When I moved in, I kinda hoped my housemates would be unattractive. I just wanted to focus on my studies and there were enough boys back home to distract me while I was in High School. So I moved out of the city. Out of the country actually, living in suburban Australia. There was a small little college I decided to go to, and they offered housing in the suburbs. I thought it'd be a nice change. Not used to living in the suburbs, but I needed something new. Something different.

I was the first to arrive at my house. I picked the master bedroom obviously. And over the next couple weeks, I prayed to get unattractive housemates. There was a gay community and a surprising amount of guys ready to cruise. I liked that. But I didn't want that in my house. I wanted to fuck outside, and relax inside. Unfortunately, and luckily, that wasn't the case.

Two guys moved in. The first was sam, who was also form the states. From a small town in Missouri. He's about 6'0, and 190lb. He wasn't built with six pack abs, but had an GORGEOUS face. He moved in and introduced himself with is southern accent. 

"Hey! I'm Mike"

"I'm Sam"

"What brings you out here?"

"Decided to get a change of pace. Studying theology"

Well there went my chances with that one...But that's good right? I want my humble abode to be a place to relax, and not hook up. But as much as I wanted to focus, I kept thinking about what his cock would look like...

Next to come in was Mark. Native. About 6'2, 180lb. Came in with his shirt off during the Australian heat. God his abs... I tried my best to keep it in my pants while i introduced myself.

"Hey. I'm Mike."

"I'm Mark, how ya doin'?"

"I'm Good! Just getting settled in. You're pretty buff dude"

"Yeah, I try to workout."

"What are you studying here?"


...Fuck this is bad. These two guys are both hot, and probably straight. I shouldn't have the hots for them. But shit, what i'd do to get in those pants.

The semester started pretty well. We all clicked and became real good friends. No house drama which is a plus. Sam brought his XBOX, so we're always playing. The one thing is that Sam and Mark were always in their underwear. Whenever we watched a movie or played CoD Id have to stop myself from staring at their buldges. I noticed Mark was bigger than Sam, but at the same time it looked half hard but I couldn't really tell. Sooner or Later my jack off sessions went from porn to just fantasies of them. Them Alone. Them Together. The Together with me...

Everything seemed fine until the end of the semester. Finals came in, and we were up to our balls with exams. Everyone was pretty tense and stressed in the house. 

Due to my exam, I left to go home earlier than usual. I knew Sam was home, because he didn't have an exam that day, and said he was gonna just chill at home. 

I walked in pretty quietly. The last thing I thought about was catching any one of them in the act...

But I walked in and there was Sam in the living room, pumping his hard cock. It was bigger that what I'd thought it would be. A real Grower. about 7' long, and 5' wide. I wasn't really surprised, most guys jerk off. But then I realized that he wasn't watching any straight porn. I saw two dicks and no girl. Fuck It's gay porn! I hid behind a pillar in the room next to it. He was just sitting on the couch, with his computer on the coffee table. He made moans that made my dick stand to attention. He moaned quietly, as if he knew I was there. Then he started pumping faster and faster and faster. His cock began to swell and I knew he was close.  To my Surprise he yelled "OH FUCK" and he came the biggest load I've ever seen. He must've been saving up all semester. He gave at least 7 or 8 spurts almost all of which hit him in the face, the rest on his chest. Then he did something I never thought he'd do. He started tasting his own cum!

I decided to intervine.

"Um Sam..."

"Oh Shit!! What the fuck are you doing here so early?!"

"My Exam is over so I came home."

He tried to pull his pants back up but I was so filled with lust i didn't let him. I got and my knees and before he could object, his cock was in my mouth. He gave a soft moan "No..fuck...we shouldn't...ohh..right there.. yes...fuck" I know how to suck  a cock, and I knew i needed to suck good enough for him to come crawling back for more. In seconds his cock was hard again. I kept deep throating and pumping his cock "FUCK this feel so good ... keep sucking yes fuck!"  I knew he was close. Already? He must've really wanted this. Right before He shoots I stopped and started taking off my clothes. Until I was naked with him, then I went back to sucking, stroking my dick at the same time.

Then we heard a sound. Behind The same pillar I was in, was Mark. Hand in his pants. Stroking his cock. I invited him to join us. He started to take off his clothes, and by the time he got to us he was nude. Fuck this was a dream come true. He then began to suck Sam's dick, then I would suck his dick. It was the best. Mark then had the craziest Idea.

"How About I fuck Mike, while he sucks Sam?"

"Fuck Yes"

Sam stands, as I bend over and suck his dick. Then Mark decided to go in. Raw. He spit on my tight hole and went in with no mercy. The pleasure was indescribable, I almost bust a nut right there. But The he started fucking me hard like the little bitch I am. Fuck I felt so dirty but so good. He moaned and growled loudly like an animal. Australians know how to fuck! 

"Fuck" Mark Said "I'm so close, I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it! Cum in my ass please" 

His load felt so good inside of me. His big cock just kept spurting and spurting. Filling my whole with his aussie load. At that moment, Sam filled my mouth with his second load. Almost as much as the first, and I drank every last bit of it. They both pulled out and looked at my hard cock with lust, and both dove for it. They started sucking me off like animal. Eventually I came, all over them, covering us with my cum.


Horny Student


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