Baker Distributing is a general wholesale distributor. They carry housewares, hardware, nuts, bolts, sporting goods, and builders hardware which includes door locks and cabinet hardware. Their main customers are the local neighborhood hardware stores in several states.

I began working there when I was eighteen, puling orders for items in the hardware department. I worked hard, never missed work, and my work was accurate. After three years, I was promoted to department manager, overseeing the employees in the hardware section of the warehouse.

Then, three years later, on a Friday afternoon, the intercom chimed signaling a message.

"Mark Rivers, please report to Mr. Baker's office right away."

I immediately stopped what I was doing in the order office and headed to the offices upstairs. I arrived at Mr. baker's office and Carol, his secretary, told me to go right in. I did, and upon entering, Mr. Baker smiled and stood ad asked me to close the door.

I did and we shook hands before he told me to have a seat. Seeing my concern, he smiled again and said, "Relax, you're not in any trouble. In fact, it's just the opposite."

I took a deep breath and relaxed as he began speaking.

"Mark, I've been keeping a close eye on you and your work and have been extremely impressed. Jim Davis, the warehouse general manager, has informed me that he is retiring at the end of the month. I need someone capable of taking over his position when he leaves and I feel you are that person. Are you interested?"

I sat stunned and finally managed to say, "Yes, Sir, I am and I appreciate your confidence in me."

"I was hoping you would say yes. I have no doubts that you can do the job."

He proceeded to explain my duties and inform me of my new salary. It was half again of what I was currently making.

"If orders get out on time and complete on a monthly basis, there will also be a bonus for you."

I thanked him and we shook hands. "There is just one thing. Please do not say anything to anyone until I make the announcement to the rest of the employees."

"No problem, Sir," I replied.

"I'll make the announcement on the Monday of his last week, and at that time, you will work with Jim. He'll show you everything you need to know. And just so you know, you were his choice for his replacement also."

"Really?" I asked. "I'm honored."

"Remember, keep this to yourself."

I said I would and turned to leave his office. I stopped and turned and asked, "Since we're closed on weekends, would it be possible in any way for me to come in and start going through the other departments and see exactly what they carry and where it's located?"

"Sure. I'll call Jim and tell him to hang around a few minutes and wait for you. I'll have him give you an extra set of keys and the code to the alarm system. Take all the time you need checking things out."

I returned to my office in a state of astonishment. I couldn't believe that I'd be overseeing all the shipments going out.

At quitting time, some of my crew joked with me saying I was in trouble and got called to the office. I simply responded with "Oh, it's no big deal. I just got chewed on a little."

I met Jim and got the keys and code and spent the weekend going through the different departments. I did this every weekend until the Monday morning Mr. Baker made the announcement.

That Monday, shortly after starting to work, Mr. Baker called my phone.

"Mark, as soon as I make the announcement, tell Chad that he is to take over your position until further notice, then go to Jim's office."

"Yes, Sir,' I replied.

Seconds later, the intercom chimed and Mr.Baker's voice resonated through the warehouse.

"May I have your attention please. It is with sadness that I announce the retirement of Jim Davis, our warehouse manager at the end of the week. I know you all join me in wishing him well in his retirement. Also, it is with pleasure and pride that I inform you that Mark Rivers, our hardware manager will be taking Jim's position as the new manager. I ask that you all give him your support and congratulations."

The intercom clicked off, and everyone in the office with me began congratulating me. As soon as I could I called Chad to the side and told him he was temporary manager.

Chad was twenty-four and had worked in my department for two years. He was sharp and accurate in his work and hot as hell. he was very muscular, had a short neatly trimmed black mustache and goatee. His eyes were an emerald green and his smile would melt butter. I would have given anything to get him in my bed but from what he told everyone, he had girls waiting in line for his attention.

He shook my hand and I headed for Jim's office, where everyone there was wishing him well. When I arrived, they started congratulating me.

We got down to work as Jim began explaining everything. Once the orders were filled in the department and labeled, they were brought to our area where they were checked and verified, sealed up and placed with other boxes going to the same store.

Jim said he made regular trips through all departments checking to see if everyone was on schedule or having problems locating merchandise.

