At the age of twenty-nine, I was still a single gay man. All my friends had lovers and when we were together, I felt totally out of place.

I had seen a TV ad seeking volunteers willing to spend six months helping residents in small towns in Ecuador. The organization would subsidize your employer if they would give you the time off and hold your job open for your return. They needed people able to teach business management, construction techniques, and agriculture. I had a degree in business management.

I went to my boss and told him about it and that I was interested. He said he would be glad to be one of the sponsoring companies. It was good publicity for him.

I wanted to get away from the current rat race for a while and 'get my head on straight'. I applied and was accepted. The papers were signed by me and my boss and I received a packet of information as well as an airline ticket to Miami. The volunteers would be staying at a beach side resort for a few days before departing to Ecuador.

I arrived in Miami and took the shuttle to the hotel. I checked in and took my packet and went to the bar and began rereading it.

As I read, I suddenly heard, 'You a volunteer also?'

Looking up, I saw a beautiful, well built muscular stud with a gorgeous perfect white smile.

'Yea. You a volunteer also?'

'Yea. I'm Rex Tatum,' he said offering his hand.

Taking his hand, I replied, 'I'm Brad Davis. Have a seat.'

Rex sat down and we began to chat. He said he was from Dallas and was in construction. He was thirty-one and single.

'No girlfriend?' I asked.

'Nope. I was in one serious relationship and found out I was being cheated on so that ended. How about you?'

After telling him about me, I said, 'No significant other here either. Just haven't found the right one yet.'

We talked more and as it began to get dark, he asked, 'You have any plans for dinner?'


'Well, I saw a nice restaurant a couple of blocks up the street. Why don't you have dinner with me?'

'Sure. What time?'

'I'll meet you in the lobby in, say, half an hour?'


We went to our rooms and half hour later we were walking down to the restaurant. After a great meal, and even better conversation, we headed back to the hotel. As we passed a local club, we slipped in for a beer. We found that we had a lot in common and felt comfortable with each other.

Arriving back at the hotel, we headed to our rooms after agreeing to meet for breakfast before the information meeting that was planned.

At the meeting we were told more details. We would be housed in pairs in small one bedroom trailers with twin beds. Groceries would be flown in once a week for us to prepare our meals.

'Take the day,' the director said, 'to meet and get to know each other and find a roommate. when you do, come back and let us know.'

Rex looked at me and said, 'Want to be roomies?'

'Hell yea. We seem to get along well and have the same interest.'

'Let's go then,' he said.

When we got to the front to sign up as roommates, the director smiled and said, 'Damn that was fast. Do you two know each other?'

'No, we just met last night and had dinner together. We have a lot in common.'

'Very well then, sign in.'

We did and were told to be ready to leave at nine in the morning on Wednesday. 'Tomorrow is a free day to do what ever you want.'

We agreed to meet at the pool later. When I saw Rex in his tight swim suit, I was breathless. His chest was more muscular and ripped than I expected and covered with a medium coating of dark hair. I knew right then that living with him for six months would be agony.

We soon arrived in Ecuador and taken to the remote town. When housing assignments were made, each pair of roommates were allowed to choose their trailer in the order they signed up. Rex and I were first.

After a very short discussion, we chose trailer nine. There were two rows of trailers all spaced close together except number nine which was off to itself because of the terrain.

We settled in and went to pick up our first weeks groceries.

Work began the next day and each evening as we prepared dinner we discussed our separate days work since we were in different fields. Our only day off was Sunday. We were a mile from a large lake and on Sundays we would walk there, swim and relax.

With the trailer being small, we became very close. The small bathroom was in the hall and it was common to see each other going to and from the shower nude. Rex's cock was long, thick and uncut. He knew I was looking at it and didn't seem to mind.

One Saturday night, I was already in my bed when he came out of the shower. Seeing me look at his cock, he smiled and said, 'It's nine inches.'

'Uh, what?'

'At the gym, guys look at it all the time nd end up asking me how big it is. I thought I'd just go ahead and tell you.'

'Shit, your lucky. Mines only seven and a half,' I said laughing.

'Brad, can I ask a question?'

'Sure,' I replied expecting him to ask if I was gay.

'Well, do you have any objections if I sleep nude and go nude here in the trailer? I really hate clothes.'

'Rex, you gotta be shitting me.'

'No. Why do you say that? Did I offend you?'

'Oh, fuck, no. I normally sleep nude also and at home I stayed nude. Go right ahead and if you don't object, I'll join you.'

'Fuck, go for it. There is more we have in common.'

We began living in the trailer nude and became totally comfortable with each other.

Then a couple of weeks later, heavy rains one day prevented Rex from working and he stayed in the trailer. I left work early and when I arrived at the trailer and went in, I froze.

There on the sofa sat Rex, jerking his hard cock rapidly, looking at a gay magazine.

