The training seminar had been a huge success. It wasn't due to the boring lectures but more because of the 800 fellow 'suits' that I attended it with. They were an 'eye candy shop' of young bucks with heady aspirations and 'seasoned hot middle age men with big wallets and bigger sex drives. There is one 'suit' however that put the cherry on the top for me and that was Chris.

I was now back in my local branch office enjoying the usual, but not uninspiring duo of eye candy, Craig and Tad. We had all been to the seminar and were now, along with our fellow brokers in the town thirty minutes south of us, applying our vast knowledge to our new week. My vast knowledge however was set aside to make room for the best knowledge that I now knew about my own office associates and Chris at the office further south.

I was still reveling in the fact that Chris, my roommate at the seminar had actually fucked me silly, in his drunken state, and was none the wiser. Coursing through my system now was the DNA of one hot blond 'brick shithouse' of a man that enjoyed a night of strip clubs and drinking with his buds, only to come back to our hotel room and mistake me in the middle of the night for his wife and preceded to fuck me and blow his sperm load into my very willing ass.

I sat there at my office desk remembering his white blonde head of hair, damp from the heat of our effort together, his ample and built body up against me and his hard eight inch cut cock pistoning my ass with all the built up lust from a night on the town. I could still feel his bubble ass in my hands thrusting and pumping his tool in and out of my hole and how it flexed in my hands as he bred me with his cum. It would be my secret till the day I died and no one, not even he knew it ever happened.

The other piece of knowledge was the fact that during our cocktail hour, Craig and Chris both announced to our close circle that they like to go commando. It was that concept that was killing me now. I had seen and actually felt the big dick and balls of Chris. I didn't need to imagine them anymore. I was intimately aware of his beautiful package with the blond hair. It was Craig's I was imagining now. He nodded his head as he saw me sitting at my desk and then turned to enter his own office across the hall. I was focused on his gray pinstripe suit and the hairy hanging balls and big cock swinging freely against the closed zipper of his dress pants. I would give anything to see it.

I knew within this day, Craig would moan about being horny at least a half a dozen times. He would comfortably adjust himself constantly in front of me and the other guys in the office, like men do when they aren't in the presence of women. He would close his door at various times of the day and pull out his porn stash of Hustler magazines and do what only Craig knew he did. I would have to just believe I knew and hope for the sake of my own fantasy that I was right.

Craig was a looker. Ice green eyes, a smile that only showed up when he was causing some sort of trouble and a wirey muscled body to the credit of the US Army. Since his tour of duty, investments were his game because he wasn't smart enough to be a doctor or a lawyer but still wanted a six figure income. His hair was medium brown and the perfect cut of a military crew cut with just enough to keep it looking very urban and professional. He had the attention span of a first grade flunky unless you were talking about sex and then he transformed into a Yale scholar.

I had a crush on him from the moment I had known about him in social circles some five years prior to actually having the good fortune of working with him. We were actually the same size and I would often borrow his tuxedo for special occassions. It was all I could do to wait for the next time I would borrow it. Now knowing his commando preference I couldn't wait to yank on his tux pants just knowing that my own commando balls and cock would be rubbing in the same place his own package had sweated and danced many a gala event away. Then to imagine the next time he wore it, not knowing his own cock and balls were now rubbing around in my dried precum and sweat. Damn!

True to form as the day wore on, Craig the ball scratching 'alpha male' saundered by a half dozen times talking about sex and whining about not getting enough or any at home. What was about to unfold that afternoon, however was anything but true to form.

I was slowly getting my groove back and sexual demons out of my head. I was working up a portfolio for a client to review the next day when Craig knocked lightly and entered before I could even say come in. His ass was soon in my guest chair and his size ten shoe clad feet were crossed upon the corner of my desk. With hands behind his head, he asked if I had seen the hot woman that had just exited his closed door meeting. Before I could answer he went into a most colorful discription of her tight dress, shapely legs, perfect ass and perky tits. It wasn't the discription that was turning me on as much as the passion that he painted this word picture for me. I was getting hot just watching him get re-steamed. I could imagine the precum spot on his gray suit that he had to hide when they stood to exchange thank yous, promises and good byes.

