I'm Mark White. I'm a twenty-seven year old single male with better than average build and looks. I am a certified public accountant (CPA) working for a large firm in my home town.

About nine months ago my boss called me to his office, telling me he was sending me to some special training that would last six months.

"Mark, have a seat," he said as I entered his office before beginning his speech.

"You may be the youngest of the accountants here but you are also the most knowledgeable one here. There are numerous new laws regarding corporate accounting and there is a six months training session on them that I want you to attend. The company has acquired a corporate apartment for you and arranged for a rental car, both at company expense of course. In addition, you will be given a generous per diem for food, gas, and laundry. If you go over the per diem it's your expense. If you stay under, what ever is left over is yours."

"I see. I'll be glad to go," I said, wanting to advance in the company as soon as possible. "When is it scheduled for?"

"The apartment is available on the first which is next Monday. The training starts on the eighth. I have a packet all made up for you. You are free to leave on Monday. That will give you time to get settled into the apartment and get familiar with the town."

"Where is it being held, sir?"

"Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I have airline tickets waiting for you at the airport whenever you decide to leave."

'Damn,' I thought, 'a week in Ft. Lauderdale before I start training. Nice.'

I told him I'd leave on Monday and he gave me the rest of the week off to get ready.

I was packed Sunday and took a cab to the airport. I as soon on my way to Florida and a week of fun, I hoped. I had heard of all the hot studs out on the beach.

I arrived and after getting my rental car, I headed for the apartment. It was on the fourteenth floor of a high rise corporate building. All the apartments were for corporate clients there temporarily.

I checked out the area and found a nice small quiet gay bar a few bocks from the apartment. It was not the usual loud crowded bars I was used to.

This one catered to the more quiet up-scale clientele. The interior was dimly lit, with cozy tables for two, three, or four as well as a long bar. All furniture was soft leather and the music was soft easy listening.

I went in Tuesday night and checked out the crowd. It was all young well dressed business types with a few nicely dressed blue collar workers there. The oldest was maybe in his mid to late thirties.

It was near midnight when, as I sat at the bar, I noticed a man enter wearing sport clothes and a light jacket with a hood on it which he had pulled on and hiding his face. He looked around cautiously before removing the hood. Damn was he awesome.

He was six foot tall, maybe a little more, nice muscular build, brown hair, piercing eyes, and a beautiful smile that showed off his deep sexy dimples.

I watched him as he made his way around, talking to several of the others there. He looked my way a couple of times, catching me starring at him.

After a while, he made his way closer and was soon next to me at the bar, ordering a beer.

"Hi," he said. "I don't remember seeing you here before. I'm Brad."

"Mark," I replied, offering my hand. "I'm in town for six months for some training, so you'll be seeing me a lot more."

"I hope so," he said with a smile.

We talked and he said he was a senior in college. We found that we had a lot in common, and he soon had his hand resting on my upper left thigh. I slowly eased my hand around his waist and as I did he moved closer. Then without warning, he leaned in and kissed me, catching me off guard. For just a moment we exchanged tongues and as we separated, another person entered the bar.

Glancing toward the door, Brad jerked the hood of his jacket back on, saying, "Sorry, I need to go."

Before I could say anything he was gone, quickly exiting out the back door.

I was shocked and disappointed that I hadn't had a chance to invite him to my apartment.

The bartender came over and asked if I was ready for another beer. I said yes and asked if he noticed what had happened.

"Yea. Whenever that tall blond enters he disappears in a flash. All I know is that the blond is a loud mouth, often making fun of guys he sees here. I'm about ready to tell him to take his business elsewhere permanently."

I finished my beer and left, wondering if I'd see Brad again.

On Wednesday, I drove out the beach a short distant to a restaurant that had been recommended to me. I entered and as I looked around, I saw Brad. He was a waiter.

"Table for one?" the host asked.

"Uh, yea, and I'd like that young man there to be my server," I said indicating Brad.

"Not a problem sir. He's an excellent waiter."

He showed me to my table and when brad came up, for a second he showed shock then became very professional, asking if I'd like a cocktail before dinner. I ordered and began looking over the menu.

He returned with my drink and took my order. he was very attentive but kept all conversation strictly business.

