The Viet Bull Next Door

by GayJamie

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Normal disclaimers: if it is illegal for you to read this then don't read it. This story is about sex between two men and involves power dynamics. As always, please let me know what you think in the comments or by sending me an email at [email protected]. I love your feedback.

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Chapter 2 – A date with Loc

Loc saw my shock when he referred to me bottoming. He didn’t seem in the least bit surprised by it, though. Like he already knew I had misunderstood the dynamics here. He didn’t expand on it, though. Instead, he pulled me in closer, held me tight and we cuddled for a while before he sent me home.

I woke up around noon the next morning, feeling a little odd. I’m not really sure how to describe it. In the quiet storm of emotions I could definitely identify excitement. There was a novelty not only to what Loc was suggesting but also how he treated me. In the entire time William and I had an open relationship, I had never seriously considered the possibility of anything more than a one, maybe two time no-strings-attached thing.

I had a few friends I would sleep with before William and I started dating, but I hadn’t entertained any thoughts about sleeping with them again once our marriage became open. In my mind, that would be too close to cheating on him even considering the non-monogamous nature of our relationship. Especially since most of those friends, like Max and Eduardo, were also his friends now. Too complicated, I’d decided.

While William slept until 3 p.m., I took the time to clean the apartment. Mopping the living room floor, doing the dishes and taking care of a load of laundry all gave me time to think about things. I wasn’t sure I was willing to bottom for him. I wasn’t sure I was willing to do anything else. I wondered if I could just write this off as a flash in the pan, a drunken hookup that didn’t need to affect our friendship. Did William even need to know about it?

Not necessarily, I decided. But I also couldn’t think of any reason to actively hide it from him. We didn’t really talk about all my hookups, and I think William actually suspected I was sleeping with some of our friends. I realized it might even turn him on, now that I thought about it. Whenever I would come home after hanging out with Max or Eduardo, William was super horned up. We’d fuck like we’d die if we didn’t.

When 3 p.m. rolled around, William walked into the living room wearing just his red bikini briefs. Seeing me tidying up my desk, he walked over to me without a word, dropped to his knees and fished my cock out of my sweatpants, sticking it right in his mouth.

“Shit, baby, you’re in the- ooh, oh, that’s good,” I said.

Maybe it was because I’d abnormally allowed myself — and even enjoyed — be manhandled the night before and that memory was still fresh in my mind, but I felt immediately dominant. I quickly grabbed ahold of him by the hair and spun him around so the back of his head was pressed up against my desk and started fucking his throat.

William withstood it for a minute before he started pushing on my legs. I ignored him though. This was what he liked, and the fact that his tongue was swirling around my pistoning cock, even as he tried without heart to push me away, told me he had zero desire for me to actually stop. It felt good to be the one in control again. My husband was my bitch, and we both knew it. I could do whatever I wanted to him. Even if he didn’t enjoy it himself, we both knew he was addicted to the feeling of being powerless to decide what happened to him and his body.

The knowledge that I could in that moment do whatever I wanted to him, even if it caused him considerable pain, was such a fucking turn-on. I’m an absolute maniac for hygiene and so was William, but I knew he couldn’t have had the time to prep himself to bottom. But in that moment, feeling the addictive surge of power infect every fiber of my being, I didn’t care. Without a conscious thought, I pulled my cock out of my husband’s mouth, picked him up by his underarms, spun him around, yanked down his briefs and ruthlessly shoved my cock into his ass.

“You fuckin take it,” I shouted as he put actual effort into pushing be back, a response to the pain of shoving myself into his pussy without any stretching and only his spit on my cock for lube.

In response to his resistance, I pushed William’s head down flat on the desk and started power fucking him.

“You love that cock, don’t you, bitch?” I growled at him.

“Yes, Sir,” he cried back. He was genuine. “I love your cock so much. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Fuck me, Austin.”

So quick to give up resistance and embrace his current circumstances, William gripped the edge of the back of the desk and gritted his teeth. It was so hot to see my cute little bottom bitch husband give in. His insides were so warm and silky smooth. His pussy insides molded around my cock and hugged it as I went in and out. I felt hot liquid splashing on my shins and knew he was cumming hands free. I didn’t slow down, though. William was moaning and whimpering and crying out in the throes of his orgasm. I held his head down, sideways against the desk, applying unnecessary pressure to his left cheek to keep him there.

Feeling his insides spasm around my cock as he shot blast after blast of cum down the desk and onto my legs was incredible. I had the power to bring him to ecstasy with a brutal, albeit consensual, assault of his hole. I brought my free hand down hard on his ass as he continued to spasm, now wriggling and starting to try to escape my cock.

“Don’t run the fuck away from me, slut,” I barked at him. 

It didn’t totally stop his movements but reduced them to involuntary physical reactions to the assault. Seeing him obey me like that sent me over the edge and just as his orgasm was subsiding, mine started. Normally I would bury myself deep inside him, but this time I was getting off on the way he was mustering all the self control he had to stop from running away form my dick. This time, even as my knees went weak and my body started convulsing, I kept fucking in and out as hard as I could manage.

In the end, my sloppy thrusts made me slip out of his hole as my last three shots of cum splattered on his lower back, his ass and his thighs. Panting and still holding him down, I admired my handiwork. Globs of thick cum on my husband’s body, some of it on his ass sliding down to his balls. I was still rock hard, so I grabbed him by the hips with my free hand and shoved my cock back in harshly. William winced at it but didn’t fight me. I buried myself deep in his hole and stayed there.

