I had started out at the software company right out of college, fresh with a degree in marketing. Computers hadn't advanced to the state that they are now, and home computing was still a luxury to most people. I worked my way up the corporate ladder from intern, to middle management, to executive in charge of marketing. It afforded me a nice house in a good neighborhood, a dependable car, and I was able to put money away for retirement. I had also gained the respect of my coworkers, due to my hard work, and willingness to be a team player in every respect.

One morning the CEO called our team into the boardroom. Sitting us down, a tall young man in an expensive suit entered behind him, standing straight and inposing. He had short cropped brown hair, a neatly trimmed beard, startling blue eyes, and what looked to be a firm, muscular frame.

'I'm glad you could all be here this morning. I'd like you to welcome Blake Hardesty. He's going to be our new executive in marketing.' I tried to contain my surprise as the CEO spoke.

'Our sales have been slumping quite dramatically lately, and Blake just came from another computer company where he was quite inventive in changing their entire outlook in marketing. Due to his fine work, they now have 1/2 the market share. We need his kind of dynamics to turn our game around. I hope you will welcome him and make him a part of our family.' As people stood up to greet him, I remained seated, feeling rather sick to my stomach. Someone had pulled the rug out from under me, and I wasn't about to come up for air. The CEO walked over to me with Blake in tow.

'Jerry, I'm sorry I didn't let you know in advance. I had to keep this deal under wraps, so we'd not lose him with a counter offer.' Blake extended a meaty hand towards me with a rather cocky smile across his face.

'Mr. Shelton, it's a pleasure to meet you. Mr. Dalton has told me a lot about you.' I accepted his proffered palm and shook it with a modest grip.

'Welcome.' I stood and turned to Mr. Dalton. 'Brian, may I see you outside?'.

As soon as we stepped into the hallway, I tried to remain calm. 'Were you going to spring this on me in a retirement party?'

'I know how you feel, Jerry, but we need new blood to make things profitable again. You're not going to be demoted, exactly-'

'Then what? What capacity am I going to be in?' His next sentence left me dumbfounded.

'You'll be his assistant. You'll take the outer office and he's going to move into yours.' I glanced into the glassed walled room and saw Blake staring back at me with a smirk spread across his face.

Everything in me wanted to knock both my boss and the young upstart cold, and when I went home that evening, I had to do a lot of thinking, and as I looked around my nicely furnished house, which was paid for, my car, also paid for, and the life I led, as much as it sickened me to do it, I reluctantly accepted the demotion.

Working for Blake was difficult at first, knowing he was sitting in the office i'd occupied for so many years. His arrogance set many people ill at ease, and many around the office gritted their teeth when they spoke to him. He treated everyone as underlings, sometimes talking down to them, roaring at trusted coworkers in a deep, growling bellow, sometimes reducing them to tears. I complained to Brian Dalton about the way Blake was treating everyone, but Brian stood firm, showing me the results of the market survey. Since Blake came on board, sales had risen almost 50% in a matter of just a few months. Even I was impressed, no matter how much I resented his entire being. I couldn't deny his talent.

Blake was a hard worker, coming in on days off to take conference calls, work on new campaigns, and I was always called in to assist, even on my days off. He enter, sometimes coming straight from the gym, clad in nothing more than a pair of Spandex shorts, a tank top, sweat pouring off his frame. His body was beautiful, with bulging muscles coming from his arms, legs, a washboard stomach, and a firm, tight ass. He was beautiful, and I couldn't help but stare at him during meetings, or when he'd enter in a pair of form fitting jeans and bend over to tie his shoelaces.

One night we were working late on a new campaign for a laptop. It was getting to be close to one in the morning, and I was tired, hungry, ready for bed. My eyes burnt from tiredness, and I looked up from my work to see Blake, his suit jacket thrown over the back of the chair, his tie loosened from his shirt, staring intently at a copy I'd written for the new campaign. His brows were furrowed, and a scowl was pressed across his face. He looked up, glared at me, and stormed into my office.

'What the fuck is this shit, Jerry?' He threw the paper at me, and it flew onto the desk, landing in my lap.

'It's called copy, Blake,' I snapped sarcastically. 'I figured you'd know that by now'.

'It's shit. Where did you learn how to write, Hooked on Phonics?' Venom dripped from his mouth, and he stood there, his arms folded across his chest. I'd had enough. I stood up and threw the paper back into his face.

'I've worked here for 25 goddamn years, and you come along with your hot shot ideas, take my job, and suddenly you're the golden boy? Well, ya know, what, kiddo? Take it and stick it up your tight little ass, motherfucker. You're nothing but a cocktease to the boss, and I can see right through your vain little mirrored self. One day you'll be like me, and some upstart will take your position. Then you'll know how it feels. Just wait and see'. I pushed myself away from the desk and headed out the door. Blake grabbed me by the arm and yanked me back.

'Where the fuck do you think you're going?' He glared at me with a cold stare in his blue eyes. 'You're not finished'.

'Oh, yes I am. Get your hands off of me.' He dug his hand into my arm, and pushed me onto the floor. Unbuckling his slacks, he dropped them to the floor and revealed a white jock strap, his bulge huge against the material.

'Suck my cock.' I looked up at him, and he was rubbing his crotch, the bulge increasing in size. I stared at him, and he smirked.

'Oh, yeah. I know you've been looking at me. I've noticed how you've been staring at my ass during meeting, my crotch as i've walked past. You're wanting this big fucking cock. Now suck it, bitch.' He pushed my face into his crotch and I began to lick the material. Pulling down his jock, I took his massive tool into my mouth and swallowed it whole. He let out a moan, and put his hand on the back of my head.

'Christ, yes. Suck my fucking dick. Suck it good.' I licked the shaft, flicking my tongue across the mushroom head. He threw his head back and moaned some more. I stood up. pushed him against the desk, turned him around, and spread open his ass. I buried my face in his firm, tight ass and began to rim him. At this point he was on the verge of screaming, his balls tightening, his cock standing firm, laying on the hard surface of the desk.

I was suddenly thrust aside, and he pulled off my pants, tore off my underwear, pushed me into the desk and put his face into my asshole. His tongue flicked in and out, wetting the already moist hole. He straddled me and plunged his tool deep into my ass. I cried out as he pummelled me relentlessly, his balls slapping against my butt cheeks.

'You've got a nice fucking hole, Jerry. A nice tight hole'. He had me begging for him to go deeper, and when he put the entire cock into me, I grabbed onto him and pulled him to me. Our mouths met in a passionate kiss. our tongues entwined in passion. Our bodies were covered in sweat, and as I held onto his massive frame, I closed my eyes and breathed in. This wasn't happening. It was just some incredible dream.

Pulling out of me, he grunted loudly and his load spewed across my face, my chest, in my hair, and I was covered from head to toe with his semen. He stood up and began to get dressed. I gathered my clothes, and started into my office.

'Hey, Jerry.' I turned and he was adjusting his tie. 'Work on your copy. It's still shit'. He went back to his work, and I went into my office. Closing the door, I cleaned myself up and began to revise the copy.

Looking up, Blake was standing in front of my desk, his hands spread out in front of me. He was staring at me with a broad grin across his face.

'You'll have to fuck up more often.' He leaned over and kissed me square on the lips. I smiled and pulled him by the tie towards me, and held him into a deeper, lingering snog.

'I totally agree'.



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