The rain is trickling down my hot wet naked body and as I stand under the enveloping waterfall that only captures my silhouette
I'm instantly cast into a shadow of men that surround me with only a small opening to escape.

But as I try to escape from their grasps I give in to the intense sexual energy that captures my body and mind to allow the seduction of these hot male animalistic creatures where I can no longer resist the temptations of their tongues bathing me from top to bottom and in between.

Am I dreaming this fantasy I ask myself and whether I will wake up and be saddened it was only a dream sequence I have always have.
But I do not wake from a dream because it is real and what is happening is a pure physical lust among more men I can ever imagine.

The moment arrives when I am taken from this erotic place and brought to a bed that can only be described as clouds of pure pleasure. As each man fizzles away to his rapture I am left with only one desirable male hotness that gives me the attention I so desperately need.

I feel his tongue lavish my body from head to toe and as he slides his tongue up my wet body I feel my cock rise to his mouth where he takes my hot rod into his mouth and gently sucks the shaft up and down while stroking my balls. It is all I can do to keep from shooting my load into his mouth. But I don't and keep letting him suck and suck as long as his mouth can take my hot throbbing rod.

The moment has finally come and we both can't wait any longer as we both are hot and sweaty filled with the hot cum that is about to erupt from our lustful bodies and before I know it he has turned me over on my stomach and slides his hot throbbing cock into my hot ass that is waiting to be pumped hard and as I grip my hot cock I feel his rod enter into my hole and he pound me as I take every inch and told him to fuck me hard and harder ooh fuck ooh fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck me fuck me fuck me yeah and we both collapse as we shot our loads all over each other.





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