William ended up being clean, which was my first worry when I came down from the afterglow of our sex. We showered together then I cleaned up the mess we’d made with our cum. When I was done, I picked up my phone from the coffee table and saw I’d received a message from Loc while I was fucking William.

“so hot hearing you fuck him” 

I blushed, wondering how clearly he’d heard it. There was a second message sent shortly after that one.

“can’t wait til i get to make you scream like that”

Holy shit. Memories of the night before flooded my mind again. I could almost feel his cock in my mouth. It was exciting. But, I realized as I identified another of those emotions swirling in me at the thought of what we’d done, I was also a little scared. Unsure. Bottoming for him would mean more than bottoming for a vanilla guy in a hookup.

Sure, I’d bottomed before. I’d never really enjoyed it, but Eduardo was vers and he’d let me fuck him stupid too many times to count, so I felt like it was my job as a good friend to return the favor several times. He had a big cock and it hurt like hell. It still felt OK, but it wasn’t my preference. But with him, there wasn’t a power dynamic. He’d fucked me passionately, but not rough. I felt a deeper, stronger connection to him as my friend afterward, so I attributed that sense to the fact that I’d had him inside me. 

But still, I didn’t feel like I’d given up anything. Sex with Eduardo only felt like I’d gained something. 

Bottoming for Loc would be different. It didn’t have to actually happen to know that by bending over or by pulling my legs back to give him access to my hole would mean giving up control. With Eduardo, I’d always maintained my autonomy. With Loc, I knew letting him fuck me would be wordlessly telling him I recognized some sort of superiority he held over me.

There would be no turning back.

My phone buzzed again and I looked to see another text from Loc.

“ignoring me?”

I rolled my eyes at that. I hadn’t let him fuck me yet and Loc was already texting me like I would text one of my regular subs before I started dating William. I’d never been totally dominant. I enjoyed vanilla sex just as much as kinky fucking. But I had three semi-long term subs. After they embraced my dominance, I would text them like that.

“nah, not ignoring you. cleaning up after haha”

“good boy”

That quiet storm of emotion got a little louder at that. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I could hear the words in his voice in my head. I liked it. But I didn’t want to like it. And that created a conflict in my chest. There was a sense of dread as my imagination ran wild, projecting mental pictures of what it would be like to submit to him. To have to answer to him. I felt like it would be exhausting. 

Sure, being a dom was exhausting, too. You constantly had to be on your game, demonstrating your worthiness to the man who submitted to you. But just the idea of having to always answer, always obey, always submit was draining. It was thrilling, too, though. I imagined myself bent over my desk like William had been just an hour before, Loc standing where I had been. His strong hand pressed on my face to hold it down on the desk. His thick, long cock stretching my ass. His voice, barking out words that assured me he didn’t care if it hurt. I felt my hole twitch a little at that. I hadn’t realized it, but my cock was hard, and with that twitch of my hole came a bead of precum out of my cock to soak into my underwear.

When William came out of the bedroom fully dressed, it pulled me out of my imagination. The confused feelings stuck with me, but I put my focus on him. We spent the rest of the day lazily taking care of errands, going grocery shopping and picking out a new pair of shoes for me. 

When we got home, William hung up the laundry I’d washed and dried earlier in the closet. While he was in there, I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to find Loc there, grinning broadly.

“Hey, cute boy,” he said, letting himself in. “William around?”

William walked into the room just on cue.

“Hey, Loc!” He greeted with a smile rivaling our Vietnamese neighbor’s.

“Hey, Willy,” he said. My eyes darted to William’s face to see a hint of frustration but a larger dose of understanding. He was about to correct Loc when our neighbor kept talking. “I came over to see your hubby here. Heh. Check this out.”

My eyes were pulled away from William when Loc grabbed ahold of my face with one hand and turned it to look at him. Before I had a chance to react, he planted his lips on mine. I opened my mouth instinctively and his tongue darted in. I melted into him as he wrapped his free arm around my waist and pulled me close. My eyes suddenly closed, everything else in the world ceased to exist and I started kissing him back until, all too soon, Loc pulled away. He let go of me and took a step back, leaving me to stumble forward at the loss of support from his body.

I caught my footing and looked over to William. He was staring wide eyed with a naughty smile on his lips.

“Damn, OK,” William said. “You’ve got a talent. I don’t know anybody who could grab my husband like that and get that reaction.”

“Ha!” Loc laughed. “Yep. Your hubby seems to like me.”

There was no segue into his next sentence. 

“I’ve always been kinda curious what my cum tastes like,” he told William casually. “Did Austin tell you what he thought about its flavor when he swallowed it last night?”

Fuck. Guess there’s no need to worry about whether or not I should tell William about the night before, then.

“Shit,” William said, his voice breathy and husky. “I didn’t know y’all did anything together.”

I let out a silent sigh. William wasn’t angry. He was, as I should have expected, turned on.

“Damn, OK,” he said, looking at me disappointedly. “I guess he didn’t get around to it. Which probably means he didn’t tell you how I promised last night that I’d be fucking him soon.”

I prayed for death. I was so embarrassed at that. Loc had no filter talking to my husband, and despite William’s obviously approving reaction I wished I was anywhere but there.

William responded with amazement, saying he couldn’t imagine me bottoming even though he knew I’d done it in the past. Turned out my husband didn’t have a filter when it came to sharing about my sexual experiences, either.