We worked side by side all week and that weekend I came in, going over all the paper work Jim had shown me. I didn't want to loo like a fool on my first day.

Everything went well, and Mr. Baker stopped by later in the afternoon to see how it was going. One of the packers spoke up and said it was as if Jim was still there because things were going so smoothly.

As the next couple of weeks went by thing got even smoother. Only a couple of times, certain departments were late getting their items to the dock barely making the shipping deadline. I decided to check out why this was happening.

The following week I made trips almost daily to the hardware department and the sporting goods department.

Then the following week, I found one of the problems. And what I found shocked and stunned me.

As I silently made my way through the old warehouse. As I neared a secluded corner, I heard soft moans. Easing my way back, I peeked through the racks and froze. There in the corner was Chad and Tim, a nineteen year old order puller who had been working with us for just six months. They were in a hot embrace, kissing and sucking on each others tongues as the groped each others crotch. Seconds later, Tim extracted Chads cock and began sucking him. As he did, Chad said that on their next break he wanted to suck him in return.

I watched as Tim brought Chad to his climax and swallowed. As he stood, Chad put his cock back into his jeans and they kissed. I quickly eased away silently and was near the department office when Chad returned.

Seeing me, he was obviously nervous as I asked where he had been.

"Tim was having a problem finding some items and I was giving him a hand."

"Oh, okay, very good," I replied and left, deciding to do some follow up investigating.

Later in the day, I watched from a distance, waiting. I soon saw Chad leave his office and look around. He headed back into the warehouse and I followed at a distance. He went back to the secluded corner in Tim's area. When I reached my observation point, I saw them kissing passionately. Soon, Chad knelt and opened Tim's jeans and once he had his cock out, Chad swallowed it completely. Tim moaned softly and Chad began sucking. Before long, Tim climaxed and Chad accepted it all before swallowing. Chad stood and they kissed. As Tim put himself back together he said, "If my lover knew I was doing this with you, he'd kill me."

"Don't tell him," Chad said with a laugh.

"I don't intend to."

As I started to slip back out, I heard Chad say, "You want to meet tomorrow during our lunch break? We will have time to do each other then."

"Sounds good," Tim replied.

That afternoon after everyone was gone, I went back to the corner and looked around for a better vantage point. There in the corner was an old unused storage room with a wooden ladder built onto the side. I climbed it and checked it out. The top was in complete shadow and the view it gave of their play area was perfect.

The following day, I told the people in my office I would be gone for a while. Everyone took lunch from twelve to one. At half passed eleven, I eased back into the corner, climbed the ladder and hid, waiting.

Just a few minutes after twelve, Tim arrived and seconds later Chad arrived. I took out my cell phone and began videoing their actions.

After a passionate kiss, they both dropped their pants. I expected them to start sucking each other but to my surprise, Chad turned Tim around and began to hungrily eat his ass.

My cock was rock hard and in a very uncomfortable position but for fear of being discovered, I left it where it was.

Moments later, Chad stood and Tim knelt and began eating Chad's ass. After another few moments, he stopped and they lay on the floor and began a hot sixty-nine, both climaxing seconds apart.

When it was over, the stood and as they pulled up their jeans, Tim said, "One of these days I want to feel you cock up my ass. I want you to fuck me."

"Gladly," Chad said, "if you'll fuck me in return."

"Hell yea, you fucking stud."

I waited until they were both gone and quietly descended the squeaking ladder. Returning to my office, I privately watched my video. Everything was crystal clear and the audio was very satisfactory.

I waited a couple of days and on Friday afternoon, I called Chad in his office and asked him to see me before he left.

Coming to my office, he walked in and said, "Hey Mark. What's up?"

Everyone was gone in my area and I motioned for Chad to have a seat. "I've got something I need to discuss with you."

"What's that?" he asked.

I got up and picked up my cell phone, before walking up in front of him.

"I've got something I want you to watch, but I don't want you to say a word until it's over, okay?"

"Uh, yea, sure," he replied.

I started the video and turned the screen toward him. As it began, his face turned a ghostly white. He began sweating heavily as he watched.

Once it was over, I returned to my chair behind my desk and asked, "What have you got to say about this?"