After eating, when he brought my check, I gave him a generous cash tip with a note inside. It read: 'We need to talk. I think I deserve an explanation about Tuesday night. I'm at the Corporate Tower, in apartment 1401. Come by any time or call me.' I left my cell number.

As I left, I suddenly saw the tall blond emerge from a private dining room and began to put things together.

I returned to the apartment and wondered if Brad would come by. Shortly before midnight, there was a knock at my door. I looked through the viewer and saw Brad standing there.

Wearing only a bathrobe and nothing else, I opened the door and invited him in.

"Mark, I'm so sorry about what happened."

"Well, it did take me by surprise. What's with the blond guy? The bartender said you run out whenever you see him enter."

"It's a long story."

"I've got plenty of time.

"His name is Greg. He started at the restaurant about four months ago. I'm not completely sure if he's gay or not. From what I've been able to find out, when he's at the bar he flirts a lot and lets them grope him but never leaves with anyone."

"Okay, but why the disappearing act?"

"Well, the owner at the bar is a homophobe. Most waiters are either bi or gay. If he finds out, he finds a reason to fire them. That's where Greg comes in. Shorty after he started working at the restaurant, he went to the boss and said he was on his way home after work and 'had seen' one of the waiters coming out of the bar holding hands with another guy. Within three days the waiter was fired. That has happened with four other waiters. Greg always says he sees them entering or leaving when he is on his way home when actually he sees them inside the bar. He even told the boss one waiter groped him in the restroom there at work."

"Do the other waiters avoid him?"

"Oh yes. Nearly all have started going to other bars, but would prefer going to the 'Rainbow Club'.

"Have you ever talked with the others about finding a way to get Greg out of the picture?"

"We'd love to. Some of the ones that have been fired have considered getting together and when he comes out jumping him and beating him to a pulp."

"That won't get their jobs back. Let me do some thinking. Were they good waiters?"

"Excellent waiters," he replied.

"Hummm," I said.

"Mark, if you can come up with an idea, we would all be eternally grateful."

"Let me work on it. I'll need the names of the waiters that were fired."

Brad gave me their first names and I wrote them down.

"May I tell them someone is working on the problem?"

"Sure, but nothing else."

He stepped up and kissed me passionately, and afterward thanking me. I asked if Greg worked Thursday night and he said no. I just nodded.

"Ive got class early tomorrow so I really need to be going."

"I hate to hear that. Do you have classes on the weekend?"

No. I get out Friday at noon and am free until Monday morning unless I work."

"Well, my training class doesn't start until Monday so I'll be here all weekend. Come by if you get a chance."

"Plan on it," he said.

Kissing me again quickly,he said, "I'll see you soon."

He left and I began working on a scheme to get even with Greg.

Thursday night I was at the bar by nine, waiting, hoping.

Around ten thirty, Greg entered. I watched him closely and when guys began coming on to him I moved closer.

I got into position and soon saw Greg kiss another guy. I got my cell phone out and got the video ready. Soon he was cuddling up to another guy and I began recording. Then it happened.

Seconds later, I got a good video of him tongue kissing another guy as they both groped each other. I managed to get him with two other guys doing the same to them. Then the icing for the cake happened. He followed a guy to the restroom and I waited a few moments and went in myself. I found them in the last stall. Easing into the one next to them I peeked over the partition and began videoing Greg sucking the other guys cock. Soon, the other guy saw me and I had to exit in a hurry. I managed to get out before they did and hid outside the bar.

They came out and Greg was cursing like a seasick sailor, saying if that got back to his boss he would be out of a job and all his work to become head waiter would be waisted.

As soon as I could, I walked back to my apartment and sent the video to my e-mail. I checked out the clarity and saw that Greg was very recognizable, I went to bed totally satisfied at my work.

Friday, I called the restaurant and asked for the owner. When he got on the line I told him that there was something he needed to know and see and asked for his e-mail. He reluctantly gave it to me.

I e-mailed him the video with a note saying that I had heard Greg confess to making u the stories about the waiters that had been fired and that they weren't gay and that he was doing it all to work his way up to head waiter.

That afternoon Brad knocked on my door.

"You got anything planned for this afternoon?" he asked as I let him in.

