In my story "The Warehouse Mirror," I was just one guard in a long string of young soldiers given that particular guard duty. Several of my friends read the story, proved extremely curious about how that guard duty got started and asked if I knew. In my story "Sexy Letters" the third letter says, "Those sergeants and that Jack-Off Club sound like exciting fun, Jack." I don't have a copy of the letter I wrote to my friend, but I wrote about the sergeants, who had been very happy to tell me the history of that guard duty:

What had started out as a bit of fun and excitement, I was told, developed into a real obsession for some of the sergeants on our post. Two of them, Alan and Rob, had chanced to bump into each other at a discreet but nationally famous jack-off club. Overcoming their initial shock at finding themselves in front of one another naked and aroused, they did what they had come to do and jacked off together. That mutual orgasm formed the basis for a relationship that developed into real friendship. Back on post, they sought ways to indulge their mutually satisfying interests in privacy. They discovered an old, abandoned, unguarded warehouse. They realized that they could use it to be uninhibited while being undisturbed. They set up a huge old mirror, got a couple of dim lights to work, and luxuriated in the enjoyment of their mutual pleasures.

Later they revisited the jack-off club together. While off in a dark corner for some private moments, they were startled to see a young soldier from our outfit take center stage, as it were, to become the focus of activity for a group of J/O enthusiasts. This young soldier, named Dan, was incredible. He was tall, well-built in that youthful way of lean, smooth, well-defined musculature, was very handsome, and possessed a remarkable set of masculine endowments which he handled with great skill and obvious pleasure. He drew the onlookers with him to overwhelming heights of sexual fervor and complete, cum-spurting release. The two sergeants watched in unobserved fascination from the darkness and then took the opportunity to withdraw unnoticed at the very moment of the soldier's highest intensity.

They talked about Dan, the handsome young soldier, and agreed it would be an unimaginable treat to watch him perform for them in front of that mirror in the old warehouse. It was Alan who thought up the plan. As he was Sergeant-of-the-Guard at night for the coming week for the 10PM to 6AM shift, and as he controlled the scheduling assignments for guards, he would simply add the warehouse to the guard list and assign, seemingly at random, a soldier to guard it from 10PM to 2AM. Then they would see what happens. He had seen and admired a soldier in the barracks showers. The soldier was awaiting reassignment and was therefore scheduled for guard duty, so his selection was not really a random choice.

For the next three nights, Rob, off duty and secreted in a darkened part of the warehouse, watched the soldier. Alan sneaked back to the warehouse several times each night to see if anything was happening, not seeing Rob but knowing he was hidden there. The soldier took a stool and set it a few feet in front of the mirror, under one of the two dim lights, and waited. Rob noticed, though, that he kept glancing at his reflection in the mirror, adjusting his crotch, smirking at himself, and seeming to get aroused. On the fourth night, just a few moments after Alan had arrived back at the warehouse to sneak a peek, it finally happened. Feeling confident the sergeant-of-the-guard would not return, the young soldier began to initiate obvious moves towards self-gratification.

His hand pressed against the material of his fatigues at his crotch. His other hand pressed against his chest, fingers pinching through the material to massage a nipple. His features relaxed and he smiled at his own reflection, muttering something softly under his breath, which neither observer could overhear.

As the two sergeants were to tell each other later as they relived this first successful event through vivid recollection and mutual arousal, they had both become tremendously excited while they watched in secret as the young man began to fondle himself.

They had both wondered how far would he go.

He rose from the stool and faced the mirror. An erection was apparent through his trousers. His hand adjusted it as it continued its climb to full hardness. Rob almost gasped aloud as the soldier began unbuttoning his pants. Then, the soldier began unbuttoning his shirt, too. Both hands moved to his belt and he undid it, pushing his trousers down thick thighs until they fell free and clumped over his boots. He stripped off his shirt and carefully draped it over the stool to keep it militarily neat. He stood there, legs slightly apart, and admired his reflection in the mirror. He only wore a thin sleeveless khaki undershirt and khaki boxer shorts. Both looked a size or two too small for his muscular frame, and they accented his masculinity in a dramatic, almost theatrical, way. For the two jack-off artists watching him, he was a classic specimen of a potent military sex machine.

He pulled out the hem of his undershirt and, with arms crossed in front of himself, whipped off the garment with a smooth motion and laid it on top of his shirt. His dogtags made that familiar clinking sound with his movements. He put his hands on his hips and looked at the reflection of himself. He grinned. The bulge in his shorts was impressive, causing the fly to pull open but in the dim lighting revealing nothing. Both sergeants held their breaths as they watched, waiting for his next move. They admired the sturdy frame, muscular build and handsome good looks of the sexy soldier.

