Banging researcher in Dubrovnik

Ella was a clerk at the main archives in Dubrovnik and, for reasons unknown to me at the time, she seemed to take an interest in me. Not that I minded, she was a spectacular athletically built blonde and I had arrived in the city horny as hell. I called for papers and books and she brought them to my desk. I could not help but notice that under the tightly drawn hairstyle and the bookish horn rimmed glasses was something special indeed. It did not take long to find out. An invitation to dinner led to a return invitation to her apartment. Sex followed quickly and she was a tiger int he sack, and uninhibited as well. She seemed especially interested in having me eat pussy, and she also seemed fascinated by the idea of fucking me in the ass with a strap on. She seemed to take a great deal of interest in seeing how I responded to the sensations of a rubber cock in my ass. She admitted that her interest in me had been piqued when she saw the size of my 'package.' I do take some pride, I admit, in having a huge cock and a matching set of balls. Further, I had several steel balls inserted in cock under the skin of the shaft, and a colorful tattoo down its length. After sex, Ella took a great time closely examining my cock and balls.

Archives in ancient Great House

The next Elle asked if I had been to the archives in a small town to east that had once been the regional capital. The documents there were suppsoed to be ancient indeed. I had never heard of it but was immediately interested. I did not take long for Ella to arrange a trip there for me and a day or two later she was driving me off into the countryside.

Small walled conclave

It took several hours but eventually we came over a rise to see a very ancient and small walled town down in a valley below us. The city wall ran across the width of the valley. Behind it was several more miles of valley surrounded by sheer walled cliffs of granite. There was some kind of private security for the valley and swe were checked twice as we drove up to the city wall. We passed through a huge ancient gateway and on into the small town inside. I was immediately struck by the people on the streets, clearly they were wealthy and fashionable and I concluded that the town was some some sort of high class resort area.

The Great House

We passed through the town and into the courtyard of a walled castle that hover above the city streets. Ella parked, told me to leave my luggage in the car and to come in and meet my host - this was where I was going to stay for the next few days!. My host was a tall stern looking woman dressed in black. She greeted me well enough and had a firm strong handshake, but she seemed rather distant. She made no bones about checking me, looking at my arms and legs and then my crotch without the least embarrassment. All the while she spoke to Ella in the local dialect. Ella nodded and smiled, "I'll leave yo with Mistress Vlad, enjoy your stay!"

She smiled broadly, patted my ass, then walked away.

The inspection

The Mistress Vlad smiled at me and motioned me to follow her. I wondered where Ella would leave my luggage, but I Followed Mistress Vlad down a winding spiral staircase of stone into a broad corridor with a cobble stone floor and what appeared to be rows of solid wooden cell doors in the walls. There were four men who seemed to be waiting for us. Mistress Vlad turned to me, "Stand in front of this door, "she motioned to a nearby door, " and get undressed!" she demanded. I stood there stunned for a second, and then the four men stepped forward and manhandled me to the stone floor. A moment later I was was buck naked, my wrists and ankles in cuffs and chains. I was cursing a stream until one of the men shoved a soft rubber nerf ball thing into my mouth where it expanded, shutting me up. Mistress Vlad then carefully inspected me, making notes and taking pictures with a small digital camera. She knelt down and closely examined my cock and balls. Despite every effort I was getting an erection, much to the amusement of the men around me. Vlad took close up pictures of my cock and my balls. She then spoke sharply to the men, turned and walked back up the stairs. I stood there crimson face, my heart pounding. One of the men looked at me and nodded toward the door. I was pushed toward it and then inside as it was opened. I was forced down on a small bed and someone lubed my ass and next firmly slid a butt plug up inside me. They laughed, made me kneel and fastened my neck to the iron bed frame with another small chain. The door then slammed shut and they walked away, their boots echoing on the cobble floor.

The Special Guest

I was left there for several hours. Later that night three different men came into the cell, spreadeagled me on the small bed and fucked me in the ass. If I thought then that was an incredible violation, the outrage waned over the next few days as this became a regular feature of every afternoon and evening. Within a week there was no longer any need to chain me, I simply submitted knowing there was no choice and no point in struggle. 

