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Steve Sears and I were both students at a large university in the Midwest. We were also on the football team together; he was the quarterback and I was a cornerback. I never liked Steve's swagger nor his bragging about his sexual conquests. I certainly did not like my younger sister Melanie dating him. To hear her talk about him it was obvious that she considered him to be a catch, at least in bed. Not only was he the big man on the team, being the quarterback, but he was also king of the locker room, with the largest dick and balls swinging in the showers. According to Melanie he also knew how to use it in bed. I'll have to take her word on that.

Even though I never cared for Steve, I didn't hate him. He was a great quarterback and I have to admit that his cocksure attitude on the field with teammates following his lead did carry many games for us.

Or I should say I didn't hate him until Melanie showed up on my doorstep early one morning in tears. At first all she could get out through her sobs was, "Steve". I assumed he had unceremoniously dumped her, which would not be surprising considering he liked to brag about the numbers of girls he fucked. As her story came out I was horrified. Steve had raped her at a party last night. I was furious that something like that could happen to my sweet sister. Yet somehow I was not surprised that Steve was capable of doing it.

Apparently Steve had gotten Melanie drunk. I know my sister does not like to drink. In fact I have only seen Melanie drink one or two glasses of wine at the most at any party. She has told me that she has tried beer before, but she doesn't like the taste or the way it goes down. So she only drinks it occasionally to be social when there's nothing else to drink.

To continue with Melanie's story..... Steve was pledging a frat that had a frat party last night. All the pledges were, to use Melanie's words, "acting stupid" and "competing with each other" to get in. Each pledge was trying to outdo the other pledges by coming up with the most outlandish stunts. Melanie did not want to stay around Steve and his "asshole friends". Steve pleaded with her to stay telling her it was important that he make a good impression with the frat so he could get in. Putting his arm around her and flashing his famous smile, he also told her that all the frat brothers liked Melanie and wanted her to stay.

So Melanie stayed. And ended up drinking beer and punch. The frat brothers considered wine to be too "girly" for a frat pledge party so none was there. Earlier in the year I had been to a couple of their frat parties and knew from first hand experience they liked spiked punch to get girls drunk.

An hour or two later Melanie and Steve were sitting on the couch talking with the president of the frat, Matt, when Matt suggested they do shots. Melanie had never done shots before and didn't want to get drunk, but Steve assured her the shots had almost no alcohol. He said the peppermint shot was basically flavored water so she tried a taste and liked it. The party was in full swing and Melanie saw some other girls doing the peppermint shots which put her mind (which was foggy from the spiked punch) at ease. Believing she was drinking flavored water she quickly had six or seven shots.

The next thing she remembered was Steve leading her to a spare bedroom and to the bed where he started groping her. She tried to push him away, but he overpowered her and grabbed her arms. Before she knew it her arms were tied from behind and to the bedposts. She could not escape. In no time at all, Steve had Melanie's jeans down. Not even bothering to undress he simply unzipped, pulled his cock out and plunged into her.

As Steve was fucking her, she heard someone telling Steve to "knock the bitch up". It took her a second or two to recognize the voice, but she finally figured out it was Matt, the frat president. At first Melanie she wasn't paying attention to Matt's words, as she struggled to get Steve off her. But when Melanie started paying attention to what Matt was yelling, she realized Steve was not wearing a condom (she had always insisted that he do so) and that this was the worst time of the month for her; she could very well become impregnated. After Steve shot his fertile load in her, he just jumped up and grinned at Matt. Matt gave him a high five saying, "Welcome to the frat, bro!" Then Steve zipped up and walked out laughing and joking with Matt, leaving Melanie still tied to the bed. She was exhausted and too drunk to move and passed out. When she came to her restraints had been removed so she put her clothes on and made her way home where she took a shower. She couldn't sleep and that's when she showed up at my doorstep.

As Melanie told the story, I was furious. How dare Steve and Matt play with people as though they were toys? How dare they harm my sweet and innocent younger sister! And since it was a frat pledge party who knew if someone else had raped her as she lay passed out on the bed (though I didn't tell her that).

