I stood trembling in the back of the van as he took pictures of the slave tattoos on my stomach, right thigh and the right cheek of my ass.

"Now sit on the floor, hands on your head, knees drawn up and your legs wide open!"

I scrambled to do as he said, my face feeling hot with humiliation. I knew I was in deeper and deeper trouble with every photo he took, but I feared the electrical stun device he was threatening me with more than the consequences of the pictures.

"Okay, come here, sit between my legs and start massaging my cock and balls while I review the pictures." I moaned but did as he said, my head buzzing and overwhelmed by the shame and humiliation. I started doing as he said and he looked through each picture. He was already hard and getting harder.

When he was done reviewing he stood up. "These will do nicely for a start. I'll begin searching the Internet for matches to these tats - one way or the other I'll find these guys that were working you.

"Now-slip down my sweatpants and start massaging again. While you do it tell me everything about this last German guy that owned you. I want to know exactly what he wanted, how he controlled you, everything. Now that I'm hard you'll see me start to drip a lot of pre-cum. When you see that, stop talking and open your mouth, hold my cock and make sure all that juice goes into it. Milk it all out and then hold it in your open mouth until I give you permission to swallow.

I was almost crying now. It had been several years since I had gotten rid of my last Master and I never expected to be in this sort of position again. I started stroking his cock and balls. "Master Dietrich controlled me because he was aware of the vanilla life I had established after the last Master I got away from. He could easily expose me. Once he and the group located me I had to meet him at a local motel. I was stripped and then wrapped in a blanket and taken to a nearby tattoo parlor on the south side of Augusta. That's when the slave tattoos were done, 'D.O.' for his initials and 'ss.fm.angel' -my slave name and a code of some kind. I avoided them all the years before-so this time he did them twice normal size to make sure I couldn't hide them or ever pretend I wasn't a slave. Then he took me from the parlor to that Parliament House on Gordon Highway, a gay resort motel where questions wouldn't be asked. That's where he disciplined me for escaping."

He switched his camera onto video and held it beside my face as he inched forward so that his cock hung directly over my mouth. "Is that when you got those whip marks below the tat on your ass?"

"Yes, he whipped me with a belt at first. It raised welts but it wasn't so bad. But then he took a thinner whip like a cane and really slashed my ass twice on each side. I screamed but if anybody heard it at the P House it wouldn't have mattered. Then he wiped blood off the welts and took some kind of dye or tattoo ink and painted it over the slash marks. He said the broken skin would absorb the dye like a tattoo and I would be permanently marked as slaved who had been disciplined."

"Yeah, I see that. These guys were serious about getting you back in line! Shit, this is making me really horny, start milking it and open your fucking slave mouth!"

I couldn't have felt more humiliated. I opened my mouth as he leaned forward and started squeezing his hard cock from the base to the tip. Immediately drops of clear pre-cum emerged from the red, swollen head of his cock. They dripped into my open mouth. The second and third strokes produced a stream of the gooey clear liquid. I wondered if he would cum next.

"Stroke it a couple of more times, then stop and squeeze it really hard. I don't want to cum in your mouth until I've heard more of this story."

I did as he demanded and squeezed when my mouth felt like it was full of the creamy pre-cum. "Now close your mouth and swallow so I can see you do it."

I closed my mouth and swallowed slowly. "Now thank me for the pre-cum, then get on with the story!"

I stuttered a thank you and he chuckled. "Humiliating isn't it? Having to thank a guy for making you swallow his slime. So what happened after he whipped you?"

"He gave me a blank journal book. He said I would be providing services to people he would be sending to me. I was to write a full account of each session with a detailed description of each 'customers' body, especially the cock and balls and any tattoos or piercings. I also had to describe everything they did or wanted me to do in great detail with what they said during sex or discipline, whatever it was they wanted to do. He said I had to keep a record of every time a customer came in my mouth or my ass. I had to swallow if it was in my mouth and I had to keep their cum inside my ass for at least two hours. He gave me the calorie content for each load of cum and I had to record how much I had taken in during the day. He said he would be setting quotas for me and I would be punished for not meeting them."

"Ooh. Nice! Exactly the kind of thing I'll make you do for me-and then some. What else?"

"I was ordered to send him an email every morning with a summary of all my activity the previous day, vanilla and any sex, along with a complete description of any and all dreams, with great detail on erotic dreams. He said that before he left that weekend we would go to the mall to Victoria's Secret and I would have to buy lacy underwear and thongs. Each day he would grade my email of the previous day, set my 'spunk quota' for the day-and tell me what piece of underwear to put on. During the day he would send a text to my phone and would have to respond within 30 minutes with a photograph showing my pants pulled down and the underwear he had ordered me to wear that day. That way there was no way I could cheat."