"I didn't until now," I replied. "But first, I need to know if you know what time Greg is scheduled to work today?"

"Yea. He's due in from four to close. Why?"

"Let me show you what I sent to your boss."

I let him read what I had written before starting the video.

As he watched, all he could say was "Holy shit, that fucking son-of-a-bitch."

Afterward, he said, "I have to make some calls."

He quickly called the waiters that had been fired and told them of the video and what I had written, saying that what Greg had said was a lie and that they weren't gay. "You might be getting a call to come back to work."

Afterward, he looked at me and asked, "How can I ever thank you?"

"Go to bed with me," I replied.

"That, my friend, will be my pleasure."

We went to the bedroom and I quickly removed my robe as I watched him slowly strip for me. Seconds later we were in each others arms kissing passionately.

Brad had a medium dusting of brown hair on his chest and stomach, which I loved. He was more muscular than he appeared and his cock was close to eight inches and beautiful.

After a hot kissing and groping session, I worked my way down his body, kissing and sucking his nipples before going lower to his navel then balls. I took my time sucking them one at a time before raising his legs and eating his hot pink hole. I ate for several minutes before moving back up and swallowing his rock hard cock. I worked slowly and lovingly until i knew he was getting close then i went for the gold, soon receiving a huge thick reward. I hungrily swallowed every drop before laying next to him and kissing him again.

After the kiss, I said, "I've wanted to do that since the first night we met."

"Now it's my turn. I've wanted the same thing."

Brad began working on me, repeating my actions. Soon he was eating my ass then sucking my cock. It didn't take me long to feed him his reward which he eagerly gulped down before kissing me.

We lay together and make out for a while before I told him to get dressed.

"Why?" he asked.

"We're going for a ride," I replied.

We dressed and got in my car and drove to the restaurant arriving just after three thirty. I found parking place here we could see both the front door as well as the side exit door. Those were the only two exits according to Brad. We sat and waited.

At ten to four, we saw Greg walking up to the restaurant. He went in and as he disappeared, Brad said, "I wish I was a fly on the wall in the boss's office."

"Yea, so do I," I said.

At ten after four, Greg emerged from the alley exit, kicking over trash cans and anything else in his way, storming out onto the sidewalk, bumping into others and not caring.

About a half hour later, Brad began getting phone calls from the waiters that had been fired saying that they had been rehired and had received an apology.

We went to the bar and had a beer, telling the bartender the entire story and what I had done. He laughed and said the beer was on him. There were only a few in the bar and as we sat back at the end of the bar, the door opened and Greg started in. The bartender saw him immediately and told him that he had had numerous complaints from his customers and that Greg was no longer welcome in the bar. That pissed Greg off and he stormed out.

Brad spent the weekend with me and we sucked and fucked each other frequently.

I began my training and we would get together usually once during the week and on weekends as much as possible.

Brad and I became close, and as the end of my training approached I realized that my feeling for him were more than just friendship.

He was due to graduate in two months and I asked if he had secured a job. He had mentioned that he was majoring in accounting and I suggested that he get a resume ready for me to take to my boss.

He did and after I returned home we stayed in touch. I gave the resume to my boss and he asked if I thought that he would fit in and e an asset. I said most definitely. The boss called him and paid for his airfare for an interview.

Brad made quite an impression on the boss and was told that after graduation, he had a job there with us.

I told Brad that I wanted him to move in with me and he accepted.

After graduation he moved in and started work. I waited to see if my feeling for him were as strong as they had been in Florida. They were stronger. I soon asked him to be my lover and he accepted.

The boss soon figured it out and after promoting me to head of corporate accounts, he looked at me and smiled and said, "There is more to you and Brad than just friends isn't there?"

"Sir," I asked.

"You're lovers aren't you? I see the same look between you two that I do between my son and his partner. It's fine with me."


"Mark, my son is gay also and has a lover. I have no problem with it. I love them both dearly. I can see the love you and Brad have for each other. All I ask is that you keep it out of the workplace."

"No problem, and thanks sir."

When I told Brad about the conversation that afternoon on the way home he was as shocked as I was.

We kept it completely away from work and was introduced to the boss's son and his partner, who became close friends of ours. In more ways than one.




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