Craig went on to say how she was perfect fodder for a good circle jerk. I was now fully engaged in his conversation. After inquiring about something I had never experienced myself and was way shocked that he had Craig went on to tell me while on tour of duty it wasn't uncommon for the soldiers to circle jerk and think together about hot women that weren't there to sate their lusts. I could feel my own lusts beginning to boil up. Craig then, out of thin air, announced that he needed a lady midget to stand under his desk and just suck his cock all day long. Not to be outdone, out of the same thin air I blurted out that I could do the same thing from my knees.

Craig's face went white and he immediately stood up and exited my office. It wasn't until his back was to me that I realized what I had said. My apologies bounced back at me from Craig's now closed door and the new silence. I panicked and shut my own door and began to try and form some sort of way to back out of this! Craig would soon be calling Tad, Tad would then call the home office, Tad would then politely knock on my door and ask me to pack up and get out. Shit! I could kick myself for letting Craig's sexual rantings destroy me like this. I resolved to be the last to leave for the day. I resolved to be the first to show up the next day so I could get to my office with confrontation. I made a mental note to bring a box for my belongings, maybe a garbage bag from under the bathroom sink if I didn't make it even to the end of the day.

I waited through the slowest two hours of my life for the five oclock bell. As it approached and passed I began counting the number of times I heard office doors open and the bells at the front door jingle as our staff of five people headed home. The final bell came at 5:20. I waited an extra ten minutes for good measure and then collected my things and opened my door. All the lights were out and the sun was beginning to cast the hall in a darker tone. I looked across the hall to Craigs unlit office. There would be no pilfering through his drawers tonight to take a look at the feature couples in his porn magazines fucking their way over a five or six page spread. There would be no looking at the pictures he kept in his top drawer of him and his Army buddies in fatigue pants and shirtless all arm in arm and sexy as hell in all their glory.

I was half way down the hall when a voice behind me asked me where I was going. I sheepishly responded that I was headed home as I slowly turned to determine where the voice was coming from. The voice responded that we had some things to talk over and there was Craig standing in the shadow of his unlit office doorway. I poured out again with an apology and was abruptly stopped with a stunning 'shut the fuck up.' What came next was beyond my own ability to comprehend.

'One, I haven't told anyone about what you said today.' 'Two, I am a very sexually driven man and you are going to be very busy.' Three, you are going to do exactly what you said in your office before you leave here tonight.' Four, if you do a good job, there is a portion of my book of business that I could started feeding to you that I don't have time to take care of.' I waited for number five. It never came. Craig walked back into his office and I heard the clank of his dress belt being unclasped, the sound of his shoes being kick off against the interior wall of his office and the short rip of a zipper that only a true man can do. I set my things down in the hall and went to the door way of his office.

Craig's ass was leaning against his desk and his once pressed dress pants were in a pile below his knees revealing two powerful and perfect legs. Above them was a set of hairy hanging balls and a straight up nine inch cut cock jutting out at me like a coat hanger on a white and very sexy wall.

I stepped into the room and it took only a moment to cross to a place in front of him and kneal down. I reached out with my hands and tilted his cock to my mouth. As I lowered my shaking lips around it I was caught with the heady smell of man musk, sweat, cologne and dried precum in a sympony of wonderful. I began to bob up and down on his perfect tool. Any bigger and I wouldn't have been able to get it comfortably in my mouth.

I began to reach to free my own throbbing cock and strong hands reached down and stopped me. 'This isn't about you tonight' Craig stated. 'This is about me and my needs.' 'I'm not gay so unless you want to lose whats behind door number one you better leave it be.' He released my hands and I put them to good use playing lightly with his balls and exploring his groin. This brought moans from him and a contented satisfaction to myself, knowing that I was doing the job right. As I tickled and fondled his hairy balls I could feel them begin to rise up and soon my mouth was full of ten of the biggest cum shots I could have imagined enduring. 'Don't you spill a drop on my clothes or on this carpet.' He ordered. I kept his cock in my mouth and expertly explored every inch of him before letting his now subsiding cock slide from my mouth, perfectly clean and shiney with the wetness of my mouth.