He let out a deep breath. "Start stroking again and open your mouth, bitch! This is getting me hotter than I've ever been. This is exactly what I want to do with my own slave, I just never thought to organize as well as these guys have."

I stroked him again and opened my mouth. Then he bent his knees and lowered his cock into my mouth. "Suck it, you cunt. I'm going to shoot both balls into you." He was breathing heavily as I sucked and he raised and lowered himself, pressing his cock deep into my mouth. "When I come make sure you hold the spunk, don't swallow it right away!"

He groaned and I watched his stomach muscles spasm, then felt his cock jerking inside my mouth. I whined until I almost choked on a huge load of cream that felt like it was filling my mouth to overflowing. He gasped again. "Now suck hard you bitch, get every drop of spunk out my balls!"

Then he slowly straightened his legs, sliding his glistening cock out my mouth. I kept my mouth open, trying not to spill any of the come. He was grinning widely. "That's great. I never imagined I'd be watching this when you walked into the shower room at the pool. Now slowly close your mouth, swallow, then thank me letting you swallow my cum."

I swallowed and then thanked him.

"So, this German guy was an engineer in Athens and you were in Augusta. How else did he control you from so far away?"

"He put a steel chastity device on my cock, one that went through my PA and locked in place so there was no way I could remove it even when I wasn't hard. He would be able to see through the underwear in the pic I sent each day. He told me to get a better web cam system and set it up so it could have a wide view of me working at the desk in my home office. I had to connect with a site on the darknet that he or The Group had set up and leave it on 24/7. He would check in whenever he pleased and monitor me. He said I would have to start working in the nude or in the panties. He said friends or customers of his would come online from time to time during the day and I would have to 'perform' for them. He said every customer would be grading my performance either on the net or for real in the evenings-if I didn't get great ratings I would be whipped the next time he came to Augusta or I had to go Athens."

"Shit! What a great way to control every minute of your day. So, you worked independently and lived alone in your own place, he had everything going for him in controlling you. Once he got all this set up and started what happened next? How did things go on in the three years that followed?"

As he spoke he reached back through the curtain into the cab of the van and got a plastic bottle of sex lube. "Get this on your hands and start massaging my balls and cock again. Do it real slow."

My face grimaced as I realized that coming in my mouth wasn't going to be enough for him. He laughed when he saw my expression. "You didn't think you'd get out of here without getting another load in your ass, did you?"

I could feel my face reddening up again.

"Listen, cunt, I am going to own you now that I have these pictures. One of the ways I feel like I seal the deal is by coming for the first time in your ass. Once my come is inside you, you belong to me, you're my pussy from then on!"

I gulped and started stroking his balls with the lube. I was surprised at how quick he got hard again.

"Okay, on all fours, head on the carpet, ass in the air and legs apart. Then keep talking and tell me what happened during the time the German guy was your Master."

I groaned but did as he said. I gasped as his fingers began to lube my ass. "After that first session at the Parliament House he got my email addresses and passwords and said he'd get everything the next time he came to Augusta. He fucked me as often as he could over the weekend and then sent me home on Sunday. The next morning I had to send the email on the previous day, wear the panties and send him the photograph. I got the webcam set up and did everything else just to show him I would be obedient as long as nothing was done to expose me. During the week he told me to buy a snake first aid kit and to use the cups to start enlarging my nipples. I had to show him this on the webcam. That first week someone came online and wanted me to do a workout routine in the nude in front of the webcam and then to masturbate. I think it was a test as there was to only one customer that week."

I looked back and saw him kneel down behind me. I was hiding my face in hands so he couldn't see that I was tearing up with embarrassment and humiliation.

"Keep talking, talk all the time I am fucking you..."

I could feel the head of his cock exploring my ring. He was taking his time about getting inside me.

"He came back from Athens the next weekend-this time to my house over in Evans. He changed all the locks on the house and then inspected all the rooms. One of the downstairs bathrooms had two entrances which he said would work just right. He made me kneel and then drilled a hole in the center of one of the doors opposite my mouth. Then he attached a metal cage on the inside of the door and closed it over my head. He put a collar on me and a chain from the collar went through a metal ring in the door. He left enough slack for me to move my head inside the cage three or four inches. He said that during the weekend I would doing 'glory hole duty' at the door. I was to swallow every load of come..."

I grunted as he forced his way into the first inch or two of my ass. I gasped as he slowly rocked in and out, each time driving deeper into me. I moaned as felt the bristles of shaved pubes against my ass.