"Nothing. I guess it speaks for itself. I assume you want my resignation."

"Not at all. What I want is for you to do your job. If you like to suck cock, eat cum, and get fucked, I don't give a flying fuck. Some of my best friends are gay but don't do it at work. what you do after you leave here is your business."

"I promise I won't do anything here again," he said. I could tell he had one question and I knew what it was.

"I know your wondering if I'm going to say anything to Mr. Baker. If you keep your word, the answer is no. In fact, I'm planning on telling him that I think you should have the position permanently."

"What about Tim?" he asked.

"It's up to you if you want to tell him I know. I wouldn't, but if he suggest meeting again just tell him no and that you think it's just too dangerous."

"Mark, I don't know how to thank you," he said.

"You can thank me by keeping your promise, and if Tim does suggest meeting, let me know what he says when you say no."

"I will," he said. "Is there anything else?"

"Yes, just one thing." I picked up my cell phone and brought up the video. I had him watch as I pressed the 'delete' button. He looked at me and smiled. "Thanks," he said.

"Go home," I said. "This is past history."

He shook my hand and as he did I looked at him and said, "Do you know how fucking shocked I was to find out you were gay?"

"I'm sure with all the bullshit I dish out to hide that fact."

"Have a good weekend," I said.

Monday morning he came to my office and said that Tim had wanted to meet again at noon. he said that when he told him Tim was very disappointed and said that he always looked forward to their meetings because his lover was so 'vanilla' as he put it.

I watched Chad for the next two weeks and so far he had kept his promise to me. On the Friday of the second week, I called him to my office.

When he came in, he had a questioning look on his face. "Am I in trouble again?"

"Hell no! Just so you know we're cool, I was wondering if you had plans for tomorrow afternoon and evening."

"No, why?"

"How about coming over to my place for burgers."

"Hell yea. I'll bring the beer."

"And bring our swimsuit. We'll hit the pool at the apartment for a while then go back to my place and cook the burgers."

"Hey, man, that sounds great."

"I want to warn you ahead of time. There are some darn good looking guys living there.'

He smiled and turned a bright red. "I'll try to control myself," he said laughing.

I smiled back and said "Please do." I wrote down my address and gave him the gate code to get in, saying, See you about two?"

"Yea," he replied, then looking straight at me he said, "Mark, it is so cool that I can be myself around you, but only when we're alone."

"You can, and tomorrow come very casual."

On Saturday, he arrived right at two. I greeted him wearing just my swimsuit. I had wanted him to bring his because I wanted to see his big hairy muscular chest.

He handed me the already cold beer and as I put a few in a cooler with ice, I told him to get changed. "You can use my bedroom or the bath or do it right here. Your choice."

He began removing his shirt as he smiled and said, "Hell,you've already seen me,so why get bashful now?"

He quickly removed his shorts and as he took his speedo out of a bag, I got a nice close look at his cock. I knew I wanted it.

Once he had everything tucked in place, he said, "Ready when you are."

I grabbed my keys as he grabbed the cooler. After locking the door, we headed for the pool. finding two lounges together we settled down and took in some sun. As we sipped our beer, he leaned over to me and said softly, "I see what you meant."

"Down boy," I whispered back.

He laughed and whispered, "You're so fucking cool."

We took in some sun then swam a while before going back to my place. Once inside, I said, "I'm staying like I am. Why don't you?

We may decide to go back after we eat."

"Sounds good to me," he said.

I prepared the burgers as he sliced the tomatoes and lettuce. Going out on the patio with our beers we sat and talked as the burgers cooked.

Looking at me he said, "You're totally at ease with a gay man aren't you?"

"Yes. Like I said, I have several gay friends. Sexual preference makes no difference to me."

"That puts me so much at ease."

"Chad, do you mind if I ask how long you've been gay?"

