Alistair turned left into Crosbie Road and went through the large arched gateway into Riverside Park. It wasn't his normal route home, in fact it almost doubled the distance he had to walk, but sometimes he just felt the need to be among trees rather than the usual company of rapidly passing traffic.

The gravel path crunched and crackled under each step of his heavy boots and as he finally reached the wide paved promenade around the pond he took long wide-gated swinging strides towards the green duckweed covered water. With arms out stretched Alistair balanced his heal-to-toe walk atop the narrow curb that divided the pavement and the pond.

A nearby elderly lady with no longer anything better to do in the afternoons was feeding torn bread to the collected Swans, Ducks and Geese. She watched the unknown young red haired man and smiled as she remembered the more fun times of her own late teens.

Alistair gave her a wide gestured wave and almost toppled into the still water.

The path that led away from the pond passed through a thick Yew hedge and then turned back on itself and ran slightly down hill. It was coming down there that he had first seen him sitting on the blue cast iron park bench. A man looking out over the lawn and down to the fast flowing stony river; how every so often Alistair noticed him taking a quick glance up-and-down the path as if he was expecting someone.

Hidden by the hedge and the hill the man hadn't noticed Alistair's approach until he suddenly appeared only about ten yards away. Alistair smiled at the guy, giving him a little non-committal first two finger wave from the hip.

He tried not to be too obvious; but Alistair couldn't help himself checking the guy over.

The man would have been in his mid-thirties but one of the lucky few that were all the better for it. No, not cute. Not even handsome really; however he had that out-of-doors crouched in front the tent in a camping magazine look. Fit, rugged, undeniably manly with his beard cropped close to his angled face and his square framed glasses highlighting his clearly grey colored eyes.

The man slid himself from the middle to the left of the seat, lent forward and with his fingers interlaced rested his elbows on his thighs.

Whatever Alistair had been expecting the guy's loft was not it. The apartment was just the one long room with the kitchen at one end, the lounge in the middle and a large bed at the far end bathed in the mid-afternoon sunlight pouring through the huge angled windows of the converted warehouse. Alistair saw the wind change direction in the top leaves of the trees planted in the street outside, it was going to be a cold night tonite.

Alistair slid off his ironically hazmat orange backpack and let it slide down the high back of an expensive looking sofa. Just before his flocked jacket joined it on the thick cushioned seat Alistair felt two strong hands wrap gently around his waist, he felt fingertips slowly gather-up the hem of his shirt as soft kisses traced across the back of his pale neck.

"I never expected you'd be quite so... beautiful," the man whispered.

Alistair smiled and raised his arm up behind him. He ran his spread fingers through the man's chestnut colored hair. He turned his head to the side and for a moment the two of them took the time to look each other in the eye.

Shortly after that Alistair eagerly kissed the man on the lips.

lying shirtless in the sun, his back upright against the headboard the man's shapely dark haired torso obviously wasn't gym made but rather toned by life, and Alistair thought it was all the sexier for it. The ginger kid smiling as the man twisted his upper body to throw his tee-shirt onto the wooden dining chair beside the first window. He lifted his glasses of the folded down quilt beside him and turned back.

"There we go," he said tapping them back up his nose, "I can see you again."

"Holy fuck!" He added sharply.

Alistair was standing beside the bed; in the ample sunlight his tight pale green underwear was almost as transparent as his pure white hairless skin. His large pink nipples were slightly folded under the curve of his circular chest muscles and he looked far too spectacular as he used all five fingers of his right hand to deeply massage his left pectoral.

"I don't like these." Alistair said quietly while with his arms now crossed over his chest he rubbed at his big tits.

The man reached out and as he gently ran his fingers over the porcelain flesh between the orange teen's tight outie navel and the wide waistband of his DKNY briefs. He was mesmerized by the fact that he could feel a strip of coarse curled pubic hairs that could not be seen in the harsh low angled light.