I suggested that Melanie report it to the police and go to the hospital. Melanie did not want to, feeling that it would ruin her reputation and that the college would support the school's star quarterback. She felt powerless and humiliated. As I comforted Melanie sitting next to me I came up with a plan for revenge on Steve.

First, I knew that Steve had a single in the dorms. After a little research I created a profile on one of the gay online hookup sites aimed at the S&M and bondage crowd. I filled in a profile with Steve's information. I know that most people use fake names, and stretch the truth when it comes to such things as dick size, muscles, age, etc. But Steve was a prime college football quarterback and 100% hunk. There was no need to make up anything. In fact I put Steve's real first and last names as part of his login. I thought, with some irony, that Steve's profile must have been the only one on any hook-up site, gay or straight, that was 100% accurate. Since Steve was well known around campus I easily found a half dozen of his pics from several friends' social media accounts. Under the guise of typical male college locker room behavior, I was able to use my cell phone to snap a few of him nude in the showers, mostly of his ass, though I had a couple with both his big dick and face in them. It was a stroke of good luck that one full frontal came out looking just like a picture someone would take for hooking up online.

After I completed Steve's profile on the S&M/bondage site I would sign in almost everyday (always at one of the many cafes near campus with online access) over a period of a month and chatted with the guys who were interested in getting together with a hot college guy... and the pictures of Steve I had posted on the site drew a lot of responses. I finally settled on four guys with profiles (and videos!) who were just what I was looking for. It was time to put the next phase of the plan into place.

One Wednesday about a month after Steve had raped my sister, I was able to sneak into Steve's dorm room while he was taking a shower. Using his computer I logged into the S&M/bondage site with the account I had set up for Steve's and sent a quick e-mail to the four guys who were essential to the plan. It was essential to the plan that the e-mail come from Steve's computer.

Then on Friday night I was out with my football teammates, including Steve, celebrating our latest victory at some local bar. My plan required Steve to be alone in his room so I ran interference, making sure the star of the team didn't score with any of the girls. I watched Steve drink a lot and curse his luck at not being able to find a hot girl to fuck. By 2 am, when the bars closed, Steve was stumbling just a bit.

A couple of the other football players and I helped Steve up to his room. I went over to the small fridge in his room and filled a large glass with some orange juice. While the other guys were preoccupied with getting Steve turned over on his chest, I slipped two Viagra I had crushed earlier into the orange juice. I knew that Steve, being straight, would not get a hard-on for what I had planned for him later, but I needed him hard. Before and after practice in the locker room he had often bragged about taking a Viagra when he wanted to fuck all night. Tonight he was getting two.

We stayed a few minutes while I watched him drink his spiked oj. After turning him onto his stomach so he would be face down (in case he threw up) we left. On the way out, one of the other guys said, "We should leave the door unlocked in case we need to check on him in the morning." My plan was going better than expected. I didn't have to make the suggestion to keep the door unlocked, which might throw suspicion on me if anything went wrong with my plan.

One of the football players who helped put Steve to bed was my roommate. As we walked together to our dorm we expressed our usual concern towards Steve and hoped he wouldn't have too much of a hangover the next morning. When we got back to the dorm, our next-door neighbor had a party going on in his room. Knowing we wouldn't be able to sleep through the noise we joined in the late night fun. I slipped out of the party for a few minutes and made my way to Steve's dorm room where I quickly sent four short e-mails from Steve's computer reading, "I'm drunk as hell and "passed out".... I'm ready. Come on over and let's do it. Remember to follow the directions from Wednesday's e-mail." I quickly made my way back to join my roommate at the neighbor's party so as not to be missed.

Part 2

Within 20 minutes the four guys from the bondage site showed up in Steve's room, as instructed in Wednesday's e-mail I had sent from his computer. "Steve's" e-mail had instructed them to open the door and walk in quietly, without knocking. They were all to wait until everyone was there before doing anything.