"Not at all. I feel completely comfortable talking to you. I was eighteen and a senior in high school. I was on the football team and several guys had said that they thought the coach was gay because of the way he looked at us in the showers after practice or a game. I had become curious about other guys and did my own checking out of others. Anyway, one day I worked out later than the others. I thought everyone was gone and went to the showers. Coach walked in to find me jerking off. He was nude and boned. He smiled and said I was in the same shape as him. He came to the shower next to me and started jerking his. After a moment he asked if I minded if he did it for me. I said okay, just to see what it was like. Before I knew it he was on his knees sucking me. He got me off and swallowed and stood up. Like I said, I was curious so i knelt and did him. I liked it and for the rest of the year we did each other a few times a week. After a while he introduced me to anal sex and I liked it also. Been at it ever since, but play the straight role to hide it. I do occasionally go out of town and go to the gay bars there."

"Interesting," I said.

We ate and afterwards he helped me clean the kitchen. As we finished up, he was wiping the counter. I stepped up to him and as he turned toward me, i put my quickly devised plan into motion.

We were fact to face and I quickly leaned in and with my right hand around his neck, I pressed my lips to his, offering my tongue. As I did, my left hand went to his crotch. He jumped but quickly offered his tongue. After a moment, we separated and I asked, "You want to go back to the pool or stay here?"

"Fuck! Stay here," he replied kissing me again and reaching for my crotch.

After another hot kiss, he pulled back and asked, "You gay or curious?"

"Let's go to the bedroom and get comfortable and I'll show you."

He followed me to the bedroom and watched as I slowly removed my swim trunks revealing my rock hard cock. Smiling, he quickly removed his speedo, freeing his own hard cock.

I lay him on the bed and eased between his spread legs and quickly began sucking his cock. He moaned loudly as I began working on it. He moaned even louder when I raised his legs and began eating his ass. I soon returned to his cock and brought him to a roaring climax. After swallowing his rich thick creamy load, I moved up and kissed him.

After our kiss, he said, "That not fucking curiosity. That's fucking experience. Why didn't you tell me when we talked in your office?"

"I wanted to but didn't think it was the time or place."

"Well, like you said about me, I never dreamed that you might be gay. I admit that I've cruised you and desired to get you in bed even if you didn't do anything to me. Now, it's my turn."

With that, he rolled me off of him and went between my legs, quickly swallowing my cock. He sucked a while them rimmed me some before returning to my cock and bringing me to an awesome climax. he devoured my load before kissing me. As we lay cuddled in each others arms, I asked, "Can you stay the night?"

"Hell, yea. I had no other plans."

He did and later we fucked each other like wild animals. First thing Sunday morning we had a hot wild sixty-nine.

After he left, I wondered what things would be like at work the next day. I had never done anything with a coworker before.

I was relieved when we saw each other and he acted as if nothing had happened. everything was totally normal and business like.

That Friday afternoon he came to my office at quitting time and asked if I had plans for the weekend. I said no and he smiled.

"Okay, what's up?" I asked.

"Go home and through a some clothes in a bag. I'll pick you up in half hour or so."

"Where are we going? I'll also need to shower."

"Don't ask questions. We can shower later."

He picked me up and took of down the highway, finally saying he was taking me to his favorite gay bar. I smiled knowing it would be hot to be seen with him.

As we drove, he said, "Mark, so many there have dates with them. I've been telling them I have a guy I'm dating but he is away on business. I tell that to some who have been after me but are very fem and I have no interest in them. I was wondering if tonight I could introduce you as my lover and get them off my back."

"Sure, I have no problem being your lover for tonight, especially since we'll be lovers later in bed."

Smiling he said, "If not sooner in the shower."

We arrived at the motel and he checked us in. he said he asked for one king bed and the clerk smiled. "We're just three blocks from the gay bar and on weekends most of the rooms are occupied by guys from the bar."

We showered and sucked each other there before dressing and going to eat at a diner frequented by the gay crowd.. After eating,we headed for the gay bar and Chad introduced me to others as his lover. I could tell the fems were very disappointed when I made it obvious to them that he was mine.

We had a great weekend and returned late Sunday afternoon.

Chad and I got together often on weekends and really enjoyed each others company. I did recommend him for his position on a permanent basis and Mr. Baker agreed.

Chad and I dated regularly, often going out to sports events or out of town on weekends.

It's been about six months or so since our first encounter together. I've fallen in love with him and think he feels the same toward me. This weekend, I think I'll ask him to be my life partner and move in with me.

THE END..........



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