"I just think you might be perfect."

Slightly embarrassed by being labeled perfect Alistair gave a goofy crooked grin that easily made him look all the more sexier still.

Together; naked on the bed, the sunlight warming them both, the two guys' easily found pleasure in exploring their very differing bodies.

Alistair enjoyed holding a much older lover, perhaps slightly more than he had expected he would do. For the very first time in his short but thankfully well experienced sexual life here next to him was not any normal fumbling fuck buddy - it was his first real man!

Alistair raised the guy's right leg and kissed him right there on his tight furry butt cheek.

It had never before occurred to him just how extremely sexy a nice looking guy was when the only thing he was wearing was a pair of glasses.

The guy was more than impressed too. Truly fascinated by this school kid made out of burnt copper and alabaster. His fingers raked time and again thru the almost artificial looking dark red hair at either end of the ripped white kid. His wet lips traced along the river delta like collections of veins and arteries lying erotically visible under the boy's tight and pale skin. The thick curved eight inch pole that erupted from that untrimmed mat of deep red curled hair was liberally dispensing pulse after pulse of sweet smelling seminal fluid.

As the tightly filled uncircumcised rod coated its self in slick precum the shining flesh seemed to expose it's inner workings. It was begging to be touched, to be kissed, to be tasted and who was this thirty-something guy to refuse such an inviting invitation!

Lying across the foot of the large bed with one arm hooked behind his head and the other hand teasing his exposed armpit Alistair purred gently as his hard wet dick repeatedly disappeared past pleased grinning lips.

The condom Alistair had found in his backpack felt unfamiliarly tight, or was it that he had just never been this excited before. Still as he turned back toward the bed end of the narrow room and the sight of that naked man lying prone in the sunshine, the guy's freshly wetted asshole looking so very eager to accommodate him, Alistair softly Wolf-whistled and hurried back.

"Oh yeah, fuck me." The guy said repeatedly each time Alistair's hard cock filled his ass.

Gasping, grunting, far to many permutations of the word 'fuck' and not a limited number of references to the almighty marked the changes in position that the young ginger transitioned his panting man thru.

A slow and rhythmic doggie-style soon morphed into the hard balls-slapping of the rapid fucking rabbit. Then the deeply enjoyed hard pounding flipped into a ten-minute long passion laden missionary; slowed down, fully penetrative love making and sexy wet kissing with Alistair's warm grasp often guiding an exposed circumcised head past his lips as he held himself still and deep inside that warm gripping cunt.

His flexible china-white teenage body was sometimes bent doubled over between the long legs hooked around his trim hips.

Finally on his side and fully exposed in the windows the good looking guy pleaded for the return of Alistair's rock hard prick, his furry body was slick with sweat as Alistair moved in.

With the guy's left leg up over his shoulder the orange twink slid back in right up to his tight balls, pulled himself all the way back out and then once again threw his curved cock back in!

Time and again this in and back out play ripped past his afternoon delight's sphincter. The guy was thrashing his head against the exposed mattress each time coarse red hair almost unbearably scratched against sore abused boyhole.

Alistair lay his man flat along the sweat and seminal fluid stained sheets. The stylish one room apartment now full of their combined sex-smells as each of them approached their climax and Alistair went extra hard at it.

His covered cock sped past clenched dimpled buttocks, fast and deep. Faster still as his flat open palms caressed across the guy's trim back.

Grabbing the guy around the hips Alistair dragged his whimpering lover back down the bed and started hard-fucking him one last time.

"Oh god, yeah god... oh fuck me hard, that hurts so damn good!"

"Oh fuck me," Alistair proclaimed, "shit and fuck I'm gonna cum!"

Alistair left the warm butt and quickly rolled the well used rubber back up his blissfully tingling shaft before rapidly jerking himself above a very happy looking face.

"Oh yeah!" He watched his ample load jet out of his exposed glans as his sweat beaded erotically down over his bright red upper body.