The first to show up was Rob. He was in his late 20's, 6 feet tall with a solid rugby player's build and blond hair with blue eyes. He had recently joined the S&M/bondage site and was a bit nervous walking into a stranger's room. But Rob had been around enough to know that there were plenty of guys out there with far stranger desires than anonymous sex and role play scenes. The thought of having sex with a hot frat boy in his dorm room was what convinced Rob to go.

Second to arrive was 33 year-old Greg. Like Rob, he had blond hair and blue eyes, but he had a swimmer's build. He had been active on the S&M scene for about 10 years. He loved realistic rape role-play scenes.

The third guy, Mark, had thinning black hair, hazel eyes and was in his 40's. Mark looked like a regular guy and even had a bit of a beer belly; but he also had a dark side that he fulfilled from time to time when he found willing partners. He liked role-play with drunk guys, passed out guys and rape. While in high school and college he had been bullied by jocks. He viewed this as an opportunity to "get back" at the jocks who had bullied him.

Last to arrive was Dante, a mid-thirties Latino with typical Mexican-American features; dark hair, brown eyes and brown skin. Dante had grown up in a rough area of Los Angeles, scaring a lot of people just by the tough way he looked. He also resented "rich white boys" who seemed to think they were better than everyone else and put down Latinos like Dante.

As the four guys arrived at Steve's dorm room, the scene was just as "Steve's" e-mail had promised them; he would be "passed out" from drinking, face down, ass up with his sweats still on.

The four guys looked at Steve's passed out body and began thinking about all the fun they would have with him. Steve's instructions in his e-mail had said that if they followed the e-mail, then there would be a repeat session. After getting a good look at Steve and discovering the e-mail was not a hoax or trick, each of them was determined to follow the instructions so they could repeat this hot scene with the university's star football player.

Dante, pulling out a small camera, was the first to speak. "OK everyone have their cameras?" The others all nodded reaching for their own cameras. Dante set his up on the dresser to the right of the bed, aimed at Steve as he lay on the bed. Rob set his up on the desk, at the foot of the bed while Greg and Mark held theirs.

Rob and Greg each took a leg of Steve's sweats and pulled them off. Mark took off Steve's underwear while Dante cut off Steve's t-shirt with the switchblade he always carried. Steve was still face down, snoring and now completely naked. The four guys looked at Steve's hard muscular jock ass facing them and got harder than they ever had been before in their lives.

Greg and Mark turned their cameras on and started videoing the snoring Steve while Dante and Rob took their clothes off in the background.

When all four guys were naked, Dante grabbed Steve's shoulder and said, "Ok guys, let's roll him over onto his back and get a look at this faggot boy's dick."

After they rolled him over, Dante, still taking the lead asked, "Who wants to tie him up?" Greg pulled a length of rope from his bag and approached Steve's bed, tying his hands over his head. Then they put another rope around Steve's chest, tying it on each side of the bed frame to hold Steve down.

By this time Steve started to stir. Rob and Greg adjusted the cameras, anxious to get Steve's reaction when he "woke up." This marked the true beginning of the fantasy Steve had wanted to act out in "his" e-mail to them and he wanted them to capture his surprise as he woke up on film.

Steve was now moaning, trying to make sense of what was happening. Blinking he looked at the four strangers around him. "Hey, what are you doing?" Steve struggled to get up and realized he was strapped down with a coarse rope and his hands tied together. "What the fuck...!?"

Dante walked over to Steve and slapped him across the face. "If you don't want to get hurt you'll do as we say." Dante grinned in satisfaction, knowing that Steve would put up a fight to make this as "real" as possible. This was just what Dante lived for; realistic role-play rape scenes.

Steve started struggling more but could not break the rope. His face was red and furious. "What are you doing?" he yelled. "Get out!"

Rob said, "Or what? You'll call the cops?" I'd like to see you try that with your hands tied."

"No, I don't need to call the cops. They're worthless. I'll just start shouting and wake up everyone on this floor."

Dante took out his switchblade and flicked it open. Using the flat part of the blade he lifted Steve's limp cock. "We know you like dicks up your ass. Hard, throbbing dicks pumping big loads of cum up your ass. You don't know how to use your dick, and it's a nice dick too. Such a waste. I should just cut it off now and make you the pussy boy you really crave to be." With the flat of the knife still under Steve's dick, Dante started bouncing it up and down.

