Groans and slurps coupled with the smells of sex and grass and poppers permeated the room.

Andy stirred and we separated. I knelt, leaning against the railing of the balcony and looked below. The hairy Mario was stooped over Danny, who lay on his back. I wondered what they were doing when Dannys' head reached up into Marios' ass. I saw Marios' hands spread the ass cheeks apart as Danny licked that hairy crack.

Fred lay on his stomach. He was a brawney and masculine boy. He stretched his long sinewy back, held himself up by the elbows and sucked on Marios' cock. On the other side of the room, Billy, clean- cut an blond, with chisled features lay on his back. His legs were up over Marcos' shoulders, his ass slightly raised, accepted Marcos'

huge cock. Marco fucked him in and out like a piston, strong violent motions that should have cause great pain to Billy. Instead, his eyes were closed, a smile on his face like he was seeing a vision of heaven. Marco leaned forward, his hairy stomach pressed against Billys'

cock and he sucked Billy's nipples and he fucked and fucked.

John, his block skin shining in the reflected light of the lamp, sat back on a big overstuffed chair and watched Marco, waiting his turn to fuck Billy, and he played with his huge cock, masturbating it with one hand, his finger up his ass with the other.

I felt Andy stirring next to me as I watched the sexual scene below.

Then I felt his warm moist mouth as he kissed my balls taking them into his mouth one at a time. He washed his tongue over them and then it slid up the erect shaft. He took my cock into his mouth and sucked and ran his finger into my ass slit, massaging the hole. The great pleasure began in the bottom of my testicles and as he sucked I knew there was no possible way to hold it off or call it back. The pleasure grew like a balloon that's been blown up, and with a tremendous surge and an exquisite shudder, I climaxed into his mouth all the great gobs of juice that had been wanting to get out of my balls since the evening began.

Exhausted, we somehow found our way to Andys' room where we collapsed upon the bed, a tangle of arms and legs, our naked bodies pressed together and we fell into a twilight sleep of full contentment, until Danny and John awakened us, later in the night, and started loving us.

that was how it all started........

joe wilson


Joe Wilson

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