“Well, I think he’s pretty excited about it,” Loc said, looking at me. I wanted to join in on the conversation but couldn’t find anything to say. I wanted to protest what he said, but knew first of all that it was at least partially true that I was excited and, secondly, that my protest would just be used to tease me. “I wanted to see if I could borrow him for the night. Wanna treat him to dinner and drinks then take him back to my place so I can give him my cock.”

There was no way I could have ever possibly imagined a conversation going like this. Loc started walking into the apartment toward our couch as he said that last sentence. William was blushing but not immediately opposed to what Loc was saying. His eyes followed our Vietnamese stud neighbor as he sat on the couch. I started walking toward the living room too and stood next to William at a complete loss.

“I mean,” William started, then paused. The bluntness of the conversation was getting to him, too, now. “Well, we didn’t have any plans for the night. So I guess if you to want, I mean, well, I don’t know what I mean. Just, well, Austin’s a grown man. He’s allowed to have fun with other guys. So if he wants to, I don’t have any reason to stop it. I guess.”

“Cool,” Loc said, sitting on the couch with his legs spread wide. He reached down and groped at his crotch, looking back and forth between me and William with a devious grin. “So, how about this?”

Loc told both of us what he wanted, and it wasn’t a request.

“Austin, I’ll pick you up at 8. Be sure you douche before you hop in the shower. You’ll greet me at your door wearing a black, short sleeve button down, a pair of khakis, white socks and those leather chelsea boots you were wearing when we first met. Under the khakis, you’ll have a jockstrap on. For perfume, put on that Creed you wore to the club.”

Loc looked at us both, but neither of us responded right away.

“Um,” I finally answered. “OK, I guess.”

Loc clicked his tongue and rocked his head back and forth humorously.

“I’d prefer if you answered me with, ‘yes, daddy.’ “ Loc told me. He wasn’t just telling me his preference, he was instructing me to correct myself, and he knew just how degrading it was.

My eyes went wide. He wasn’t kidding the first time we met, and this time he was telling not only me but also William. My eyes shot to my husband to find that he was amused and not only a little turned on by all of it. He met my gaze and raised his eyebrows expectantly, looking like he was about to break down into laughter.

“Um… yes, daddy,” I muttered, looking down at he floor.

Loc stood and walked toward me, putting his finger under my chin and lifting my head to look at him.

“Good boy,” he said, planting a quick peck on my lips before turning and walking toward the door. He stopped with his hand on the door handle.

“And by the way, Austin,” He said, not turning around. “You’ll also pack an overnight bag. I know I’m just next door, but I think I’m gonna hang onto you overnight and most of the next day. Bring a t-shirt, an extra jockstrap, tennis shoes, white socks and a pair of skimpy short shorts. I know you’ve got at least one pair. Plus all the regular necessities you’d take with you normally. Toothbrush, deodorant, your douche.”

He didn’t wait for William or me to respond before opening the door and stepping out.

“See you in a couple hours, baby. Bye, Willy.”

I couldn’t look my husband in the eye the rest of the evening. He was thrilled at the situation. It was like primetime entertainment to him. A small part of me wanted to take him and fuck the amused smirk off his face, but I was too overwhelmed with the task of trying to figure out if I even wanted to do this to do anything. It didn’t change the fact that my cock was hard as a rock, though. I felt so demeaned and humiliated by the way Loc had talked to me and my husband, but I couldn’t deny it turned me on a little, too.

William asked me with a suddenly serious face a few minutes before Loc knocked at the door if I actually wanted to do all this since I was so clearly embarrassed by the whole ordeal. I just shrugged at him and said, “I guess it’ll be a new experience. Can’t hurt in the long run, right? As long as you’re OK with it.”

When I opened the door to greet Loc, he was wearing slacks with a dark blue button down with the top three buttons undone and dressy shoes. He had rings on the fingers of both hands and a necklace hanging just below his collar bone. My still-hard cock twitched looking over him.

“Cute outfit, baby,” Loc said loudly enough for William to hear. “You did a good job doing what you were told. That’s a good sign.”

He reached out and took my left hand in his right and tugged at me to walk out the door.

“We’ll drop your bag off at my place and then get going,” he told me. Then, to my husband as the door closed behind me. “See ya later, Willy. I’ll make sure my boy makes enough noise you can hear it later tonight.”

The door closed right as he finished what he was saying, once again robbing William of the chance to correct Loc and tell him he didn’t want to be called by that name, so I did it.

“Eh, whatever,” Loc said in response. “You don’t need to worry about Willy. You’re mine tonight.”

Loc took my bag from him when we reached his door, opened up and tossed it into his apartment haphazardly and led me out to the garage. He opened the passenger door to his Tesla and the closed it after I sat down. We went to a fancy sushi restaurant where Loc ordered for both of us. He got more food for himself, telling me even as the waiter stood next to the table that he didn’t want me to eat too much and ruin my douched ass before he could get to it.

I couldn’t look at the waiter for the rest of the meal, and I’m pretty sure my blush had turned permanent. 

Over dinner, Loc kept the conversation going as casually as could be. We talked about normal first date things. Favorite movies, concerts we’d been to, where we went to college, when we realized we were gay (for me it was middle school. For him, it was the equivalent of the second grade.)

When we were done, Loc paid and grabbed my hand to walk me out to the car. When we got there, he looked at me with a sly grin before reaching over to open the glove box. He pulled out a black butt plug.

“I’ll need you to drop your pants for me, baby,” Loc said seductively.