Under the knife

After about ten days a doctor and a nurse entered the cell and gave me a complete physical. The next night something had been put into the water I was given to drink. The next morning I awoke half paralyzed and dazed. The normal crew of jailers did not come in that morning. Instead it was the same nurse as before and two medical attendants. I was cleaned and lifted onto a gurney and wheeled out of the cell, down the wide corridor and then into a brilliantly lit room. I was transferred to a table and told to breath while some type of device was inserted into my throat. I felt a stinging sensation followed a numbness. The device was then withdrawn. I coughed and tried to speak. I couldn't speak. I remembered someone putting line or a shot in my arm as my legs were spread wide in stirrups and a nurse began to wipe disinfectant over my crotch ... and then i was gone.


In the days that followed I slowly emerged from a haze of drugs, dreams and dull pain in my crotch. The first day or so I could feel myself peeing through a line in my cock. The second day I was sitting down to go to the toilet. Each day the nursing staff made sure I started to walk and as the pain eased in my crotch I was returned to my cell. That was the first day my hands were released, and the first thing I did was feel my crotch. My balls were still there, but they were packed right up into my crotch, The skin of my scrotum was gone, just aline of small stitches and healing cut across my crotch. My heart was pounding as I searched for my cock. All I could find was the head my cock protruding between two folds of flesh like a huge clit. It too had a line of stitches and a fine cut around it.

"I hope you'll enjoy the new arrangement down there, much tidier than before!" It was Mistress Vlad. She was standing in the doorway of the cell. I tried to sit up , still dizzy. She stepped forward and lifted me into a sitting position, putting a soft pillow underneath me. She sat on the bed beside, slowly stroking my hair which was now growing longer than it had ever been before.

"If you'd like to know the actual details, we drastically reduced your scrotum by inserting your testicles up into your body - that's where they were when you were a baby anyway. Then we removed the skin from the shaft of your penis, pressing it into your body and then reattaching the skin beneath the head of your cock back to the skin at the incision at the base of your cock. We made sure you could pee through it, so now you look pretty much like a female down there, except there's no vagina. Now you'll start exercising and soon everything will have healed nicely. The we can begin a new round of training for'll enjoy that too. In the meantime, stay clean. You'll start fucking the guards again in a week, they'll give the head of cock a workout - and soon the feeling will return and it will be sensitive enough to make you orgasm as you are fucked. It's important that you learn this, so you'll be expected to make yourself come on a regular basis..." I tried to speak, but as I had already learned, they din't need me to speak, so they'd cut my vocal chords as well.

In Training

Over the next few weeks, or months I did not know or care, I was allowed to work out in a gym and get back into my former shape. I was always naked. Then I was taken out to a track and made to run, just a slow trot but for long periods of time to build up stamina. Once I was fully healthy and able to trot steadily for long periods of time I then discovered the reason for the training - they wanted me to be a pony! I was harnessed between the traces of a small buggy and then had to train by pulling two of the staff around the track. After that I was taken out into the lanes in the valley behind the walled city. I'd be run out into the fields and woods where we eventually stop. The two staffers would then attached the traces either side of me to a wooden rack - then lift my legs up over the traces where they were fastened by the ankles. Spreadeagled this way I'd be fucked by both of them. The routine was often the same, I would be told, in English, to roll my ass and hips in order to give the cock in my ass as much sensation as possible. As they fucked me they would reach beneath me and massage the head of my cock until I came. A riding crop was used to get my co-operation. Once they had fucked me they'd sit and rest, and then release my legs, and I'd have to take them back into the training center. The routine would vary from time to time, often I would have to give head, again the riding crop ensuring that I learned every trick they could teach me to give the cock in my mouth as much sensation and stimulation as possible. Swallowing the cum was mandatory and correction was severe if it was ever needed.

Eventually I was moved to another area much like a stable where other men and girls had been converted to 'ponies' just as I was. It was then that I met my new 'owners' two wealthy Germans, a man and a woman referred to as Master Ecke and Mistress von Drakken, who stayed often at the walled city. They would take me out on a regular basis and the man would fuck me as I ate the woman's pussy. They would then lounge in the long grass in the valley of under the shade of trees and smoke cigars , or do a line of cocaine. It was ten that I noticed the cigar case, It was made in the form of large cock, and then I realized, I saw the tattoo - the cigar case was covered the with the tanned skin of my own cock! I looked closely at the small leather purse in whcih my new Mistress kept her cocaine - yes, it was made from the tanned skin of my balls!

Over time I would learn to serve several Masters and Mistress who came to the valley at various times of the year...this was to be my fate.




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