"Get that thing the hell away from me, man!" Steve shouted in dismay. "I'm not a fag!" By now he was sweating. "And I don't like to get fucked. If there's any fucking going on here, I'm the one who's gonna fuck you guys up."

Dante laughed and continued bouncing Steve's dick up and down on the flat of the switchblade, watching the dick swell at the stimulation. "That's what you think, do you?"

Mark, nodding to Steve's dick said, "Hey faggot, looks like you can't wait to get your ass filled with our loads." Steve looked down at his own dick and realized with horror he had a hardon.

Steve shouted back, "Fuck you! You wouldn't dare cut my dick off."

Dante scowled, looking like the street thug he was, suddenly made a sharp jabbing motion with the switchblade towards Steve's balls; drawing a small amount of blood from them. "You don't know what I'll do." Dante snarled. "You're the one tied up with four naked guys around you, about to fuck you. And I'm the one with the blade."

"Hey guys, let's get this started." Mark said, grabbing Steve's ripped t-shirt from the floor and approached Steve. Still defiant, Steve kicked with his powerful legs and slammed his heel into Mark's hip, throwing him off balance and falling to the floor. Mark was sore. Rob grabbed Steve's legs and held them.

"Let's turn him back over." Dante said. "I want to see that pussy ass again."

Mark stood up and punched Steve in the side saying, "I want to make him pay."

"What do you have in mind?" Rob asked.

"I have a couple friends who would love a chance to tap this." Mark said, roughly grabbing Steve's ass.

Greg said, "Yeah, I know a couple people too."

"Nah, man." Rob looked at each of the guys. "He only invited us."

Dante said, "Fuck that shit. I say we invite everyone we know."

"This is a dorm, if we have any more people it will get out of hand. The cops will come. I don't want to explain what we're doing with the school's star quarterback tied up and being fucked by a bunch of guys, even if he did invite us." Rob said.

"Yeah... OK." Mark said reluctantly, still rubbing his hip where Steve had kicked him.

"Shit man, let's just start raping his faggot ass." Dante said, looking at Steve's upturned ass.

As they went towards Steve he started kicking again. Rob and Dante each managed to get a leg while Mark and Greg loosened the rope on one side and turned him over on his back. Mark and Greg each grabbed some more rope and, looping the rope through the frame of the bed, they managed to tie his ankles down.

They all looked at Steve's upturned ass. "Who's first?" Greg asked.

"I'm first." Dante said.

"No way" said Rob, glancing down at Dante's cock before raising his eyes to meet his stare. "You have a monster cock and will ruin him for the rest of us. I should go first. I was here first."

"If you're worried about Dante's cock size, then we should go first in order of cock size. Smallest first." Greg said.

They all looked at each other's still hard cocks. "I guess that means I go first," Greg continued. For once it's nice to be the smallest one in the crowd." Turning red he quickly added, "Not that I'm small, but compared to you guys...".

"Fine," said Rob. Let's go according to cock size. That makes me second." Pointing at Mark he said, you third and the Latino goes fourth.

"I'm gonna face fuck him while you guys fuck him. Make sure he knows every inch of me real good." Dante was stroking his cock, looking at Steve.

Without another word Greg stepped up to Steve's upturned butt and started fingering him to loosen him up.

"Just shove it in, man." Said Dante as he was taking the gag out of Steve's mouth.

"When it's your turn you can shove it in if you want," Greg said. "I'm gonna do it my way."

"If you don't hurry up then I'm going first and you can go last. I came here to fuck him, not play with his ass," Rob looked at Greg with a challenging stare.

Greg took his dick in one hand, slid it up and down a few times on Steve's hole. With the other hand he stuck first one finger then another and another into Steve to loosen him up. After he had three fingers pumping in and out for a few minutes, he lined up his dick on Steve's hole. With the hand that had just been loosening up Steve, Greg grabbed his camera, turning it on and said, "I'm going to film this." He held his cock just above Steve's hole and watched as his precum dripped down into Steve's still open hole, sucking down the precum. Squeezing out a brief flow of precum he pushed his dick down so it was just touching the Steve's hole. Then he began to push very slowly into Steve's butt, watching his dick slowly disappear.