"Keep talking, bitch, I want to hear it all."

Between gasps I continued. "He said his job was to see to it that I never got away from The Group again. He'd be taking over all my assets, reducing them to cash and making it impossible for me to do anything but work for The Group from now on. He said the customer I had during the week graded my performance as an eight on a scale of ten-so I would get two strokes of the cane for not making a ten. He gave me to two strokes and than I had to thank him for teaching me the need to do better on each performance. Then he fucked me and came inside me. The he took me down to my basement and chained the collar to a support post and left me there. He said he'd had work to do on my assets and then he'd be calling customers for me. I was down there several hours. When he brought me up I could see he was wiring the entire house with a web cam system. He chained me to the glory hole door. About fifteen minutes later I was sucking on my first customer cock. Dietrich stood behind me to make sure I swallowed. Then I had to mark on a slate and write "15 Cals" for each load. In the first hour I..." I grunted and then gasped as he shoved hard into me. He gasped. "Oh Fuck, that's good, Oh Man, both balls again!" He laughed as he slapped my ass and slid out of me. "Welcome to my spunk, bitch, you're gonna get a lot more of that from here on. Now stay in position and keep talking."

"In the first hour I think I sucked off twelve customers. Then someone came into the bathroom from the other door and made me straighten my legs while I bent over against the door sucking another cock. The guy behind me fucked me, came inside me, zipped up and quietly walked out. That first day I was stuck on the door for five hours and I think I gave blowjobs to maybe as much as fifty men. Six more fucked me in the ass. The rest of the weekend was a blur, more jaw breaking hours at the glory hole eating spunk and getting fucked in the ass. In the meantime Dietrich had gotten all my bills and income sources together. From that time on I had to send all my contract job checks to him, he paid all my bills and over time I did more customer work and less contract work. Finally I was doing nothing but working for Dietrich. After about a year he had me sign my house over to him. He sold the house and my car and everything else and moved me to a small farm outside Athens where customer could visit more easily."

"Damn. He really did take control of everything. You mentioned 'The Group' what was that some kind of club or something?

"No, it was some kind of society that started in Europe. My first Master got me when I went to visit a friend in Palma, Spain. I didn't know it but these guys were working him too and were going through his email contacts. When I got there I was stripped and beaten until they found out everything they could. I had step-parents in the UK, they were military, and I had to tell them I'd found a job in Palma. He belonged to this society he said started in Germany centuries ago, though I really think it was some kind of Nazi thing. He had contacts all over the world. I was nineteen then and when I got older he sent me to the US to a man on the west coast. After five years I found a way to get away from him and went to Augusta where I figured I wouldn't be found. It was ten years after that that they did find me and set this guy Dieter Oellner on me."

"So how did you get away again?"

"I didn't really, he was offered a job with NASA in Houston and had to suddenly clean up his past. He tried to hand me off to other members of The Group in Florida, but I got away again and came to Columbia, used some money I'd hidden from Dietrich and set up again under another name. When you spoke to me in the pool parking lot I really thought The Group had caught up with me again."

He shook his head in amazement. "No, I'm not with this group but I'd sure like to be. If I hadn't seen those tats when your bathing shorts slipped down in the shower I'd never have had the balls to challenge you in the parking lot. I knew those things were slave tats-no wonder you wear long legged trunks in the pool. How come you only moved to Columbia from Augusta-why not the other side of the country?

"I know how The Group works, They would guess I'd run as far as I could. They know all my contacts where ever I have been. I figured if I just moved a short distance to somewhere I have never worked before they would take hell of a lot longer to find me. By that time I might be too old for them to be interested."

"Okay, get dressed, I need to think this through some."

"Do you have any tissue, I need to wipe up."

"Fuck no. I want you to wear your jeans, no briefs, drive home back to Lake Murray wet-by the time you get there you'll have digested my spunk. You're gonna be eating a lot of Sam Sollon from here on, so get used to it."

He put the video camera away. I was cringing at the thought of what he had in still and video now. He watched as I got dressed, I was covered in slime. I'd tried to hide the fact that he had made me come as well. He noticed as well and just laughed.

Here's what you're going to do. I want you to write up this whole episode just like it happened. Then you're going to post it on the regular Internet. I'll put on some Darknet sites I know, your email will be attached-there's a site call Gay Demon that put's your email contact on the story. Sooner or later someone in The Group is going to see it. When they do-I'll be waiting. If I can join this group I will-and you better get used to the idea that you are back in business!"

Following my new Master's orders, I am now uploading this account to Gay Demon.


Abel James

[email protected]


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