As warehouse manager for a major pool supply company, I have to supervise receiving, stocking, and pulling the merchandise to fill our customers orders.

From late fall to early spring we stock up so that when our customers start selling for the upcoming swim season, we have what they need on hand.

When we start receiving merchandise in the fall, I hire young men from the local college to work part time through the winter. Those that are exceptional workers, I offer summer jobs to. So it was with Greg Wilson and Brad Ogden.

That fall, I put up a notice at the university announcing the positions. Greg and Brad were just two of the many that applied.

Something about them told me that they would be good workers. They were both polite, well groomed, nicely built and, to me, hot as hell. But being my employees, they were off limits.

I hired them and on their first day, introduced them to each other. Both were attending the university on academic schlarships and didn't know each other. I took them to their supervisor, Dave Connors, for training. After a week, I called Dave into my office and asked about their progress.

'Mark, I don't know how you found them, but I'd give my left nut to have a few more like them. They work well together and are exceptionally quick learners. They are already doing things that most don't get to for a month or more.'

'I'm glad to hear that. When I interviewed them I just had a hunch that they would be good workers.'

Things went well all during the winter and Greg and Brad surpassed some regular employees in their ability.

I also noticed that they had become close fiends, even riding to work together. If someone was needed to stay and work overtime, they always volunteered. When anyone had to work over, I always stayed late to lock up. Most of the supervisors were married and being single, it was just easier for me to stay.

On several ocassions, when I'd go out to see how things were going, they were nowhere to be seen. After calling out, they'd suddenly appear from different directions saying that they were just finishing up. I didn't think anything abut it because their work was always completed.

As spring approached, I called them to my ofice together.

'Guys, I need to talk to you about something,' I began. They looked at each other nervously.

'You know that our busy sprin and summer seasons are fast approaching, and we need good workers to fill the orders. Would either of you be inerested in going to permanant part-time?'

'What's that?' Greg asked.

'Just what it sounds like,' I began. 'You would be permanant employees but during school, you will just work part time and during the summers, when we're the busiest, you would work forty plus hours. Also, it would mean a pay increase and qualify you for paid vacation time, but in the fall when things slow down. You will also be eligible for company paid medical insurance.'

They looked at each other a moment then Greg said, 'I'm game.' Brad quickly added, 'Count me in.'

'Great! I was hopong you two would stay on. Between the three of us, your work is way better than that of some of our full time employees.'

Greg spoke up again saying, 'Mr. Davis, this job has been a lifesaver for my parents. If it wasn't for the schlorship, I doubt that I'd even be in college. It's all my folks can do to send me a little spending money. Since I started here, they haven't had to worry about that. Now maybe I can send them a little.'

'Same with me,' Brad added. 'My parents are barely getting by.'

'Well, you two have proved yourselves and I'm glad it works for you. I really would hate to loose you two.'

'Mr. Davis, you'll have to run me off. I'm not leaving now,' Brad said.

'Good, and please, call me Mark.'

'Sure, Mark,' Greg said with a smile.

'Are your parents expecting you home for the summer?'

They both said that they were.

'If you would like me to, I'll be glad to contact them and let them know of my offer. I might be able to cover everything and your benefits.'

They both liked that idea and I suggested that I call right then. They were both from very small towns, Greg from Nebraska and Brad from Arkansas. I talked to both their dads and explained everything. What made them the happiest was the medical benefits. They both thanked me repeatedly. I promised both dads that I'd make sure that they got their vacation at Christmas.

The summer season arrived and the boys both worked hard. Overtime was frequent. I was as proud of them as if I was their own father, however I wasn't near that old. I was only thirty.

Then one Friday, they were working overtime. It was almost seven and I went to ask if they would like me to order pizza delivered for dinner. Seeing their orders on a cart, rather than calling out, I decided to see where they were and what they were doing.

Working my way through the warehouse, I soon heard soft moan like sounds. I eased up toward the sounds and peered around the corner of the racks. I was totally taken by surprised and shocked at what I saw.

There on the floor lay both boys, shirtless, their pants around their ankles and in a sixty-nine, eagerly sucking each others cocks.

My own cock became instantly hard seeing these two hot young studs going at it. Neither had given any impression of being gay.

Ever so quietly, I unzipped my pants and took out my hard cock. As I watched them I stroked myself to a roaring climax, firing my load onto a vacant spot on a shelf. Moments later I watched as the both climaxed and swallowed.

After putting my cock away, I eased back toward the center of the warehouse and called ut their names. As usual, they appeared from different aisles.

'You call us Mark?' Greg asked.

'Uh, yea. I don't know about you two but I'm hungry. How about I order us a couple pizzas and we grab a bite.'

'Hey, sounds good. We just have one more small order to fill.'

'Finish up and meet me in the breakroom. You an stay shirtless because the air conditioner has been turned off so it will take a while to cool off.' I wanted to see these guys shirtless as long as possible.

I began having them work overtime more often and would sneak out into the warehouse and watch them have sex. Sometimes they were in a sixty-nine and sometimes fucking each other. I was still having trouble believeing that they were gay.

It was mid-way through the summer and I couldn't take it any longer. I decided to break my own cardinal rule.

They were working late and secretly I followed them around the warehouse watching them work. When they were almost through, I heard Greg ask, 'You ready?' as he quickly removed his tee shirt.

'Yea,' Brad answered as he removed his. 'We're ahead of schedule. Mark won't be expecting us to finish up this soon.'

They headed for the back asile, and I watched as they stood facing each other, wrapping their arms around each other and began kissing passionately.

I eased back a couple of asiles and quietly stripped totally nude. Returning to the end of the asile where they were, I peeked around the corner just as they began their sixty-nine.

I watched for a couple of minutes, then with my hard cock pointing the way, I stepped around the corner. As I walked silently toward them, I said, 'Mind if I join the party?'

They both jumped up, fear in their faces and trying to pull up their pants.

'Settle down,' I said. 'It's cool. I just want in on the fun.'

As I said it, I reached out and grasped a cock in each hand. Before they could recover, I quickly dropped to my knees and began sucking Greg for a moment then Brad.

They quickly relaxed and while I sucked on one the other stripped nude. Soon, all three of us were totally naked. We alternated sucking each other but I made it clear that I wanted both their loads, which I soon got. Afterwards, they alternated on my cock with Brad getting the load then kissing Greg, sharing it.

When it was over, I confess that i had been watching them for a while. After that, when they worked overtime they would finish their work completely then come to my office where we would suck and fuck.

The warehouse was closed on weekends and I started having both over on Friday nights after work and they would stay until Sunday afternoon.

Their schlarships paid for their room a college but ninety percent of their nights were spent at my home with me. This continued until their graduation.

It was awesome having these two studs tag team my ass and having them willingly give me their ass.

Greg got his degree in accounting and Brad got his in business management. I convinced the owner to hire both full time at the warehouse.

Needless to say, they lived with me, and have for six years now. Each of us considers the other two our lovers.

They eventually came out to their parents and told them of our living arrangements. It took a while but they eventually accepted it, and both sets of parents visit us.

When people find out we all share a house they usually put two and two together. The owner did and told me he had no problem with our sexuality as long as we did our work.

We did, of course, stop having sex in the warehouse since we could go home and be more comfrtable. Our union has been fantastic.

THE END..............

(Note to my readers...First I want to thank all of you for your kind comments. I appreciate them and am glad you enjoy my stories. I know this one was totally different from the others but I wanted to do something different. Please write me at my e-mail address with your comments as well as leaving them here for others. Thanks again.)



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