He popped the top two snaps on his skivvies. The shorts slid downward slightly as the material parted but one side was held up in place by the towering bulge it covered. He popped the final snap and released the material. The shorts slid smoothly downward until caught by his muscular thighs. He stared at the stalwart erection. So did the sergeants, who realized that this lad was a prize much more enticing than they had first hoped. With both hands, the young man pushed the khaki shorts downward and they sank to his ankles. Once again, he put his hands on his hips and studied his reflection. His cock throbbed with pleasure as he stared.

His own body seemed to fascinate him. He began a series of twists and turns as he looked at himself. Later, Rob and Alan concurred that he was probably seeing himself naked and aroused in a full length mirror for the first time since becoming a soldier and for the first time was noticing the improvements in his physique that hard work and exercise had wrought. His preening was a source of real pleasure to the onlookers and obviously to himself, too. His cock was rigid in its complete arousal. As he moved and postured, clear, viscous liquid began to sparkle at the tip and then to ooze slowly down the thick crown. He saw it, too, and put a finger to the fat cockhead, wiping off some of the pre-cum. He slid it through his fingers apparently fascinated with its slipperiness. More and more oozed out as he continued to preen. In a surprise move, he slid thumb and forefinger up the shaft, squeezed out more of the liquid, gathered it on his finger, and then raised it to his mouth and licked it clean.

With that sexy gesture, both Rob and Alan realized their lusty young soldier was going to go all the way. Both tore open their own clothes and began a matching beat on their organs as they watched the youth begin to pump his cock. He stood before his reflection, hips thrusting into his fist, muscular buttocks gleaming in the dim lighting as it clenched and relaxed rhythmically, and slowly jacked the large weapon. He again muttered something under his breath, but then clearly husked out the sexy phrase, "Yeah, man. Beat that meat!" in a tone that really turned the two observers on.

All three men were getting hotter and hotter. The young soldier clearly loved the knowing feel of his own hands on his body as he pumped cock with one and delighted his flesh with the other, as it alternately pinched his tits and rubbed his balls. His knees were slightly bent, his hips were thrusting faster into his fist, and his hand was travelling the full length of the hard meat up and down, up and down! His movements became rapid and more emphatic as he encouraged himself with louder and louder phrases like, "Yeah, pump that fucker!" "Pound that dick!" and "Work out that load, man." His body glistened, each muscle seeming to stand out on its own. As his orgasm approached, his body looked dazzling.

Rob saw that the soldier was nearing eruption but for some reason held off joining him. Alan, on the other hand, found the youth so exciting that he knew the first sight of the guy's sperm would carry him over the brink. And it came. A long, thick spurt of white juice shot from the handsome figure's thick cockhead and it sailed high into the air. That sight of the spraying cock produced such a reaction in Alan that he almost passed out with pleasure as his cock, too, exploded in orgasm. Both men pumped out volumes of sticky white cum.

Alan staggered back from his hiding place behind an outer windowed door and tried to control his noisy breathing and intense feelings.

Rob, meanwhile, was watching in fascination as the young soldier continued stroking his hard meat even after his orgasm subsided. Within a few moments, Rob realized the young stud was going straight ahead for another orgasm! Rob wondered how long it would take the youth to work up a second load. Rob knew that he, himself, was going to have great difficulty trying to stay calm long enough to join the soldier's second orgasm without prematurely dropping his own delayed load.

Alan recovered from the intensity of his orgasm and peered back into the warehouse out of curiosity. He was astonished to see that the handsome soldier was eagerly beating his meat as if for the first time. The fist pumped diligently on the hard tube, the hips maintained their rhythmic thrusting, and the soldier watched his reflection with unswerving fascination, turning and posing for himself from time to time, catching sight of his body from different angles. The beat was as insistent as before but somehow it was apparent that the second orgasm would not arrive so quickly as the first, which seemed to allow the soldier even greater pleasure as he watched himself dance in front of that old mirror. It may have taken him four days to arrive at the decision to jack off, but now nothing was stopping him from enjoying himself completely.

Like many a twenty-five-year-old, Alan was used to some reasonable period elapsing between orgasms. He could come more than once a day, that was certain, but seldom immediately, one orgasm after another. But as he watched this sexy teenager perform before the old mirror, seeing him in the flesh and in the reflection, and catching his muscular body from every angle, he suddenly realized that this could be the first of a great many young men lured here to perform for the mirror. This thought caused a renewed lustiness to spring up in his loins and Alan knew, as his cock stiffened to maximum rigidity, that he was going to join the young man in pumping out a second load. As he wrapped a loving hand around his re-hardening shaft, he figured Rob was holding up well and sensed that this overwhelming scene would be having an equally strong impact on him, too.

This was the perfect culmination of their plan: unhurried, lusty orgasms for each of the three of them. And the fifth and sixth nights of guard duty with this lusty meat-beater were to prove very busy for the energetic voyeurs.