"Owww!" Steve shouted, his mouth no longer gagged as Dante was had his cock out wiping the precum all over his face and lips. "I'm not a fag!"

"This will shut him up." Dante said. "Now suck my dick, faggot."

"That's hot, man," said Mark, aiming his camera to capture the moment when Dante's dick went into Steve's mouth. "How do you like sucking a fat Cholo sausage, college boy? Does it taste good?"

All Steve could do was grunt around the thick meat in his mouth.

"Yea man, nothing like a good blow job," Dante grunted.

Greg was now buried balls deep in Steve's ass and started pounding away. Rob walked over and started jacking his cock over Greg's as it was sliding in and out of Steve's ass. Steve was struggling to avoid the double assault on his ass and mouth.

"Watch your teeth, faggot." Dante brought up the switchblade to Steve's throat. "You don't want an accident to happen, do you?" Steve stopped struggling and tried to curl his lips over his teeth, just like he taught chicks to do when they went down on him. Humiliated and in pain he couldn't help but let out some moans.

Dante said sarcastically, "Poor baby is hurting."

"Here's some lube," Rob said as he continued to jack his dick with his copious amount of pre-cum oozing down onto Greg's dick as it slid in and out of Steve's hole.

Greg said, "This faggot has a tight hole. If I didn't know better I would think this faggot is a virgin." Greg started to slow down. "Keep up that precum, man. That feels fantastic. I'm gonna blow." Greg stopped and watched as Rob's precum continued to flow down onto his dick. Greg started up again and pounded Steve's ass; with a quick "Shit, shit, shit" he unloaded in Steve's ass. Spent and keeping his dick in Steve's ass Greg collapsed forward onto Steve's back.

"Man, that was the best fuck ever."

"Move out of the way and let me in there," said Rob still jacking his dick. Greg pulled out of Steve's ass and watched as his cum started flowing out.

"You'd better plug that leak before the room is flooded," Greg laughed. He moved back and Rob stepped up to Greg's hole with cum still flowing out. As he slid in he said, "Hot damn you're right that feels good. I'm not gonna last long." True to his word, less than a minute later Rob started dumping his load into Steve's ass, coating Steve's insides with his cum.

Rob pulled out with Mark quickly taking his place. Mark rubbed his dick in circles around Steve's hole, collecting the cum dripping from Steve's ass. Once it was all collected on Steve's hole Mark slowly pushed forward forcing the cum back into Steve's hole.

"I don't believe how hot that feels," Mark moaned with his dick buried in Steve's ass, just holding it there. "Oh my God, I think I could cum without even moving my dick. I could spurt just like this." Mark slowly pulled out until just the head was in Steve's ass, then pushed back. After that slow in and out a couple minutes Mark shouted, "Take my load, bitch!" Mark just held his dick in Steve's ass as he began to unload. He pulled out about halfway through his long orgasm and shot two big spurts of cum on Steve's balls before slamming back in and holding his dick still until he finished unloading. He squeezed to make sure as much cum as possible was drained from his cock into Steve's ass.

Mark fell forward onto Steve's back.

"Outta the way," Dante said, pulling his dick from Steve's mouth. "I'll show you haw a real fucking is done."

Steve could only moan.

Dante moved off the bed and said, "I want to see his face as I fuck him." Let's turn him over. He got out his switchblade, "You better not try anything." Steve could only give a quick nod while his rapists loosened the rope and turned him over.

Once Steve was face up on the bed Dante moved between his legs and sneered, "I knew you were a pussy boy who only wants loads up his ass. You've got a big hardon from being pumped full of cum. Or are you hard from thinking about my big man meat stuffing your mouth?" Dante slapped his big dick on Steve's throbbing hard-on and balls that were covered in cum that had dripped from his ass from the three guys who had fucked him thus far. "You white boy faggots don't deserve a real man's meat. I'm gonna fuck you up real good."