He reached into the box again and pulled out a travel size bottle of lube.

“Keep the jockstrap on, since I know you’re a good boy and that’s what you’re wearing like I told you to.”

My heart was racing as I slowly, hesitantly reached down and undid my belt and slipped my pants down. We weren’t parked right in front of the restaurant, but the car was still too bright for my taste because of the lights in the parking lot. But I did as I was told, reminding myself that if I was here and having this experience I might as well do it all and make the most of it.

“Good boy,” Loc praised, holding the lube and butt plug in one hand and reaching out with the other to caress my cheek with his thumb. “Now, take your shoes off, put you knees up on the seat and lean over the dashboard for me, cutie.”

I felt weak but surrendered to autopilot, taking in the instructions and executing Loc’s orders without thinking of them. Or at least, that’s what I tried to do. As I slipped my legs up under me and adjusted my position, I saw a straight couple walking down the sidewalk a couple dozen feet from the front of the car. I stopped for a second, hesitated, then continued. I leaned forward, putting my arms up on the dashboard and leaning forward. 

“You’ve got a great ass,” Loc said approvingly. He reached out with his empty and and placed his palm on my left ass check, holding it there for a second before he slowly caressed it. “I’ve been excited to see this since we met in the hallway. It’s even better when it’s not hidden behind some pants.”

Uncomfortable as I was in this position, my cock was once again painfully hard and leaking precum. And, I had to agree that I had a great ass. I may not bottom, but having a sculpted Greek god’s ass was something I prided myself on. His warm, slightly rough hand caressing it felt amazing.

“Hairless, too,” Loc said. “That natural or did you do it for me tonight?”

I told him my ass was naturally hairless and he hummed approvingly. I couldn’t lie to myself. His hand, with the calluses from working out, felt fantastic on my ass. It was giving me goosebumps all over. When he slipped his middle finger into my crack and grazed over my hole, I flinched a millimeter but also let out a little eek of surprised pleasure. Loc chuckled lightly at that.

The area we were in was well lit and had high foot traffic, so I was ready to get this over with. But I knew from my experience being on the other end that a part of the purpose of all this was to electrify my nerves. I knew, because I was the same way in his position, that he was getting off on my fear of being seen by somebody. It would be just as easy to hand me the lube and butt plug and tell me to put it in myself while I sat safely out of sight in the seat. Hell, he could even do the work himself if he wanted to without putting me in such a compromising position.

“I love the way your hole’s puckering right now,” he told me. “You’re so nervous. It’s cute.”

Confirmation of my own thoughts. He withdrew his hand and I almost sat down out of what was turning into panic, but it came back quickly, this time with a little drop of lube on his middle finger. He tested me at first, tapping his finger with cold lube on my hole. I flinched again, a little more noticeably this time, then he slowly put the finger back and held it. A few seconds later, he started massaging what would tonight be my bottom boy pussy, spreading the lube over it. 

When he was satisfied he’d covered it enough, he pressed in just enough to put the tip of his finger just barely inside me. Then his finger went away. I wanted to look back and see what he was doing, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the view out the windshield. If someone outside looked in and saw me, I knew I would totally lose control of my reaction and drop down to hide.

I heard the lube bottle snap open again, heard him squirt some, then after a second I felt something hard, rubber and wet in my ass crack. The pressure started slowly, and I did what Eduardo taught me to make it easier, pushing out a little as he pushed in. It hurt a little, but it wasn’t too bad. I felt the beginning of the plug, a slightly curved one meant to make constant contact with my prostate, with varying thickness along its length, pop in. Then the second portion of thicker plug went in.

I moaned and grunted as it popped in. Then the third and final portion went in and suddenly the thin and long base, made to conform the the curvature of my ass, settled into my crack.

“That’s a good boy, Austin,” Loc said condescendingly. He tapped the plug four times with his finger, sending waves of stimulation through me. “Now, slowly — and I mean slowly — sit back down.”

I did as I was told, intentionally leaning back as slowly as I could until my ass was on my heels. Then I slid my legs forward until I was sitting. I leaned down to grab my pants, but Loc put his hand on my chest.

“No, no,” he said, pushing me to sit back in my seat. “Go ahead and just kick those pants off, then you slowly unbutton you shirt, take it off and put it in the back seat.”

Shit. Was this karma? I’d done this to a couple subs I’d taken out on a date once. One wasn’t able to handle the embarrassment of what I made him do or the stress and fear of being seen and started actually crying. At the time, I’d laughed at him and my cock had started leaking even harder that it’d already been in response to his breakdown. Now I was in the same situation and immediately had an appreciation for what my subs had gone through.

But, like both of them, the fear I was experiencing was keeping me mind-fuckingly aroused. I couldn’t believe I, never in my mind even a little submissive, was feeling the same thing. 

The plug up my ass sent waves of sensation throughout my whole body with every move I made, pressed hard into my hole by the pressure of sitting on it. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, the shaking in my hands making it more difficult, and then put it in the back seat. I looked over to Loc to find him with lusty eyes and a self-satisfied smile. He started the car and reached over with his right hand, putting it on my thigh while he used his left hand to drive. 

I was incredibly thankful that it was dark outside. As he drove us down the highway, Loc pet my thigh softly and slowly with his calloused hand. I was so aroused my balls were practically dancing in their sack. The leaking precum had soaked the pouch of my jockstrap and was beading outside the fabric now. At one point, Loc scooped a bit up with his thumb and tasted it, humming approvingly. Something in me knew he wouldn’t be tasting my cock tonight (maybe not ever), but the way he sampled my precum established that he had seized the right to do so if he wanted. It was, in addition to something he probably wanted to do, another way to demonstrate his control.

