On Friday evening, I loaded 'Betsy' with all the provisions for my three week vacation. 'Betsy' is my 30 foot fully self contained motor home with living area, kitchen, bath, and bedroom with a king bed. Even the captain's chairs in the driver's area swivel to become part of the living area. For privacy, there are curtains that pull around the windows of the driver's area. Being the sole owner of a very successful construction company affords me such a luxury.

I headed out of San Francisco, my home, early Saturday morning. when I hit the open road, I set my cruise control and put a Geroge Strait CD in the player. And being a gay male, my own personal 'cruise control' was on, as usual, as I checked out all the male drivers that passed me, especially the truckers.

Having two nights on the road before getting to my campsite, I made myself ccomfortable. I was headed for a Camp groound I had found a year before in a national forest. There are several campsites clustered together at reasonable prices and one private one that is fairly expensive. It is about a mile from the others and sits on the edge of a small lake and overlooks a beautiful valley. It has a security gate so that the renter can lock it and have complete privacy. I had reserved it a year in advance.

As I neared the Neveda state line I topped a hill and saw a guy hitchhiking near the bottom. As I got closer, I saw his Marine uniform. Drawing closer, my heart fluttered. He was about six one or two, muscular, and damn good looking. I began to slow down but by the time I stopped, I was about fifty yards passed him. In mt passenger side mirror I saw him grab his bag and begin to jog toward me. I stepped back to the side door to greet him.

'Where you headed?' I asked.

'Denver,' he said panting slightly.

'Hop in. I can take you all the way.' It was out of my way a little but with this stud as a passenger I didn't care.

He climbed in, threw his bag on the sofa, and settled into the passenger seat. 'I'm Luke Frazier,' he said extending his hand.

'Mark Taylor,' I answered.

'Mr. Taylor, you don't know how I appreciate the ride. Now days there hard to get, even in uniform.'

'No problem, I'll enjoy the company, and please call me Mark.'

'Yes, sir.'

'And drop the fucking 'Sir'. I know it your training but I'm not military.'

'Deal,' he said.

As I drove, I found out that he was twenty three, seven years younger than myself, from Denver, had no steady girlfriend, was raised on a farm, and loved the outdoors. He was going home on a three week leave.

That would be about when I'd be headed back. If things worked out as I was hoping they would, I'd have him as a passenger going home.

I found out that he lived in the barracks with thirty one other guys. Remembering my days in the army, I said, 'Fun isn't it?'

'Yea, loads,' he said sarcastically.

'Yea, I remember my days in the army. No privacy at all and if you were in bad shape and needed relief you had to sneak to the latrine in the middle of the night.'

'Done that a few times myself.'

'Yea, Rosey Palm and her four sisters were always ready.'

'You got it.'

'We did have some other relief. There was a guy in our platoon that was gay. We kept his secret and when we needed him he'd take care of us. Sometimes he'd be taking care of two of us at a time.'

'Two at the same time?' he asked.

'Yep. One in his mouth and one in his rear.'

'Damn, the one we got only sucks. We've tried fucking him but he won't go for it.'

'You ever let him take care of your needs?' I asked, seeing if he participated.

'Hell yea, many times. It was the next best thing to a pussy. And no mess. He swallowed. You ever let your guy take care of you?'

'Oh yea, several times a week. He even took care of our sergeant.'

'We have a few that don't go for it but they keep their mouths shut. They know that if they don't the rest of us would be all over their asses.'

'It was the same with our group. I think all military is the same way. Someone will take care of your needs if you can find them.'

'Very true,' he answered.

My cock was getting hard from the conversation and i reached down to adjust it and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him watching me. We stopped for a bite to eat then returned to 'Betsy'.

When we climbed back in, I said, 'If you want to get more comfortable go right ahead. I need to check my maps.' That part was a lie.

He went to the bedroom to change leaving the door open. Lieing again, I walked back saying that I thought my road atlas was there. When I walked in he was totally naked, stepping into a pair of shorts. I saw his large uncut cock and was it ever beautiful.

'Sorry,' I said.

'No problem. When you live with as many guys as I do, you loose all modisty.'

'Tell me about it. I see you go commando also.'

'Yep, every chance I get. I hate underwear.'

'Same here. Actually, I hate clothes. Where I live, it's private and I can go nude inside and out.'

'Man, that must be nice.'

'It is. In fact, a lot of time when I drive at night, I'll drive nude.'

'Wow,' he replied.

'As much as I can, I live nude, drive nude and sleep nude.'

'Most of us in the barracks sleep nude,' he replied, 'me included.'

'Luke, I'm not planning on stopping until about eleven or later. If you get tired, make yourself at home and hit the sack. However, we'll have to share the one bed.'

'Hey, no problem with the bed. My brother and I shared one until I joined the Marines. I'll be sharing it with him again while I'm home on leave.'

'Don't turn your back on him,' I said with a chuckle.

He smiled and said, 'Man, he better not turn his back on me as horny as I am.'

'Is that a warning for me also?'

He burst out laughing. 'Nah, man, I wouldn't do that to you since your giving me a ride home. But I like to get wild sometimes so after it gets dark can we both get naked while were driving?'

'Sure. I was going to ask you if you had any objections if I did it.'

I smiled to myself. Things were working out and I began to suspect that Luke might even be gay or he was damn curious.

We returned to the road and just after dark I pulled into a rest area and without turning on any lights inside, I slipped off my shirt and shorts. Luke watched and immediately followed my lead. As we pulled back onto the highway, we were both naked except for our shoes.

'You're built like a brick shithouse,' I said to Luke.

'Thanks, you're not so bad yourself. Do you work out?'

'No, just get it from work. I own a construction company and help out on the jobsites some.'