The first long white ribbon flew powerfully through the air landing against a discarded yellow covered pillow. The second completely obscured the right lens of the giggling guy's square glasses, the third, forth and then final spurts were trapped and swallowed before every last single ginger gene filled sperm inside Alistair was sucked free.

"Shit, just look at you," the man said.

He knelt atop the bed and from behind he held the panting twink, tightly wrapping his arms about the kids' heaving middle.

"They could stand you atop a cliff and safely guide all the ships into harbour!"

He kissed along a glowing red ear, cheek, chin, neck and down to where the blush faded back to pure white; about half-way down the fire-like red kid's torso.

"Yeah, it's a bit embarrassing."

"Fuck no kid..., it's a whole lot sexy!"

The two of them laughed, fell back against the bed and then exhaled loudly. The guy softly, sweetly held Alistair's hand.

"Oh sorry man, do you wanna cum too?" Alistair asked. He suddenly looked so very school-boyish.

"Been there, done that... ."

The man reached his free hand over and took hold of his young lover's low hanging scrotum.

"Twice." He added, speaking softly.

"Can I get cleaned up?" Alistair asked after getting off the bed by rolling his sticky nakedness over the top of his equally wet grown-up lover.

"The bathroom's that green door behind the kitchen."


Young, copper topped and chalk-white; the high school senior walked his perfect ginger-boi nakedness, and his tight little ass, down the room. As he walked he started to notice the things that a string of joyous events had made him miss the first time.

There was the singular subject of the numerous magazines thrown under the glass topped coffee table, the collection of photographs on the skinny cabinet behind the sofa. He must have seen those while hunting for the condom in his pack but now as he passed them by he could actually fit names to some of the people in them!

Against the exposed bricks between the two smaller windows that lit the kitchen-area there was a row of gold cups and a few trophies atop a fitted rack of several well used skateboards. Alistair turned back to face the naked man lying in the sunshine.

"Holy fuck you're...," he said while pointing his index finger.

Alistair Campbell stepped out of the building's narrow glazed foyer and into the street. The blowing northerly bit into his face and as he started walking home he quickly rubbed his hands together. Around the corner he brought them to his face and exhaled between his thumbs. As he turned another corner and back onto Crosbie Road he turned up his collar and then plunged his hands deep into the pockets of his dirt-red jacket. Alistair felt something in the right pocket, something that was not there before. He withdrew a white paper envelope folded neatly in half.

"One, two, three," he counted it's unfamiliar contents as he walked. He counted up to six.

Six crisp one-hundred dollar bills. Again Alistair Campbell removed his backpack. He opened the zipped pocket on the back, refolded the envelope and placed it inside. He grinned!

All of a sudden he felt warm.

Alistair Campbell couldn't control himself. He ran down the street for a bit, he jumped into the air and slapped his left palm against the over hanging branch of an old Oak tree. Sure he'd be heading back to boring old high school in the morning; but today, right now...

Alistair Campbell thrust both his arms straight up into the air and looked up too. Up into the depths of the clear cool early evening sky.

"I'm a whore!!!" He yelled.

"Oh, that's nice dear." The old lady from the pond appeared from out the park gate.

"So was I." She whispered, patting Alistair's forearm as she passed.

"Nigs' with huge dicks," she called back from a couple of yards away. "Three of them at the same time was always my favourite client."

"Look Sir," the pleasant sounding lady who answered when he had called said. "We can always rebook you; but what we don't appreciate is you just not turning-up. If you couldn't make the meeting today the least you could do is give us a call beforehand."

"I'm sorry? I don't understand? I did meet the hooker you sent; in the park this afternoon, just like we arranged to do. Your cute ginger twink just left ten minutes ago."

"Sir," the lady now spoke flatly, "we only have the one red head with an account with us and I would care to argue that she's not your type!"

"Oh, I see." He replied quietly.

October 2013.


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