As soon as he’d had his taste, Loc went back to rubbing my thigh. It was about 15 more minutes more until Loc pulled off the highway, then another five before he pulled into the parking lot of a posh cocktail bar. 

“Arlight baby,” he said, reaching up and gently tweaking one of my nipples. I was so overstimulated, that simple act had my back arched and my mouth open wide. I moaned quietly. “Go ahead and get dressed and we’ll run inside.”

I started again reaching for my pants, but Loc once more stopped me.

“No, no,” he told me. “Get out of the car and get dressed there. You can hop out, stand there and wait until I say ‘go’ to get dressed.”

I didn’t react immediately so Loc grabbed and squeezed my nipple again, making me yelp. That time it wasn’t for pleasure but to motivate me to do as I was told. Hands shaking worse than before, I opened the door and stepped out. I looked through at him in the car, trembling. He smiled at me in no hurry to let me dress myself. Worse than the thought of some random passerby seeing me was the idea of a cop pulling through the area and spotting me here. I could get in trouble for indecent exposure.

“Damn, you’re pretty,” Loc said. “But OK. I don’t want you to get in trouble. That would ruin the rest of the night. Go.”

I reached in fast and grabbed my pants, almost falling down as I scrambled to put them on. Then I pulled out my boots and stepped into them before opening the back door, snagging my shirt and buttoning it up.

Loc laughed at me a little before getting out of the car and walking over to me as I struggled to finish buttoning my shirt. He brushed my hands away and did it for me before grabbing my chin with his thumb and index finger knuckle. He lifted my face and planted a quick kiss on my lips.

“That’s a good boy,” he praised me. “I get the feeling you’ve trained enough submissive boys of your own that you’ve inadvertently trained yourself, too.”

He closed the two doors on the passenger side, locked the car and then took my hand.

“You can relax now, baby boy,” Loc told me. “I don’t have any tricks up my sleeve here. We’re just gonna have a couple of cocktails, get to know each other a little more and listen to some live music.”

He said that, knowing full well as he led me into the bar that every step made the butt plug brush lightly against my prostate and remind me that while I was fully dressed I wasn’t going to be just like every other person in the bar. And even though I knew there was no way anybody inside would know I had my ass plugged, I was also aware that every glance in my way would have me questioning how aware they were of my situation.

When we walked inside, Loc led me to a table. There was a small stage in the bar where a band was playing soft jazz. A waitress came up and Loc ordered for us both. He got himself a gin drink with rose syrup and a pornstar martini for me. He may not be giving me orders to do anything here, but our body language I knew made the dynamics between us obvious.

Luckily, Loc was a talented conversationalist. I learned about how he came to America for work. His family in Vietnam knew he was gay and was OK with it, as were all his friends. But he said still didn’t want to go back to living there. The social politics there still weren’t as accepting of gay people as they were in the U.S. He worked his day job, but he was also semi-successful as a DJ on the side. He had some songs on Spotify but wouldn’t tell me what they were. Nobody knew his identity as a DJ and he wanted to keep it that way. If he ended up performing in a club, he promised he’d let me know when and where and I could find out then.

When he ordered the second round of drinks, Loc started reaching out with his foot and running it up and down my legs. Where we were positioned in the bar, nobody would see. When the drinks got there, he moved to sit next to me in the booth and rest his left hand on my thigh. He scooted in closer to me, eventually pushing me to sit almost squished between him and the wall. We spent the next hour listening to the band play and talking only occasionally.

After our third drink, which we each sipped slowly, Loc paid then stood, offered me his hand, and we left. Back in the car, Loc ordered me to open the front of my khakis but not undress this time. He reached over with his right hand and slipped his hand into the pouch of my jockstrap. He took hold of my cock, which had been steel-hard almost the whole night and was aching now.

“Ooh, baby, feels like I got you wet.”

I felt my face getting hot and as I looked him in the eyes. Loc smiled at me, then turned his attention to the view out the windshield and started driving. He took his time driving, staying in the right lane of the highway as he slowly and carefully teased my cock so I was constantly stimulated but on the edge the whole time. He didn’t want to risk me cumming.

When we pulled into the garage at the apartment, my heartrate picked up. I was worried it was getting too fast at that point and I could risk some sort of cardiac event. This was it. The whole night led to this point. My hole constantly twitched around the plug shoved up my ass in anxious anticipation. I had managed not to think much about what would happen. With my husband next door, Loc planned to fuck me hard enough to ensure William would hear it. I had spent the whole night submitting to Loc, though not entirely sure why I decided to, but what would happen when we got inside would be different.

But would it, really? I’d already sat silently while he made sure the waiter at the sushi restaurant knew I wasn’t eating much because I would be bottoming for him later. I’d taken off my pants and bent over the dashboard of his car while he took his time and played with my ass, teased my hole and put a plug inside me, then made he strip and ride naked except my jockstrap all the way to the bar. Then I sat there, in that bar, with the plug up my ass before we left and I let him edge me, playing with and teasing my cock.

Was putting out for him really going to be that much more submissive that what I’d already done? I realized it might not. It really depended on my perspective. The way I’d offered no resistance to him as he played with my body like a toy instead of a person, I’d already allowed Loc to establish himself as having unquestioned control over me. The act of bottoming for him at all, even if he were gentle with me, would just be another act of sacrificing my personal agency for his pleasure.