Dante rubbed his dick, both the head and the shaft, up and down Steve's hole and balls, until Dante's entire dick was covered in a mixture of his own precum and the cum of the other three guys. "I think you need to taste what you're getting." Dante reached over and with his right hand he stroked Steve's throbbing dick until his fingers were covered in Steve's pre-cum.

Dante moved to Steve's face. "You're going to do as I say, right?"

Steve could only nod.

"Say it. Say 'Yes sir, I will do what you want."'

"Yes sir, I will do what you want." Steve looked utterly defeated.

"Tell me that you want me."

"I want you."

"What else do you want?"

Steve didn't know what to say. Mark leaned over and slapped Steve across the face. "Tell him you want his load."

"I want your load." Steve managed to get out, then quickly added, "Sir."

"Good boy."

"Taste this." Dante said holding up his fingers covered in Steve's precum to Steve's mouth.

Steve had never tasted his own precum and looked disgusted but opened his mouth to taste himself on Dante's fingers. Dante shoved his fingers into Steve's mouth. "Clean all your messy precum from my fingers." Steve continued to lick. "Now suck on each finger." Dante gave him one finger at a time.

Dante, satisfied that his fingers were clean, pulled his fingers out of Steve's mouth. Humiliated, Steve turned his head, not able to look at anyone.

"Don't turn your head away from me." Dante slapped him across the face with his now clean hand. "Look at me."

Steve turned and looked at Dante, who was now waiving his cum-covered dick in Steve's face.

"Open up again. This is the best part for a pussy boy like you. See that cum on it? That's the cum of the three guys who fucked you mixed with my pre-cum. This is the cum that leaked out of your ass. You should never let good cum go to waste."

Dante rubbed the head of his dick around Steve's closed lips, smearing the cummy mixture around.

"Open up." Steve just turned his head away from the huge dick smeared with cum. Dante picked up his switchblade and repeated, "Open up."

Steve turned his head and slowly opened his mouth. Dante grabbed Steve's face and pushed just the head of his dick into Steve's mouth, letting it rest on his tongue. "Now just suck the head. And work your tongue into my skin." After a few minutes of cleaning Dante's uncut head Dante pushed a little bit more in, "Here some more of my snack for you."

Satisfied that his dick was clean, Dante pulled out of Steve's mouth and said, "We've saved the best for last." Dante went around to Steve's butt and rammed his dick up the cum-filled hole.

Dante, feeling the cum around his dick grinned at the other three guys in the room, "You guys had a party in here. I can tell it was quite a party."

With that Dante picked up speed and began fucking Steve hard. Rob and Greg took turns fucking Steve's mouth.

Mark eyed Steve's throbbing cock and said, "I've always wanted to be fucked by a hot college jock." Not receiving a response from the other guys, Mark climbed onto the bed, straddling Steve while Dante continued his fucking. Mark had already lubed himself up so he just slowly lowered himself down on Steve's big cock.

Steve could not believe he was being fucked by a guy, he was sucking two more dicks and he was fucking another guy... all at the same time. He wondered what he could have done to deserve such abuse. But he was even more confused by his own hardon and how good it felt in another guy's ass.

Dante shouted, "Here it comes, bitch! Take my load," and continued to pound away. "I'm gonna knock up your pussy, boy." He speeded up even more. "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Here it comes!" He shouted as his balls began to crawl upward and his big fat long dick pumped his huge load deeper into Steve's guts then anyone else had.

Just as Dante was cumming up his ass, Steve could feel his balls tingling with that sensation he loved so much, letting him know that he was about to cum. When Steve felt the first powerful spurts of Dante's cum hitting his insides it set him off and he unloaded into Mark's ass. Mark slowly climbed off of Steve, relishing the feel of a hot jock's cum in his ass.

Dante pulled out of Steve's butt and came over to watch Greg and Rob face fuck him. "Ok guys, move over." Dante stepped up to Steve's face up holding his dick, which was covered in everyone's cum from Steve's ass.

"Pussy boy, open up." Obediently Steve opened up. "Now this is good to the last drop, so remember don't waste. Suck me all the cum leaking from my dick. I want it clean."