He was as shocked as I was. Trying to hide the magazine, he said, 'Fuck, I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting you this early.'

'That's obvious,' I said. 'And relax, I been doing the same thing in the shower and see nothing wrong with guys jerking off. Finish if you want to.'

Still red from embarrassment, he said, 'I can take care of it later.'

'What were you looking at?' I asked, having seen what it was.

'Oh, nothing.'

'Rex, I saw what it was. So big deal.'

'Brad, if you want another roommate, I'll understand.'

'Let's get everything out in the open. Total honesty,' I said.

'Brad, I'm gay.'

I smiled and then started laughing and he asked, 'What's that about?'

'Rex, so am I.'

'What? You're gay too?'

'Yea,' I replied.

We sat and cleared the air. He said that in his one relationship, he caught his lover in bed with his own brother.

'You lover was having an affair with your brother?' I asked.

'Yep, and I didn't even know my brother was into men. He was married and had a son.'

'What happened?'

'Well, I suspected something. I told Paul, my ex, that I had a meeting with a client and would be late getting home. I parked down the street and waited. Before long, I saw my brother pull into the driveway. I was totally shocked. He wen straight in without knocking. I followed and peeked into our bedroom. They were both naked in bed kissing. I went to the den and got the video camera and began recording. I got them kissing, in a sixty-nine and fucking each other and my brother yelling how good it felt in his ass.'

'You didn't?'

'Yes I did. I was pissed. I barged into the room and confronted them. Greg, my brother, didn't know what to say when I asked him how ling he had been into men. Paul was silent. I told Greg he could kiss his marriage goodbye. He apologized and begged me not to tell his wife. He even offered me money. I didn't care. I told Paul that I wanted him out of the house when I got back. I went to see Brenda. She knew I was gay and that Paul was my lover. I showed her the video and she was shocked, saying she had no clue other than Greg working late more often. Needles to say, the marriage ended.'

'What happened with your brother?'

'He won't even talk to me. He tried to get Paul to be his lover, but Paul had found someone else. I later found out from friends hat Paul was seeing several guys behind my back.'

'Damn,' was all I could say.

'Brad, I should have been honest with you from the start. I was turned on by you and didn't want to run you off.'

'Rex, we both should have been honest. I thought you were hot as hell and wanted you in bed, but knew it was probably hopeless.'

'Well, not now. We both know we want each other. What are we going to do about it?'

'Why don't I get undressed and we go to the bedroom and let nature take it's course?'

He smiled and followed me to the bedroom, his now soft cock starting to rise up again.

Once I was naked, I lay down and he lay next to me. Instantly, we were kissing and making out. Soon we were in a sixty-nine ravenously sucking each others hard throbbing cocks. When we both climaxed, we both began swallowing the delicious fluid fed to us. Afterward, there was more kissing.

As we cuddled, I said, 'I think I'm going to enjoy my time here.'

'Me too,' he replied.

We prepared dinner and afer eating, we returned to bed and fucked each other.

From that day on, sex was a major part of our ime when not working. By the way we looked at each other and did things for each other, we had a good idea that the others might suspect something but we didn't care.

All to soon, the six months was up and we returned to the states. We spent a couple of extra days together in Miami before reluctantly bidding each other farewell.

Rex returned to Dallas and I to Atlanta. We spoke frequently on the phone.

Then to my amazement, I arrived at my home and found Rex sitting on my front steps.

'Holy shit!' I exclaimed. 'What are you doing here?'

'Let's go inside before I attack you right here in front of your neighbors.'

We went inside and he grabbed me, kissing me passionately. After the kiss, he said, 'I quit my job in Dallas. Can I stay here with you while I look for one here?'

'That's a stupid question. You know you can, but why did you quit your job?'

'Because, you hot handsome stud, I love you and couldn't stand to be away from you.'

'Oh, Rex, I love you too. This is your permanent home now, and I hope it's as my lover.'

'It is if you'll have me.'

'Get you ass in our bedroom and I'll show you.'

'Our bedroom?'

'That's what I said.'

We made hot passionate love and later went to dinner.

As I drove, I asked wh was going on in Dallas.

'Well, Paul went through three lovers right after we split, cheating on them also. Now, from what I understand, very few will even go to bed with him. And Greg has become one of the biggest sluts on the gay scene, doing anything with anybody.'

'Do they know why you left?'

'Yes, I made sure to let them know that I had found the love of my life.'

'Good. It serves them right. How's Greg's ex-wife doing?'

'Great. She's found someone that is totally devoted to her and her son.'

Rex soon found a job as a construction supervisor and our life settled down. It was so great to go to parties or the bars and see my friends with MY lover at my side. They were all amazed at how we me.

Weve been together five years now and have adopted a three year old boy. He is the love of our life. Yes, we get lots of stares when we ake him to the park or the zoo, but we're also finding more gay couples doing the same.

My life is finally complete. I couldn't be happier.




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