So the nerves about what it meant to bottom for him now were, while not entirely gone, diminished. Which left me with the fear of whether I would be able to handle it. I wasn’t counting on enjoying it, at least not all of it. Somehow I knew I wouldn’t hate it. I would probably actually like a lot of it. It would be new, and there was a lot of pleasure to be found in novelty. 

When Loc turned off the car, he told me to wait for him to open the door for me. He got out, walked casually around to the passenger side and offered me his hand to step out of the car. I took it and stood up, feeling like I was playing the role of a dainty dame in some old movie. When I was standing in front of him, looking up a little to meet Loc’s eyes, he gently placed his hand on my cheek and rubbed his thumb over my lips, pulling my bottom lip down. Then he leaned in and gave me a little kiss.

“Let’s get you inside so we can enjoy ourselves.”

Until I met William, I’d never been both romantic and dominant with a guy. I’d always objectified my subs as playthings without any romantic pretense. With William, the romance had been real and natural. With Loc, I couldn’t tell how much he actually felt the romance he was showing me. He could actually have that emotional investment to some degree, or it could be a way of exerting his control.

Whether it was rooted in sincere emotion or a tactic of domination, the romance Loc was showing me was an effective way to make me feel little compared to him. Make me melt as putty into his hands. Even being fully aware of that, I couldn’t resist it. Loc projected an intoxicating and irresistible charisma and confidence and strength and power.

Moving his thumb away, Loc leaned down and planted a light, lingering kiss on my lips. When he pulled away, my breathing was heavy. That kiss was like magic. I wasn’t a natural sub and still knew that when I eventually made my way back home I’d fuck the shit out of my husband and reconnect with my dominant personality, but no matter what happened once we got into Loc’s apartment I wanted it to happen. Looking into Loc’s eyes, though? I wanted to feel what it was like to give up control at least once. Wanted to see what it was like to be a sub put in his place by a dominant and worthy man. And if there was ever a man I thought worthy of dominating me, it was without a doubt Loc.

Smiling kindly, in a way that didn’t match what I had no doubt was about to happen, Loc put his hand on the small of my back, closed the door to the car, locked it and walked me into the building. When we were inside the building, Loc grabbed my hand and walked me slowly to his front door.

“When we get inside, I want you to take off your boots for me. OK, cute boy?” Loc asked me standing at his door.

“Yes,” I said.

“Oh, come on handsome,” he said, placing his free hand on the side of my neck gently. “You know the right way to answer me, don’t you?”

“Yes, daddy,” I corrected. Then, almost inaudibly, “Sorry.”

Loc smiled at me adoringly and, without taking his eyes off mine, reached out and punched in the code to unlock his door. When he pushed it open, Loc walked backwards into the apartment and pulled me in by my hand. He didn’t let go of it as I kicked off my boots and the door closed behind me. Then he turned and led me by the hand to his couch.

“Stand in front of me, baby,” he said. I did as I was told.

Loc faced me, his back to the couch, and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I kept my arms at my side as he slid his hands under my shirt and ran them over my body. His semi-rough hands slid from the top of my pecs over my shoulders, his wrists and arms gently pushing the shirt off me. I let it slide down my arms and to the floor. Loc then took to exploring my body. He started by putting his hands on my hips and slowly sliding them up my sides until they were under my arms. His eyes were locked with mine and mine with his. He moved his hands to my chest and ran them down my torso. As they brushed over my nipples I shivered and had to focus hard not to move too much at that stimulation.

He traced his fingers over my abs, then grabbed me by the hips again before running his thumbs along my V lines. Then he let go, took a half step back and sat on the couch.

“Unbutton your pants and pull the zipper down halfway,” he ordered me when he was sat. His right hand was in his crotch, massaging the clear outline of his cock through his slacks as he watched me. 

I did as I was told, popping the button on my khakis then unzipping them halfway, then standing there. He told me to turn slowly for him and face away. When I was facing away from him, I heard Loc shift behind me before his hands were cupping my ass. He massaged the globes of my muscular butt before sliding his hands around to my front and caressing my navel before he went back to my ass and then let go and sat back.

“OK, now turn around and unzip your pants all the way for me,” Loc commanded me. His tone made it sound like a suggestion, but I knew better. “Then slip your pants down so the waistband is just below the bottom of your jockstrap pouch.”

I turned, unzipped my pants all the way and slid them down, spreading my legs a little to hold them there. Loc reached out again and took the pouch in his hand. My cock was hard, but because of the constraints of the pouch it was curved and pointed down. He felt the shaft with his thumb as he rolled my balls around with his other fingers. Without stopping, Loc reached out with his other hand and caressed my inner thigh.

“Your skin is so soft, baby,” he complimented me.

And he was right. His strong hands on my soft skin was a new and exciting experience. Then he reached between my legs and up to rapidly thump the plug still lodged up my ass with his middle finger. He withdrew his hand and reached up with it to tease my right nipple for a second before placing his hands on my hips and turning me to face away from him. Now face-to-face with my bare ass, Loc caressed my muscular globes before spreading my cheeks apart.

“This plug should have you well stretched by now,” he observed, taking the base of it and wriggling it around inside me. “And these ass cheeks. God fucking damn. You may not know it, but you were a natural born bottom. Especially next to a Vietnamese man like me.”