Nodding toward my crotch he asked, 'Did that develope from the jobsite also?'

'No, it came with the package. How about yours? The Marines issue you that?'

'No, my dad gave it to me,' he said with a laugh.

We drove until almost midnight. We found a rest area and pulled in. Luke and I closed the privacy curtains and headed for the bedroom.

When we got there I had to confess. Luke was so damn nice, I couldn't try anything without him knowing up front that I was gay.

'Luke, I need to tell you something. Something you might not like.'

'What, that you're gay? I figured that out a long time ago. I went along with it because I was trying to let you know that I wanted it. It's the least I can do since you've been so good to me.'

'Luke, you owe me absolutely nothing for giving you a ride. Not money and not sex.'

'But the sex I want. Mark, I've been suspicioning that I am gay for several months, but didn't dare try to find out on base. This is my first chance and I want to find out for sure. When Greg sucks me in the barracks, I think about what it would be like to have him in my mouth and taste his load. I'm game for what ever you want to do.'

'Let's get in bed,' I said as I turned out the light.

I immediately taught him how to kiss. Soon our tongues were exploring each other's mouths. I began sucking ald licking his nipples as he moaned with pleasure. I licked lower and found his navel, then lower and was soon licking on his huge nut sack. I raised his legs and ate his ass savagely to his moans of pleasure. Then moved back up to his cock. That monster was every bit of nine inches and I swallowed every inch. I worked on it lovingly and soon it paid off. It was like a slot machine and I had hit the jackpot. He began cumming and I didn't think he was ever going to stop. I hungrily and eagerly swallowed every drop he fed me.

When it was over and he had regained his breathing, he said, 'Man, I've never experienced anything like that in the barracks. It's strictly suck and go.'

We lay there for a few minuites, when he leaned over and kissed me, again with our tongues fighting. He began going to my nipples, repeating what I had done to him. He sucked my balls, ate my ass then sucked my cock. When I was close, I warned him but he kept after it. This virgin sucker took my load and swallowed.

When he returned to my side, I asked, 'Was that really your first time?'


'What did you think?'

'Mark, I must admit. I liked it. I loved the feel of your cock in my mouth and the taste of your cum was wonderful. I never thought it would be that good.'

We cuddled and were soon asleep, wrapped in each others arms.

The next morning I awoke to find Luke again sucking my cock. after he again took my load and swallowed, I returned the favor. We dressed and got back on the road.

'Mark, I think I love cock and cum.'

I laughed and said, 'I know. I do. It's addictive.'

We stopped for breakfast and then when we stopped for lunch, I told Luke that I wanted him to fuck me.

'Only if you fuck me in return. I said I wanted to try it all.'

We went to the back and I produced the lube and Luke fucked me like he would a whore off the street. I loved it.

We changed positions and I loosened him up with my fingers. When My cock slipped in he let out a slight yell but told me to keep going. I assured him that the pain would turn to pleasure. Before long he was begging me to fuck him deeper and harder. He was humping my cock begging for more. I gave him all eight inches and soon filled his ass with my load.

'That was fantastic,' he said as I slowly pulled out.

As we neared Denver I asked Luke if he was stationed at Camp Pendleton.

'Where else?' he replied.

'Your're not far from me at all, only about an hour. Would you like to come to my place and spend weekends with me?'

'Fuck yea.'

I gave him my phone number and asked when he had to be back. He had to report back the day before I was due back. I decided to cut my trip short a few days and asked if he'd like to ride back with me. He said he would and gave me his cell number. I told him that I'd call him and arrange a place to pick him up.

'Only if we can have sex going home,' he said.

'Baby, plan on it,' I responded.

I dropped him off at a small cafe outside of town near his folk's farm, but before he got out we walked back into the center of the motor home and kissed passionately, them bid each other farewell.

As I returned to the road, I decided that if nothing else happened on this trip, the drive home would be heaven.

I returned to the interstate highway and cruised along, remembering Luke and how great he was in bed.

A few hours later, as I cruised along a big semi rig began to slowly overtake me. Traffic was very light and as the driver came up next to me I looked over at him. He was about my age and nice looking with a full beard. I smiled and slowly licked my lips. He smiled back and slowed slightly to keep pace with me.

I licked my lips again and he smiled and tapped his CB microphone before holding up one finger them all five.

I turned on my CB and switched th channel fifteen and said 'Yea.'

'You want to play?'

'I would consider it.'

'I'll be at the next rest area. Driver's door will be open. Come on in.'

'That's a ten,' I said indicating that I underastood.

I was nervous, wondering if it was a trap or not but decided to take my chances.

When I reached the next rest area, he was there. I pulled in behind him and after climbing down and locking up 'Betsy', I walked up to the driver's door. As he said, it was unlocked. I climbed in and saw the privacy curtains closed. I peeked through and found him lying on the bunk totally naked with his hard cock lying on his stomach.

Locking the door, I stepped back and stripped. He immediately began sucking my cock. After a while we kissed and explored each others bodies. I noticed that he wore a wedding band but I didn't care. I had been with several married men. We ate each other ass, sucked each other's balls, kissed some more before settling into a hot sixty-nine. We climaxed seconds apart and each eagerly swallowed the other's load.

'Fuck, I needed that,' he said. 'I've been hungry for cock all day.'

'Glad I could oblidge,' I answered as I began dressing. He smiled and watched me dress. He asked where I was from and I told him.

'Hell, I get out there once a week and have to stay overnight. Want to get together again?'

'By all means.' I gave him my cell number and told him that I wouldn't be back for three weeks. He said he'd give me a call, and said his name was Tony.

I left and returned to the road. Hell, this vacation was starting out much better than I ever dreamed. What would the rest of it be like?




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