The following week was Rob's turn as Sergeant-of-the-Guard and he selected a soldier he had seen at the swimming pool. Sure enough, this time by the third night, the sexy young swimmer stripped down, his pants at his ankles, and put on a cum-churning exhibition of jack off style and technique that left the two sergeants gasping for breath and trying to keep up with this randy fellow. Each night for the next three nights the heady scene was played out over and over again. And each night this horny swimmer came three times over the course of the four-hour shift.

Volunteering for Sergeant-of-the-Guard duty would have aroused suspicions, so Rob and Alan wondered how to keep the action going for the next four weeks before they were scheduled again. A break came late in the swimmer's week when the First Sergeant fell ill and had to go to the hospital. Alan filled in for him and was asked to review the guard schedules for the next three months. He simply added the warehouse into the normal list for the 10pm to 2am duty and passed it on for approval. It came back approved, without comment. For each of the next three weeks, either Alan or Rob explained the guard location to the current Sergeant-of-the-Guard and let fate take its course.

Both of the sergeants were amazed that completely random selections by fellow sergeants produced a great crop of fine young men during the next three weeks. By the third or fourth night, each horny jacker was posing in front of that enticing mirror and pumping out impressive loads.

Towards the end of the last week before Alan was to be duty-sergeant again, a potentially devastating incident took place. The guard was a very sexy, extremely cute, outgoing young guy who was flailing away two or three times a night since the third night. Both Alan and Rob took up hidden vantagepoints in the warehouse before his arrival, and both enjoyed his performances immensely.

But on the fifth night, with the boy's pants at his feet, the door suddenly burst open and the Sergeant-of-the-Guard swaggered into the room demanding to know what was going on here. He must have scared the hell out of the poor teenager, caught red-handed with his red erection in his hand. He certainly startled both hidden sergeants, but they could do nothing to help the kid.

The boy looked dejected and fearful, but, oddly enough, his erection did not subside. The sergeant had closed the door and was speaking in so low a voice that the hidden men could not hear. The sergeant, named Biff, was a gruff, muscular fellow who kept pretty much to himself. He had the reputation for great strength and the ability to take care of himself. He pointed to the mirror and then pointed to the soldier's penis, which just stood there taking it all in. He seemed to be berating the boy. But then, he put a hand affectionately on the boy's arm and the boy nodded his head in agreement.

Suddenly, both Alan and Rob realized what was happening. As they watched Biff sink to his knees in front of the lad, they knew Biff had demanded sexual favors from the kid in return for keeping quiet about catching him jacking off. Both sergeants were irate but could do nothing about it without revealing themselves. So, already aroused in any event, they separately watched with some initial disgust but with growing fascination the tryst being played out in front of them before the big mirror. Biff's meaty hands lightly caressed the white flesh of the youth, sliding over his body and ending on the boy's muscular buttocks. He pulled the body towards him and everyone, the boy, Biff and the two hidden sergeants watched in the mirror as the long, hard red rod of the guard slowly sank into the talented mouth of his seducer. The boy's eyes widened as inch after inch of his cock disappeared into the welcoming mouth. With very little bobbing and with no apparent difficulty, the long cock was taken in right down to the balls.

As he began a slow forward and backward head movement, sucking the big cock effortlessly, Biff slipped a hand down to his own crotch and released a huge erection. The boy's eyes really bulged out at the sight of it. Biff kept a strong grip on the boy's buttocks, and he began a knowing masturbation of his own hard meat, while continuing to suck cock. The boy groaned with pleasure.

"Ooh, you're good," he said loud enough to be easily heard. "Yeah, suck that cock!" he insisted. Watching the action in the mirror, he said, "That's it, beat that meat, Sarge!" Both Alan and Rob felt he was talking directly to them and were drawn into a sexual frenzy, anxious to keep up with the two men in front of the mirror. "Suck my cock!" the boy instructed, "Work for my big, juicy load, man. It's almost there."

Biff worked well. The boy stiffened, his back stretching back, his crotch pushed as completely into Biff's face as possible, and he shuttered from head to toe. He reached out and grabbed Biff's head with both hands, humped his body into tight thrusts and was obviously hosing spurts of cum into Biff's eager throat. Biff's rapidly pumping hand slowed then stopped, and giant lines of white semen shot out in rapid succession to fly between the boy's legs and land with quiet splats on the floor behind him.

Both Alan and Rob were swept away by the sight of the cocksucking, cum-shooting sergeant and his sexy prey. They came together with the sergeant, trying to be quiet about it in the still warehouse, they confirmed later. When Biff left, he gave the boy some instructions. The boy followed the instructions and twice more during the shift allowed the sergeant to give him blowjobs while the sergeant jacked off.