I moaned lightly as he teased the plug inside me, then he let go. 

“Arlight, turn around and finish stripping for me, cutie. Pants off, socks off.”

I did it and then stood there awkwardly, naked but for the pouch concealing my cock and balls and facing away from my gorgeous — and fully dressed — Vietnamese neighbor. His hands came back up and Loc turned me around again. He was standing now.

“Undress me,” he said. Then as my hands went up to start unbuttoning his shirt, he added, “Slowly. Pay attention to my body while you do it. Worship it.”

His use of the word worship made it hit home. He’d just finished admiring my body as I followed his instructions and slowly stripped. Now I was expected to do much more than admire him.

When his shirt was fully unbuttoned, I slid it off and down his arms. My heart was pounding and my head and chest were in the midst of emotional turmoil. Conflicting senses had me questioning everything I was doing even as I did it, but I didn’t stop. There was no body fat anywhere. Seeing his beautiful chest, two large and perfectly firm pecs, I had a sudden and irresistible urge to reach out and touch them. I moved my hands to just a half centimeter from his chest and then stopped, breaking my eyes from his pecs to this face and looking for permission. Loc smiled at me and gave me a wink, so I made that final move to feel his chest. 

Compared to Loc, I knew my hands were soft. His skin was softer. I kneaded the muscle gently in my hands. I didn’t think a single though as I suddenly leaned in and kissed his chest. Then each of his pecs. Then his nipples. He hummed appreciatively as I did that, making me decide to lick his hard, brown nipples. I felt a little dizzy from it. Drunk on his body.  It took a minute of building up my willpower before I was able to lean back again. I admired the tattoos on his right arm and part of his right pectoral. 

I ran my index finger along the pattern of a dragon that started on his upper right pec and then went halfway down his arm. Then I shifted my focus to his abs. Carved into marble on this man. I licked and kissed them before moving down to his navel. I did the same to his V lines then kissed between them, just above his button. I felt his cock against my chin. It twitched. 

I slowly undid his belt and then unbuttoned his pants. I unzipped them and pulled them down. He was wearing black Calvin Klein bikini briefs. The red, almost purple head of his cock was peaking out above the waistband. His balls were threatening to break free from the bottom of the briefs. I wasn’t thinking anymore. Simply acting. I dropped to my knees in front of Loc and leaned forward, kissing slowly and passionately his cockhead. He was leaking precum, and it was delicious. The head was soft, spongy and as I kissed it I felt like that was where my lips belonged. I then kissed his down his legs to his feet.

I’ve never had a foot fetish, but the thing inside me that had taken over made me bend down and kiss the tops of his feet, then each of his toes. Loc, for his part, stood there and allowed me to worship him. I reached up and took hold of the waistband of his briefs, then looked up at him. He was looking down at me with a knowing smile. Not breaking eye contact with him, I pulled his briefs down slowly. His cock free now, I kept my eyes on his as I leaned forward. I kept slowly pulling his briefs down as I put myself under his long, thick cock and rested it on my face. It was heavy. 

When his briefs were on the ground, Loc stepped out of them. As he moved, his cock swung across my face, smearing precum on my forehead. I stuck out my tongue slowly and took a tentative lick of his balls. They drew up as he sharply inhaled. Seeing that he liked it, I wasted no time in lapping at his balls, keeping his cock resting comfortably on my face where I suddenly realized it belonged. As I was there on my knees, I shifted periodically. Each time I did, the movement of the buttplug inside me reminded me it was there.

Loc let me do this for a while before he placed a hand on my cheek and guided me back until the head of his cock was laying on my lips. I opened my mouth and licked at it, then, determined to maintain eye contact, took him inside my mouth. I swirled my tongue, savoring his taste. Loc slowly moved his hand from my cheek to my hair and started petting me as a licked and serviced his cock. Then he slowly closed his fist around a clump of my hair and the mood changed. Not in any hurry, Loc pulled my head into the right position to start fucking my throat.

He started with slow thrusts but quickly built up speed, and before I knew it Loc was fucking me deep down my throat, hard and fast. My eyes teared up. I started gagging. He was breathing heavily and moaning softly. And he just kept going. As I gagged loudly, I remembered what he told William: he’d make sure when he fucked me I would get loud enough that William could listen. His grunts and moans were getting louder now, and I imagined briefly that William was laying in our bed hearing the sounds.

I thought he would be quick with my throat so he could get to my ass. I should have known better. Loc had self discipline. He was going enjoy my throat before ravaging my ass. For a good 20 minutes, Loc pounded my throat non-stop. My jaw was threatening to lock up on me, it was so sore. I was cramping, I was choking. I was crying, not emotionally but from the repeated battering. 

When he was done with my face, Loc was a completely different person. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and tugged on my hair, making me yelp horsley, to get me to my feet. 

“Bout to fuck your brains out, bitch,” Loc informed me as he shoved me on the couch. He grabbed me in a vice grip by my hips and pulled me up, then swatted at my legs to spread them before he yanked the plug out of my ass. “I’ll have to save eating this hole for another time.”

I heard a bottle of lube from the coffee table open, then without preamble his cock was pushing into me.

“Open that pussy up for daddy, baby boy,” Loc growled at me.