When Dante decided that Steve had gotten every last drop of cum out of his fat monster, he moved over to let the other guys take their turns fucking Steve's face.

After all four shot their loads down Steve's throat they dressed, picked up their cameras, loosened the bindings holding Steve and left.

Steve was able to work out of the bindings but the rapists were long gone. As he lay on his bed he realized he was still hard but couldn't understand why. His ass was sore and he wanted to puke until all the cum was out of his stomach though his cock was throbbing. Still lying on his bed, Steve reached around and felt his ass, hoping he wasn't permanently damaged. He felt something wet dripping out of his ass. Fearing it was blood he brought his hand up and realized there was no blood, just cum. Steve was sure he was bleeding so he felt again with his hand, getting more cum on it as it ran out of his ass.

Remembering that the thug had pricked his balls with a switchblade Steve sat up in bed to examine his balls. While he was tugging his balls around, examining them he got cum all over his balls and dick. At first he was repulsed by the thought of the cum from four guys on his dick and balls but he was too tired to get up and wash and wanted to rest a minute. He started to doze off and while doing so he reflexively started to jack-off his hard cock which ached for another release. He came fully awake with a start when he realized he was jacking off with the cum of four other guys! But he was so close to cumming and the feeling of the cum on his cock was just too pleasurable so he shot his load.

The next day he went to the police station to report his rape. He was referred to the hospital where the doctors and nurses examined him and swabbed him for evidence of the rape. He was even more humiliated over the procedure at the hospital then what had happened the night before, but he was determined not to let those faggots get away with it.

The first of the four guys to be arrested was Dante. The police had found his fingerprints in Steve's room. Dante, having had run-ins with the law before, was in the fingerprint database. While in custody Dante told the police that he had met Steve through the internet and Steve had invited him over as part of a rape role play scene. The police went back to Steve's dorm room and collected his computer as further evidence. Going through his e-mails they identified and arrested the other three guys. Their stories all matched up.

About two months after the rape Steve's attorney called him to tell him the police were dropping the charges against all four men. When Steve had calmed down enough after hearing the news, the attorney said there wasn't any evidence to suggest a rape. Yes, there was rough sex and the DNA of the four guys matched the samples the hospital had taken from Steve; but with the cameras and footage the four guys had taken, the police thought it was consensual.

The attorney went on to say that the police, using Steve's computer had found his profile on a S&M/Bondage site, furthermore on Wednesday, two days before the alleged rape, Steve had sent e-mails from his own computer with very detailed invitations for a realist "forced rape" role play session to the four guys. The details included what he would be wearing and that he would be face down on his bed. The pictures and video the men had made supported everything detailed in the e-mail.

Steve was flabbergasted and insisted there must be a mistake.

When Steve asked the attorney about the cum in his ass, the attorney said that is exactly what Steve had wanted in his e-mail. The clincher was that they found Steve's own cum mixed in with the cum of the other four guys. The police felt Steve's cum was evidence that he had enjoyed the sex with the other guys. They believed Steve had some reason for wanting to put them in jail, though they didn't know why, but suspected he was a closet homosexual, exhibiting extreme homophobia.

The police eventually did press charges against Steve for making false statements to them, there was a jury trial, which brought out all the evidence the police had accumulated. Steve was very humiliated when portions of the sex tapes were shown in a packed courthouse with him getting fucked by these four guys and asking for Dante's load. The prosecution had felt it important to show some of what occurred because of the lengths Steve had gone to frame them. The whole courthouse was shocked that Steve had sent e-mails and had conversations with these guys specifically wanting to make videos to put online. The jury found Steve guilty, sentencing him to two years in prison.

On his first day in prison he befriended the toughest inmate, Julio, believing he would offer protection. In fact Julio did offer protection and made it clear no one was to harm Steve. But Julio also had other plans. Beginning the second week Steve was in prison enjoying the safety Julio offered, Julio whored him out for the next two years to all the other inmates, of all ages and races. Julio only felt it right that he make money off Steve for protecting him from being beaten up by the other inmates.



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