The following day, Rob and Alan found a chance to talk privately with Biff. They told him, to his great shock, that they knew what he'd done the night before. They explained that they were Jack-off enthusiasts and had set up the old warehouse for their own pleasures and if Biff tried to fuck them up he'd live to regret it. Biff eagerly pleaded to be allowed to join up with them and agreed to comply with their rules, especially the rule to keep hands off the young guards.

But it was also agreed that Biff should return to the warehouse early during that night's shift to apologize to the cute guard he had seduced. Otherwise, it was reasoned, the boy would be fearful all evening that Biff would make a sudden appearance at any moment and, therefore, would not jack off for the sergeants' voyeuristic pleasures. Biff's meek arrival and tender apology so surprised the boy that he blurted out loudly, "Ya mean ya don't wanna suck my cock again?" He sounded so disappointed that Biff shrugged his shoulders helplessly at his mirror image, knowing his two colleagues were watching, and said, "Sure, kid, I want to suck your cock, if you want me to." And he did. More than once!

Later on, he told his two new friends, that knowing they were somewhere in the warehouse watching his sexual performance elevated his own pleasures dramatically. He had never realized he might enjoy exhibitionism so thoroughly. They invited him to join them on their next visit to the jack off club. His horizons were greatly expanded, happily.

The following week, Alan was delighted to see Dan's name on the list of soldiers awaiting reassignment and scheduled him for guard duty in front of the mirror.

Biff "introduced" Rob and Alan to his good friend Curtis, another sergeant whom they already knew. It's just that they hadn't known that Biff and Curtis were sporadically involved, nor that Curtis was really fascinated in becoming a member of the jack off team in the warehouse. He was accepted into the group and the four of them made time during the day to go out to the warehouse and fix up comfortable observation points. For the first two nights, Dan looked like he was about to succumb to the intrigue of the mirror, but held back. On the third night, though, he broke loose in the style of which Alan and Rob knew him capable.

Very shortly after Alan left him off at the warehouse, and with only enough time for Alan secretly to double back to observe, Dan moved the stool to the side and carefully stacked all of his clothing on it ,even his dogtags, as he stripped completely nude, except for his boots. Then, like a dancer taking warm-up exercises, he stretched and turned, bent to touch his toes, jumped up and waved his arms, all in an effort to tune up his muscular body for a memorable, body fulfilling, gut-wrenching, cum-spewing orgasm. Watching him warm up was exciting for the viewers because they all knew what he was leading up to. He did not disappoint them!

Dan and the four sergeants got off five times that night! The sergeants latter agreed that Dan was an Adonis of a sex god, and they watched him every night until the end of his guard duties. Each night was explosively exciting for all of them. Dan delightfully shocked them on his last night by sitting on the stool, crunching his body together and sucking himself off! White fluids seeping down the huge shaft confirmed that he had brought himself to orgasm and had swallowed most of his massive load. Biff latter admitted that the sight of Dan's self-suck made him realize how much he wanted to suck the guy's cock. It caused Biff to have a terrific spurting orgasm.

So, in time, I came to be the guard before the mirror. And the sergeant I caught watching and jacking at the door was, of course, Biff! No one was angry with him because he did not break in on me. He only reacted to my own carnal desires. During the three months I was there, five times a week, I met each of the sergeants. By the end of my stay six sergeants were involved and I met them all. One by one they would stay with me during my shift. Only Biff and Curtis were the ones who loved giving and getting head, and the three of us put on some real fireworks. The others loved to jack off with me. I loved it, too.

Two days before I was finally set to leave on reassignment, Alan came in to visit me on my last shift. He had a big grin on his face. The door opened and Biff came in followed by Curtis. I was surprised.

"We thought we'd all get together for one last blast as our way of thanking you for being such a great sex fiend!" Alan said with a laugh.

"Yeah," Rob agreed, coming out of his hidden spot, surprising me.

Within moments all six sergeants were there as we all started to undress. It was amazing.

"I've got to be quick," a sergeant named John admitted. "I'm Sergeant-of-the-Guard tonight.

We all laughed, but hurriedly finished undressing for his sake.

A seven-man half-circle formed before the mirror, which made it seem like a fourteen-man circle jerk. It was awesome! I was at the middle of the seven of us and could easily see everything. As I grabbed my cock, everyone did too. We started jacking! It was an exceptional sight of these sexy, handsome, muscular soldiers. I knew I would come in a flash.

Biff, on the other hand, had his own idea. "Let me suck your cock, Jack, please!"

The group said, "Yes!" as one voice.

I moved slightly toward the mirror, turned to profile myself in the mirror, as Biff moved in to kneel before me. Oohs and Ahs were heard as he sucked in my cockhead.

The scene was as hot, carnal and exciting as you can imagine. As my orgasm hit me and I fired off into Biff's gulping mouth, I pulled out after two cum-shots, grabbed my erupting cock and joined the rest of the guys as we all shot off together.

I loved it! We all did!


Jack Sofelot


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