I did my best, pushing out as he shoved in. In no time, he’d bottomed out in me and was pulling quickly back out. I was screaming. It hurt like hell. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back, pulling me to stand on my knees on the couch before turning my head and shoving his tongue in my mouth without stopping the hard pounding. Done with kissing me, Loc let go of my hair and shoved on the back of my shoulders so my head bumped into the wall. I grabbed ahold of the back of the couch and cried out a stuttering moan. No chance William wouldn’t hear that. Hell, even if he was asleep it would’ve woken him.

Loc didn’t slow down one bit. Instead, he grabbed ahold of my hips, squeezing so hard I was convinced he was going to bruise me to get more leverage and fuck me harder and faster and deeper.

“You like that Viet cock fucking you, slut?” he yelled at me. He was making sure William could make out his words.

“Yes, sir,” I yelled back. “I love it, daddy.”

Whereas before it felt odd to call a man the same age as me “daddy,” this time it felt perfectly natural. I felt his cock slamming into me and worked to squeeze my spasming, stretched, searingly painful hole around him as he pulled out and open it up as he pushed in, hoping to maximize Loc’s pleasure. 

“Yeah you do, baby,” Loc cried out. “You fuckin love that Viet cock in your white ass.”

I was crying out so loud in pain and, after about five minutes of it, pleasure that I started losing my voice. Loc didn’t let up. For 30 minutes he fucked me non-stop. My cock in my jockstrap had gone soft but as it rubbed against he fabric of the pouch I still felt jolts of pleasure starting in the head of my dick and spreading to my toes and fingertips and the top of my head. Another five minutes and my knees gave out on me.

Rather than slow down, though, Loc used his strong, beautifully muscled arms to lift me up by my hips and kept going. Another 10 minutes and Loc let go and pulled out. He took me by the shoulders and shoved me onto the couch before flipping me on my back. He grabbed my ankles and shoved my legs back, then plunged his cock right back down into me. 

I’d started getting tired of the fuck, but the moment I saw him looking down at me, his hair a mess and a light sheen of sweat on his face, I suddenly felt like I never wanted it to end. He was a fucking revelation. The face of some god of love and lust. His eyes were heavy lidded with pleasure, but he kept eye contact with me. 

“Such a pretty fucking face,” he whispered. Then, louder so William could hear through the wall, “I’m gonna love watching your face when I breed your white ass with my Vietnamese cum.”

Loc didn’t take my longer before he bottomed out inside me and began firing rope after rope of cum deep into my body. 

“Fuck yeah, take daddy’s cum, Austin,” Loc shouted at me. “Your Asian daddy’s filling you up with is cum, baby.”

I knew I was tired I should have been relieved that it was over, but instead I felt an immense feeling of loss knowing that Loc was done fucking me. He stayed inside of me for a while after he was done, leaning down and locking his lips to mine. He pulled away after a few minutes and again locked eyes with me. I felt an almost violent swell of emotions. What were they? It almost felt like what I felt when I looked at William. I knew quickly it wasn’t love like I felt for William. It was an infatuation so strong it felt like love.

When Loc pulled his cock out of me, I felt suddenly empty. Not just in my ass but in my whole body. In my being. In my soul. Loc stood next to me and put one arm under my knees and the other under my arms and around my back. Then, with far too much ease given how he had fucked me limp, hoisted me off the couch and carried me into his bedroom. He laid me down on the bed, then walked back into the living room. When he came back, he was carrying the butt plug. 

Loc, suddenly gentle again, slowly lifted my leg and slipped the plug into my now-looser hole. Then he climbed into bed next to me. His cock was still hard. Loc pulled me into him, laying my head on his chest and running his fingers through my hair.

“Did you enjoy your first time submitting to me?” Loc asked.

‘First time’ registered with my brain and I quickly realized it was likely an accurate description.

“Yes, daddy,” I said softly, nuzzling into his chest. “I didn’t think I could like it. At least not like that. But I loved it.”

It was true. Getting fucked so rough, so long, so brutally by Loc was incredibly painful at times. It was demeaning. It made me feel nervously uncertain about my role in the world. But it also felt amazing. I suddenly had a new appreciation for everybody who submitted to me, including William. While I enjoyed dominating submissive partners, I’d never understood the appeal. Now, laying here next to Loc I had a startling revelation. It was blissful to submit. To give up control to him was to embrace some psychological bliss I couldn’t possibly begin to analyze.

“I’m glad,” Loc said. “I almost brought you in here for the first fuck, but I promised Willy he’d be able to listen in tonight. I figure hearing you like that through the wall would be a good way to start getting him used to the idea of his husband belonging to another man.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. The whole experience was amazing, but it in no way made me open to the idea of belonging to Loc. I may have submitted to him, and I may even now plan to do it again, but I belonged to William and he belonged to me. But just as quickly as the concern about his choice of words came to mind I decided there was no reason, and more importantly no point, in arguing it right now.

Instead, I relaxed into him. His body was warm. His right, hard-earned muscle was just pliable enough to be comfortable. 

“I’m sure you’ve noticed,” Loc said, breaking my train of thought on the status of our relationship, “I’m still hard. You’re such a sexy white boy that I wanna fuck you again, even though I still havent’ gotten soft from just pounding your ass.”

I was mentally crossing my fingers, but I didn’t know if I was wishing for him to say that he decided not to or telling me he was about to fuck me again. I still felt like something was missing now that he wasn’t in me anymore, but I was also exhausted.

“This time, though, I’m gonna show you a different kinda fucking with me,” Loc said as he moved my head to the pillow and pivoted himself to kneel in front of me, between my legs as he gently spread them. “This time, it’ll be slower. A different kind of passion.”

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