Now he gave me rule five. 'No one is to know about this or I'll have you packing your things and you will be jobless on the street.' I nodded my head in agreement. 'I expect you to be here an hour early and sitting under my desk when I get here.' He announced. 'You will not leave this office on any given evening until you repeat what you have just done tonight.' Looks like I don't need that lady midget after all.' He laughed. 'I think you on your knees works just fine.'

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I loved getting to work early and leaving a little later. My book of business increased as I took whatever gifts of clients he passed down to me. My favorite was Monday morning when his load of cum was especially huge after a week-end of nothing at home. A close second was getting caught in the morning by an early client and me still under his desk. I would suck his cock and feel up his balls and inner thighs, knowing he was having to keep a poker face while I serviced him and he serviced his financial clients.

This routine went on for a couple of years until one night Craig and a couple of the the senior partners came into my office. They confided in me that they were about to leave the firm and start their own down the road. I was crushed but was honored that they at least let me know what was about to go down. This would be the end of Craig's and my morning and evening routine and I was devastated to know that when I arrived the next morning their things would be gone and I would put on my game face and go straight to my desk instead of under Craigs desk as usual.

As the other partners left, Craig stayed behind. They would all come back late that evening to move their things and leave me and the other staff to carry on. Craig watched them leave and then locked the front door and checked the back door. 'I have a little parting gift for you' he said with the rare smile. 'A little something to remember me by.' He then took me by my tie and pulled me into his office and shut the door. He flipped on the overhead lights and began to undress me until I was standing completely naked in front of him. I was speechless.

Craig moved me to the side and with one big motion, wiped his desk top clean and then laid me back on the desk with his folded up suit coat for a pillow. 'You have kept me happy for two plus years.' he said with sincerity. 'You know I get nothing from the wife at home.' 'I know how you lust after me and this is my way of saying thank you.' As he was talking, he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a wonderfully chisled chest with a small triangle of hair in the valley between his pecs, running down in a thin hairy river down into his pants. His arms were strong and the sight of him took my breath. I had never seen him in his presnt day without a shirt as our times were always below the belt and never undressed. He then stepped out of his pants and pulled off his socks. I was in crush heaven as he spread my legs and pulled a small bottle of lube from his desk drawer. 'I have wanted to do this for so long.' He stammered. 'I'm gonna miss you but I want you to remember that you belong to me.' With that he spread the lube on my ass and over his cock and positioned himself between my legs.

I gasped just a little as he drove into my ass with the rooky practice of a man that only fucked pussy. I gritted my teeth as I pushed through the pain. Soon his thrusting cock was moving with ease in and out of my body, He leaned in and kissed me on the neck and shoulders and worked up to my face and my lips. I took in his kisses and his tongue into my mouth and wrapped my legs and arms around this strong man that I had grown to love so much. His ass pressed in and out as a shadow on the wall and my hands naturally went down to hold them and feel them pumping into me. His ass cheeks were soft and hairy, just the way I like them and led down to his equally hairy upper thighs. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect man.

As his thrusts began to speed up I knew what was about to happen. He was about to breed me with his seed and make me forever his. He looked at me with an intensity that I never knew he posessed. When he came, I came with him and he never took his eyes away from mine as I felt his throbbing cock unload his sperm deep into my body. He fell on top of me like a rag doll and just held me, still locked into my ass.

I would rarely see him after that night. My work kept me busy and my memories of him were as sharp as the day he left me there on that desk covered in his perspiration and filled with his good bye gift. When I did see him, I always got that rare shit grin when no one else was looking. Its all I ever needed to see and it said everything I needed to know.


Matthew Barrett

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